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Hans H. rberg 1998

PER SE ILLVSTRATA by Hans H. rberg

Domus Latina, Hans H. rberg

Skovvangen 7, DK-8500 Grenaa, Denmark

Focus Publishing, Ron Pullins

P.O.Box 369, Newburyport, MA 01950, USA
/ab/abs prp +abl from, of, since, by
ab-dcere take away, carry off
ab-errre wander away, stray
ab-esse -fuisse be absent/away/distant
ab-icere throw away
ab-re -e -iisse go away
abs v. /ab/abs
absns -entis adi absent
abs-tinre keep off
ac v. atque/ac
ac-cdere approach, come near
accendere -disse -nsum light, inflame
ac-cidere -disse happen, occur
ac-cipere receive
ac-cubre recline at table
ac-cumbere -cubuisse lie down at table
ac-currere -rrisse come running
accsre accuse
cer -cris -cre keen, active, fierce
acerbus -a -um sour, bitter
acis - f line of battle
actus -a -um sharp
ad prp +acc to, toward, by, at, till
ad-dere -didisse -ditum add
ad-esse af-fuisse (+dat) be present, stand by
ad-hc so far, till now, still
ad-icere add
ad-re -e -iisse -itum go to, approach
ad-iungere join to, add
ad-iuvre help
ad-mrr admire, wonder at
admrti -nis f wonder, admiration
ad-mittere let in, admit
ad-nectere -xuisse -xum attach, connect
ad-rre worship, adore
adulscns -entis m young man
ad-vehere carry, convey (to)
ad-venre arrive
adversus/-um prp +acc toward, against
adversus -a -um contrary, unfavorable
aedificre build
aedificium - n building
aeger -gra -grum sick, ill
aegrtre be ill
aegrtus -a -um sick
aequ equally
aequinoctium - n equinox
aequus -a -um equal, calm
r -eris m air
aests -tis f summer
aestimre value, estimate
aets -tis f age
affectus -s m mood, feeling
af-ferre at-tulisse al-ltum bring (to, forward, about)
af-ficere affect, stir
af-firmre assert, affirm
age -ite +imp come on! well, now
ager -gr m field
agere gisse ctum drive, do, perform
agmen -inis n army on the march, file
agnus - m lamb
agricola -ae m farmer, peasant
ain' you dont say? really?
i ais ait iunt say
la -ae f wing
albus -a -um white
alere -uisse altum feed
alinus -a -um someone elses
ali-quand once
ali-quantum a good deal
ali-qu -qua -quod some
ali-quis -quid someone, something
ali-quot indcl some, several
aliter otherwise
alius -a -ud another, other
aliali someothers
allicere -i -xisse -ectum attract
alter -era -erum one, the other, second
altum - n the open sea
altus -a -um high, tall, deep
amns -antis m lover
amre love
ambulre walk
amca -ae f girlfriend
amcitia -ae f friendship
amcus - m friend
amcus -a -um friendly
-mittere lose
amnis -is m river
amoenus -a -um lovely, pleasant
amor -ris m love
amphithetrum - n amphitheater
an or
ancilla -ae f female slave, servant
angustus -a -um narrow
anima -ae f breath, life, soul
anim-ad-vertere notice
animal -lis n animal, living being
animus - m mind, soul
annus - m year
ante prp +acc, adv in front of, before
ante before, formerly
ante-hc formerly
ante-quam before
antquus -a -um old, ancient, former
nulus - m ring
anus -s f old woman
aperre -uisse -rtum open, disclose
apertus -a -um open
apis -is f bee
ap-prre appear
appellre call, address
ap-pnere place (on), serve
ap-portre bring
ap-prehendere seize
ap-propinqure (+dat) approach, come near
Aprlis -is (mnsis) April
apud prp +acc beside, near, by
aqua -ae f water
aquila -ae f eagle
arnea -ae f spider, cobweb
arre plow
artor -ris m plowman
artrum - n plough
arbitrr think, believe
arbor -oris f tree
arcessere -visse -tum send for, fetch
arcus -s m bow
arduus -a -um steep
argenteus -a -um silver-, of silver
argentum - n silver
arma -rum n pl arms
armre arm, equip
armtus -a -um armed
ars artis f art, skill
as assis m as (copper coin)
a-scendere -disse climb, go up, mount
asinnus -a -um asss
asinus - m ass, donkey
a-spergere -sisse -sum sprinkle, scatter (on)
a-spicere look at, look
at but
ter -tra -trum black, dark
atque/ac and, as, than
trium - n main room, hall
attentus -a -um attentive
audcia -ae f boldness, audacity
audx -cis adi bold, audacious
audre ausum esse dare, venture
audre hear, listen
au-ferre abs-tulisse abltum carry off, take away
au-fugere run away, escape
augre -xisse -ctum increase
Augustus - (mnsis) August
aureus -a -um gold-, m gold piece
aurga -ae m charioteer, driver
auris -is f ear
aurum - n gold
aut or
autaut eitheror
autem but, however
autumnus - m autumn
auxilium - n help, assistance
auxilia -rum n pl auxiliary forces
avrus -a -um greedy, avaricious
-vertere turn aside, avert
avis -is f bird
avunculus - m (maternal) uncle

baculum - n stick
blre bleat
balneum - n bath, bathroom
barbarus -a -um foreign, barbarian
bsium - n kiss
betus -a -um happy
bellum - n war
bellus -a -um lovely, pretty
bene well
beneficium - n benefit, favor
bstia -ae f beast, animal
bstiola -ae f small animal, insect
bibere -bisse drink
bn -ae -a two (each)
bis twice
bonum - n good, blessing
bonus -a -um good
bs bovis m/f ox
bracchium - n arm
brev adv soon
brevis -e short

cachinnus - m laugh, guffaw
cadere cecidisse fall
caecus -a -um blind
caedere cecidisse caesum beat, fell, kill
caeds -is f killing, slaughter
caelum - n sky, heaven
calamus - m reed, pen
calceus - m shoe
calidus -a -um warm, hot, f hot water
calor -ris m warmth, heat
campus - m plain
candidus -a -um white, bright
canere cecinisse sing (of), crow, play
canis -is m/f dog
cantre sing
cantus -s m singing, music
capere -i cpisse captum take, catch, capture
capillus - m hair
capitulum - n chapter
caput -itis n head, chief, capital
carcer -eris m prison
card -inis m door pivot, hinge
carre +abl be without, lack
carmen -inis n song, poem
car carnis f flesh, meat
carpere -psisse-ptum gather, pick, crop
crus -a -um dear
castra -rum n pl camp
csus -s m fall, case
catna -ae f chain
cauda -ae f tail
causa -ae f cause, reason
gen (/me) +caus for the sake of
cautus -a -um cautious
cavre cvisse cautum beware (of)
cdere cessisse go, withdraw
celer -eris -ere swift, quick
celsus -a -um tall
cna -ae f dinner
cnre dine, have dinner
cnsre -uisse -sum think
centsimus -a -um hundredth
centum a hundred
cra -ae f wax
cerebrum - n brain
cernere crvisse discern, perceive
certmen -inis n contest, fight
certre contend, fight
cert certainly, at any rate
cert adv for certain
certus -a -um certain, sure
cessre leave off, cease
cter -ae -a the other(s), the rest
cterum adv besides, however
cterus -a -um remaining
charta -ae f paper
cibus - m food
cingere cnxisse cnctum surround
-cipere -i -cpisse -ceptum
circ prp +acc round
circnss -ium m pl games in the circus
circnsis -e of the circus
circiter about
circum prp +acc round
circum-dare surround
circum-silre hop about
circus - m circle, orbit, circus
cis prp +acc on this side of
citerior -ius comp nearer
citr prp +acc on this side of
cvis -is m/f citizen, countryman
clmre shout
clmor -ris m shout, shouting
clrus -a -um bright, clear, loud
classis -is f fleet
claudere -sisse -sum shut, close
claudus -a -um lame
clausus -a -um closed, shut
clvis -is f key
clmns -entis adi mild, lenient
cocus - m cook
coep- v. incipere
cgere co-gisse -ctum compel, force
cgitre think
cognmen -inis n surname
cognscere -visse -itum get to know, recognize
cohors -rtis f cohort
colere -uisse cultum cultivate
collis -is m hill
col-loqu talk, converse
colloquium - n conversation
collum - n neck
colnus - m (tenant-) farmer
color -ris m color
columna -ae f column
comes -itis m companion
comitr accompany
com-memorre mention
commnis -e common
cmoedia -ae f comedy
com-parre compare
com-plect -exum embrace
com-plre -visse -tum fill, complete
com-plrs -a several
com-putre calculate, reckon
cnr attempt, try
condici -nis f condition
cn-ficere make, accomplish
cn-fidere +dat trust
cn-fitr -fessum confess
con-iungere join, connect
coninx -iugis m/f consort, wife
cn-scendere -disse mount, board
cn-sequ follow, overtake
cn-sdere -sdisse sit down
cnsilium - n advice, decision, intention, plan
cn-sistere -stitisse stop, halt
cn-slr comfort, console
cnsonns -antis f consonant
cnspectus -s m sight, view
cn-spicere catch sight of, see
cnstns -antis adi steady, firm
cn-stre -stitisse be fixed, cost
cnstre ex consist of
cn-stituere -uisse -tum fix, decide
cn-smere spend, consume
con-temnere -mpsisse -mptum despise, scorn
con-tinre -uisse -tentum contain
continu adv immediately
contr prp +acc against
con-trahere draw together, wrinkle
contrrius -a -um opposite, contrary
con-turbre mix up, confound
con-venre come together, meet
convenre (ad/+dat) fit, be fitting
con-vertere turn
convva -ae m/f guest
convvium - n dinner-party
con-vocre call together
cpia -ae f abundance, lot
cpulre join, connect
coquere -xisse -ctum cook
cor cordis n heart
cram prp +abl in the presence of
corn -s n horn
corpus -oris n body
cor-rigere -rxisse -rctum correct
cotdi every day
crs tomorrow
crassus -a -um thick, fat
crdere -didisse +dat believe, trust, entrust
crscere -visse grow
crucire torture, torment
crdlis -e cruel
cruentus -a -um blood-stained, bloody
cruor -ris m blood-stained, bloody
crs -ris n leg
crux -ucis f cross
cubre -uisse -itum lie (in bed)
cubiculum - n bedroom
culna -ae f kitchen
culter -tri m knife
cum prp +abl with
cum conincti when, as
cum prmum +perf as soon as
cnae -rum f pl cradle
cnctus -a -um whole, pl all
cupere -i -visse desire
cupidits -tis f desire
cupidus -a -um (+gen) desirous (of), eager (for)
cr why
cra -ae f care, anxiety
crre care for, look after, take care
currere cucurrisse run
currus -s m chariot
cursus -s m race, journey, course
cstdre guard

dare dedisse datum give
d prp +abl (down) from, of, about
dea -ae f goddess
dbre owe, be obliged
dbilis -e weak
decem ten
December -bris (mnsis) December
decre be fitting, become
decis ten times
decimus -a -um tenth
dclnre decline, inflect
de-esse d-fuisse (+dat) be missing, fail
d-fendere -disse -nsum defend
de-inde/dein afterward, then
dlectre delight, please
dlre -visse -tum delete, efface
dliciae -rum f pl delight, pet
delphnus - m dolphin
dmere -mpsisse -mptum remove
d-mnstrre point out, show
dmum adv at last, only
dnrius - m denarius (silver coin)
dn -ae -a ten (each)
dnique finally, at last
dns dentis m tooth
d-nu anew, again
deorsum adv down
d-rdre laugh at, make fun of
d-scendere -disse go down, descend
d-serere -uisse -rtum leave, desert
dsderre long for, miss
d-silre -uisse jump down
d-sinere -siisse finish, stop, end
d-sistere -stitisse leave off, cease
d-sprre lose hope, despair (of)
d-spicere look down (on), despise
d-tergre wipe off
d-terrre deter
d-trahere pull off
deus - m, pl de/di/d god
d-vorre swallow up, devour
dexter -tra -trum right, f the right (hand)
dcere -xisse dictum say, call, speak
dictre dictate
dictum - n saying, words
dis - m (f) day, date
dif-ficilis -e, sup -illimus difficult, hard
digitus - m finger
dignus -a -um worthy
dligns -entis adi careful, diligent
dligere -xisse -ctum love, be fond of
dmidius -a -um half
d-mittere send away, dismiss
drus -a -um dreadful
dis-cdere go away, depart
discere didicisse learn
discipulus - m pupil, disciple
dis-iungere separate
dis-sudre advise not to
di, comp ditius long
dves -itis adi rich, wealthy
dvidere -sisse -sum separate, divide
dvitiae -rum f pl riches
docre -uisse doctum teach, instruct
doctus -a -um learned, skilled
dolre hurt, feel pain, grieve
dolor -ris m pain, grief
dom loc at home
domina -ae f mistress
dominus - m master
domum adv home
domus -s f, abl - house, home
dnre give, present with
dnec as long as
dnum - n gift, present
dormre sleep
dorsum - n back
dubitre doubt
dubius -a -um undecided, doubtful
du-cent -ae -a two hundred
dcere -xisse ductum guide, lead, draw, trace
uxrem dcere marry
dulcis -e sweet
dum while, as long as, till
dum-modo provided that, if only
dumtaxat only, just
duo -ae -o two
duo-decim twelve
duo-decimus -a -um twelfth
duo-d-trgint twenty-eight
duo-d-vgint eighteen
drus -a -um hard
dux ducis m leader, chief, general

v. ex/
brius -a -um drunk
ecce see, look, here is
ducre bring up
-dcere bring out, draw out
ef-ficere make, effect, cause
ef-fugere escape, run away
ef-fundere pour out, shed
ego m mihi/m I, me, myself
-gred -ior -gressum go out
gregius -a -um outstanding, excellent
-icere throw out
-ldere -sisse -sum omit, elide
-ligere -lgisse -lctum choose, select
emere misse mptum buy
n look, here is
enim for
nsis -is m sword
e adv to that place, there
epigramma -atis n epigram
epistula -ae f letter
eques -itis m horseman
equidem indeed, for my part
equittus -s m cavalry
equus - m horse
erg prp +acc toward
erg therefore, so
-ripere -i -uisse -reptum snatch away, deprive of
errre wander, stray
-rubscere -buisse blush
-rumpere break out
erus - m master
esse sum fuisse futrum esse/fore be
sse ed disse sum eat
et and, also
etet bothand
et-enim and indeed, for
etiam also, even, yet
etiam atque etiam again and again
etiam-nunc still
et-s even if, although
-volre fly out
-volvere -visse -ltum unroll
ex/ prp +abl out of, from, of, since
ex-audre hear
ex-citre wake up, arouse
ex-clmre cry out, exclaim
ex-cgitre think out, devise
ex-crucire torture, torment
ex-currere -rrisse -rsum run out, rush out
ex-csre excuse
exemplum - n example, model
exercitus -s m army
ex-haurre drain, empty
exiguus -a -um small, scanty
ex-re -e -iisse -itum go out
ex-stimre consider, think
exitus -s m exit, way out, end
ex-rnre adorn, decorate
ex-plnre explain
ex-pnere put out/ashore, expose
ex-pugnre conquer
ex-pugnti -nis f conquest
ex-spectre wait (for), expect
ex-tendere -disse -tum stretch out, extend
extr prp +acc outside

faber -br m artisan, smith
fbula -ae f story, fable, play
fbulr talk, chat
facere -i fcisse factum make, do, cause
facis - f face
facile adv easily
facilis -e, sup -illimus easy
factum - n deed, act
fallx -cis adi deceitful
fallere fefellisse falsum deceive
falsus -a -um false
falx -cis f sickle
fma -ae f rumor, reputation
fams -is f hunger, famine
familia -ae f domestic staff, family
fr speak
fatr fassum admit, confess
fatgre tire out, weary
ftum - n fate, destiny, death
favre fvisse +dat favor, support
Februrius - (mnsis) February
flcits -tis f good fortune, luck
flx -cis adi fortunate, lucky
fmina -ae f woman
fenestra -ae f window
fera -ae f wild animal
fer about, almost
ferx -cis adi fierce, ferocious
ferre tulisse ltum carry, bring, bear
ferreus -a -um of iron, iron-
ferrum - n iron, steel
fertilis -e fertile
ferus -a -um wild
fessus -a -um tired, weary
-ficere -i -fcisse -fectum
fdere fsum esse +dat trust, rely on
fids -e f trust, faith, loyalty
fids -ium f pl lyre
fidicen -inis m lyre-player
fdus -a -um faithful, reliable
fier factum esse be made, be done, become, happen
fgere -xisse -xum fix, fasten
flia -ae f daughter
fliola -ae f little daughter
fliolus - m little son
flius - m son
flum - n thread
fnre limit, finish
fnis -is m boundary, limit, end
flre blow
flectere -xisse -xum bend, turn
flre -visse cry, weep (for)
fls -ris m flower
flctus -s m wave
fluere -xisse flow
flmen -inis n river
fluvius - m river
foedus -a -um ugly, hideous
folium - n leaf
fors adv out
foris -is f leaf of a door, door
fors adv outside, out of doors
frma -ae f form, shape, figure
frmsus -a -um beautiful
forsitan perhaps, maybe
fortasse perhaps, maybe
forte adv by chance
fortis -e strong, brave
fortna -ae f fortune
forum - n square
fossa -ae f ditch, trench
frangere frgisse frctum break, shatter
frter -tris m brother
fremere -uisse growl
frequns -entis adi numerous, frequent
fretum - n strait
frgre be cold
frgidus -a -um cold, chilly, cool
frgus -oris n cold
frns -ontis f forehead
frgs -um f pl fruit, crops
fru +abl enjoy
frmentum - n corn, grain
frstr in vain
fuga -ae f flight
fugere -i fgisse run away, flee
fugitvus -a -um runaway
fulgur -uris n flash of lightning
fundere fdisse fsum pour, shed
funditus adv to the bottom, utterly
fundus - m bottom
fr -is m thief
frtum - n theft
futrus -a -um (v. esse) future
tempus futrum future

gallus - m cock, rooster
gaudre gavisum esse be glad, be pleased
gaudium - n joy, delight
geminus -a -um twin
gemma -ae f precious stone, jewel
gemmtus -a -um set with a jewel
gena -ae f cheek
gns gentis f nation, people
gen -s n knee
genus -eris n kind, sort
gerere gessisse gestum carry, wear, carry on, do
glacis - f ice
gladitor -ris m gladiator
gladitrius -a -um gladiatorial
gladius - m sword
glria -ae f glory
glrisus -a -um glorious, boastful
gracilis -e slender
gradus -s m step, degree
Graecus -a -um Greek
grammatica -ae f grammar
grtia -ae f favor, gratitude
gen (/me) + grti for the sake of
grtiam habre be grateful
grtis agere thank
grtus -a -um pleasing, grateful
gravida adi f pregnant
gravis -e heavy, severe, grave
gremium - n lap
grex -egis m flock, herd, band
gubernre steer, govern
guberntor -ris m steersman
gustre taste

habre have, hold, consider
habitre dwell, live
hasta -ae f lance
haud not
haurre -sisse -stum draw (water), bail
herba -ae f grass, herb
her yesterday
heu o! alas!
heus hey! hello!
hic haec hoc this
hc here
hiems -mis f winter
hinc from here, hence
hodi today
holus -eris n vegetable
hom -inis m human being, person
hra -ae f hour
horrendus -a -um dreadful
horrre bristle, stand on end, shudder (at)
hortr encourage, urge
hortus - m garden
hospes -itis m guest, guest-friend
hostis -is m enemy
hc here, to this place
hmnus -a -um human
hum loc on the ground
humilis -e low
humus - f ground

iacere -i icisse iactum throw, hurl
iacre lie
iactre throw, toss about
iactra -ae f throwing away, loss
iam now, already
initor -ris m doorkeeper
inua -ae f door
Inurius - (mnsis) January
ibi there
-icere -i -icisse -iectum
dem eadem idem the same
id-e for that reason
idneus -a -um fit, suitable
ds -uum f pl 13th/15th (of the month)
iecur -oris n liver
igitur therefore, then, so
ignrus -a -um ignorant, unaware
ignis -is m fire
ignrre not know
ignscere -visse +dat forgive
igntus -a -um unknown
ille -a -ud that, the one, he
illc there
illinc from there
illc there, thither
illstrre illuminate, make clear
img -inis f picture
imber -bris m rain, shower
imitr imitate
im-mtrus -a -um unripe
imm no, on the contrary
im-mortlis -e immortal
im-pr -aris adi unequal
im-patins -entis adi impatient
im-pendre +dat threaten
imperre +dat command, order, rule
impertor -ris m (commanding) general
imperium - n command, empire
impetus -s m attack, charge
im-piger -gra -grum active, industrious
im-plre -visse -tum fill, complete
im-plicre -uisse -itum enfold
impluvium - n water basin
im-pnere place (in/on), put
im-primere -pressisse -pressum press (into)
im-probus -a -um bad, wicked
mus -a -um sup lowest
in prp +abl in, on, at
prp +acc into, to, against
in-certus -a -um uncertain
in-cipere -i coepisse coeptum begin
in-cldere -sisse -sum shut up
incola -ae m/f inhabitant
in-colere inhabit
incolumis -e unharmed, safe
inconditus -a -um unpolished, rough
inde from there, thence
index -icis m list, catalogue
in-dignus -a -um unworthy, shameful
in-doctus -a -um ignorant
induere -uisse -tum put on (clothes)
indtus +abl dressed in
industrius -a -um industrious
in-ermis -e unarmed
in-esse be (in)
in-exspecttus -a -um unexpected
nfns -antis m/f little child, baby
n-flx -cis adi unlucky, unfortunate
nferior -ius comp lower, inferior
nferus -a -um lower
nfer -rum m pl the underworld
nfstus -a -um unsafe, infested
n-fidus -a -um faithless
nfimus -a -um sup lowest
n-fluere flow into
nfr prp +acc below
ingenium - n nature, character
ingns -entis adi huge, vast
in-hmnus -a -um inhuman
in-imcus - m (personal) enemy
in-inimcus -a -um unfriendly
initium - n beginning
iniria -ae f injustice, wrong
in-istus -a -um unjust, unfair
inopia -ae f lack, scarcity
inquit -iunt (he/she) says/said
inquam I say
n-scrbere write on, inscribe
nscrpti -nis f inscription
n-struere -xisse -ctum draw up, arrange
nstrmentum - n tool, instrument
nsula -ae f island
integer -gra -grum undamaged, intact
intellegere -xisse -ctum understand, realize
inter prp +acc between, among, during
inter s (with) one another
inter-dum now and then
inter-e meanwhile
inter-esse be between
inter-ficere kill
interim meanwhile
internus -a -um inner, internal
inter-pellre interrupt
inter-rogre ask, question
intr prp +acc inside, within
intrre enter
intur look at, watch
intus adv inside
in-validus -a -um infirm, weak
in-vehere import
in-venre find
in-vidre +dat envy, grudge
invidia -ae f envy
in-vocre call upon, invoke
iocsus -a -um humorous, funny
ipse -a -um himself
ra -ae f anger
rtus -a -um angry
re e iisse itum go
is ea id he, she, it, that
iste -a -ud this, that (of yours)
ita so, in such a way
ita-que therefore
item likewise, also
iter itineris n journey, march, way
iterum again, a second time
iubre iussisse iussum order, tell
icundus -a -um pleasant, delightful
Ilius - (mnsis) July
iungere inxisse inctum join, combine
Inius - (mnsis) June
is iris n right, justice
ire justly, rightly
istus -a -um just, fair
iuvre ivisse itum help, delight
iuvenis -is m young man
ixt prp +acc next to, beside

kalendae -rum f pl the 1st (of the month)
kalendrium - n calendar

lb lpsum slip, drop, fall
labor -ris m work, toil
labrre toil, work, take trouble
labrum - n lip
labyrinthus - m labyrinth
lac lactis n milk
lacertus - m (upper) arm
lacrima -ae f tear
lacrimre shed tears, weep
lacus -s m lake
laedere -sisse -sum injure, hurt
laetr rejoice, be glad
laetitia -ae f joy
laetus -a -um glad, happy
laevus -a -um left
lna -ae f wool
largr give generously
largus -a -um generous
latre be hidden, hide
Latnus -a -um Latin
ltrre bark
latus -eris n side, flank
ltus -a -um broad, wide
laudre praise
laus laudis f praise
lavre lvisse lautum wash, bathe
lectca -ae f litter, sedan
lectulus - m (little) bed
lectus - m bed, couch
lgtus - m envoy, delegate
legere lgisse lctum read
legi -nis f legion
leginrius -a -um legionary
le -nis m lion
levre lift, raise
levis -e light, slight
lx lgis f law
libellus - m little book
libenter with pleasure, gladly
liber -br m book
lber -era -erum free
lberre free, set free
libre: libet +dat it pleases
lber -rum m pl children
lberts -tis f freedom, liberty
lbertnus - m freedman
licre: licet +dat it is allowed, one may
ligneus -a -um wooden
lignum - n wood
llium - n lily
lmen -inis n threshold
lnea -ae f string, line
lingua -ae f tongue, language
littera -ae f letter
ltus -oris n beach, shore
locus - m place
loca -rum n pl regions, parts
long far, by far
longus -a -um long
loqu loctum speak, talk
lcre lxisse shine
lucerna -ae f lamp
lucrum - n profit, gain
luctr wrestle
ldere -sisse -sum play
ldus - m play, game, school
lgre -xisse mourn
lna -ae f moon
lupus - m wolf
lx lcis f light, daylight

maerre grieve
maestus -a -um sad, sorrowful
magis more
magister -tri m schoolmaster, teacher
magnificus -a -um magnificent, splendid
magnus -a -um big, large, great
mior -ius comp bigger, older
Mius - (mnsis) May
male adv badly, ill
maleficium - n evil deed, crime
mlle mluisse prefer
malum - n evil, trouble, harm
mlum - n apple
malus -a -um bad, wicked, evil
mamma -ae f mummy
mne indcl n, adv morning, in the morning
manre mnsisse remain, stay
manus -s f hand
mare -is n sea
margarta -ae f pearl
maritimus -a -um sea-, coastal
martus - m husband
Mrtius - (mnsis) March
mter -tris f mother
mteria -ae f material, substance
mtrna -ae f married woman
mtrus -a -um ripe
mxim most, especially
mximus -a -um biggest, greatest, oldest
medicus - m physician, doctor
medium - n middle, center
medius -a -um mid, middle
mel mellis n honey
melior -ius comp better
melltus -a -um sweet
membrum - n limb
meminisse +gen/acc remember, recollect
memorre mention
memoria -ae f memory
mendum - n mistake, error
mns mentis f mind
mnsa -ae f table
mnsa secunda dessert
mnsis -is m month
menti -nis f mention
mentr lie
merctor -ris m merchant
merctrius -a -um merchant-
mercs -dis f wage, fee, rent
merre earn, deserve
mergere -sisse -sum dip, plunge, sink
merdis - m midday, noon, south
merum - n neat wine
merus -a -um pure, neat, undiluted
merx -rcis f commodity, pl goods
metere reap, harvest
metuere -uisse fear
metus -s m fear
meus -a -um, voc m my, mine
mles -itis m soldier
mlitre serve as a soldier
mlitris -e military
mlle, pl mlia -ium n thousand
minr +dat threaten
minim by no means, not at all
minimus -a -um sup smallest, youngest
minister -tr m servant
minor -us comp smaller, younger
minuere -uisse -tum diminish, reduce
minus -ris n, adv less
mrbilis -e marvelous, wonderful
mrr wonder (at), be surprised
mrus -a -um surprising, strange
miscre -uisse mixtum mix
misellus -a -um poor, wretched
miser -era -erum unhappy, miserable
mittere msisse missum send, throw
modo only, just
modomodo nownow
modus - m manner, way
nll mod by no means
moenia -ium n pl walls
molestus -a -um troublesome
mollre make soft, soften
mollis -e soft
monre remind, advise, warn
mns montis m mountain
mnstrre point out, show
mnstrum - n monster
mora -ae f delay
mordre momordisse -sum bite
mor mortuum die
mors mortis f death
mortlis -e mortal
mortuus -a -um (< mor) dead
ms mris m custom, usage
movre mvisse mtum move, stir
mox soon
mulier -eris f woman
mult -ae -a many, a great many
multitd -inis f large number, multitude
mult +comp much, by far
multum - n, adv much
mundus - m world, universe
mundus -a -um clean, neat
mnre fortify
mnus -eris n gift
mrus - m wall
Msa -ae f Muse
mtre change, exchange
mtus -a -um dumb
mtuus -a -um on loan
mtuum dare/smere lend/borrow

nam for
-nam ever?
namque for
nrrre relate, tell
nrrti -nis f narrative
nsc ntum be born
nsus - m nose
natre swim
ntra -ae f nature
ntus -a -um (< nsc) born
XX anns ntus 20 years old
nauta -ae m sailor
nvicula -ae f boat
nvigre sail
nvigti -nis f sailing, voyage
nvis -is f ship
-ne ? if, whether
n that not, lest, that
nquidem not even
nec v. ne-que/nec
necre kill
necessrius -a -um necessary
necesse est it is necessary
negre deny, say thatnot
neglegns -entis adi careless
neglegere -xisse -ctum neglect
negtium - n business, activity
nm -inem -in no one, nobody
nquam adi indcl, sup nquissimus worthless, bad
ne-que/nec and/but not, nor, not
n.n. neithernor
ne-scre not know
neu v. n-ve/neu
neuter -tra -trum neither
n-ve/neu and (that) not, nor
nex necis f killing, murder
ndus - m nest
niger -gra -grum black
nihil/nl nothing
nimis too, too much
nimium too much
nimius -a -um too big
nisi if not, except, but
niveus -a -um snow-white
nix nivis f snow
nbilis -e well known, famous
nocre +dat harm, hurt
nl -te +nf dont!
nlle nluisse be unwilling, not want
nmen -inis n name
nminre name, call
nn not
nnae -rum f pl 5th/7th (of the month)
nngsimus -a -um ninetieth
nngint ninety
nn-dum not yet
nn-gent -ae -a nine hundred
nn-ne not?
nn-nll -ae -a some, several
nn-numquam sometimes
nnus -a -um ninth
ns nbs we, us, ourselves
nscere nvisse get to know, perf know
noster -tra -trum our, ours
nostrum gen of us
nota -ae f mark, sign
ntus -a -um known
novem nine
November -bris (mnsis) November
nvisse (< nscere) know
novus -a -um new
nox noctis f night
nbere -psisse +dat marry
nbs -is f cloud
nbilus -a -um cloudy
ndus -a -um naked
ngae -rum f pl idle talk, rubbish
nllus -a -um no
num ? if, whether
numerre count
numerus - m number
nummus - m coin, sesterce
numquam never
nunc now
nntire announce, report
nntius - m messenger, message
nper recently
ntrx -cis f nurse
nux nucis f nut

ob prp +acc on account of
oblvsc -ltum +gen/acc forget
ob-oedre +dat obey
obscrus -a -um dark
occidns -entis m west
oc-cidere -disse fall, sink, set
oc-cdere - disse -sum kill
occultre hide
oc-currere -rrisse +dat meet
ceanus - m ocean
ocellus - m (little) eye
octvus -a -um eighth
octin-gent -ae -a eight hundred
oct eight
Octber -bris (mnsis) October
octgint eighty
oculus - m eye
disse hate
odium - n hatred
of-ferre ob-tulisse obltum offer
officium - n duty, task
lim once, long ago
omnis -e all, every
opera -ae f effort, pains
operre -uisse -ertum cover
ops -um f pl resources, wealth
oportre: oportet it is right, you should
opperr -ertum wait (for), await
oppidum - n town
op-pugnre attack
optre wish
optimus -a -um sup best, very good
opus -eris n work
opus est it is needed
ra -ae f border, coast
rre pray, beg
rti -nis f speech
orbis -is m circle, orbit
orbis terrrum the world
rdinre arrange, regulate
rd -inis m row, rank, order
orins -entis m east
orr ortum rise, appear
rnmentum - n ornament, jewel
rnre equip, adorn
os ossis n bone
s ris n mouth
scitre gape, yawn
sculr kiss
sculum - n kiss
ostendere -disse show
stirius - m door-keeper, porter
stium - n door, entrance
tisus -a -um leisured, idle
tium - n leisure
ovis -is f sheep
vum - n egg

pbulum - n fodder
paene nearly, almost
paen-nsula -ae f peninsula
pgina -ae f page
pallre be pale
pallidus -a -um pale
pallium - n cloak, mantle
palma -ae f palm
palpitre beat, throb
pnis -is m bread, loaf
pap*rus - f papyrus
pr paris adi equal
parre prepare, make ready
partus -a -um ready
parcere pepercisse +dat spare
parents -um m pl parents
parere -i peperisse give birth to, lay
prre (+dat) obey
parricda -ae m parricide
pars -rtis f part, direction
partr share, divide
parum too little, not quite
parvulus -a -um little, tiny
parvus -a -um little, small
pscere pvisse pstum pasture, feed, feast
passer -eris m sparrow
passus -s m pace (1.48 m)
pstor -ris m shepherd
pater -tris m father
patre be open
pat passum suffer, undergo, bear
patins -entis adi patient
patientia -ae f forbearance, patience
patria -ae f native country/town
pauc -ae -a few, a few
paulisper for a short time
paul +comp, ante/post a little
paulum a little, little
pauper -eris adi poor
px pcis f peace
pectus -oris n breast
peclium - n money given to slaves
pecnia -ae f money
pecnisus -a -um wealthy
pecus -oris n livestock, sheep, cattle
pedes -itis m foot-soldier
pior -ius comp worse
pellere pepulisse pulsum push, drive (off)
penna -ae f feather
pnsum - n task
per prp +acc through, by, during
per-currere -rrisse -rsum run over, pass over
per-cutere -i -cussisse strike, hit
per-dere -didisse -ditum destroy, ruin, waste
per-ferre carry, endure
per-ficere complete, accomplish
pergere per-rxisse proceed, go on
perculsus -a -um dangerous, perilous
perculum - n danger, peril
per-re -e -iisse perish, be lost
perist*lum - n peristyle
per-mittere allow, permit
per-movre move deeply
perpetuus -a -um continuous, permanent
per-sequ follow, pursue
persna -ae f character, person
per-sudre -sisse +dat persuade, convince
per-territus -a -um terrified
per-turbre upset
per-venre get to, reach
ps pedis m foot
pessimus -a -um sup worst
petasus - m hat
petere -visse -tum make for, aim at, attack, seek, ask for, request
phantasma -atis n ghost, apparition
piger -gra -grum lazy
pila -ae f ball
plum - n spear, javelin
ppire chirp
prta -ae m pirate
pirum - n pear
pisctor -ris m fisherman
piscis -is m fish
placre +dat please
pln plainly, clearly
plnus -a -um plain, clear
plaudere -sisse (+dat) clap, applaud
plnus -a -um (+gen/abl) full (of)
plr-que plrae- plra- most, most people
plrumque mostly
plrre cry
plrs -a comp more
plrim -ae -a sup most, a great many
pls plris n, adv more
pculum - n cup, glass
poena -ae f punishment, penalty
pota -ae m/f poet
poticus -a -um poetical
pollicr promise
pnere posuisse positum place, put, lay down
populus - m people, nation
porcus - m pig
porta -ae f gate
portre carry
portus -s m harbor
poscere poposcisse demand, call for
posse potuisse be able
possidre -sdisse possess, own
post prp +acc, adv behind, after, later
post-e afterward, later
posterior -ius comp back-, hind-, later
posterus -a -um next, following
posthc from now on, hereafter
post-quam after, since
postrm adv finally
postrmus -a -um sup last
postulre demand, require
ptre drink
potests -tis f power
pti -nis f drinking, drink
potius rather
prae prp +abl before, for
praecipu especially, above all
praedium - n estate
praed -nis m robber, pirate
prae-esse (+dat) be in charge (of)
prae-ferre prefer
praemium - n reward, prize
prae-nmen -inis n first name
prae-pnere +dat put before/in charge of
praesns -entis adi present
prae-stre -stitisse furnish, fulfill
praeter prp +acc past, besides, except
praeter-e besides
praeteritus -a -um past
prvus -a -um faulty, wrong
precr pray
precs -um f pl prayers
prehendere -disse -nsum grasp, seize
premere pressisse pressum press
pretisus -a -um precious
pretium - n price, value
prdem long ago
pr-di the day before
prm adv at first
prmum adv first
prmus -a -um first
prnceps -ipis m chief, leader
prncipium - n beginning
prior -ius first, former, front-
prius adv before
prius-quam before
prvtus -a -um private
pr prp +abl for, instead of
probus -a -um good, honest, proper
pr-cdere go forward, advance
procul far (from), far away
pr-currere -rrisse -rsum run forward, charge
prd-esse pr-fuisse +dat be useful, do good
proelium - n battle
profect indeed, certainly
pr-ferre bring forth, produce
proficsc -fectum set out, depart
pr-gred -ior -gressum go forward, advance
pro-hibre keep off, prevent
pr-icere throw (forward)
prmere -mpsisse -mptum take out
prmissum - n promise
pr-mittere promise
prope prp +acc, adv near, nearly
properre hurry
propinquus -a -um near, close
proprius -a -um own, proper
propter prp +acc because of
propter-e therefore
pr-silre -uisse spring forth
pr-spicere look out, look ahead
prtinus at once
prvincia -ae f province
proximus -a -um sup nearest
prdns -entis adi prudent, clever
pblicus -a -um public, State-
pudre: pudet m (+gen) I am ashamed (of)
pudor -ris m (sense of) shame
puella -ae f girl
puer -er m boy
pugna -ae f fight
pugnre fight
pugnus - m fist
pulcher -chra -chrum beautiful, fine
pulchritd -inis f beauty
pullus - m young (of an animal)
pulm -nis m lung
pulsre strike, hit, knock (at)
pnre punish
puppis -is f stern, poop
prus -a -um clean, pure
putre think, suppose

quadrgsimus -a -um fortieth
quadrgint forty
quadrin-gent -ae -a four hundred
quaerere -svisse -stum look for, seek, ask (for)
qulis -e what sort of, (such) as
qulits -tis f quality
quam how, as, than
quam +sup asas possible
quam-di how long, (as long) as
quam-ob-rem why
quamquam although
quand when, as
quantits -tis f quantity, size
quantum - n how much, (as much) as
quantus -a -um how large, (as large) as
qu-propter why
qu-r why
qurtus -a -um fourth
qurta pars fourth, quarter
quasi as, like, as if
quater four times
quatere -i shake
quatern -ae -a four (each)
quattuor four
quattuor-decim fourteen
-que and
quer questum complain, grumble
qu quae quod who, which, he who
qu quae quod (?) what, which
quia because
quid n (v. quis) what, anything
quid adv why
qu-dam quae- quod- a certain, some
quidem indeed, certainly
n quidem not even
quidn why not
quid-quam anything
neque/nec quidquam and nothing
quid-quid whatever, anything that
quiscere -visse rest
quitus -a -um quiet
qun why not, do!
qun-decim fifteen
qun-gent -ae -a five hundred
qun -ae -a five (each)
qunqugint fifty
qunque five
qunquis five times
Quntlis -is (mnsis) July
quntus -a -um fifth
quis quae quid who, what
quis quid (s/num/n) anyone, anything
quis-nam quid-nam who/what ever?
quis-quam anyone
neque/nec quisquam and no one
quis-que quae- quod- each
quis-quis whoever, anyone who
qu adv where (to)
quod (= quia) because, that
quod n (v. qu) what, which, that which
qu-modo how
quoniam as, since
quoque also, too
quot indcl how many, (as many) as
quot-anns every year
quotis how many times

rmus - m branch, bough
rapere -i -uisse -ptum tear away, carry off
rapidus -a -um rushing, rapid
rr adv rarely, seldom
rrus -a -um rare
rati -nis f reason
ratis -is f raft
re-cdere go back, retire
re-cipere receive, admit
recitre read aloud
re-cognscere recognize
rctus -a -um straight, correct
rct (vi) straight
re-cumbere -cubuisse lie down
red-dere -didisse -ditum give back, give
red-imere -misse -mptum ransom
red-re -e -iisse -itum go back, return
re-dcere lead back, bring back
re-ferre rettulisse bring back, return
regere rxisse rctum direct, guide, govern
regi -nis f region, district
rgnre reign, rule
rgula -ae f ruler
re-linquere -lquisse -lictum leave
reliquus -a -um remaining, left
re-manre remain, stay behind
rmigre row
re-minsc +gen/acc recollect
re-mittere send back
re-movre remove
rmus - m oar
repente suddenly
reperre repperisse repertum find
re-pnere put back
re-prehendere blame, censure
re-pugnre fight back, resist
re-quiscere rest
re-qurere -svisse -stum seek, ask
rs re f thing, matter, affair
re-sistere -stitisse +dat halt, resist
re-spondre -disse -sum answer
respnsum - n answer
rte -is n net
re-tinre -uisse -tentum hold back
re-trahere pull back, bring back
re-venre come back
revert -tisse -sum return, come back
re-vocre call back, revoke
rx rgis m king
rdre -sisse -sum laugh, make fun of
rdiculus -a -um ridiculous
rigre irrigate
rpa -ae f bank
rsus -s m laughter, laugh
rvus - m brook
rogre ask, ask for
rogitre ask (repeatedly)
Rmnus -a -um Roman
rosa -ae f rose
ruber -bra -brum red
rubre be red, blush
rudis -e crude, rude
rmor -ris m rumor
rumpere rpisse ruptum break
rr loc in the country
rrsus again
rs rris n the country
rsticus -a -um rural, rustic, farm-

sacculus - m purse
saccus - m sack
sacerds -tis m/f priest, priestess
saeculum - n century
saepe often
saevus -a -um fierce, cruel
sagitta -ae f arrow
sl salis m salt, wit
salre -uisse jump
sals -tis f safety, well-being
saltem dcere +dat greet
saltre greet
salvre save
salv -te hallo, good morning
salvre iubre greet
salvus -a -um safe, unharmed
snre heal, cure
sn certainly, quite
sanguis -inis m blood
snus -a -um healthy, well
sapere -i -iisse be wise, have sense
sapins -entis adi wise
satis enough, rather
saxum - n rock
scaena -ae f scene, stage
scaenicus -a -um theatrical
scalpellum - n scalpel, surgical knife
scamnum - n stool
scelestus -a -um criminal, wicked
scelus -eris n crime
sclicet of course
scindere scidisse scissum tear, tear up
scre know
scrbere -psisse -ptum write
sctum - n shield
s sibi himself
secre -uisse -ctum cut
secundum prp +acc along
secundus -a -um second, favorable
sed but
s-decim sixteen
sedre sdisse sit
sella -ae f stool, chair
semel once
smen -inis n seed
semper always
senex senis m old man
sn -ae -a six (each)
sententia -ae f opinion, sentence
sentre snsisse snsum feel, sense, think
septem seven
September -bris (mnsis) September
septen-decim seventeen
septentrins -um m pl north
septimus -a -um seventh
septin-gent -ae -a seven hundred
septugint seventy
sequ sectum follow
sernus -a -um clear, cloudless
serere svisse satum sow, plant
srius -a -um serious
serm -nis m talk, conversation
servre preserve, save
servre +dat be a slave, serve
servits -tis f slavery
servus - m slave, servant
ses-cent -ae -a six hundred
ss himself
sstertius - m sesterce (coin)
seu v. s-ve/seu
sevrus -a -um stern, severe
sex six
sexgint sixty
sexis six times
Sextlis -is (mnsis) August
sextus -a -um sixth
s if
sc in this way, so, thus
siccus -a -um dry
sc-ut just as, as
signre mark, seal
significre indicate, mean
significti -nis f meaning, sense
signum - n sign, seal, statue
silentium - n silence
silre be silent
silva -ae f wood, forest
similis -e similar, like
simul together, at the same time
simul atque +perf as soon as
sn but if
sine prp +abl without
sinere svisse situm let, allow
singul -ae -a one (each), each
sinister -tra -trum left, f the left (hand)
sinus -s m fold (of toga)
s-quidem seeing that, since
sitis -is f thirst
situs -a -um situated
s-ve/seu or, or if
s. s. whetheror
sl -is m sun
solre -itum esse be accustomed
solum - n soil, ground, floor
slum adv only
slus -a -um alone, lonely
solvere -visse soltum untie, discharge, pay
nvem solvere cast off, set sail
somnus - m sleep
sonus - m sound, noise
sords -ium f pl dirt
sordidus -a -um dirty, mean, base
soror -ris f sister
spargere -sisse -sum scatter
specis - f appearance, aspect, sort
spectre watch, look at
specttor -ris m spectator
speculum - n mirror
sprre hope (for)
sps -e f hope
-spicere -i -spexisse -spectum
sprre breathe
stre stetisse stand
statim at once
statuere -uisse -tum fix, determine
stlla -ae f star
sternere strvisse strtum spread
stilus - m stylus
stipendium - n soldier's pay, service
strepitus -s m noise, din
studre +dat devote oneself to
studisus -a -um (+gen) interested (in)
studium - n interest, study
stultus -a -um stupid, foolish
stupre be aghast
sudre -sisse +dat advise
sub prp +abl/acc under, near
sub-re -e -iisse go under, undergo
subit adv suddenly
subitus -a -um sudden
sub-mergere sink
sub-urbnus -a -um near the city
smere -mpsisse -mptum take
summus -a -um sup highest, greatest
super prp +acc on (top of), above
prp +abl on, about
superbus -a -um haughty, proud
super-esse be left, be in excess
superior -ius comp higher, upper, superior
superus -a -um upper
supplicium - n (capital) punishment
supr prp +acc, adv above
surdus -a -um deaf
surgere sur-rxisse rise, get up
sur-ripere -i -uisse -reptum steal
srsum up, upward
suscitre wake up, rouse
su-spicere look up (at)
sus-tinre support, sustain, endure
suus -a -um his/her/their (own)
syllaba -ae f syllable

tabella -ae f writing-tablet
tabellrius - m letter-carrier
taberna -ae f shop, stall
tabernrius - m shopkeeper
tabula -ae f writing-tablet
tacre be silent
tacitus -a -um silent
talentum - n talent
tlis -e such
tam so, as
tam-di so long, as long
tamen nevertheless, yet
tam-quam as, like
tandem at length, at last
tangere tetigisse tctum touch
tantum - n so much
alterum tantum twice as much
tantum adv so much, only
tantun-dem just as much
tantus -a -um so big, so great
tardus -a -um slow, late
tata -ae m daddy
taurus - m bull
tctum - n roof
temerrius -a -um reckless
tempests -tis f storm
templum - n temple
tempus -oris n time
tenebrae -rum f pl darkness
tenebricsus -a -um dark
tenre -uisse -ntum hold, keep (back)
tenuis -e thin
ter three times
tergre -sisse -sum wipe
tergum - n back
tern -ae -a three (each)
terra -ae f earth, ground, country
terrre frighten
terribilis -e terrible
tertius -a -um third
testis -is m/f witness
thetrum - n theater
tbiae -rum f pl flute
tbcen -inis m flute-player
timre fear, be afraid (of)
timidus -a -um fearful, timid
timor -ris m fear
titulus - m title
toga -ae f toga
togtus -a -um wearing the toga
tollere sus-tulisse subltum raise, lift, pick up, remove, take away
tonitrus -s m thunder
tot indcl so many
totis so many times
ttus -a -um the whole of, all
tr-dere -didisse -ditum hand over, deliver
trahere -xisse -actum drag, pull
tranquillits -tis f calmness
tranquillus -a -um calm, still
trns prp +acc across, over
trns-ferre transfer, transport
trns-re -e -iisse -itum cross, pass
tre-cent -ae -a three hundred
tr-decim thirteen
tremere -uisse tremble
trs tria three
trcsimus -a -um thirtieth
trclnium - n dining-room
trgint thirty
trn -ae -a three
trstis -e sad
trstitia -ae f sadness
t t tibi you, yourself
tur ttum guard, protect
tum then
tumultur make an uproar
tumultus -s m uproar
tunc then
tunica -ae f tunic
turba -ae f throng, crowd
turbre stir up, agitate
turbidus -a -um agitated, stormy
turgid(ul)us -a -um swollen
turpis -e ugly, foul
ttus -a -um safe
tuus -a -um your, yours
tyrannus - m tyrant

ubi where
ubi prmum +perf as soon as
ub-que everywhere
llus -a -um any
nec/neque llus and no
ulterior -ius comp farther, more distant
ultimus -a -um sup most distant, last
ultr prp +acc beyond
ululre howl
umbra -a f shade, shadow
umerus - m shoulder
midus -a -um wet, moist
umquam ever
nec/neque umquam and never
n adv together
unde from where
n-d-centum ninety-nine
n-decim eleven
ndecimus -a -um eleventh
n-d-trgint twenty-nine
n-d-vgint nineteen
n -ae -a one
niversus -a -um the whole of, entire
nus -a -um one, only
urbnus -a -um of the city, urban
urbs -bis f city
rere ussisse ustum burn
sque up (to), all the time
ut like, as
ut + coni that, in order that, to
uter utra utrum which (of the two)
uter-que utra- utrum- each of the two, both
t sum +abl use, enjoy
utinam I wish that, if only!
utruman or? whetheror
va -ae f grape
uxor -ris f wife

vacuus -a -um empty
vgre wail, squall
vald strongly, very (much)
val -te farewell, goodbye
valre be strong, be well
valtd -inis f health
validus -a -um strong
vallis -is f valley
vllum - n rampart
varius -a -um varied, different
vs vsis n, pl -a -rum vessel, bowl
-ve or
vehere vxisse vectum carry, convey, pass ride, sail, travel
vel or
velle vol voluisse want, be willing
vlx -cis adi swift, rapid
vlum - n sail
vel-ut like, as
vna -ae f vein
vn-dere -didisse sell
venre vnisse ventum come
venter -tris m belly, stomach
ventus - m wind
venustus -a -um charming
vr vris n spring
verbera -um n pl lashes, flogging
verberre beat, flog
verbum - n word, verb
verr fear
vr really, however, but
neque/nec vr but not
versr move about, be present
versiculus - m short verse
versus -s m line, verse
versus: adversus toward
vertere -tisse -sum turn
vrum but
vrus -a -um true, n truth
vesper -er m evening
vesper adv in the evening
vester -tra -trum your, yours
vestgium - n footprint, trace
vestmentum - n garment, clothing
vestre dress
vestis -is f clothes, cloth
vestrum gen of you
vetre forbid
vetus -eris adi old
via -ae f road, way, street
vcsimus -a -um twentieth
victor -ris m, adi conqueror, victorious
victria -ae f victory
vidre vdisse vsum see, pass seem
vigilre be awake
vigilia -ae f night watch (I-IV)
vgint twenty
vlis -e cheap
vlla -ae f country house, villa
vincere vcisse victum defeat, overcome, win
vincre -nxisse -nctum tie
vnea -ae f vinyard
vnum - n wine
vir - m man, husband
vrs -ium f pl strength
virga -ae f rod
virg -inis f maiden, young girl
virts -tis f valor, courage
vs, acc vim, abl v force, violence, power
viscera -um n pl internal organs
vsere -sisse go and see, visit
vta -ae f life
vtre avoid
vtis -is f vine
vvere vxisse live, be alive
vvus -a -um living, alive
vix hardly
vocbulum - n word
vclis -is f vowel
vocre call, invite
volre fly
volunts -tisf will
vorg -inis f abyss, whirlpool
vorre swallow, devour
vs vbs you, yourselves
vx vcis f voice
vulnerre wound
vulnus -eris n wound
vultus -s m countenance, face

zephyrus - m west wind



abltvus (csus) abl ablative
accstvus (csus) acc accusative
ctvum (genus) ct active
adiectvum (nmen) adi adjective
adverbium - n adv adverb
appelltvum (nmen) appellative
csus -s m case
comparti -nis f comparison
compartvus (gradus) comp comparative
coniugti -nis f conjugation
conincti -nis f coni conjunction
coninctvus (modus) coni subjunctive
datvus (csus) dat dative
dclnti -nis f dcl declension
dmnstrtvum (prnmen) demonstrative
dpnentia (verba) dp deponent
fminnum (genus) f, fm feminine
futrum (tempus) fut future
futrum perfectum (tempus) fut perf future perfect
genetvus (csus) gen genitive
genus (nminis/verb) gender/voice
gerundium - n/ gerundvum - n gerund/gerundive
impertvus (modus) imp, imper imperative
imperfectum (tempus praeteritum) imperf imperfect
indclinbile (vocbulum) indcl indeclinable
indfntum (prnmen) indefinite
indictvus (modus) ind indicative
nfntvus (modus) nf infinitive
interiecti -nis f interjection
interrogtvum (prnmen) interrogative
loctvus (csus) loc locative
masculnum (genus) m, masc masculine
modus (verb) mode
neutrum (genus) n, neutr neuter
nmintvus (csus) nm nominative
opttvus (modus) optative
pars rtinis part of speech
participium - n part participle
passvum (genus) pass passive
perfectum (tempus praeteritum) perf perfect
persna -ae f pers person
persnle (prnmen) personal
plrlis (numerus) pl, plr plural
plsquamperfectum (tempus praet.) plsqu pluperfect
positvus (gradus) pos positive
possessvum (prnmen) possessive
praepositi -nis f prp, praep preposition
praesns (tempus) praes present
praeteritum (tempus) praet preterite, past tense
prnmen -inis n prn pronoun
proprium (nmen) proper name
reltvum (prnmen) rel relative
singulris (numerus) sg, sing singular
superltvus (gradus) sup superlative
supnum supine
tempus (verb) tense
verbum vb verb
voctvus (csus) voc vocative

LINGUA LATINA is a complete, universal series that allows students to read and understand Latin
immediately. All words and forms are made clear in the context of reading, illustrations, or
marginal notes.

The series itself consists of a first year book, Part I: Familia Romana covering the essentials of
Latin grammar and 1500 vocabulary words through a story of a Latin family in the 2nd Century
A.D. The second book, Part II, Roma Aeterna, covers Roman History and the city of Rome,
including a prose version of Vergil's Aeneid I-IV, adapted texts from Livy, and unadapted texts
from Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero and Horace. Further information can be found
on this widely adopted series at www.pullins.com/txt/LinguaLatina.htm.

Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Company

Newburyport MA

ISBN 1-58510-049-8


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