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MedSoc Members'

Section 1.1: Purpose of MedSoc
Hwa Chong's very own Medical Society (HC MedSoc) began
as an SL project in 2016, and currently has over 60 members
who are interested in the field of medicine and healthcare.
Primarily, MedSoc adopts a two-pronged approach, providing
educational and experiential avenues for our members to
better comprehend as well as adopt a mature view of the
healthcare industry, as well as be engaged hands-on through
different events and activities. Ultimately, we believe in
growing together and do hope members will see MedSoc as
a springboard to seek out new opportunities not just for
themselves but for the community as well. We hope the
journey ahead would be fulfilling and fun for you as it is for

Section 1.2: HC MedSoc Exco 2017/2018

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Section 2.1: Rules & Regulations
1. Do not miss hospital attachments or in-house sessions
unless you have a valid reason.

2. Parents letters, medical certificates and official school

events (with proof of attendance) are accepted as valid

3. Valid reasons must be submitted to the official email

account, hcmedsoc@gmail.com , within two days from the
day of your absence. (E.g. You were absent on June 2nd, VR
must be submitted by June 4th, 2359.)

4. Be attentive and engaged during in-house sessions and

respect the presenters, and be helpful and courteous at all
times during hospital attachments.

5. During events, be responsible and play your part, whether

it is during planning or execution.

6. Be committed to MedSoc.

7. Failure to comply will result in punishment in the form of

deduction of points, and may lead to termination of

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Section 2.2: Member Point System

The purpose of this system is to monitor the progress of our


The attendance for in-house sessions for case studies &

education packages, etc. will be allocated a fixed number of

Members will have to gain enough points in order to remain in

MedSoc, else he/she will be DISMISSED from the society.

Attendance for general meetings are not rewarded points, but

attendance is absolutely COMPULSORY. Points are
rewarded for hospital attachments and hours will also be
clocked. Failure to turn up without valid reasons will also
result in a dismissal from the society.

The number of points will be re-tabulated every term. An

excel sheet will be sent out through email as a reminder two
weeks before the end of each term to alert all members about
their current number of points.

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Members are to accumulate a total of 30 or more points in one

Absence without a VR submitted will result in a 5 point penalty.

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Section 3.1: Hospital Volunteer sessions

You will be required to attend a COMPULSORY orientation

session for each of the hospitals, in order to participate in any
volunteering event/activity.

You are NOT ALLOWED to change or pull out from existing

programmes in the middle of a rotation unless approval has
been granted by ExCo.

If you know you are not able to come for a hospital

attachment session (e.g. due to competitions, performances),
you are required to inform your respective Hospital
Coordinators ONE WEEK in advance.

Urgent Leave-Of-Absence (LOA) can only be approved with a

Medical Certificate (MC) or parents letter. (See Section 2.1:
Rules & Regulations)

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Each hospital volunteer cycle is roughly 2 months, depending
on the programme. Members will be able to opt for a new
hospital to volunteer at, and ExCo will decide the new
allocations based on the members preference. You will be
required to fill up the Hospital Rotation Form in order to opt for
the hospital of your choice. If you fail to fill up the form ON
TIME, you will be randomly allocated to a hospital.

Section 3.2: Important Hospital Information

1) Bright Vision Hospital
Location: Lor Napiri, 547530
Nearest MRT: Serangoon MRT (Shuttle bus service
Timing: Saturday (9.00am-11.30am)

Mobility Programme: Volunteers get to assist a

physiotherapist in guiding patients and helping them to
recover and regain their motor skills.
This is an interesting experience, especially for those who
are interested in physiotherapy.

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2) Institute of Mental Health
Location: Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View
Nearest MRT: Hougang MRT (Shuttle bus service available
on Weekdays)
Timing: Saturday (3.00pm-5.00pm) OR Sunday

IMH Ward Programme: Volunteers have full discretion to do

any approved activity with the patient, and there are existing
resources in IMH such as board games and colouring
materials for interacting with the patients.
This will be a unique experience, especially for those who
have an interest in psychology.

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3) KK Womens and Childrens Hospital
Location: Bukit Timah Road, 229899
Nearest MRT: Novena MRT (Shuttle bus service from
Novena Square 2)
Timing: Tuesday (3.00pm-5.00pm)

Clinic Play: Volunteers will be stationed at play areas, and

they will run sessions with children in the hospitals
Specialist Outpatient Clinics. Volunteers plan activities for
the children, such as simple quizzes and games, and this
is a great opportunity for volunteers to learn more through
interaction with children.

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4) National Cancer Centre Singapore
Location: 11 Hospital Drive, 169610
Nearest MRT: Outram Park (Shuttle bus service available)
Timing: Weekdays (2 hour long shifts)

Patient guides: Volunteers will be stationed at different

check-in booths to assist patients trying to receive their
queue numbers.
SNACKS programme: Volunteers prepare and pass out milo
snacks to patients in wards who have received
chemotherapy. This provides volunteers with a chance to
interact with these patients, as well as gain deeper
understanding of how things work.
Admin duty: Volunteers help to organize things behind the
scenes, and this provides a look into how the volunteer
programme operates.

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5) Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
Location: 1 Jurong East 21, 609606
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT
Timing: Sunday (10.00am-12.00pm)

Mobile library: Volunteers will be provided with various

materials such as board games, arts and crafts stuff. They
will carry out these activities as well as interact with the
patients in the ward.
Interaction: Volunteers also have the opportunity to interact
with the nurses on duty to learn more about their job scope,
as well as inquire more about the life of a doctor.
Volunteers are reminded to be proactive in learning more
about this field, and do not expect nurses to feed you
information, especially if you are doing a bad job.

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Section 4.1: Case Study &
Ed Package sessions
Purpose: To build on current knowledge of members to
ensure a more well-rounded perception of healthcare and
its workings

Topics to be covered:
Medical Ethics
Allied health
Neuroscience & Musculoskeletal
Psychological medicine
Forensic science

Online feedback will be gathered after every in-house


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1. Educational Packages
Members will be engaged in in-depth understanding of a
variety of healthcare themes. Online quizzes will be held to
encourage active learning and prizes will be given at the end of
each term to member(s) with the highest number of being

2. Case Studies
Following the educational package, the case studies are for
members to apply what they have learnt on the topics using
critical decision making skills, with compliance to the relevant
medical information and adhering to bioethics principles.
Members will be split into small specific groups to enable
quality unique discussions and possibly presentations.

We are now actively encouraging members to step up and

create their own education package sessions, so do contact
the education unit if you would like to do so or have any other

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