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Joshi's business _______ saw her through the business crises to

ultimate success.

o Skill
o Venture
o knowledge
o acumen
Your hand writing is _______I can't understand it.

o obscure
o rough
o illegible
o eligible
John always _______ the laws of the state.

o abide by
o abide with
o follows after
o maintains
Priya speaks more quickly than _______

o him
o he
o he speaks
o he does
The weather of Pokhara is quite _______ Jomsom's.

o different than
o different from
o similar with
o similar as
Select the most suitable prepositions in the following

What did he imply _______ is statement?

o with
o by
o from
o for
He came to college _______ his car.

o in
o by
o on
o with
The old horse dies _______ fatigue

o of
o with
o with
o from
o by
Rita said, "I will speak _______ the professor on this issue.

o with
o to
o by
o of
The peasants are afflicted _______ hunger and disease.

o to
o from
o by
o with
Choose the expression that best expresses the meaning of the
given idiom or phrase.

A piece of mind

o peace of mind
o An intelligent idea
o Scolding
o A little knowledge
To come with flying colors

o An excellent start
o To get a job done
o To get a good result
o To win a contest
Once in a blue moon

o A periodic event
o A lunar eclipse
o Frequently happening
o A rare occasion
To put up with

o To fix something
o to quarrel
o to tolerate
o to two off lights
To burn midnight candle

o to work overtime
o to study very hard
o to spend recklessly
o to be asleep till late night
Choose the correct synonym of


o Jolly
o Excited
o Proud
o Bold

o Clarity
o Summary
o Lengthy
o Dilemma

o Indisputable
o Unquestionable
Choose the correct antonym of:


o surfacial
o broad
o narrow
o profound

o rude
o nonsensical
o calm
o complimentary

Passage (21 to 25)

Although religion does not inhibit the acquisition of wealth, although it does not hold up large fortunes as evil, the
tenor of its teaching, by and large, is to induce an attitude of indifference to worldly things, things which gratify one's
lower self and keep one engrossed in money making. The student should be made to realize that the real goods of
life are spiritual, love of things of the spirit and service of one's fellowmen, joy of an ordered disciplined life. These are
blessings money cannot buy.

With only four words 'Blessed are ye poor !'' he changed altogether the values which man attached to human
existence and human happiness and acquisition and possession of wealth. Real bliss consisted, he taught, neither in
riches nor in anything else which the world regarded as prosperity of felicity, but in the joy and happiness derived
from being at peace with one's fellowmen through perfect love and fellowship and selfless service and sacrifice.

The word 'poor' on the lips of the Master had a spiritual significance on the poor so far as they were poor in spirit,
humble before God, simple, god-fearing, teachable and faithful. It could surely not have been his intention to hold up
destitution and privation as a blessing in itself. That would have turned life into a terrible ordeal and it would have
been heartless to exhort the poor to believe that money was not necessary for one's sustenance or the joys and
blessings of life. Even things of the spirit cannot be had without money. Extreme poverty is as liable to lead to the
stagnation and impoverishment of the soul as excessive wealth. Not outward poverty but inward spirit was what
Jesus Christ desired and demanded. Every religion asks a man to regard his wealth as a trust. Giving in charity for
the relief of the poor and public welfare is not merely an act of compassion, not merely a religious duty, but also an
act of social justice. All the gospels of wealth are based on the fundamental concept that none can claim an absolute
or inherent right to property. Everyone holds it in trust from God to promote the good of mankind. All rights and
property are subject to this primary obligation to god and man.

Real bliss, according to the paragraph, consisted in all of the following

o prosperity
o sacrifice
o altruism
o peace
Who does the work 'the master ' mean in the opening sentence of the
second paragraph?

o God
o Jesus Christ
o The poor
o The wealthy
The word with if opposite meaning to ordeal is

o difficulty
o prosperity
o trouble
o comfort
The word trust in the passage means

o belief
o rely
o liability
o charity
All of the following lead to stagnation and impoverishment of the soul except

o extreme poverty
o destitution
o excessive wealth
o compassion
Find the greatest number which will divide 201 and 671 leaving remainders
6n and 8 respectively.

o 15

o 51
o 39

o 65

The value of the expression 16x 2 + 24x + 9 for x = -3/4

o 2

o 1

o 0

o -1

A plane left 30 minutes later than the scheduled time and in order to reach
its destination 1500 km away in time is has to increase its speed by 250 km
per hour from its usual speed. Find its usual speed.

o 1000km/hr
o 750km/hr
o 500km/hr
o 600km/hr
A contractor undertakes to make a road in 30 days and employ 15 men.
After 24 days he finds that only half of the work is done. How many extra
men should he now employ so that he is able to complete the work in time?

o 2
o 30
o 45
o None
In the rafting situation a boat goes 30km downstream in 75 minutes and the
same distance upstream in 90 minutes, the speed (in km/ht) of the stream

o 2
o 3
o 4
o 6
A sells an article to B at profit of 20% and B sells it to C at a profit of 25%.
If C buys it for Rs. 225 what did A pay for it?
o Rs 100
o Rs 125
o Rs 150
o Rs 175
How many of the integers are prime between 0 and 40?

o 10
o 11

o 12

o 13

One-half of a number is 17 more than one-third of the other. Their sum is one less than 200.
The second no. is:

o 100

o 84

o 102

o 99

A diagram of a plane drawn to the scale of 0.5 inch equals length of the diagram is 4.5
inches the actual length of

o 720ft
o 680ft
o 640ft
o 660ft
How many terms of the sequence 12, 9, 6, 3, . must be the make the
sum 54?

o 13
o 12
o 14
o 11
An owner of a restaurant earns a profit of 30% per person in a dinner even
after allowing discount of 35% on the listed price. If the list price is Es 250,
what is the cost price?
o Rs 120
o Rs 125
o Rs 150
o Rs 180
Today is the birthday of Rahul and he is 3 times as old as Nirmala. In 13 years, Rahul will
be one year less than twice as old as Nirmala will be then. What is the age of Rahul today?

o 12 years
o 24 years
o 36 years
o 48 years
If A: B = 5:7 and B:C = 3 : 5 then A: B : C = is

o 5: 7 : 3
o 15 : 21 : 35
o 5:3:7
o 5:7:5
In the equation y = x2 + rx 3, for what value of r will be y = 11 when x =

o 5
o 4
o 3
o 2
The average of 8 numbers is 6, the average of 6 other numbers is 8. What is
the average of all 14 numbers?

o 55/7
o 66/7
o 72/7
o 81/7
How many years will a sum of money becomes double at 10% per annum
simple interest?

o 5 years
o 8 years
o 10 years
o 20 years
A company reports that 2000 electronic parts were found defective. If this
represents 6.25% of the total shipment how many of these parts were

o 3.200
o 17,000
o 32,000
o 34,000
Question number 4346 are based on following data. Select the best answer. Following data
represents the capacity utillization (%) of selected industries.

Description 2000/01 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04

Sugar 44 40 43 42
Cigarettes 80 86 90 89
Beer 59 64 66 65
Matches 58 59 62 63
On the average which year shows the highest capacity utilization of
the industries selected?

o 2000/01
o 20001/02
o 2002/03
o 2003/04
Which industry has highest variation of the capacity utilization within four
selected years?

o Sugar
o Cigarettes
o Beer
o Matches
Comparing Cigarettes and Beer, and Cigarettes and Matches, in which year
the difference in the capacity utilization is highest?

o 2000/01
o 20001/02
o 2002/03
o 2003/04
Comparing Cigarettes and Beer, and Cigarettes and Matches, in which year
the difference in the capacity utilization is lowest?

o 2000/01
o 20001/02
o 2002/03
o 2003/04
The price of balcony seat in theatre is one-third of a seat in the orchestra.
When completely sold out the total tickets from 600 orchestra seats and the
450 balcony seats are Rs 4500. What is the price of one orchestra seat?

o Rs 3
o Rs 4
o Rs 5
o Rs 6
If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the width of the same
rectangle decreased by 20% then the area of rectangle

o decreased by 20%
o decreased by 4$
o increased by 20%
o increased by 4$
If the sum of the roots of the quadratic equation is 6 and the product of the
roots is also, 6 then the equation is

o x2 6x + 6 = 0
o x2 + 6x 6 = 0
o x2 6x 6 = 0
o x2 + 6x + 6 = 0
If A = {1, 2, 3, ..9}, B = {2, 4, 6, 7, 8} and C = { 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10}.
Then A U B U C = ?

o {1, 2, 3 .10}
o {1, 3, 5, 7, 9}
o {2, 4, 6, 8,10}
o {1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10}
Select the pair of that has the same relationship as the original
pair of words. (51 to 55)
Advocate : law:: cook:

o Kitchen
o vegetable
o menu
o recipes
Twilight: Morning :: Dusk

o Afternoon
o Evening
o Night
o Midnight
Music symphony

o Art : Artist
o Literature : writer
o Painting : Mural
o Medical : Disease
Gaol : confinement::

o Sanatorium : Insane
o Asylum : Refuge
o Prison : Rehabilitation
o Hospital : Patient

o Circle: Triangle
o Prism : sphere
o Wedge : Wheel
o Pyramid : Hemisphere
Find the odd one from the following (56 - 60).


o square

o rectangle
o cube
o Triangle

o Earthquake : Seismograph
o Water pressure: Barometer
o Water density: Hydrometer
o Humidity : Hygrometer

o India

o Nepal
o China
o Bangladesh

o Reward
o Reinforcement
o Punishment
o offence

o Debenture

o Bond
o Overdraft
o Share
Select logically the best answer

Only citizens can vote. This means

o All citizens are voters

o All voter are citizens
o Some citizens are voter
o Some voter are citizens
No babies can walls. None but adults can walk.

o Some babies are grown up

o No babies are grown up
o No person who can walk is a baby
o All adults can walk
Obama is popular because he is a skilled orator

o All popular persons are skilled orators

o Some skilled orators are popular
o Some popular people are skilled orators
o All skilled orators are popular
A stitch in time saves nine' is logically similar to:

o Finish the task in time

o Make timely saving for future
o Think before you leap
o Collect money in time
If Monday was two days preceding day before yesterday, What is two days
after tomorrow?

o Sunday
o Tuesday
o Wednesday
o Monday
If BOAT is coded as OBTA then KITE is coded as

A occurs only when B occurs. B has occcuced, there fore,

o A must have occurred

o A had not occurred
o A may or may not have occurred
o A must occur
Complete the series
0 1 1 1 3 5 8

o 10
o 13
o 15
o 12
What is the full form of GPRS?

o General packet Radio service

o Global Penetration Radar service
o General Packet Radio service
o Global packet radio service
Who became the Man of the tournament of ICC 2001?

o Mahindra Singh Dhoni

o Gautam Gambhir
o Said Afridi
o Yub Raj singh
'Touching life everyday' is the slogan of which company?

o CG
o Akira
o Siddhartha bank
'Sensex' is the stock exchanged of which city?

o New Delhi
o Tokyo
o London
o Mumbai
When did Tsunami cause earthquake in Japan?

o March 11, 2011

o March 14, 2011
o March 8, 2011
o March 19, 2011
Which is the newest (193rd) independent nation of the world?

o Kosovo
o Montenegro
o East Timor
o Southern Sudan
'Jasmine Revolution originated from which country?

o Egypt
o Libya
o Yemen
o Tunisia
Which film won the best picture in Oscar 2011?

o The King's Speech

o The Hurt locker
o Avatar
o Raging Bull
When did the octogenarian leader (84) Krishna Pd Bhattarai die away?

o Falgun 12, 2068

o Falgun 20, 2068
o Chaitra 5, 2068
o Falgun 26, 2068
Who was awarded the Nobel peace Prize for 2010?

o Barak Obama
o Al Gore
o Liu Xiabo
Who was awarded pulsar Male player of the year 2067?

o Santosh Saukhala
o Deepak Maharjan
o Jumanu Rai
o Paras Khadka
When did NTY 2011 officially start?

o Jan 1, 2011
o Jan 14, 2011
o Jan 1, 2011
o Feb 14, 2011
Who is the current governor of NRB?

o Narayan Khadka
o Bijay Nath Bhattarai
o Yubaraj Khatiwada
o Dipendra Bdr. Chhetri
Who is the current CJ of Nepal?

o Kalyan Shrestha
o Khil Raj Regmi
o Keshab Bdr Raymajhi
o Bishwa Nath Upadhyay
Who was named Person of the Year 2010 by Financial Times?

o Mark Elliott Zuckerberg

o Julian Assange
o Stere Jobbs
o Warren Buffet
Who was named Times Person of the Year 2010?

o Mark Elliott Zuckerberg

o Julian Assange
o Stere Jobbs
o Barack Hussein Obama
Which is the latest (31st ) commercial bank?

o Century Bank
o Civil Bank
o Mega bank
o Commerz & Trust Bank
Which the world's most valuable and largest technology company?

o Microsoft
o Oracle
o Facebook
o Apple
What's the name of the famous tweet site that leaked secret US diplomatic
cables in 2010?

o WikiTweet
o WikiSecrets
o WikiPage
o WikiLeaks
Which bank was awarded Bank of the year 2010 by The Banker?

o Mega
What's the full form of MRP/

o Machine recordable passport

o Machine Readable P.P
o Magnetic readable Passport
o Magnetic Readable P.P
Who propounded 'Theory of Marginal Utility?

o H.H Gossen
o Jeremy Bentham
o J.S Mill
o Alfred Marshall

'The bank that Cares' is the slogan of

o Laxmi
o Lumbini
o Siddhartha
o Global
Who started Kumari Jatra?

o Gunakamdev
o Jagat Prakash Malla
o Jaya Prakash Malla
o Marhendra Dev
Who's the writer of the book ' Karnali Blues?

o Samrat Upadhyay
o Narayan Wagle
o Manjushree Thapa
o Buddhi Sagar Chapagain