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Superhero Haikus


Avenger Haikus
1) Ant-Man
He flies on an ant
His helmet controls the ants
His wife is so hot!

2) Black Knight
He flies on a horse
He has an ebony sword
He is a dark knight

3) Captain America
He has a round shield
He believes in liberty
He can really fight

4) Hawkeye
He is a fine shot
His bow is very special
He is hot tempered

5) Hercules
He is super strong!
His golden mace is power!
He is a Greek god

6) Hulk
He is very green
He can get very angry
He is very strong
Superhero Haikus

7) Iron Man
His armor is great
He has strong repulsor rays
He can fly quickly

8) Quicksilver
He is super fast
His wife is an inhuman
He has a bad temper

9) Scarlet Witch
She can give bad luck
She has a sexy outfit
She can change the world

10) Thor
He has long blond hair
He has a strong hammer hand
He is a good god

11) Vision
He is an android
His face is red
He can walk through walls

12) Wasp
She is small and flies
Her husband is very big
She can really sting

Justice League Haikus

1) Aquaman
Fish man swims quickly
Telepathy controls fish
King of Atlantis

2) Atom
In atom sized world
Atomic shrinking smart man
In atom world, big

3) Batman
Batarang flying
Superhero Haikus

Dark knight prowling silently

The streets are safe now!

4) Elongated Man
The man can stretch, wow!
Wiggling nose means mystery
His wife is so smart!

5) Flash
Super fast hero
Lightning + chemicals, speed!
Good guy, short blond hair

6) Green Arrow
Deadly green bowman
Skilled, tough, martial artist
Has a son, his heir

7) Green Lantern
Green ring glowing bright
Will power universal
Evil doers beware

8) Hawkman
Giant flapping wings
Feathered bird faced mask
Ancient mace in hand

9) Martian Manhunter
Wise green man from Mars
Telepathic Superman clone?
Fire makes him scream

10) Superman
Super man, swoosh, bam, pow
A blur of red cape, blue tights
Green Kryptonite glows

11) Wonder Woman

Shiny Tiara
Large breasts in golden eagles!
Golden lasso of truth