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Natasha Ejaz

Email: natasha.ejaz@gmail.com
Mobile: +923345555258

Executive Summary
A high achieving professional possessing excellent research, communication and analytical skills; dedicated
and focused at prioritizing, completing multiple tasks and following through to achieve project goals.

Core Qualifications
Strong research and analytical skills
Excellent communication skills
Policy/program development
Geopolitical analysis
Cross-functional team management
Financial and general administration including budget development and monitoring
Operations management

2011 University of Melbourne - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Master of Arts International Relations *Division A*
Thesis: Pakistans Policy towards the Taliban in Afghanistan Repercussions for Regional Stability and National
2009 University of Melbourne - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Graduate Certificate of Arts Asian Studies

2006 National College of Arts - Lahore

Bachelor of Arts Communication Design *Distinction*

Academic Strengths
Research quantitative and qualitative methods
Writing skills include but are not limited to the following:
Reflective essays
Literature reviews
Briefing papers
Comprehensive knowledge of:
International Relations Theory
International Political Economy
International Governance and Law
International Security
International History
Outstanding analytical skills
Strong problem solving skills

Professional Experience
Research and Program Specialist for Empowerment, Voice and Accountability for Better Health and
Nutrition Programme (EVA-BHN) funded by UK Aid, 3/11/2015 Current
Center for Communication Programs Pakistan / Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Islamabad
Managing and developing the Entertainment-Education for Social and Behaviour Change
Communication (EE-SBCC) curriculum with a team of international experts
Responsible for building long-term partnerships with universities across Islamabad, Lahore and
Karachi in order to institutionalize EE-SBCC as a regular course
Lead for organising and conducting any workshops or seminars associated with EE-SBCC
Responsible for carrying out analysis of the demands raised on health, at the district-based
consultation sessions held in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Responsible for technical support in drafting proceedings of the district-based consultations into
provincial Charter of Demands for Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Provide creative feedback on the media and any supporting material developed for various EVA
Editing, proofreading and overseeing of reports and any material to be published and/or
released in the media for all components under EVA

Summary of Achievements
Successfully conducted and carried out a consultative international workshop on Entertainment-
Education Curriculum for Academia in Dubai in January 2017
Successfully contributed chapters and edited the Journalist Handbook on Rights-Based Health
Reporting published and distributed among journalists and relevant organisations in Punjab and
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Participated and successfully finished the 10th Pakistan Leadership in Strategic Health
Communication Workshop, 2016 hosted by Johns Hopkins University
Developed a Media Report for three quarters of the EVA project, using both quantitative and
qualitative study under the component, Journalism Engagement

Media Monitor/Monitoring Coordinator, 25/05/2014 30/03/2015

Management Systems International/USAID Project Islamabad
Responsible for planning, management, and execution of primary data collection efforts
Conducted data analysis based on monitoring and verification activities
Responsible for special reports on FATA/Malakand covering the following topics; Security,
Armed Militant Groups and IDPs
Scanned eight electronic newspapers daily for relevant media stories according to the pre-
established criteria
Responsible for summarising media stories
Conducted analysis bi-monthly based on an outline provided by the donor

Summary of Achievements
Successfully updated/corrected all media monitoring related data from April 2012 to April 2015
Delivered special reports to USAID under tight deadlines
Reviewed the Stability Index website and successfully made changes according to the clients
Successfully reviewed media monitoring files, proofread the FGDs (from 2012-2015) and
developed special brief reports as requested by USAID, before the closing of the project

Program Manager and Media Business Development, 09/01/2012 15/04/2014

United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) - Melbourne
Managed education and awards programs, public forums, seminars and speaker sessions
Organised and coordinated programs on Human rights, Media Awards, the MDGs and the World
Environment Day Awards
Researched on key issues on the UN's agenda in order to educate and engage the Australian
public on UN priorities such as: sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, the
environment, climate change, global health, the Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global
Compact, humanitarian action, peace and security
Defined strategy and business plan for the Association
Maintained detailed administrative and procedural processes to improve accuracy and
Created databases and spreadsheets to improve membership management
Successfully established effective systems for record retention by creating database for daily
correspondence tracking
Improved communication efficiency as primary liaison between departments, partners and
Identified strategic partnerships and gathered market information to gain a competitive
Monitored and evaluated programs for continual improvement

Summary of Achievements
Successfully organized and carried out humanitarian issues related public forums for the
Association, with unprecedented number of attendees for talks on the Syrian Crisis and
Violence against Women
Drafted new proposals for grants and sponsorships in which the UNAA secured the prestigious
Prime Ministers Award for the UNAA World Environment Day Awards 2013
In a span of two years, UNAA Victorias reach to the Victorian community increased
considerably as
a result of personal initiatives, which included an increase in the number of public awareness
forums and panel talks with experts
As a result of successful social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, UNAAs presence in
the media became more prominent for example, interview requests with the Executive Director,
news articles on our programs etc.

Research and Media/Marketing Assistant, 10/2010 - 11/2011

United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) - Melbourne
Wrote publicity reports for the UN World Humanitarian Day, World Environment Day Awards and
Media Awards
Researched and reached out to potential partners for marketing purposes
Drafted meeting agendas, supplied advance materials and executed follow-up for meetings and
Handled all media and public relations inquiries
Planned meetings and created PowerPoint presentations used for business development
Posted open positions on company and social media website
Received and screened a high volume of internal and external communications
Properly routed agreements, contracts and invoices through the signature process
Designed a more efficient electronic filing system

Summary of Achievements
Successfully reached out to the media and received a good response as a result of a well-
thought-out publicity campaigns for the programs mentioned above
Introduced online software, such as survey monkey in order to better organise members' and
sponsors' contacts; it also allowed the Association to communicate with its stakeholders in a
more efficient manner
Trained volunteers in managing excel sheets and basic Adobe skills etc.

Research Assistant, 08/2009 - 09/2010

Kids Under Cover - Melbourne
Researched and identified young people at risk of homelessness
Verified that information in the computer system was up-to-date and accurate
Eliminated outdated records by sending the records to be scanned
Compiled statistical information for special reports
Performed presentations to share knowledge with colleagues

Summary of Achievements
Successfully updated records for the organization as per the deadline
Passed training in the in-house research database
Columnist, 06/2008 - 12/2008
Karachi Observer - Karachi
Wrote a series of analytical studies titled 'Demos Design' which discussed the impact
of poor urban planning

Summary of Achievements
Published columnist

Graphic Designer, 04/2007 - 09/2007

Ooober (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad
Responsible for corporate design, web design and all in-house design solutions
Designed the interface for mobile games and online advertisements
Concept generation and visualization for electronic media

Summary of Achievements
Successfully developed various communication design packages for the marketing team
Developed logo guidelines and the communication strategy for the organisation

Sub-editor, 10/2005 - 05/2006

Daily Times Lahore
Proofread and edited news stories
Managed story selection, compilation and headlines
Selected images for stories

Summary of Achievements
Successfully managed and completed all given tasks

Consultancies / Short Term Assignments

Editor (Sub-contractor), 14/01/2016 18/01/2016
Management Systems International/USAID Pakistan Islamabad
Conceptualized and developed five newsletters with info-graphics (icons, images and
illustrations etc.)
Researched on text, extracted from various studies, reports, policy and regulatory documents
prepared by the Government of Pakistan, UN agencies, USAID, Development Banks, and other
national and international organizations
Edited the given content by making it more succinct and visually appealing by using creative

Summary of Achievements
Successfully provided sector-specific contextual information complemented with info-graphics
Highlighted findings and lessons learned from relevant evaluations and studies

Amnesty International Australia
Status of Womens Committee
UN Women

Available upon request