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School Grade Four

Grade 4 Teacher Learning Area: English

Week/Teaching Date June 12-16, 2017 Quarter: First
Daily Lesson Log
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Principal II

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I. OBJECTIVES June 12, 2017 June 13, 2017 June 14, 2017 June 15, 2017 June 16, 2017

A. Content Standards Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates understanding Demonstrates

understanding of the understanding that English or text elements to understanding of English
elements of informational is stress-timed language to comprehend various texts grammar and usage in
text for comprehension achieve accuracy and speaking or writing
B. Performance Objective Recalls details, sequence of Reads aloud text with Use linguistics cues to Uses the classes of words
events and shares ideas on accuracy and automaticity appropriately construct aptly in various oral and
texts listened to meaning form a variety of written discourse
texts for a variety of
C. Learning Competencies/ -Note Details in a Selection -Read words, phrases, -Analyze a narrative in Answer test questions in
Objectives Listened to- to identify poems or stories with long terms of its setting summative test with atleast
setting vowel e sound -Use context clues 75% mastery to determine
-Show willingness and the mastery level of pupils
-Speak clearly using (synonyms) to find the
enthusiasm in
reading/listening to literary appropriate expression and meaning of unfamiliar words
text intonation EN4RC-Ia-b-2
EN4LC-1b-2 EN4F-Ib-2

Reading Words, phrases,

CONTENT Noting Details Poems or Stories with Analyzing ANarrative SUMMATIVE TEST
( Subject Matter) long Vowel e Sound
A. References
1. Teachers Guide pages TG p. 22-25 TG p. 25-27 TG p. 27-29
2. Learners Material Pages LM p. 13 LM p.14-17 LM p. 18-19
B. Other Learning Resources LED TV, charts, pictures, LED TV, charts, pictures, LED TV, charts, pictures, Test Papers
PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint presentation
A. Reviewing past lesson or Unlocking of Difficulties Review the part where Tongue Twister Give examples of the
Presenting the new lesson a. Imprisoned, escape Androcles helped the Lion? Unlocking of Difficulty concepts about to be
b. Moaning, groaning How they became friends? -relief evaluated
c. Chase, lick -tightly

B. Establishing a purpose of Have you ever helped Read the following In the story that we will Set the standards in taking
the new lesson someone? sentences: read, find out how a big man a test
What did you feel after 1. Androcles saw a helped a little girl.
lion with bleeding
doing so?
2. The king freed

C. Presenting Examples/ Reading the story Read again the sentences. Reading the story Give the directions in
instances of the new lesson Androcles Take note of the underlined Big feet-Big Heart taking the test
D. Discussing new concepts Answering the motive How are the underlined Why did the little want an TEST PROPER
and practicing new skills question: words pronounced? notice ice cream?
no.1. How did Androcles help the how we group the
lion? underlined words.
What did the lion do after -ee -ea
Androcles helped him? bleeding Meat
- freed near
E. Discussing new concepts Cooperative Group Read more words with long Read the Story and answer
and practicing new skills Activities e the questions.
F. Developing Mastery Refer to LM, Try and Learn Draw about your own
(Leads to Formative Assessment (Exercise 1) experience of helping others.
G. Finding practical application Refer to LM, Try and Learn
of concepts and skills in (Exercise 2)
daily living
H. Making Generalization and Why must we be kind to (Have the class produce the How many of you helped
abstraction about the lesson others? long e repeatedly) someone whom you dont
How is it pronounced? know?
How does it feel?
What letters produce the
long e
I. Evaluating learning Refer to LM, Do and Learn Refer to LM, Write About It Checking and recording
Get the frequency of error
J. Additional activities for Answer: Do Learn Some More
application and remediation Will Androcles and the
lions be friends? Why?
A. No. of learner who earned 80%

B .No. of learner who scored below

80% ( needs remediation)
C. No. of learners who have caught up
with the lesson
D. No of learner who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
work well? Why?
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which my principal /supervisor can
help me sove?
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover which I
wish to share w/other teacher?

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