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of Chemistry RISK ASSESSMENT (inc COSHH) Ref no. ___________

Title: C1B Experiment 4 - Determination of the concentration of a phosphoric acid solution


Carcinogen, teratogen, mutagen

Flammable/highly flammable


Matriculation no:

Toxic/very toxic




Substance Quantity
Phosphoric acid 85% 70 cm3 ?
Phosphoric acid solution (0.1 mol dm-3) 10 dm3 ?
Sodium hydroxide 80 g
Sodium hydroxide solution (0.1 mol dm-3) 20 dm3
Thymolphthalein pH indicator 1 g / 1 dm3 ?
Bromocresol green pH indicator 1 g / 1 dm3 ?
Phenolphthalein pH indicator 1 g / 1 dm3 ? ?
Crystal Violet pH indicator 1 g / 1 dm3 ? ?

Level of supervision (see Safety Handbook A B C D
? = possible risk = risk = hazard (Make sure others are
nearby in event of accident)
Areas of Extra Care
Phosphoric acid 85% is highly corrosive.

Heating Cryogens Pressure Vacuum Other Equipment:

Safety Glasses Lab Coat Fume hood Safety screen Gloves (type): Marigold

Face mask Dust Mask Overnight permit Other Controls:

In case of fire, sound alarm. Use correct extinguisher (dry powder or CO2) should the fire be small
and controllable, but not at risk to yourself or your escape route.

In the event of small spillage of concentrated phosphoric acid, dilute spill and neutralise with dilute
sodium of sodium carbonate.

In the event of large spillage of concentrated phosphoric acid, absorb with dry earth, sand or other
non-combustible material. Avoid contact with water. Neutralise residue with a dilution solution of
sodium carbonate.
Dilute and neutralise H3PO4 with dilute solution of sodium carbonate, or arrange disposal via
Disposal stores.

In case of consumption of any of the above, seek medical attention immediately do not induce
First aid: vomiting. Contact with eyes, rinse eyes in eye wash and seek medical advice. Contact with the
skin, wash thoroughly: if irritation continues seek medical advice.

Scheme of Work/Procedure:
Preparation for titration experiment. Dilution of phosphoric acid with water, dissolution of sodium hydroxide
in water. Dissolution of indicators in water/ethanol mix.

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