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1st Grade Plans for Luiyyi

Feb. 6- 10
1st Grade A:
1. Flag
2. Pray, greeting, How old are you? Bible verse
3. Review- date, months, alphabet sounds, sight words
4. Phonics- letter f and g (2 sounds)
5. Hippo Song
6. Review Rhymes with short /a/ sound
7. Stations
a. Beans
b. Rhymes- Luiyyi monitors and helps students read and write the words
c. Reading
d. Sight Word matching
8. Simon Says

A- Wallis, Angel, Rhianny, Matheu,
B- Valerie A., Jeremy, Shamira, Dashley
C- Dayanna, Julio, Ayeleen, Valery
D- Ruth, Luis Angel, Luisito, Joana

1st Grade B:
1. Pray, greeting, How are you today? Bible Verse
2. Days of the week, date, sight words, alphabet, shapes, colors
3. Phonics- G
4. Hippo Song
5. Stations
a. Beans
b. Reading
c. Word Sort
6. Letter game

1- Salim, Jade, Enmanuel, Serenity

2- Alvin, Lyscairy, Jadiel, Karen
3- Wilvin, Dannelys, Jose Angel, Luz Paoleth

1st Grade A:
1. Pray, greeting, Do you have any pets? Bible Verse
2. Routine- months, shapes, colors, numbers
3. Phonics- Letter g and h
4. Tooty-Ta song
5. Comparing numbers
a. Luiyyi works with half of the class- compare numbers (which is bigger?) Play
Top-It- like War card game- students have a partner. Both players flip over a
card. Whoever has the card with the higher value gets both cards. If the cards
are equal, students slap it. Whoever slaps first gets the cards. Can do one or two
digit numbers UNO cards
b. Karly works with students on place value- Ones, tens, hundreds, compare
numbers using the Alligator Vocab- bigger, smaller/ more, less/ equal
c. Switch groups
d. Practice sheet- PRINT

Wallis Shamira
Valerie A. Luisito
Jeremy Angel
Julio Rhianny
Valery Ruth
Matheu Ayeleen
Joana Dayana
Luis Angel Dashley
1st Grade B: MATH
1. Pray, greeting, How old are you? bible verse
2. Date, days of the week, shapes, colors, numbers
3. Phonics: Letter H
4. Hippo Song
5. Recreo
6. Numbers
a. Ones, tens
b. Big vs. small, less vs. more
c. Alligator eats the bigger number
d. Game, if time- UNO cards

1st Grade A: Science
1. Prayer, greeting, What do you like to play?, bible verse
2. Date, months, weather, days of the week, sight words, 5 senses
3. Phonics: g, i
4. Head and Shoulders
5. Science:
a. Review the parts of the body
b. Bone Dance
c. Book pages (Luiyyi works with students without books)
6. Simon Says if time

1st Grade B: Science

1. Prayer, greeting, What do you like to play?, bible verse
2. Date, days of the week, numbers, date, weather
3. Phonics: I
5. Science:
a. Review body parts- pictures
b. Head and Shoulders
c. Bone Dance
d. Worksheet
e. Simon says

1st Grade A: ESL
1. Pray, bible verse, greeting, Where do you live?
2. Date, months, pattern, numbers, alphabet
3. Phonics: letter j, k
4. Hippo song
5. Review Rhymes at, -ag, -an, -ar
6. Make mini rhyme books
a. Need glue, scissors, stapler, pencils, crayons
b. Glue into notebooks
7. Skeleton dance

1st Grade B: ESL

1. Pray, greeting, Bible Verse, How old are you?
2. Date, days, numbers, alphabet, weather, sight words
3. Phonics: j
4. Valentines Day craft

1st Grade B: ESL
1. Prayer, greeting, Bible Verse, What is your favorite color?
2. Date, days, sight words, shapes, colors, weather
3. Review rhymes, read mini books together- GLUE into notebooks
4. Hippo song
5. Phonics:
a. Review F-J
b. Scavenger hunt- How many can you find hidden in the room? (notebooks)
6. Flashcards/ free choice

1st Grade A: ESL

1. Activity- COPY
3. Prayer, greeting, What is your favorite color?
4. Date, months, sight words, weather, numbers
5. Hippo song
6. Valentines Day craft
7. Phonics: Review letters F-K
a. Room scavenger hunt- how many of each letter can you find?

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