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Managerial Communication

The buzz about big data


HEADERS Illustration of how it should be written

1. Analyze Your Audience The audience being addressed here
are the management students who
want to enhance the decision-
making abilities by analyzing the
massive amount of data and
information flowing across any
2. Determine General Purpose To convey the different sources of
i. To persuade data, to what extent data is growing
ii. To inform big
iii. To entertain How to leverage analytics for better
3. Specific Topic - narrowed I can achieve my goal in 3 minutes
Can I manage to speak on To address the hype about big data
this within 3 minutes? It would be interesting for the
What am I interested in? audience to know the different
What is my audience aspects of big data and how can it
interested in? meet prior expectations.
Is the topic significant? It is significant because, with the
Can I find sources on my advent of digitalization, the
topic? availability of data is not a concern
but leveraging big data technology
to extract relevant information is
still a challenge.
My work experiences and articles
from the internet are the sources for
my topic
4. Specific Purpose Many people believe that big data is
a solution but rather it is a problem.
My purpose is to state how it
resembles a problem and what is to
be done.
5. Central Idea The central idea is to analyze the
alignment of big data technology to
6. Gather Supporting Materials Analysis based on my work
Facts, testimony, figures, statistics, experience on the same technology.
narratives & examples Facts and figures from articles
relating to the data explosion
occurring these days.
Managerial Communication
The buzz about big data


7. Identify Main Points Defining big data

Pillars of Speech Alignment /misalignment of big
data technology to business.
Examples of massive data

9. INTRODUCTION Define the business objective of the

(Indicative Duration: 30sec- big data technology.
45sec) Quote a technologist to arrive at a
a. Gain attention clear understanding about the
b. Establish credibility situation that gave rise to buzzword
c. Orient audience to topic Big Data
d. Relate topic to audience State my work experiences on this
e. Preview main points technology.
10. BODY The body would include different
(Indicative Duration: 105sec- facets from which we can look into
120sec) big data technology.
Main Points & Sub-Points with Pieces of evidence to show that big
Transitions data is still a problem and not a
solution. It is evolving day by day.
11. CONCLUSION Conclude citing what can be done
(Indicative Duration: 30sec) to achieve big from big data thus
Summarize Main Points adding value to the organization
End with Finality
12. Sources Magazines and articles online
Scholarly Blogs such as