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QYB Submersible Oil Pump

The QYB submersible oil pumps idea for ap-

plication in long delivery from oil tank to oil
station, lower the noise around the oil sta-
tion, selecting a more efficient dispenser
equipment and using one dispenser with
multi-hose but with a little cost.


1. One submersible pump is available for multi-nozzles.
2. Applicable for gasoline, coal oil, diesel oil, the mixture of gasoline oil and methylacohol.
3. With overheat protection.
4. Much longer distance than self-priming oil pump.
5. Compact structure, low noise.
6. It can be used as gas separator from oil.
Environment Temp.: -20 ~+40
Nominal Flow: 250L/min Nomenclature
9. Rated Voltage: AC220V10%
10. Rated Current: 9.5A QYB150 Submersible Oil Pump is
11. Rated Speed: 2820rpm
12. Noise: 68dB(A) Combined by STP150 AND FSP150
13. Capacitor mach motor : resistanc epressure AC450V.F QYB: Submersible Oil Pump
14. Hot protective temperature: 95 150: Power (1.5HP)
15. Suitable media: gasoline oil, diesel oil, coal oil

NOTE: If the medium deliveried is alcohol, gasoline oil, s.s casing of motors is available on request.



Eliciting two AC220V current line form electric control

box to STP150 (multifunctional combination valve )
terminal box. One directly contacts with motor yellow
line, the others together with motor black line contact
to capacitor end .Motor blue line contacts with capaci-

tor other end. (reference to picture)


Pump motor is made by our company. Its interior has too hot protective switch. When the tempera-
ture up to 95 Degree C, pump motor current will be cut down and pump stops running . Pump soaks
in oil and run, supplied oil by wheel and diffuser producing pressure meanwhile a litter oil moves be-
tween rotate axis sire groove and oil can in order to cool motor.

Unilateralism valve Manual Relief Valve

When pump stop working, the top of unilater- If need daily maintain or check, only open mul-
alism valve airproof slice withstand oil mouth tifunctional combination valve copper cap and
inside decompress spire (anticlockwise about
without leaking out oil.
four circles),interior of pump oil flow back to
jar, pressure decrease, then replace the de-
compress spire and cover copper cap, now can
extract any part without oil.

Manual Relief Valve

Orientation Valve

unilateralism valve

Relief Valve

Relief Valve

when pipeline pressure overstep normal level (for example hot expand cause), discharge pressure
valve open leading oil into oilcan ,causing safety effect.

Orientation Valve

Orientation valve is located in the above of uni-

lateralism valve. It contains one airproof rubber
spire. Open test hole spire can adjust the spire. Separator
When normal, the valve needs to be locked in
anticlockwise circumrotate, and air proof rubber
withstand unilateralism valve and discharge
pressure valve, the oil liquid can not flow back
to oil can.
Note: Dont open test hole staff when pump
working or oil shooting out.


Oil air separator use the principle of density . At

the top of oil liquid has vent, exhausting gas and
achieve oil air separator the purpose.

Installation Manual
1. Remove box and extract pump motor and multifunctional combination valve.
2. Put the pump motor to worktable.
3. Reference to picture one, pump motor cable drill through sleeve of cable , spread letai 227
worm airproof glue to worm.( Reference to Fig. 1)
4. According to picture two, spinning cable cover into pump motor with pipe plier and screw etc.
( Reference to Fig. 2)
5. According to picture three, at the other end of pump motor spread 277 worm airproof glue, spin
copper over and screw.

Fig. 3
Fig. 2 Fig. 4

6. According to picture four , put vitta into pump motor , and compare the height of two pipes, cable
sleeve should overstep vita for 40-70mm.( Refer to Fig. 4)
7. According to above , firstl screw vitta from pump motor, then spread letai 277 worm airproof glue
to worm, finally spin multifunctional combination valve body, and use pipe plier to screw tightly.
( Refer to Fig. 5)
8. Drill cable through vitta into multifunctional combination valve, and cable copper cover insert into
multifunctional combination valve antrum.

9. According to picture six, spread letai 277 air proof glue on vitta other worm, then spin pump mo
tor and vitta.( Refer to Fig. 6)

Fig. 4
Fig. 5 Fig. 6

10. According to picture seven, firstly cut off surplus pump motor cable, then contact three kind ca
ble lines according to color. (Reference to Fig. 7)
11. According to the above, contact capacitor with line, and install capacitor insulate cap on
capacitor, then put the capacitor into capacitor antrum, finally cover the lid and spin.
(Reference to Fig. 8)

Fig. 8
Fig. 7

Trouble Shooting
1. The pump doesnt run, when no output.
Possible reason: pressure , junction , motor ,capacitor
1.1.1 Check control box pressure , make sure the end of contactor is good,
1.1.2 Make sure there is voltage in junction box
1.1.3 Cut off current , use ohm meter test resistance among three cable.
1.1.4 Directly contact, electr ify the submersible pump, test motor current , make sure
the current is 9.5A,
2. Small flow outlet, having normal pressure ,however, when open nozzle, pressure in
not abundant.
Possible reason: orientation valve, capacitor, pump motor
2.2.1 Check emergency cut flow valve or ball valve whether open

Performance Curve

Outline & Installations