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If I were a boy? Name: ___________________________________

By Beyonce


1. Discuss:
a) Reading the title, what do you think the song will be about?


A) (Chorus) Read the verses, and order them from 1 to 8.

1. ____ And go (music on demand) drink beer with the guys

2. ____ I'd roll out of bed in the morning
3. ____ And I'd never get confronted for it
4. ____ And throw on what I wanted
5. ____ I'd kick it with who I wanted
6. ____ If I were a boy even just for a day
7. ____ 'Cause they stick up for me.
8. ____ And chase after girls,

B) Listen to the verses and cross out the correct words.

- (Chorus)-

9. If I were / was a boy

10. I think I could take the stand / understand
11. How it feels to love a girl / hurl
12. I stare / swear I'd be a better man
13. I'd listen to er / her
14. Pause... / 'Cause I know how it hurts
15. When you choose / lose the one you wanted
16. 'Cause he's breaking / taking you for granted
17. And everything / anything you had got destroyed.

C) Listen and complete with:

Myself - Broken - Turn off - Waiting - Think - Alone - Faithful - Make
18. If I were a boy (music on demand)
19. I would ___________ my phone
20. Tell everyone it's ______________
21. So they'd ___________ that I was sleeping ____________
22. I'd put ____________ first
23. And ___________ the rules as I go
24. 'Cause I know that she'd be _____________
25. ____________for me to come home, to come home.
- (Chorus)-

D) Listen carefully and complete the verses.

26. It's a little _____________for you to come back

27. Say it's just a _____________
28. Think I'd ___________ you like that
29. If you ___________ I would wait for you
30. You thought ______________
31. ________ you're just a boy
32. You __________ understand
33. And ___________ don't understand, oh
34. How it __________ to love a girl
35. ____________ you wish you were a _________man.

E) Listen carefully and order each word to complete correct verses.

20. don't / her / You / listen to

21. care / it / don't / how / You / hurts
22. the / lose / one / wanted / you / Until / you
23. her / taking / 'Cause / you're / for granted
24. had / everything / you / destroyed / got / And
25. just / a / you're /...But / boy.


1. Who is she singing to?

2. How does she feel? Why?
3. What things would change in her life if she were a boy?
4. Whats the image she has about boys?

Lets sing

A. Choose the right option. B. Complete the questions with

a verb from the bubble. Rewrite
1. Is this the Prime Ministers house? them beginning as shown.
a) Could you tell me if this is the PMs house?
b) Could you tell me if is this the PMs house?
happen - leave - meet - live - be
2. What does she mean?
a) Do you know what does she mean?
b) Do you know what she means? 1. _______ she _______ Tom at the
concert? / Do you know if _______________
3. How much do these trousers cost? ________________________________________
a) Can you tell me how much these trousers cost?
b) Can you tell me how much do these trousers cost? 2. What _______ the time? / Can
you tell me ____________________________
4. Why did she leave so early?
a) Do you know why she left so early? 3. Where _______ Mary _______? /
b) Do you know why did she leave so early? Do you remember _____________________
5. Did she have the CDs with her?
a) Do you remember if she did have the CDs with her? 4. How _____ the accident ________?
b) Do you remember if she had the CDs with her? / Do you know ________________________
5. What time does this train leave?
a) Do you know what time this train leaves? 5. Why ______ she _______ before
b) Do you know what time does this train leave? dinner? / Do you know ______________

C. Now finish these indirect/embedded questions using the prompts.

1. Sean, do you know 2. Im afraid not. Sorry. Anna,

(who/ win/ skating prize) can you tell me
________________________ (what time/ bus/ leave)
________________________? ____________________________

3. At 3, I think. Say, do you

(when/ Annas birthday/ be) 4. Its on June, 22nd, isnt it?

5. Yes, thats it. Did John tell 6. Nope. Can you tell me
you (what/ he/ be going to (what/you/be going to
buy/ her birthday) buy)?
__________________________ ________________________
_________________________? _______________________?
D. Write embedded questions.

1. What time do the shops open?


2. Why didnt she tell us that she couldnt go?


3. How can I get to Piccadilly Circus?


4. Where is the Post Office?


5. Did she buy that dress?


What do they want? Can you tell us

What are these? Do you know

Is there a cash point nearby? Do you remember

Present Simple Passive
am/ is/ are + past participle

Past Simple Passive

was / were + past participle

3rd grade
Infinitive Past participle Complete the sentences with the correct passive form and write the
number to the correct picture:
deliver 1. The sad man .. to prison twenty years
build 2. The Eiffel Tower . for the international exhibi
see tion of Paris in 1889.
3. Coffee in Brazil.
4. Hamburgers in fast food restaurants.
blow 5. America . in 1492.
locate 6. The Taj Mahal .. in India.
7. The wall .. red last week.
grow 8. Snowmen by kids in
cook winter.
9. A funny ghost . In that old house last year.
discover 10. A whistle .. when the match finishes.
paint 11. Soup .. usually .. in cold weather.
12. Green hats to celebrate St Patricks Day.
13. Cards and roses on Saint Valentines Day.
wear 14. Money . In that piggy bank when I was a
keep kid.
15. Two bombs .. somewhere in the
hide car according to the police.
take 16. Letters . every Tuesday in my
17. The window .. yesterday afternoon.

Relative clauses may be defining or non-defining

Defining relative clauses give essential information to the understanding of main clause.
Non-defining relative clauses give extra information, which is not essential to understand the
main clause. Therefore, there must be a comma before the relative clause and a comma or full
stop after it.
Defining relative clauses Non-defining relative clauses
We use: We cannot use that in non-defining
who(m) to refer to people; relative clauses and we can never omit
Which or that to refer to things; the relative pronoun.
Where to refer to places;
Whose to refer to people in the possessive

1. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate relative pronouns.

John, ___________ plays tennis for two hours every day, won the contest.
The game ___________ you lent me had a virus.
Where is the notebook ___________ was near the computer?
Instead of reading books, I prefer playing computer games, ___________ are really my favourites.
The information technology teacher, ___________ is new at school, taught us how to
download pictures from internet.
What was the name of the girl ___________ had that interesting homepage?

2. Join the sentences to the relative clauses between brackets. You will get 6 non-defining
relative clauses.

Example: My mother has gone to see a doctor. (My mother has been ill.)
My mother, who has been ill, has gone to see a doctor.

The new football manager wants the team to train harder. (None of the players like him.)
The director has decided to call a meeting. (It will start at 6 oclock this afternoon)
Mary goes jogging every day. (Her house is near the park)
In July Im going to London. (My sister lives in London)
The new disco is very popular with young people. (It only plays great music)
My English teacher suffered an accident. (His home town is New York)

When we want to join two sentences together to give more information about people
and things, we often use a relative clause.
He enjoyed the film. He saw yesterday.
He enjoyed the film that he saw yesterday.
(main clause) (relative clause)

We use the relative pronouns that, who, which to introduce relative clauses
- We can use that with people, animals and things.
- We can use who with people.
- We can use which with animals and things.

1. Complete the captions for these pictures. Use relative clauses with that and the expres-
sions from the box bellow.

- Ive won for tennis - I hang around with - I go to - I usually read. - we have to do.
- works in our local shop - I got for my birthday - lives next door

This is the school This is the magazine This is the boy This is the man
________________ ___________________ that lives next door. ______________

These are some These are the friends These are some This is a Geography
earrings ___________ ___________________ trophies __________ Project _____________
2. Relative pronouns

a) Complete the items with who or which.

b) Write down your ideas.
Write the names of:
Three things which you usually find in the kitchen:
Food, cupboards, a cooker.

1.Two kinds of people _______ work in a restaurant


2. Two animals _______ live in the sea.


3.Two people from other country ________ are famous.


4.Two places ______ you see on the way to School.



1. That dog has 2. Harry is ___ to drive 3. Its___ to go outsi- 4. James isnt ___ to
___ many friends? any car. de. buy a new house.

a. too a. too cold a. too rich

b. enough b. cold enough b. rich enough

a. too young
b. young enough

5. Fred doesnt have 6. We haven't got ___ 7. The luggage was __ 8. There were __
___ petrol to go to his to extinguish the fire. for me. many things to do so I
office. only did two.
a. too water a. too heavy
a. too b. enough water b. heavy enough
b. enough a. too
b. enough

9. You can drink a cup 10. This nursery has 11. Bruce wont come 12. Hes driving ___.
of coffee , because its __ children. Shes very to work tomorrow. He Its very dangerous.
___ . busy. is ___ to work.
a. too fast
a. too hot a. too many a. too tired b. fast enough
b. hot enough b. many b. tired
enough enough

13. They dont have __ 14. We missed the 15. There isn't ___ 16. These two glasses
time to take a holiday bus, we left our school much sugar to make have ___ alcohol, we
this year. ___. the dessert. cant drink.

a. too a. too late

b. enough b. late a. too a. too
enough b. enough b. enough

17. She eats __ food 18. Shes ___ to win 19. My clothes are 20. Our teacher must
so she has many the contest. __,its loose. give us ___ knowledge
diseases. to pass the exam.
a. too a. too big
a. too much beautiful b. big a. too
b. much b. beautiful enough b. enough
enough enough

21. Hes __ to buy 22. Here ___ , Im 23. John doesnt know 24. It isn't ___ to go to
anything. unbearable. __ words in Thai? the beach.

a. too poor a. too loud a. too a. too hot

b. poor b. loud b. enough b. hot enough
enough enough

Zero conditional

present tense + if present tense

The zero conditional expresses that something is (or was) always true.

First conditional

if present tense + will + base form

The first conditional describes a probable future situation. If the condition is ... find some
sandwiches in the fridge. Compare the zero and the first conditionals: If I drink too much,
I usually get a hangover the following day. (zero conditional referring to a general situation; a
true fact. If I am invited to Molys party I wont drink much to avoid the bothering hangover.
(1st conditional referring to a possible future action)

Practice, Type I
Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence - type I. Only use the
will-future in the main clauses.

Example: If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________ (to watch) an interesting film.

Answer: If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

1) If I ___________ (to study), I___________ (to pass) the exams.

2) If the sun___________ (to shine), we ___________ (to walk) to the town.

3) If he___________ (to have) a temperature, he ___________ (to see) the doctor.

4) If my friends___________ (to come), I ___________ (to be) very happy.

5) If she ___________ (to earn) a lot of money, she___________ (to fly) to New York.

6) If we___________ (to travel) to London, we ___________ (to visit) the museums.

7) If you___________(to wear) sandals in the mountains, you ___________ (to slip) on the rocks.

8) If Rita ___________(to forget) her homework, the teacher ___________ (to give) her a low mark.

9) If they ___________(to go) to the disco, they ___________ (to listen) to loud music.

10) If you___________ (to wait) a minute, I ___________(to ask) my parents.

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence - type I. Only use the
will-future in the main clauses. Mind the negations in the sentences.

Example: If I __ (to go) to the caf, I ________ (not/to drink) milk.

Answer: If I go to the caf, I will not drink milk.

1) If it __________ (to rain), the children__________ (not/to go) for a walk.

2) If she __________ (not/to read) the novel, she __________ (not/to pass) the literature test.
3) If I __________ (not/to argue) with my father, he __________ (to lend) me his motorbike.
4) If we __________ (to take) the bus, we __________ (not/to arrive) in time.
5) If Dick __________ (not/to buy) the book, his friends __________ (to be) angry with him.
6) If Tom __________ (not/to tidy up) his room, Victoria __________ (not/to help) him with the
7) If the boys __________ (not/to play) football, the girls __________ (not/to come) to the
football pitch.
8) If you __________ (to eat) too much junk food, you __________ (not/to lose) weight.
9) If I __________ (not/to make) breakfast tomorrow morning, my girlfriend __________ (not/to
love) me anymore.
10) If they (not/to hurry), they (not/to catch) the train.

Put in the verbs in brackets and form Conditional sentences type I or type II. Mind the
underlined verb forms.

Example: If they learn the poem, they ________ (to get) a good mark.

Answer: If they learn the poem, they will get a good mark.

1) If you come with me, I __________ (to do) the shopping with you.
2) Walter __________ (to help) his mother in the garden if she reads him a story this evening.
3) If it __________ (to rain), I will stay at home.
4) Our teacher will be happy if we __________ (to learn) the poem by heart.
5) If they had enough money, they __________ (to buy) a new car.
6) We __________ (to pass) the exam if we studied harder.
7) If Pat __________ (to repair) his bike, he could go on a bicycle tour with us.
8) She would get 100 pounds if she __________ (to sell) this old shelf.
9) If I was/were you, I __________ (to invite) Jack to the party.
10) If the weather __________ (to be) fine, the children can walk to school.

some any no - somebody/someone anyone nobody/no one

something anything nothing somewhere anywhere - nowhere

1) Tick the right answer (13 p)

1) "I am so hungry I need to eat!" :

something anything nothing

2) "I fear there isn't in the fridge!"

nothing anything something

3) "Okay, in this case we must go and buy food."

some any no

4) "And we need to drink as well!"

something any some

5) "Oh no! We can't buy ! I've left my purse in the office!

somebody nothing anything

6) "Isn't there in the neighbourhood who could lend us

nobody anyone anywhere

any nothing some

7) "Good idea!" "Hello Mrs Miller, could you please be so kind to lend us
money? I've forgotten my purse at work and we need to
buy for dinner, food and
to drink, too. We have money at home and
to eat, so please, dear Mrs Miller!
no something some
somewhere nowhere something
some no anything
nobody something somewhere
no any some
anything nothing something
2) Fill in the missing word (12 p)

(some any no - somebody/someone anyone nobody/no one

something anything nothing somewhere anywhere nowhere)

1) "It is so boring I have to do!

2) You know, I have to spend time in hospital.
3) Unfortunately, I haven't got .. books with me.
4) I'm in a one-bed room, there's . to talk to.
5) Even worse there's TV in my room!
6) I'm allowed to get up! Okay, . in this house must be a telephone!
7) I'll try to reach of my friends!
8) Oh no! There won't be .. at home now!
9) . of them are still at school, all the others are surely not at home
because the weather is really great.
10) Poor grandma! She's always alone at home. Since she's got her wheelchair she cannot
go . without help.
11) When I'm back home, I'll buy . nice flowers and visit her.
12) Oh! There's .. at the door! Come in, please!"

3) Rewrite these sentences without changing the meaning: (4 p)

1) He has got nothing to do.

2) There isn't anybody in the library.
3) I cannot find it anywhere.
4) There is no milk in the fridge.

4) Translation (3 peach: grammar / orthography / indefinite pronoun)

1) "Somewhere over the rainbow" is the name of a song from Israel K.

2) One of Justin Bieber's songs has the title: "Somebody to love".
3) Several stars had success with the song "Nobody".
4) "When I was so much younger than today I never needed anybody's help"
(The Beatles: "Help")

5) Brooke Fraser is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand who reached the European charts with
her song "There's something in the water".

6) Text in your native language -

7) Text in your native language -
8) Text in your native language -
9) Text in your native language -


The causative is a common structure in English. It is used when one thing or person
causes another thing or person to do something.

Let Make Get Have

[let + object + [lmake + object + [get + object + have+object+
base form] base form] infinitive past participle
This construction This construction This construction This construction
means "to allow means "to force usually means means to arran-
someone to do someone to do "to convince to ge for something
something." something." do something" to be done for us
by somebody

1. Rewrite the following sentences using get or make.

1. please , mum, give me 5!

2. You should go to bed early this evening. You look very tired.
3. Dont drink too much wine or youll get drunk!
4. Would you be so kind as to by a newspaper for me?
5. You have to finish your composition before ten oclock!
6. Youd better stay in bed for a couple of days before going out.
7. Wash your hands before having lunch!
8. Miss Smith, could you send these e-mails for me?

2. Read the situations and complete the second sentence. Use causative have

1. I never wash my car myself. I always..............(it/wash) by the boy next door.

2. Jane................(her hair/cut short). I think it really suits her, dont you?

3. I hope it doesnt rain this July because we need to..............(the roof/repair).

4. My sister....................(her ears/pierce) yesterday, so Im going to buy her some earrings.

5. Mark wants.................(his photograph/take) by a professional photographer.

6. The neighbours have decided to....................(their house/redecorate) next month.

3. Complete the following sentences using let, make or made

1. My father has bought a new car but he doesnt......................anyone drive it.

2. You cant........................us pay if we dont want to.

3. At 5 oclock in the afternoon, Mary was still playing with her friend. Her mother called her
and................her to do her homework.

4. Its very hot. ......................me give you something to drink.

5. Dont...................me laugh! You never tell the truth. How can I believe you?

6. I couldnt print your file because my brother didnt..................me use his computer

7. I looked so ill that my parents...............me stay in bed instead of going to school

8. Ill buy that book and Ill.......................you have it as soon as Ive read it.

9. I hate garlic and onions because they......................me cry every time I use them.

10. Im very tired. Cant we have a short rest? Yes,.............us sit down for a while.
4. Rewrite these sentences without changing their meaning. Use make, let or get.

1. Ann persuaded her parents to buy her a pony

2. His bad exam results caused Simons parents to shout at him.
3. His father forced Richard to study all weekend
4. Her big brother persuaded Jane to do his homework for him.
5. His parents dont permit Richard to watch TV after nine oclock.
6. Her parents allow Jane to stay overnight with friend.

3rd grade.........................................


I.- Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences in the Past Perfect. Use
contracted forms only when there are personal pronouns.

Example: Before Steven did his homework he _____________ at the library. (to study)
Answer: Before Steven did his homework he had studied at the library.

1) She ________ in Sweden before she went to Norway. (to live)

2) After we ________ the cornflakes, Henry came in. (to eat)
3) Before Ken ran to Kerry's house, he ________ him. (to phone)
4) After they their rucksacks, they ________ rode away on their bikes. (to pack)
5) Gerry helped his grandma in the house because his father ________ him so. (to tell)
6) The cat hid under the chair because the children ________ so loud. (to be)
7) Before the students started to write, the teacher ________ their mobile phones. (to collect)
8) After Max ________ his breakfast, he left the flat. (to finish)
9) Laura repaired her glasses because her brother ________ them. (to break)
10) By the time the show began, all friends ________. (to arrive)
II.- Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Mind the negations.

Example: Richard realized that he ______________ his passport with him. (not/to take)
Answer: Richard realized that he had not taken his passport with him.

1) The driver __________ at the traffic lights, so the police car chased him. (not/to stop)
2) The budgie flew away because Jim __________ the window. (not/to close)
3) When we came home, Frank __________ the ceiling yet. (not/to paint)
4) Eric __________ his friends, so he was alone on Saturday evening. (not/to invite)
5) I __________ Olivia for three years before I met her in Spain. (not/to see)
6) He told me that he __________ his brother the other day. (not/to speak)
7) Lisa __________ the book, so she didn't understand the film. (not/to read)
8) The Smiths __________ the new camera, so they could spend the money on new furniture.
(not/to buy)
9) I didn't find my keys because I__________ under the bed. (not/to look)
10) We __________ enough, so we lost the match. (not/to practice)

III.- Put in the words in brackets into the gaps.

Example: _____________________ the summary by the time it was due? (Gerry/to hand in)
Answer: Had Gerry handed in the summary by the time it was due?

1) ______________ the instructions before they switched on the mobile phone? (they/to read)
2) ______________ the new words before she texted her friend? (the girl/to learn)
3) ______________ the office before they drove away? (they/to ring)
4) What ______________ before she turned on the TV? (Lucy/to do)
5) ______________ the software before he switched off the computer? (Walter/to update)
6) What ______________ before she ran away? (she/to find)
7) ______________ the onions before he hurried to the window? (Tim/to cut)
8) ______________ here before? (you/to surf)
9) ______________ to Lisa before she prepared dinner? (Peggy/to talk)
10) ______________ London before you went there in 2008? (you/ever/to visit)
IV.- Put the words in brackets into the gaps.

Example: Alex couldn't go for a walk because he ______________ his leg. (to break)
Answer: Alex couldn't go for a walk because he had broken his leg.

1) When I arrived at the restaurant, Victoria __________ a glass of water. (already/to order)
2) He noticed that Peter __________ the old chair. (not/to paint)
3) Before Emma laid the table, she __________ a talk with her mother. (to have)
4) She asked me if I __________ the new words. (to learn)
5) There were no sausages left when I came back. The dog __________ them. (to eat)
6) It __________ for three weeks, so the land was dry. (not/to rain)
7) I did not wait for my brother because I __________ his text message. (to read)
8) Linda __________ to a magic show before yesterday evening. (never/to be)
9) She told me that Frank __________ his room. (not/to tidy)
10) __________ his hamster before he left his house? (Jack/to feed)

V.- Past Perfect - Simple Past (Statements) - Exercise

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps in the correct tense Past Perfect or Simple Past.

Example: Pat _________ (to live) in London before he _________ (to move) to Rome.
Answer: Pat had lived in London before he moved to Rome.

1) After Fred _________ (to spend) his holiday in Italy he _________ (to want) to learn Italian.
2) Jill _________ (to phone) Dad at work before she _________ (to leave) for her trip.
3) Susan _________ (to turn on) the radio after she _________ (to wash) the dishes.
4) When she _________ (to arrive) the match already _________ (to start).
5) After the man _________ (to come) home he _________ (to feed) the cat.
6) Before he _________ (to sing) a song he _________ (to play) the guitar.
7) She _________ (to watch) a video after the children _________ (to go) to bed.
8) After Eric _________ (to make) breakfast he _________ (to phone) his friend.
9) I _________ (to be) very tired because I _________ (to study) too much.
10) They_________ (to ride) their bikes before they _________ (to meet) their friends.
Read carefully and then underline all the past perfect structures.

Then change the false information into true:

At the age of nineteen, and to the horror of her parents, Sylvie had a heart tattooed on her shoul-
der. Eight years later, a lot has changed in Sylvies life, but the tattoo is still there. How does she
feel about it now?

Well, one decision I now regret is getting this tattoo. Id always liked the idea of having one. I
really thought they looked good and some of my friends had them. I felt a bit scared about how
much it would hurt, and I knew that my parents would hate the idea, but one day I got this done.
It seemed like a really good idea at the time, my boyfriend really liked it and I think if he hadnt
been so keen I wouldnt have done it. My parents were completely horrified, of course. I remem-
ber my dad saying hed never seen a girl with a tattoo, and he hoped he never would again, but
they sort of accepted it in the end. Now, I wish Id thought more about it, especially the fact that
you cant get rid of it, or its incredibly painful and expensive anyway, so I suppose Im stuck with
it now.

1.- Sylvia is happy now with her tattoo.

2.- Her parents were really pleased with the idea of the tattoo but her boyfriend never accepted
it. ____________________________________________________________
3.- She has a heart tattoo on her neck.
4.- She would like she had tattooed a flower on her shoulder.
5.- Sylvia had had a tattoo on nineteen years ago.


6.- would you have tattooed a heart ? why?
7.- would your parents have been happy with the idea?
8.- would you have tattooed the name of a special person ?
Past Perfect Exercises

Conjugate the verb in parentheses in the past perfect tense.

In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well.

1. They ____ (eat) before he arrived.

2. ____ (you finish) the report before he asked for it?
3. Jennifer _____ (buy) the house before the market crashed.
4. What _____ (she do) that upset him so much?
5. Our boss _____ (not make) the decision yet when management changed their mind.
6. The students _____ (write) the report, but the teacher made them do it again.
7. Mark _____ (want) to go to New York, but his wife changed his mind.
8. _____ (they invest) in that stock before the market improved?
9. Alex _____ (not do) the gardening before it started raining.
10. Their decision _____ (make - passive voice) before conditions changed.
11. We _____ (eat already) so we weren't hungry.
12. _____ (Tom choose) the color for his room before he was asked to paint it black?
13. Sarah _____ (drive) three hundred miles by the time she arrived in Tacoma.
14. Few people _____ (understand) the news when the consequences began to appear.
15. The reporter _____ (not tell) the cameraman to get ready when the president walked into the
16. Bob _____ (purchase) the first generation iPad two weeks before the second generation was
17. I _____ (print) the report before he gave me the updates.
18. _____ (Henry come) home before the called the police?
19. She _____ (not complete) the article when the news changed everything.
20. The coach _____ (reserve) rooms for everybody so there weren't any problems.

Had + verb Past participle



I can't believe I (get) ____________ that apartment. I (submit) ____________ my application last
week, but I didn't think I had a chance of actually getting it. When I (show) ____________ up to take
a look around, there were at least twenty other people who (arrive) ____________ before me. Most
of them (fill, already) ____________ out their applications and were already leaving. The landlord
said I could still apply, so I did.
I (try) ____________ to fill out the form, but I couldn't answer half of the questions. They (want)
____________ me to include references, but I didn't want to list my previous landlord because I
(have) ____________ some problems with him in the past and I knew he wouldn't recommend me.
I (end) ____________ up listing my father as a reference.
It was total luck that he (decide) ____________ to give me the apartment. It turns out that the land-
lord and my father (go) ____________ to high school together. He decided that I could have the
apartment before he (look) ____________ at my credit report. I really lucked out!


1. When I (arrive) ____________ home last night, I discovered that Jane (prepare) ____________ a
beautiful candlelight dinner.
2. Since I began acting, I (perform) ____________ in two plays, a television commercial and a TV
drama. However, I (speak, never even) ____________ publicly before I came to Hollywood in
3. By the time I got to the office, the meeting (begin, already) ____________ without me. My boss
(be) ____________ furious with me and I (be) ____________ fired.
4. When I (turn) ____________ the radio on yesterday, I (hear) ____________ a song that was popular
when I was in high school. I (hear, not) ____________ the song in years, and it (bring) ____________
back some great memories.
5. Last week, I (run) ____________ into an ex-girlfriend of mine. We (see, not) ____________ each
other in years, and both of us (change) ____________ a great deal. I (enjoy) ____________ talking to
her so much that I (ask) ____________ her out on a date. We are getting together tonight for dinner.
6. When Jack (enter) ____________ the room, I (recognize, not) ____________ him because he (lose)
____________ so much weight and (grow) ____________ a beard. He looked totally different!
7. The Maya established a very advanced civilization in the jungles of the Yucatan; however, their
culture (disappear, virtually) ____________ by the time Europeans first (arrive) ____________ in the
New World.
8. I (visit) ____________ so many beautiful places since I (come) ____________ to Utah. Before
moving here, I (hear, never) ____________ of Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, or Canyon lands.


1. A: What (you, do) ___________ when the accident occurred?

B: I (try) ___________ to change a light bulb that had burnt out.

2. After I (find) ___________ the wallet full of money, I (go, immediately) ___________ to the police
and (turn) ___________ it in.

3. The doctor (say) ___________ that Tom (be) ___________ too sick to go to work and that he (need)
___________ to stay at home for a couple of days.

4. Sebastian (arrive) ___________ at Susan's house a little before 9:00 PM, but she (be, not)
___________ there. She (study, at the library) ___________ for her final examination in French.

5. Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she (watch, also)
___________ television. That's all she ever does!

6. A: I (call) ___________ you last night after dinner, but you (be, not) ___________ there. Where were
B: I (work) ___________ out at the fitness center.

7. When I (walk) ___________ into the busy office, the secretary (talk) ___________ on the phone
with a customer, several clerks (work, busily) ___________ at their desks, and two managers
(discuss, quietly) ___________ methods to improve customer service.

8. I (watch) ___________ a mystery movie on TV when the electricity went out. Now I am never
going to find out how the movie ends.

9. Sharon (be) ___________ in the room when John told me what happened, but she didn't hear
anything because she (listen, not) ___________ .

10. It's strange that you (call) ___________ because I (think, just) ___________ about you.

11. The Titanic (cross) ___________ the Atlantic when it (strike) ___________ an iceberg.
12. When I entered the bazaar, a couple of merchants (bargain, busily) ___________ and (try)
___________ to sell their goods to naive tourists who (hunt) ___________ for souvenirs. Some young
boys (lead) ___________ their donkeys through the narrow streets on their way home. A couple of
men (argue) ___________ over the price of a leather belt. I (walk) ___________ over to a man who
(sell) ___________ fruit and (buy) ___________ a banana.

13. The firemen (rescue) ___________ the old woman who (be) ___________ trapped on the third
floor of the burning building.

14. She was so annoying! She (leave, always) ___________ her dirty dishes in the sink. I think she
(expect, actually) ___________ me to do them for her.

15. Samantha (live) ___________ in Berlin for more than two years. In fact, she (live) ___________
there when the Berlin Wall came down.


A: Did you like the movie "Star Wars?"

B: I don't know. I (see, never) ____________ that movie.

2. Sam (arrive) ____________ in San Diego a week ago.

3. My best friend and I (know) ____________ each other for over fifteen years. We still get together
once a week.

4. Stinson is a fantastic writer. He (write) ____________ ten very creative short stories in the last
year. One day, he'll be as famous as Hemingway.

5. I (have, not) ____________ this much fun since I (be) ____________ a kid.

6. Things (change) ____________ a great deal at Coltech, Inc. When we first (start) ____________
working here three years ago, the company (have, only) ____________ six employees. Since then,
we (expand) ____________ to include more than 2000 full-time workers.

7. I (tell) ____________ him to stay on the path while he was hiking, but he (wander) ____________
off into the forest and (be) ____________ bitten by a snake.

8. Listen Donna, I don't care if you (miss) ____________ the bus this morning. You (be) ____________
late to work too many times. You are fired!
9. Sam is from Colorado, which is hundreds of miles from the coast, so he (see, never)
____________ the ocean. He should come with us to Miami.

10. How sad! George (dream) ____________ of going to California before he died, but he didn't
make it. He (see, never) ____________ the ocean.

11. In the last hundred years, traveling (become) ____________ much easier and very comfortable.
In the 19th century, it (take) ____________ two or three months to cross North America by covered
wagon. The trip (be) ____________ very rough and often dangerous. Things (change) ____________
a great deal in the last hundred and fifty years. Now you can fly from New York to Los Angeles in a
matter of hours.

12. Jonny, I can't believe how much you (change) ____________ since the last time I (see)
____________ you. You (grow) ____________ at least a foot!

13. This tree (be) ____________ planted by the settlers who (found) ____________ our city over four
hundred years ago.

14. This mountain (be, never) ____________ climbed by anyone. Several mountaineers (try)
____________ to reach the top, but nobody (succeed, ever) ____________ . The climb is extremely
difficult and many people (die) ____________ trying to reach the summit.

15. I (visit, never) ____________ Africa, but I (travel) ____________ to South America several times.
The last time I (go) ____________ to South America, I (visit) ____________ Brazil and Peru. I (spend)
____________ two weeks in the Amazon, (hike) ____________ for a week near Machu Picchu, and
(fly) ____________ over the Nazca Lines.


1.Judy: How long (be) ____________ in Canada?

Claude: I (study) ____________ here for more than three years.

2. I (have) ____________ the same car for more than ten years. I'm thinking about buying a new one.

3. I (love) ____________ chocolate since I was a child. You might even call me a "chocoholic."

4. Matt and Sarah (have) ____________ some difficulties in their relationship lately, so they (go)
____________ to a marriage counselor. I hope they work everything out.

5. John (work) ____________ for the government since he graduated from Harvard University. Until
recently, he (enjoy) ____________ his work, but now he is talking about retiring.
One Direction [All]
"I Wish" But I see you with him slow dancing
Tearing me apart cause you don't see
(Liam) Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking,
(Na nananana) [2x]
[Zayn] Oh how I wish
He takes your hand I die a little
I watch your eyes and I'm in riddles [Zayn]
Why can't you look at me like that? Oh how I wish

(Liam) [Harry]
(Na nananana) Oh how I wish, that was me

[Liam] [Zayn]
When you walk by I try to say it Oh how I wish, that was me
But then I freeze and never do it
My tongue gets tied the words get trapped
[Harry] Using I wish both for the present/future and the
I hear the beat of my heart getting louder past (Put the appropriate verb form)
Whenever I'm near you
1 I wish I ___________________ drunk and kissed
[All] Samantha. (get NEGATIVE)
But I see you with him slow dancing 2 I wish it ___________________ so much. The
Tearing me apart cause you don't see garden's turned to mud. (rain NEGATIVE)
Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, 3 If only I ___________________ there, I wouldn't
Oh how I wish that was me have got a fine. (park NEGATIVE)
4 If only I ___________________ more time for my
(Liam) hobbies. (have)
(Na nananana) [2x] 5 I wish it ___________________ more often in
Valencia. (rain)
[Harry] 6 I wish I ___________________ to go to your
He looks at you the way that I would nephew's wedding. (have NEGATIVE)
Does all the things, I know that I could 7 I wish you ___________________ so much. You're
If only time, could just turn back a complete idiot when you're drunk. (drink )
8 If only it ___________________ . The garden's as
[Zayn] dry as a bone. (rain)
Cause I got three little words 9 I wish Samantha ___________________ her hair
That I've always been dying to tell you more often. It looks so greasy all the time. (wash)
10 I wish you ___________________ so horrible to
[All] your brother. He's a really nice bloke. (be NEGA-
But I see you with him slow dancing TIVE)
Tearing me apart cause you don't see 11 I wish the council ___________ that beautiful old
Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, house. It was part of the town's heritage.
Oh how I wish that was me (demolish NEGATIVE.)
12 If only I ___________________ the money to go to
[Harry &Zayn] Jon's wedding in The States. (have)
With my hands on your waist 13 I wish I ___________________ her she'd put on
While we dance in the moonlight weight. She hates me now. (tell NEGATIVE)
I wish it was me that youll call later on 14 I wish you ___________________ to your mother
Cause you wanna say good night like that. (speak NEGATIVE)
15 If only we ____________ a Hewlett Packard
[Liam] printer. The cartridges are so expensive.
Cause I see you with him slow dancing (buy NEGATIVE)
Tearing me apart cause you don't see
THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME I must have yawned and cuddled up for yet
ABBA another night
Songwriters: ANDERSSON, BENNY GORAN BROR / And rattling on the roof I must have heard the
ULVAEUS, BJOERN K. sound of rain
The day before you came
Listen and complete the following statements:

I Must have left my house at eight, because I 1. What is the singer trying to express?
always do _______________________________________________
My train, I'm certain, left the station just when it was _______________________________________________
I must have read the morning paper going into town 2. Mention 4 activities she hadnt done that day:
And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I _______________________________________________
must have frowned _______________________________________________
I must have made my desk around a quarter after
nine 3. What does she mean when she says heaps of
With letters to be read, and heaps of papers waiting paper?
to be signed _______________________________________________
I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so _______________________________________________
The usual place, the usual bunch
And still on top of this I'm pretty sure it must have 4. What must have she done at eight?
rained _______________________________________________
The day before you came _______________________________________________
I must have lit my seventh cigarette at half past two
And at the time I never even noticed I was blue 5. What does Marylyn French do?
I must have kept on dragging through the business _______________________________________________
of the day _______________________________________________
Without really knowing anything, I hid a part of me
At five I must have left, there's no exception to the
A matter of routine, I've done it ever since I finished
The train back home again
Undoubtedly I must have read the evening paper
Oh yes, I'm sure my life was well within its usual
The day before you came
Must have opened my front door at eight o'clock or
And stopped along the way to buy some Chinese
food to go
I'm sure I had my dinner watching something on TV
There's not, I think, a single episode of Dallas that I
didn't see
I must have gone to bed around a quarter after ten
I need a lot of sleep, and so I like to be in bed by
then I must have read a while.
The latest one by Marilyn French or something in
that style.
It's funny, but I had no sense of living without aim
The day before you came
And turning out the light
Listen carefully.

Of all the things I've believed in I just want to get it 1. Sort out the IRREGULAR VERBS PAST and
over with Tears from behind my eyes but I do not cry put them down here:
counting the days that pass me by _____________________________________________
I've been searching deep down in my soul Words that 2. Where is she from?
I'm hearing are starting to get old It feels like _____________________________________________
I'm starting all over again 3. What is Avrils general feeling in this sound?
The last three years were just pretend and I said ____________________________________________
Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything I thought I 4. What is a shooting start?
knew you were the one I loved The one thing that I _____________________________________________
tried to hold on toI still get lost in your eyes 5. What type of music is this?
And it seems that I can't live a day without you ___________________________________________
Closing my eyes and you chase my facts away To a
place where I am blinded by the light but it's not right
Goodbye to youGoodbye to everything I thought I
knew You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to
And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the
same time I want what's yours and I want what's
mine I want you but I'm not giving in this time
Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything I thought I
knew You were the one I loved The one thing that I
tried to hold on to
The one thing that I tried to hold on to
Goodbye to you Goodbye to everything I thought I
knew You were the one I loved The one thing that I
tried to hold on to
And when the stars fall I will lie awake Youre my
Canadian Singer
shooting star
M-m-m-marry m-m-m-marrym-m-m-marry the
BY LADY GAGA Oh m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the
Marry the Night" is a song from "Born This Way"
Lady Gaga's album. The song title was revealed [Bridge]
during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on February Nothing's too cool To take me from you
15, 2011 New York is not just a tan that you'll never lose
Songwriters: GERMANOTTA, STEFANI / GARIBAY, Love is the new denim or black
FERNANDO Skeleton guns are wedding bells in the attic
Get Ginger ready climb to El Camino front
Won't poke holes in the seats with my heels cause
[Verse 1] that's Where we make love
I'm gonna marry the night I won't give up on my life
I'm a warrior queen live passionately tonight Come on and run Turn the car on and run

I'm gonna marry the dark [Chorus]

Gonna make love to the stark I'm gonna marry the night
I'm a soldier to my own emptiness I am a winner I'm gonna burn a hole in the road
I'm gonna marry the night
I'm gonna marry the night Leave nothin' on these streets to explode
I'm gonna marry the night I'm gonna marry the night
M-m-m-marry m-m-m-marrym-m-m-marry the
[Chorus] night
I'm gonna marry the night I'm not gonna cry Oh m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the
anymore I'm gonna marry the night night
Leave nothing on these streets to explore Oh m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the
M-m-m-Marry m-m-m-marrym-m-m-marry the night
Oh m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the I'm gonna marry Marry
night I'm gonna marry Marry C'mon c'mon the night


I'm gonna lace up my boots throw on some leather
and cruise down the streets that I love SONG ______________________________
In my fishnet gloves I'm a sinner ALBUM :
Then I'll go down to the bar but I won't cry anymore SONGWRITERS :
I'll hold my whiskey up high kiss the bartender twice _______________________________________
I'm a loser SINGER:
I'm gonna marry the night I'm gonna marry the night CHORUS :
I'm gonna marry the night ____________________________________
I'm not gonna cry anymore
I'm gonna marry the night
Leave nothing on these streets to explore
I __________ ACROSS A FALLEN TREE (come)
- Review simple tenses
- Increase students vocabulary
ME (feel)
Somewhere only we know
By keane
Listen to the following song and complete the
spaces with the right form of the verbs
I _________ ACROSS AN EMPTY LAND ( walk)
MY HAND (know)
GO (have)
_______? (go)
TO RELY ON (need)
TO ________ (begin)

Classify the sentences according to the verb tenses:

Write each sentences in affirmative, interrogative and negative form