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Date: [date of submission of application]

The Honorable Consul

Australian Embassy
Level 23 Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Dear Sir or Madam:

Greetings. We are [number of people] people who would like to visit Australia and see its wonderful sights from [date
of arrival in Australia] to [date of departure from Australia]. We humbly request for visitor visas to make possible our
travel plans. Below is a summary of our planned itinerary.

Date Activity Accommodation

[date] Arrive in [name of city in Australia] [name of hotel]

[date] e.g. Sydney Opera House tour [name of hotel]

[date] Depart from [name of city in Australia]

We hope to have an enjoyable and unforgettable travel experience in your beautiful country.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration, and we look forward to your favorable response.


[name] and [name]

Source: http://calabazilla.com/2014/09/27/how-to-apply-for-an-australian-visa-online-in-the-philippines-via-