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Hazrat Al abbas (r.


- Hadith of
- Narrated 'Abdul-Muttalib bin Rabi'ah bin Al-Harith bin 'Abdul-Muttalib (r.a):
"Al-'Abbas bin 'Abdul-Muttalib (r.a) entered upon the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) in
a state of anger while I was with him, so he said: <What has angered you?' He said:
'O Messenger of Allah, what is it with us and the Quraish, whenever they meet one
another it is with glad faces, and when they meet us they meet us with other than
that?'" He said: "So the Messenger of Allah ( )became angry, until his face
reddened, then he said: 'By the One in Whose Hand is my soul! Faith does not enter
a man's heart until he loves you for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of His
Messenger.' Then he said: 'O people! Whoever harms my uncle, he has harmed me, for
indeed, a man's uncle is not but the Sinw (two or three palm trees will come from a
single root, so each is called a Sinw. A man's uncle is like that to his father.
That is, he is like his father) of his father." (daif, tirmidhi)

Love demands to love and respect the companions, associates and dear ones
of the beloved. Faith demands from all Muslims to love the Muslim relatives
and Companions of the Prophet
according to their status and degree in
the sight of Allah's Messenger .

- Hadith of
- Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
that the Messenger of Allah ( )said: "Al-'Abbas is from me and I am from him."
(daif, tirmidhi)

Being a nephew, the Prophet is from Al-'Abbs, and Al-'Abbs is from the
Prophet , in the sense of faith, nature and character.

- Hadith of
- Narrated 'Ali:
that concerning Al-'Abbas, the Prophet ( )said to 'Umar: "Indeed, the uncle of a
man is the Sinw of his father." And 'Umar had spoken to him concerning his charity.
(sahih, tirmidhi)

The Prophet J; appointed 'Umar for collection of Zakat. On his return
'Umar told the Prophet
hat Khlid, Al-'Abbas, and Ibn Jamil have not
paid the Zakat. The Prophet
answered that he will pay on their behalf; the
brother of the father is like the father. Tuhfat Al-A hwadhi

- Hadith of
- Narrated Abu Hurairah:
that the Prophet ( )said: "Al-'Abbas is the uncle of the Messenger of Allah (),
and indeed, the uncle of a man is the Sinw of his father or from the Sinw of his
father." (sahih, tirmidhi)

- Hadith of
- Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
"The Messenger of Allah ( )said to Al-'Abbas: 'On the night of Monday, come to
me, you and your offspring, so that I may supplicate for them with a supplication
that Allah will benefit you and your children by.' So he went, and we went with at
night, so he ( )covered us in a Kisah (shawl), then said: 'O Allah, forgive
Al-'Abbas and his offspring, for what is open and what is secret, with a
forgiveness that does not leave any sins. O Allah! Take care of him concerning the
affair of his offspring.'" (daif, tirmidhi)

Covering all of them with one shawl indicates that all of them are one and he
supplicated "0 Allah keep them under my banner and forgive all their sins
and let their children give them due respect."