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Pump unit (the assembly consisting of a pump and a drive electric motor) in Ex design for

operation in a fire and explosion endangered area, Zone 1.

Technical characteristics of the pump:

Design: Horizontal - self-priming
The pump pumps the fuel from the underground reservoir V = 50 m3 with height
elevation - 3 m. The pump suction connection is made with a suction pipeline DN 40
length l = 36 m (with the suction basket, non-returnable flap, and filter) and laid
underground at a depth 0,6 m.
Capacity: Q = 0,00133 m3/sec
Manometric head: H = 91 m
Medium: Diesel fuel (D2)
viscosity at 400 C - 2,84 mm2/S
density at 150 C - 829 kg/m3
According to the constructive design, the pump must be horizontal with the suction and
pressure flange positioned vertically up.

Technical characteristics of the drive electric motor:

low voltage three-phase asynchronous cage electric motor with copper winding of the
stator for the drive of the oil pumps in Ex design,
rated voltage 400 V 5%, 50 Hz,
drive type S1 (permanent operation),
winding insulation class F,
increasing of the temperature - B Class,
ambient temperature -200C...+400C,
degree of mechanical protection IP 55,
cooling mode IC411,
type of construction B3,
connection box on the upper side,
stator insulation designed to operate with frequency regulated rpm control.