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Bt cotton
We have waited for 70 years Another chance to swap
falling to pest,
Maha worried
Genetically modified or Bt
for you, Israeli PM tells Modi old notes likely in 15 days SC: Cant Punish SC: Liquor ban for
cotton is no longer resistant PM Arrives In Aapka swagat hai, mere dost. Those with
to pink bollworm a major
We love India, we admire Those With genuine highways not cities
pest in Mahahrashtra, Tel Aviv To A Valid Reasons difficulty... should
prompting the state govern-
ment to write to the Union Warm Welcome
your culture, history, democracy...
Your Make in India initiative meets have an opportunity
T he Supreme Court said on
Tuesday its ban on sale of
liquor within 500m of highways
government to seek its inter- Dhananjay.Mahapatra
my Make with India policy to explain and was intended to ensure alcohol
vention. P 10 Indrani.Bagchi PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU was not available to drivers
New Delhi: The Supreme Co-
replace the old plying on fast-moving highways,
2 dead as ambulance Shalom, I am happy to be here
driver suffers heart at- Tel Aviv: We have waited for urt on Tuesday sought to pre- money. You cannot not those passing through cities.
tack: The driver of an am- 70 years for you, Israeli Premi- (in Hebrew). This is an exciting vail on the Centre to open a The remark came amid panic
er Benjamin Netanyahu gree- journey we will undertake together, fresh window for exchange of
turn their genuine among liquor vends operating in
bulance carrying the body of
a woman suffered a heart ted PM Narendra Modi after for the good of our people & society scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 no- money into trash city limits but near highways and
attack and lost control of the his aircraft touched down to an tes for people who missed the moves by states to denotify
vehicle near Bavla on Tues- effusive welcome that saw Mo- December 30 deadline, if they
day. Two, including the driver, di reciprocating the warmth, Modi & Netanyahu (left) at Yad Vashem could establish that the money
died at the spot while five saying his visit marked a path Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem was theirs and they had a genu- But the courts argument scrutiny and on Tuesday, it so-
persons were injured. P 3 breaking journey of engage- ine reason for not changing it. that genuine cases should not ught Kumars response.
ment. As Modi became the ur culture, history, democracy tual that is only reserved for the I-square-plus-T-square In- The court was a step away be punished by turning hard- When the SG reiterated the
4 held for killing Dalit in first Indian PM to visit Israel, a and commitment to progress. I Pope or the US president. dia and Israel plus Israeli tech- from ensuring an exchange op- earned money into trash saw Centres consistent stand, a
jail: Four undertrial prisoners late afternoon sun beat down am confident of the real mathe- Netanyahu led Modi thro- nology and Indian talent, is In- portunity when the Centre so- the SG seeking time. It will not bench of Chief Justice J S Khe-
were arrested on Tuesday for on the red carpet at a secluded matics of life, of success of our ugh introductions with his ca- dia-Israel ties for tomorrow. ught two weeks to respond to be a general window but on a har and Justice D Y Chandra-
allegedly assaulting dalit corner of Ben Gurion airport. partnership for many reasons, binet and senior officials. Modis tried his hand at He- the suggestion. The courts pre- case to case basis. Give me two chud said, It is our duty to cau-
man Jignesh Sondarva (29) talent of our people." When Modi introduced his de- brew with a Shalom le kulaam vious inquiries had so far fai- weeks, I will take instructions tion you. If a person is alone
inside Amreli sub-jail, leading FULL COVERAGE P 10 Modi touched on a personal legation beginning with NSA ani semya mayodh lehiyot po (I led to move the Centre. from the government, he said. and suffered grave illness du-
to his death on June 14. P 5 memory of Netanyahus Tu- Ajit Doval, Netanyahu said he am delighted to be here). The TheCentre, through solici- Scores of petitions were fi- ring the November 9 to Decem-
As Air India One taxied up, esday was the 41st anniversary was glad the visit had come to PMs appreciation of Israel ca- tor general Ranjit Kumar, reli- led in the SC accusing the Cent- ber 30 period, it becomes im-
Netanyahu was waiting at the of the Entebbe raid to save 94 Is- fruition. You had something me through. The people of Is- ed on data about misuse of ex- re of reneging on the promise possible for him to deposit his
bottom of the steps and Modi, raeli hostages held in Uganda to do with it, he told Doval. rael have built a nation on de- change of old currency provi- and seeking relief to exchange old currency notes. If he can
dressed in a cream bandhgala, an operation that claimed In his welcome remarks, mocratic principles. They have sions to explain reluctance to scrapped notes. The SC weeded prove that it is his hard earned
lightly ran down and both men the life of the Israeli leaders el- Netanyahu reminded Modi nurtured it with hard work and heed the courts hints, even tho- out a majority of them, ter- money and not somebody el-
enveloped each other in a bear der brother. Your heroes are that he had said the sky is the spirit of innovation. You have ugh the PM had on November 8 ming reasons for failure to me- ses, he would surely require
hug. Aapka swagat hai mere an inspiration for the younger limit for India and Israel. We marched on regardless of ad- said those with genuine diffi- et the December 31 deadline as the window you had promised.
dost, Netanyahu said as the le- generations, Modi said. are working together in space versity and converted chal- culties could expect a window cock and bull story. However,
aders hit the right notes. Modi The PM was greeted by lea- programmes, so we can now lenges into opportunity. India after the year-end deadline. 10 petitions survived the SCs Continued on P 7
returned a shalom and said ders of all major religions here say the sky is not the limit any- applauds your achievements,
in Hebrew he was delighted to Ashkenazi and Sephardi more, he said. Acknowled- he said.
be in Israel. Netanyahu said, Jew, Greek Orthodox, Armeni- ging Modis love for acronyms,
We love India. We admire yo- an, Catholic and Muslim a ri- Bibi delivered one of his own, Continued on P 7 India, US, Japan to China: No scope
Kesar farmers to reap fruits of Israel tech flaunt naval muscle for a compromise
Only fit IPS cops to be grown using this horticulture New Delhi: China said on Tuesday that the-
promoted? The Centre plans New Variety technology would be resistant New Delhi: Power play on the high seas, with re was no scope for a compromise in the
to link promotion of IPS to salinity, less susceptible to China in the crosshairs, kicks off next week. In- military standoff with India in the Sikkim
officers to physical fitness. Beats Salinity, strong winds that damage the dia, the US and Japan have all deployed their lar- sector and put the onus on New Delhi to re-
All states were reportedly fruits even while retaining gest warships for the top-notch Malabar exerci- solve the grave situation.
asked to revert with their Yields More Fruit the same sweetness. se to be held in the Bay of Bengal from July 10. In unusually blunt remarks, Chinas am-
views on this by July 3, but The horticulture depart- The tri-lateral exercise, with around 15 wars- bassador to India Luo Zhaohui said
are yet to respond. P 9 ment of the state government hips, two submarines and scores of fighter jets, the ball is in Indias court and it was for
has developed 200 saplings by surveillance aircraft and helicopters, comes at the Indian government to decide what op-
JNU foils scam in PG Ahmedabad: Israel rolled grafting the salt-resistant root atime when Indian and Chinese troops are lock- tions could be on the table to resolve the
entrance test: The JNU out the red carpet for Narend- stock of Israeli mangoes with ed in a face-off near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet standoff.
administration foiled an ra Modi, the first Indian PM to the Talala kesar at the Centre tri-junction since mid-June. Asked about remarks made by official
admission scam when it visit the country, on Tuesday. The state governments horticulture department has developed 200 saplings of Excellence for Mangoes set The Indian Navy has also recorded an unu- Chinese media and think tanks that the con-
found that marks scored by But back home, his native sta- by grafting the salt-resistant root stock of Israeli mangoes with Talala kesar up in Talala under the Indo-Is- sual surge in number of Chinese warships and flict could lead to a war if not handled pro-
some candidates in the te is already set to reap the fru- rael collaboration program- submarines entering the Indian Ocean Region perly, the ambassador said, There has been
postgraduate entrance exam its of Indo-Israel partnership, Using Israel expertise, far- astal belt and get more fruit me. in the last two months, in an indication of musc- talk about this option, that option. It is up to
for sociology had been in- that too in the kesar mango mers would now be able to per acre. Whats more, two le-flexing by China after achieving what it belie- your government policy (whether to exerci-
flated by as much as 50. hub of Junagadh. grow mangoes even in the co- new varieties of mango trees Continued on P 5 ves is near-dominance in South China Sea. P 7 se military option). PTI P 7

Abu Salem deserves to

be hanged: Although he
deserves death I am bound to Guj ex-chief Distance education Unsold items
seek life sentence, said
Deepak Salvi special public secy A K Joti can have GST
prosecutor for the CBI on
Tuesday as he asked for the
lesser punishment for Abu
is next CEC by univs only: UGC price stickers
Salem for the 1993 Mumbai TIMES NEWS NETWORK Hemali.Chhapia TIMES NEWS NETWORK
serial blasts. P 6 EDU FOR PROFIT?

New Delhi: A K Joti, the se- Standalone institutes can nsold pre-packaged
nior of the two election com- Mumbai: In a watershed de- no longer continue to run items, which have been
missioners, cision, the University programmes via distance mode manufactured before
was appointed Grants Commission (UGC) GST rollout, will have stickers
They can continue offering
the next chief has stated that only univer- mentioning revised rates,
distance education courses only
election com- sities can offer distance lear- alongside printed maximum
if they acquire university
missioner on ning programmes in India. retail price (MRP). The consu-
Tuesday in ac- With the earlier decision of or deemed-university status mer affairs ministry, which is-
cordance with conventional the Distance Education Co- Move to hit several B-schools sued the circular, said this will
practice. He succeeds incum- uncil overturned, standalo- that rake in crores by offering be in effect till September 30.
bent Nasim Zaidi, who demits ne institutes can no longer open diplomas in management Declaration of changed
MARKET WATCH office on Wednesday continue to run program- Also, as per new rules, MRP shall be made by way of
Joti, 64, will have a six- mes via distance mode. universities cant now operate stamping or putting sticker or
SENSEX month tenure as CEC until Ja- Across the country do- online printing, the circular
beyond their jurisdiction
BSE: 31,209.79 11.83 nuary 17, 2018. zens of B-schools were ra- issued to state governments
NSE: 9,613.30 1.70 A 1975-batch IAS officer of king in crores by offering di- The minimum standards of said. It also said packaging
Gujarat cadre, Joti assumed ploma management courses instructions for the grant of material or wrapper that have
WEATHER charge as election commissio- via distance education mo- first degree through non- not been exhausted can be
ner on May 13, 2015. His last as- de. They will all have to cease formal/distance education used till September 30. It said
34.3 (-1) signment before superannua- operations and the UGC will in the faculties of Arts, Hu- manufacturers, packers or
Min ting in January 2013 was as not extend their recogni- manities, Fine Arts, Music, importers shall publish at le-
25.2 (+1) chief secretary of Gujarat. tion. Social Science, Commerce ast two advertisements in
Ahmedabad Forecast: Generally Prime Minister Narendra Mo- The decision was notifi- and Science. newspapers in case of items
cloudy sky with light rain. Maximum
temperature will be around 32C di was Gujarat chief minister ed in the last week of June in where the price has to be in-
at the time. P 9 an UGC gazette notification: Continued on P 7 creased for unsold stocks. P 10
Times Classifieds | P6

Law panel for Aadhaar link with marriage

Dhananjay.Mahapatra ment whether the Births and and religious denominations uld attract a penalty of Rs 5 Deaths Registration (Amend- SET UP CENTRAL would be cumbersome. It per days delay in registra-

New Delhi: Greenlighting a

ment) Bill, 2015 was enough to
implement an apex court
PORTAL is not desirable to have a sepa-
rate legislation for compulso-
tion. However, given the soci-
al context in which marria-
central amendment bill to judgment in 2006 making re- Law Commission ry registration of marriage ges take place, the maximum
make registration of marria- gistration of marriages man- says Births and as it may not serve any useful penalty should not exceed Rs
ges, just like births and de- datory. The bill was forwar- Deaths Registration purpose, the report added. 100, it said.
aths, compulsory, the Law ded to the commission in Fe- Act, 1969, can be amended to The Justice Chauhan-he- The commission okayed
Commission has suggested bruary 2017 for its opinion. make registration of marriage aded commission said a cen- the provisions of the amend-
linking marriage registra- The legislative depart- compulsory as well tral portal must be created for ment bill, which was origi-
tion with Aadhaar numbers ment had asked whether this Says central portal should compulsory registration of nally drafted by the UPA go-
to prevent fraudulent marri- amendment to the 1969 law be set up to register births, births, marriages and de- vernment in 2012 and passed
ages and denial of subsisten- would serve the purpose. The marriages & deaths aths. Linking registration of by Rajya Sabha in 2013.
ce to deserted women. SC judgment in Seema vs marriages to Aadhaar num- The bill lapsed in Lok Sab-
The commission, headed Ashwani Kumar case had compulsory registration of ber, it added, would make it ha, which was dissolved in
by retired Supreme Court suggested that compulsory marriage by amending the possible to achieve universal 2014. The commission exami-
judge Justice B S Chauhan, registration of marriages, ir- Births and Deaths Registra- tracing of records. ned marriage registration
submitted its 270th report to respective of religion of the tion Act would serve the pur- The panel said the bill laws in various countries and
law minister Ravi Shankar parties involved, might requ- pose as amending marriage must clarify that though non- found that Bangladesh and
Prasad and answered a query ire a standalone law. laws there are seven gover- registration of a marriage Pakistan had made it compul-
from the legislative depart- The commission said ning various communities would not make it void, it wo- sory.