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Smardt vs.

Comparison of Standard Options
and Other Benefits

< 400 tons

Mike Hayes
Director of Sales
Smardt vs. McQuay
Staging valves for models
with 3 or more compressors

Level sensor exv

control eliminates
70% turndown
Isolation valves of CHW flow
and disconnect
for each Knock down and
compressor split vessel
standard options for easy

refrigerant Superior Controls CW relief to 55F
Load balancing valve
charge - LEED Better diagnostics 70% turndown of
standard for low load
EA-4 credit Higher Efficiency CW flow
operation without cycling
Monitor via internet
Summary of value added features
and their associated costs.
Smardt provides over $11,000 in standard features
that McQuay does not. Getting these items
specified is key to winning the bid.
Feature McQuay Smart
Isolation Disconnect NA $1,500

Combination Isolation Check Valve Only $ 750

& Check Valve

Float Control & Level NA $ 3,500

Load Balancing Valve NA $1,750

Superior Chiller Carel $ 3,500

Lower Refrigerant Charge
Lower refrigerant charge provide a more
environmentally friendly chiller and allows
for qualification for the LEED EA-4 credit
Chiller Size McQuay Smart
145 550 483
150 800 531
250 600 608
290 1100 694
390 1240 851

McQuay Catalog for WMC notes
the higher refrigerant charge.

Compressor Isolation
Individual isolation valves and disconnect
switches allow for chiller function when a
compressor is being serviced or has been
Isolation valve allows for the compressors
to be serviced without pumping down the
Smardt HD check valve design is more
robust than standard butterfly check valve.

EXV Control
Superheat control by use of compressor
Pressure Temperature sensor may have liquid
drops (slugging) in suction line without showing
in the SH T/P sensor.
Excessive liquid droplets will cause premature
impellor wear.
Superheat control will cause motor cooling loss
in the event that there is a leak in the chiller
Smardt liquid level sensor control uses no
moving parts that could wear and ensures
motor cooling to the compressors in case of low

Compressor Staging valves used for any
unit with three or more compressors
Allows for easy compressor staging at any
pressure ratio.
Tighter leaving chilled water temperature
during compressor staging for critical
cooling applications
Allows for Heat Recovery applications on
specified products.

Load Balancing Valve
LBV allows for smooth compressor
transition during staging.
Valve allows for continuous operation which
limits compressor cycling. Compressor
cycling could lead to premature compressor
LBV allows for lower load operation to limit
chiller cycling which lowers chilled water
temperature swings.

Chilled Water Flow flexibility
Flow flexibility in the evaporator allows for
variable primary pumping which provides
for reduced pumping power
Primary-secondary pumping is not required
eliminating first cost
Up to 70% turn down reduces bypass line
size lowering first cost and operating cost

Condenser Water flexibility
Flow flexibility in the condenser allows for
variable condenser pumping which provides for
reduced pumping power
The ability to operate at lower condenser
water temperatures (down to 55F) lowers the
lift the compressor experiences at part load
conditions improving part load chiller efficiency
Lower allowance of CW temperature protects
the chiller in the event of an unexpected
lowering of condenser water temperature.

Knock Down & Split Configurations
Many knock down and split configurations are
available to provide greater flexibility with
regard to egress of the chiller into the space
From simple compressor removal all the way to
complete knock down is available
The condenser and evaporator can be split in
half to create two half length sections. These
sections are pre-charged with refrigerant from
the factor and only require a gasket and making
an oversized flanged connection to assemble
the machine

Chiller Layout
Low profile chillers offer a advantage in
plant rooms with low ceilings that are
typically in basement installations
Narrow configurations offer smaller
footprints than their side by side
Low profile chillers also allow for easier
compressor services and can be serviced
without the need for a ladder or harness.

Better diagnostics and more monitoring
points along with access to the DTC
compressor software through the Smardt
controls without the need for a additional
Improved compressor staging logic for
more efficient operation, particularly at
low loads
Remote access to controller is simple and
a major asset to the service contractor.

Very Efficient
Low Maintenance
Flexible Design
Extremely Quiet

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