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After some researches done, we decided to open our business in the area where a lot of
tourist nevertheless local or foreigners would stop at and have break. We chose The Sogo Mall that
is situated at the heart of Malaysia, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur because the
potential customers ranged from local tourist and foreigners that sometimes bring along their family
together. Below is the estimated customers that would use our services:


Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 70,000

- Female : 48,000
- Male : 22,000

Jalan Masjid India 50,000

- Female : 36,000
- Male : 14,000

GEOGRAPHIC Jalan Hang Kasturi 11,000

- Female : 8,100
- Male : 2,900

Jalan Raja Laut 23,500

- Female : 16,750
- Male : 5,450

TOTAL 154,500
Family 40.5 %
We targeted our service to families because families are the
group in because family usually travel together, therefore
there is a high chance that a family will stop at our business

Adults 38.6%
We targeted our service, adult because adults usually travels
a lot. Not only to just walking or sightseeing but also to shop
at the nearby area. When they travel to a place where Kuala
Lumpur, place to have fun, they would stop at our business
premise to quench their thirst and to get some refreshments.

Our service provided a reasonable price for every item that
we served. For each set of meal or ala carte meal, customers
can choose or change the items that they wanted so that it
will satisfies the customers demand with the suitable price.
We also try to find the best quality of food to meet the price
that we are offering.

Our business basis is foods that are more like desserts that
could be refreshing. With the hot weather of Kuala Lumpur
PSYSOGRAPHIC the potential customers would want to find something that is
refreshing and natural preferably. Mango is not only natural
but also refreshing.

The business that we are trying to work on is suitable for all
status of potential customers. The price and the decoration
not only will attract the customers but will also made them
feel comfortable while spending in our business.