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Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

1. 2.4 mole of H2 sample was taken. In one experiment 60 % of the

sample was exposed to continuous radiations of frequency 4.47
10^15 Hz, of which all the electrons are removed from the atom. In
another experiment, remaining sample was irradiated with light of
wavelength 600 A, when all the electrons are removed from the
surface. Calculate the ratio of maximum velocity of the ejected
electrons in the two cases. Also report the velocity of ejected
electron in each cass. Assume that ejected electrons do not interact
with any photon. (Ionisation potential of H = 13.6 eV).

2. The value of delta H for the reaction below is -790kJ. The enthalpy
change accompanying the reaction of 0.95 g of S is_?__kJ.2S (s) +
3O2 (g) 2SO3 (g).

3. In 4 minutes 16.2ml of water vapour effuse through a small hole in

the same time 8.1ml of the mixture of nitrogen dioxide(NO20) and
N2O4 effuse through the same hole. Calculate the percentage by
volume of nitrogen dioxide in the mixture.

4. The ionisation energy of He+ = 19.6 multiplied by 10^-18 J atom^-

1 . Energy of the first stationary state of Li^2 is what?

5. when a reaction of unknown metal bromide with hydrochloric acid

takes place it gives metal chloride and HBr if specific heat of
metal=0.878 joule/gm and weight of metalchloride is 1.0gm then
find the weight of metal.

6. A mixture of NO2 and N2O4 has vapour density of 38.3 at 300

K.what is the number of moles of NO2 in 100 g of the mixture?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

7. A 100% pure sample of a divalent metal carbonate weighing 2g on

complete thermal decomposition released 448 cc of co2 at STP .the
equivalent weight of the metal?

8. Which one have more vapour pressure 0.5m aquous NaCl solution
or 0.5m Urea soluion at the same temperature and pressure -

9. Calculate EMF of following cellZn/zn+2 // li+/li (concentration

=10^-4 M)Given zn/zn+2 = 0.76 and li+/li =3.07 (concentration
=10^-3)Given temperature=298 k.

10. What volume of o2 measured at 0 degree c and 1 atm is

needed toburn completely1 litre of propane gas measured under
same condition?

11. Reaction of chloroform with alcoholic KOH and p-toluidine?

12. The standard adopted for the determination of atomic weight

of elements is based on which of the elements?

13. 100ml of 0.1M aqueous ferric alum solution is completely

reduced with iron to give ferrous ions.the volume of 0.1M acidified
KMNO4 solution required for complete reaction with ferrous ions
in the solution will be?

14. A mixture of two gases A and B in the mole ratio 2:3 is kept in a
2 litre vissel.a second 3 litre vessel has the same two gases in the
mole ratio 3:5.both gas mixtures have the same temperature and
same total pressure they are allowed to intermix and the final
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

temperature and total pressure are the same as the intial values,the
final volume being 5 litres .given that the molar masses are MA
and MB,what is the mean molar mass of the final mixture?

15. 3Zn2+ +2K4[Fe(CN)6]2= K2Zn3[Fe(CN)6]2 +6K+, what

will be the equivalent weight ofK4[Fe(CN)6]2, if the molecular
weight ofK4[Fe(CN)6]2 is M?

16. 7 For what concentration of Ag+(aq.), will the emf of given

cell be zero at \25 oC , if the concentration of Cu(s) | Cu2+(0.1M) ||
Ag+(aq.) | Ag(s)? Given , E0Ag+/Ag=0.80V; E0Cu2+/Cu=0.34V.

17. A sample metal oxide weigh 7.38 gm decompose to 6.38 gm

metal sph=0.0332 cal/gm find aacurate atomic mass.

18. 1 g of an alloy of Al and Mg when treated with excess of hcl

forms MgCl2, AlCl3 and hydrogen. The evolved hydrogen
collected over Hg at 0 degree Celsius has volume of 1.2 litre at
0.92 atm. Pressure. Calculate the composition of the alloy.

19. An ideal mixture of ethane and ethene occupies 28 litres at

1atm and 273 k . the mix reacts completely with 128 g of oxygen
to produce co2 and h2o. What is the mole fraction of ethene in the


Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months



21. 2*10-17 J of light energy is needed by interior of the human

eye to see an object. How many photons ofyellow light with
lamda=595.2 nm are needed to generate this minimum energy?

22. The kinetic and potential energy of electron present in second

excited state of hydrogen is?

23. The ratio of velocity of the electron in the third and fifth orbit
of Li+2 would be?

24. Arrange the following compounds in increasing order of

solubility (i) MgF2 (ii) CaF2 (iii) BaF2 Give reason .???

26. alpha particles of 6Mev energy is scattered back from a silver

foil. Calculate the maximum volume in which the entire charge of
the atom is supposed to be concentrated?

27. A bulb was heated from 27C to 227C at constant pressure.

Find the volume of bulb if A) 200ml of air measured at 227C was
expelled during this process B) 200ml of air measured at 27C was
expelled during process.

28. Calculate the quantity of electricity that would be required to

reduce 12.3g of nitrobenzene to aniline, if the current efficiency for
the process is 50%. If the potential drop across the cell is 3V, how
much energy will be consumed?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

29. What is the residential entropy associated with average

human DNA molecule having 5*10^8 base pair with 4 different
kind of bases??

30. A crystialline polymer molecule( triangular prism shaped)

with dimensions 100A o in base and 300A o in height, if the
density of polymer is 1.2g/ml, the molar mass is?

31. The above experiment is done at NTP. The stop cock is

opened for certain time and then closed. After effusion the bulb A
contains 0.1 gram of D2. Find out the number of mole of H2 in the
bulb B.

32. suppose 10 rase to power -17J of light energy is needed by

the interior of the human eye to see on object. how many photons
of green light ( wavelenght = 550nm) are needed to generate this
minimum amount of energy?

33. What would be the reduction potential of cadmium half cell

having [Cd 2+ ]= 0.01 at 25 0 C ?

34. How to calculate the coordination number in solid state

without the looking the type of unit cell?

35. an ionic solid consist of A +2 and B -1 and the radius ratio of

r +2 /r -1 is0.8. Identify what type of lattice is occupied by the
molecule and void occupied.
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

36. A hydrogen atom moving with a speed nu absorbs a photon

of wavelenght 122 nm. Find the value of nu(mass of hydrogen

37. A solution of 10g of non volatile solute in 100g ether has

vapour pressure of 425g mm of Hg at 293K .If the vapour pressure
of ether is 443mm at the same temperature molecular mass of the

38. 10 g mixture of NaCl,NaHCO3,Na2CO3 is strongly heated.

The weight of residue was 9.38 g. The residue required 102.6 ml of
1N hydrochloric acid for neutralisation. Find percentage of NaCl in
original mixture. Thanks in advance.

39. At 90 degree centigrade ,pure water [H+]=10 to the power -6

mole/litre.The value of Kw at 90 degree centigrade? can some
please tell me how to solve this question.

40. 100 mL of water gas containing some CO2 was mixed with
100Ml of oxygenand the mixture exploded. the volume after
explosion was 100mL. On introducing NaOH, the volume was
reduced to 52.5mL. calculate the percentage composition of

41. an aqueous solution containing 228 gram of a non volatile

compound having a stoichiometric composition Cn H2n On in 90
gram water boils at 101.24 degree Celsius at 1 atmosphere pressure
what is the molecular formula of the compound if Kb of water
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

42. The vapour pressure of water is 92.5mm Hg at 300K.

Calculate V. of 1 molal solution of a solute in it.

43. Easy and simple derivation of second order reaction and how
to calculate the units of it?

44. Molal elevation constant for benzene is 2.52 K/m. a solution

of some organic substance in benzene boils at 0.126 degree celsius
higher than benzene. what is the molality of the solution?

45. sir,could you list some of the top engineering colleges in

india rather than IIT`S.?

46. If 500 ml of 0.4 M Agno3 is mixed with 500 ml of 2 M Nh3

solution then what is the concentration of Ag(Nh3)+ in solution.
Given Kf1 Ag(Nh3)+ =10^3. and Kf2 Ag(Nh3)2+ =10^4 .

47. A sample is a mixture of Mohr's Salt and (NH4)2SO4. A

0.5g. Sample on treatment with excess of BaCl2 solution gave
0.75gram BaSO4. Determine the percentage composition of the
salt mixture. what weight of Fe2O3 would be obtained if 0.2 gram
of sample...is given?

48. 50 ml of 2M naoh solution is reacted with 50 ml of 2M

H2so4b,find the molarity of H2S o4 in resulting solutionH2so4+
2naoh ~ na2so4 +2h20*.
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

49. The density of a 2.05M solution of acetic acid in water

1.02g/mL the molality of solution is

50. Cp=20.17+0.3665T at temperature 298k to 473k. Calculate

dU ,W ,q, dH at constant pressure.

51. how can we predict an element or compound is acid, metal,

weak acid or strong acid & weak base or strong base?

52. if in the hydrogen atom, p.e. at infinity is 13.6eV then the

ratio of t.e. to k.e. for first orbit of h- atom is?

53. The freezing point for water is lowered to -0.390 degree

celcius when 3.90 g of a non-volatile molecular solute are
dissolved in 475 g of water. What is the molar mass of the solute?

54. 20ml of mixture of O2 and O3 is heated ,the volume becomes

14ml and disappears in alkaline pyragallol solution .what is the
volume present of O2 in the original mixture.
d) 2%

55. Write the mechanism of acetal formation in aldehyde.

56. How semicarbazide adds to carbonyl group in chemistry?

57. At 298 Kelvin, the molar conductivity of 0.1 molar

ammonium hydroxide solution is 9.54 ohm CM square per mol and
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

at infinite dilution, molar conductivity is 238 CM square per mole

what is the dissociation constant of Ammonium hydroxide?

58. In a system comprising ofA, B and C, the following reaction

takes place:A(s)=2B(g) +(g) 3C. If the concentration of sea at
equilibrium is increased by a factor of 2, the equilibrium
concentration of B with respect to its original value will be?

59. In an evacuated closed isolated chamber at 250C 0.02 mole

PCl5 and 0.01 mole Cl2 are mixed (PCl5 PCl3 + Cl2 ). At
equilibrium density of mixture was 2.48 g/L and pressure was 1
atm. The number of total moles at equilibrium will be
approximately :...?

60. 100 g of sucrose solution in water is cooled to -0.5 C. What

weight of ice will be separated out at this tempreature if the
solution to freeze at -0.38 C?

61. Electron present in a single electron specie jumps from

energy level 3 to 1.Emitted photons when passed through a sample
containing excited He+ ion causes further excitation to some
higher energy level. Determine (i) the atomic number of the single.

62. In acidic medium the standard reduction potential of NO

converted to n2o is 1.59 volt its Standard potential in alkaline
medium at 298 Kelvin would be?
By X-Ray diffraction method, the unit length of NaCl is observed
to be 0.5627nm. The density of NaCl is found to be 2.164g/cm3.
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

What type of defect exists in the Crystal? Calculate the percentage

of Na+ and Cl- ions missing??

64. in 100 g of naphthalene 2.423 g of s was dissolved. melting

point of naphthalene=80.1C Tf=661C Lf =35.7/g of naphthalerie
molecular formula of sulphur added is?

65. By X-Ray diffraction method, the unit length of NaCl is

observed to be 0.5627nm. The density of NaCl is found to be
2.164g/cm3. What type of defect exists in the Crystal? Calculate
the percentage of Na+ and Cl- ions missing?

66. the equlibrium constant (kc)for the following reaction

2so2+o2>2so3 at563k is 100.at equilibrium, the number of moles
of so3in 10 Lflask is twice the number of moles of so2,,then
number of moles of oxygen is?

67. By X-Ray diffraction method, the unit length of NaCl is

observed to be 0.5627nm. The density of NaCl is found to be
2.164g/cm3. What type of defect exists in the Crystal? Calculate
the percentage of Na+ and Cl- ions missing?

68. 8HNO3+3Cu=3Cu(NO39+2NO+4H2OIN THIS


69. calculate the spin only magnetic and total angular moment
for 1-Na2(Ni CL4) 2-CL2(Cr(H2O)) 3-K4(CO(CN)4)

70. What is the mechanism of formation of acetaldehyde

from1,1di bromo ethane?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

71. What volume of H2 gas is produced by treating zinc metal

with 50 ml conc of H2SO4 having specific gravity = 1.1, 30% by

72. 1.2 gm 'C' (graphite) and 3.2 gm O2 are introduced in a

constant pressure adiabatic container (heat capacity = 3 cal/K),
after complete combustion increase in temperature (T) of the
container would be [Given : Hf for CO2 = 100 kcal/mol, r Cp =

73. the cathodic reaction of a dry cell is represented by

2mno2+zn^+2+2e^---->znmn2o4 if, there are 8grams of mno2 in
the cathodic compartament then the time for which the dry cell will
continue to give a current of cell 2milliamperes?

74. 0.2M HCl and 0.3M H3PO3 with alpha=0.2 are mixed.what
is the ph of the resulting solution??

Which of Tue following have the highest value of absolute ionic

76. on heating potassium chlorate decomposes to potassium

chloride and oxygen. In one experiment 30g of potassium chlorate
generates 14.9g of potassium chloride and 9.6g of oxygen.What
mass of potassium chlorate remains undecomposed?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

77. Difference between polymorphism and isomorphism?

Difference between ideal gas and real gases?

78. Calculate the mass in mole of co 2 that will dissolve in

enough water to form 900ml.

79. Please provide better explanation on electron affinity & its


80. The mole fraction of the solute in one molal aqueous


81. Equal volumes of 0.50M of HCL, 0.25M of NaOH and

0.75M of NaCl are mixed. The molarity of NaCl is?

82. Is Iron III oxide( Fe2O3) acidic or basic flux? In extraction of

which metal is it used?

83. how many moles of fe2+ ions are formed when excess iron is
treated with 500 ml of .4 N hcl?(no change in volume)

84. what would be the pH of an ammonia solution if that of an

acetic acid solution of equal strength is 3.2 assume Dissociation
constant for NH3 and acetic acid are equal?

85. A container is filled with a sample of gas having n molecules

with speed a,2a,3a.....na .The ratio of average speed to root mean
square speed is?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

86. 0.7g of a sample of Na2CO3.xH2O were dissoled in water

and the volume made up to 100ml . 20ml of this solutionrequired
19.8ml of 0.1 N HCl for complete neutralization . Find the value of

87. The vapour density of pcl5 is 104.5 .at some temp it

dissociates to pcl3 nd cl2 na at equillibrium the vapour density of
mix is found to b 62 .find degree of dissociation at this temp.

88. Given at 350k,P^a=300torr and P^b=800torr,the composition

of the mixture having a normal boiling point of 350k is?

89. To a 25 mL H2O2 solution, excess of acidified solution of

potassium iodide was added. The iodine liberated required 20 mL
of 0.3 M sodium thiosulphate solution. Calculate the volume
strength of H2O2 solution.

90. Equal volumes of 1M each of KMnO4 & K2Cr2O7 are used

to oxidise Fe(2) solution in acidic medium. The amount of Fe
oxidised will be (a) More with KMnO4(b) More with K2Cr2O7(c)
Equal with both oxidising agents?

91. Which ion has high value of equivalent ionic conductance at

infinite dilution?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

92. Why is relative lowering of vapour pressure same for 5.8%

NaCl soln and 2 molal glucose solution?

93. In ether two co sigma bonds are formed by which overlap?

94. Find the force between two ring of charge q1 and q2 ,and
radius r1 and r2 respectively kept at a distance x from each other.

95. What is the formula to calculate the relative desire of HNO3

96. Maximum and minimum multiplicity for d4 electronic

configuration can be?

97. For neutralisation of one mole of NaOH the mass of

70%H2SO4 required is??

98. What`s the oxidation number of Cr ? "CR"_2"O"_4 equation.

99. oxidation number of "Cr" _2"O"_4. what is oxdiation number

of Cr?

100. when we rub our hands together we will warm. have we

actually supplied heat?

101. How many water molecules are there in a unit cell of ice ?

102. The conductivity of a saturated solution of Ca(OH)2 is

3.06*10^-6 ohm cm and its equivalent conductance is 1.53 ohm
cm2 eq. Its solubility is?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

103. Give two methods of preparations of acetylene how does it

react with water and ozone.

104. 2 g of anhydrous Bacl2, present in a solution, was

quantitatively converted to 2.25 g of BaSO4. Find equivalent mass
of Ba.

105. Give the reason. the boiling point of water,ethanol and

ethoxyethane are in the reverse order of their relative molecular
masses unlike those order of their anologous sulphur
compounds,H2S,CC5H5SH, and C2H5SC2.

106. At what atomic number would a transition from n=2 to n=1

energy level result in emission of photon of wavelength 3*10^-8?

107. How to identify a coordinate compound without drawing its


108. Hello , What are the differences between oxide , superoxide

and peroxide .. Explain it with an example.

109. Although d subshell has poor screening effect and result in

increase of zeff but in case of aluminium and gallium, gallium has
a full new shell added to it, still it is smaller than aluminium. Why?

110. which is a stronger acid in each of the following pairs and

why ? HFor HOCl HOBr or HOCl
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

111. Does tin show auto reduction? I read in cengage book that tin
shows auto reduction but my teacher is saying that it doesnt. Btw if
this repeats in the future which should i believe?
112. why double salt not dissolved in water? why dissolved in
113. How do we know if a particular compound will have positive
enthalpy or negative enthalpy in solution, like KBr or LiI??

114. 50gm of 104.5% oleum is mixed with 150gm of 109% what

is the new lwbelling of the resulting oleum sample??

115. Which of the m2+ and m3+ ion of 3d series are stable in
aqueous solution and which of them is oxidizing and reducing
The angular part of the wave function for l=1, m=0 orbital is
(3/4pi) 1/2 cos. Show that this expression corresponds to the p z

117. Vapour pressure of a solution containing 6gm of non volatile

solute in 180gm of water is 20torr if 1mol of water is further added
its vapour pressure is increased by 0.02torr then calculate vapour
pressure of pure water and molar mass of non volatile.

118. 500 ml of 0.2M BOH (a weak base) is mixed with 500 ml of

0.1 M HCl and pH of the resulting solution is 9 . What is the pH of
a 0.1 M BCl solution?

119. Vapour pressure H2O at 300K and 350K are 22 torr and 40
torr respectively. What is the final pressure in each container when
the valve is open? Has the mass of H2O increased or decreased?
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

120. 10 mole of an ideal gas is heated at constant pressure ofone

atmosphere from 270Cto 127C. If C21.686 10VmT, then deltaH
for the process is(a) 3000 J(b) 3350 J(c)3700 Jd) 30350
121. What is reaction between B 2 H 6 & Tetrahydrofuran ? is
there any change in oxidation state of B 2 H 6 after reaction?

122. The compounds in which the number of d pie and p pie

bonds are equal to those present I clo4-?

123. for two molecules having same bond order then stability of
molecule decreases with increase in no. of antibonding electrons,
so, why B 2 is more stable then Li 2 ?(however B 2 & Li 2 have 4
& 2 antibonding electrons)?

124. How is ocatrahedral splitting decided when we have a

micture of strong field ligands and weak field ligands? For
example : K 4 [Fe(CN) 3 Cl 3 ]

125. Is there any backbonding in SiH 3 NCO between Si and N or

pi bond is formed?

126. Zn+ NaOH Na2ZnO + H2 How is this complex salt


127. N2 and H2 are mixed in 14:3 mass ratio. After some time
amonia was found to be 40% by mol. the mole fraction of N2 at
that time in the mixture of N2 H2 and NH3 is?

128. A gas cylinder contains 370g of O2 at 30 atm and 25`C.

What mass of O2 would escape if first the cylinder was heated to
75`c and then the valve were held open until the gas pressure was
1atm, the temperature being maintained at 75`c?
129. A flask of volume 1l contains vapour of CH3OH at a
pressure of 1atm and 25`C. The flask was then evacuated till the
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

final pressure dropped to 10^-4 mm. Find the number of molecules

of methyl alcohol left in the flask.

130. The enthalpy change involved in the oxidation of glucose is -

2880 KJ mol-1. 25% of this energy is available for muscular work.
If 100 KJ of muscular work is needed to walk one kilometre, what
is the maximum distance that a person will be able to walk?

131. what is distribution pattern and why is it always same.and

how can we get the basic graph by the eq (dN)=4pie(M/2pieRT)
3/2 u 2 e -Muu/2RT du

132. If a photon group of 7 in white light falls on a prism and after

refraction it again falls on a metal sheet (consider their absolute
wave lengths) then x rays are emitted if the threshold energy is
15.6ev then calculate the Intensity of white light.

133. sir, i just wanted to know how the four quantum number has
been derived from the schrodinger wave equation .?



when x grams of carbon are heated with y grams of oxygen in a
closed vessel, no solid residue is leftbehind. which one of the
following statements is correct? (a) must lie between 1.33 and 2.67
(b) must be greater than 2.67 (c) must be less than 1.33.
136. A barometer is made of glass. It contains mercury (density
13.6 103 kg/m3, surface tension
0.085 N/m, angle of contact 143). The barometer scale has a least
count of 1mm. If the radius of
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

barometer tube is 0.5 mm, and height of mercury column recorded

is 762 mm, what can be true
atmospheric pressure?

137. What is Cristel fiels theory ? Whats the limitations of crystel

field theory ?
138. Are illustrations in Solomon's and fryhle 3d???? if so,then in
which version .

139. Why does +NR3 have more -I effect compared to NH3?

Alkyl groups are electron donating which may reduce the positive
charge on nitrogen and reduce its hunger for electrons compared to
NH3. So why is it so?

140. which is stronger acid in each of the following pairs and

why? HF or HOCl HOBr or HOCl

141. Preparation of butane gas in a easy manner and with less


142. Plz answer questions 107 an 108 with mechanism.I am

confused after reaction of HIO4 with OH.

143. Hello 11:35 pm I'm looking for chatacteristics of organic

compounds, basicly alcohols( and alcoholic acids) that can be
investigated and/or differentiated due to the enthalpy of
comubustion of organic compounds .
Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

144. what is meaning of photochlorinaton of alkane 2 c2h5oh+p/i2

gives c2h5i the other product is?

145. what is maent bu photochlorinaton of alkanes C2h5oh+p/i2

gives c2h5i the orther product would be?

146. How to study organic chemistry? Tell me ways to remember

things for long.

147. If a compound shows both +I and -M effect then which one

will get more priority?Or can you please also give me their priorty

148. How to count a-H used frequently in hyperconjugation?

149. Give the various possible isomers of a hydrocarbon with

molecular mass 70 amu.

150. How to check stability of any compounds stepwise.and how

to apply all the properties to check stability. please tell me I m very
confuse about it.

151. 1,2,3,4 tetramethylcyclobutane find wurtz reaction product.

152. how can I find : mass of calcite produced per unit mass of

153. What happens when u react RCl with Zn-Cu/alcohol .In my

text it`s give CH3CH2Cl in presence of Zn-Cu+ alcohol gives

154. How many resonating structures can be formed of

Physical Chemistry till 2 months + Inorganic Chemistry till 11 months

155. How to Benzene convert into butane by given a seperated

reaction ?

Total no. of isomeric molecules obtained on dichlorination of
157. Determine the pH of a 0.62M NH4NO3 solution at 25oC.
The Kb for NH3 is 1.76x10-5. Calculate Ka.
158. 0.01 M acetic acid is 12.5% dissociated its pH can not be?