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Produced by Udi Damari Arrangements Yoeli Dikman Arrangements Shwekey Shows - The Team:
Yaakov Shwekey and Yitzy Waldner Keyboards and programming: Keyboards and programming: Management and Production: Sharon Daniel
Udi Damari Yoeli Dikman Conductor and Musical Director: Rafi Greidi
Recorded at: Drums: Asher Pedi, Avi Avidani Israeli Symphony Orchestra U.S. Musical Production: Yanky Katina
PlayMasters Studio Spotswood NJ Guitars: Shimon Yichya, Arik Choen Drums: Barak Aharon U.S. HASC Productions: Eli Gerstner
Yaakovs Studio - Deal NJ Bass: Avi Ifrach Guitars: Avi Singolda, Arik Choen New Media: Chezi Rosenboum
Harel (Kashti) Studio - Gan Yavne IL Sax: Dor Assaraf Bass: Avi Ifrach Special Productions Israel: Ziv Dali
Udi Damari Studio - Rishon LeZion IL Clarinet & Flute: Boris Woods: Noah Rosenzweig, Lighting Design: Ronen Najar, Speedy Cole
Bardo Studio Ramat Gan IL Violins: Chen Shenhar Dor Assaraf VJ Multimedia: Izeek Daniel
Live Studio Tel Aviv IL Cello: Noah Ayali Brass: Ginadi Litvak, Peter Tkatz Legal Advisor: Meir Golan, Israel Gur
YD Studio Bnei Brak IL Travel Arrangements: Yossi Leifer - Travelers
PlayMasters Arrangements The Zemiros Group:
Ravid Kashti Arrangements Choice, Goren M - Amex Travel
Keyboards and programming: Yoel Polatseck - Conductor
Keyboards and programming: PR: MediaPRO
Evgeni Kitaev Yoel Friedrich
Ravid Kashti Guitars: Avi Singolda Avrumy Holczler
Piano: Rafi Greidi, Amitay Vaisfeld, Bass: Evgeni Kitaev
Amit Harel Yoeli DikmanChoir:
Guitars: Noam Hargol Burg, Amit Harel Arrangements Yaakov Rotblat
Shimon Yichya Keyboards and programming: Michael Weinberger
Bouzouki and Banjo: Amit Harel Sinai Barmatz
Shimon Yichya Drums: Gilad Shmueli Moti Rothler
Bass: Avi Ifrach Guitars: Shimon Yichya Tzemed Yeled
Drums: Asher Pedi, Gilad Shmueli Bass: Ilan Aviv Idan Shor
Percussion: Golan Kulesh Yehuda Menachem
Trumpet: Adir Kochavi Ariel Golan
Album Design:
KZ Creative
Yaakov Adelman My co-producer, Yitzy Waldner
Chaya Rochel Bender Your love and talent for what you do is obvious, but it's your great
Rabbi Avi Berman, OU attitude and untiring enthusiasm that makes me love collaborating
Mickey Beyda with you every day. The amazing journey we took on this special album
Chaim Bublil together will never be forgotten. Thank you for your intense dedication to
Tzvi Bloom and Family this project, your giving nature and especially your friendship.
Joey Dayon
R. Shlomo Diamond My dear friend David Hillel
Amiran Dvir This small space is not sufficient to describe my tremendous feeling of
Yechiel Fishman gratitude towards you - a friend who is more like my brother. Thank you
Mati Goldstien for being there with me every step of the way.
Sarah Leah Guttman & Family A special heartfelt thanks to my dear wife Jenine and children for their
Hidabroot.org A Special thanks to our constant love and support, I could not do this without you
Hilly Hill South African friends
David & Shoshana Hillel The Special Children Center: I am blessed to be a part of this great
Colin Goldstein & Family organization, the purity of the children and dedication of the staff is
Elan & Nomi Jaffa Milton Weinberg & Family
Mark & Linda Karasick truly inspiring.
Sean Melnick & Family
Moshe Malka To my dear Parents and In Laws: thanks so much for always
It is your cherished friendship
Mark & Rachel Mishanieh giving me the guidance and support it is truly appreciated.
and support that enables
Kasriel & Dafnah Nojowitz
me to spread the joy and To Yochi Briskman: I truly appreciate your dedication
Avi Roden
inspiration of Jewish music and efforts throughout many years of great music and
Ivyn Sachs
to our brothers and sisters in memorable performances around the world, memories
Doron Shapun
every corner of the globe. that won't be forgotten.
Moshe Dovid Shwekey & Family
Menachem Toker
Rabbi Shlolmo Zabihi
we feel that life's too hard
-what's about to happen
Another day, another year?
But I smile-not worried Lyrics by:
about what will come, Miriam Israeli
because I have faith. Composed by:
Chorus: Yitzy Waldner
I believe in miracles Arranged by: May this residence be a dwelling and
I know there is a G-d Ravid Kashti sanctum for peace. For tranquility to
and he created the world Mixed by: rest, and fellowship to dwell.
-the power over us all, Ron Tichon Beneath the shade of this pillar may
Who hears my voice. the sound of torah sing
I believe in miracles, At this abode in this corner
I know there is a G-d may the shechina be present...
and he created the world
-the power over us all, Composed by: Mordechai Brezel
Send me my miracle! Arranged by: Ravid Kashti
Give a smile to every person Mixed by: Ron Tichon
There are miracles Backing Vocals: Y. Shwekey,
To the man with the
unfolding all the time fire in his eyes and the Y. Waldner
Don't cry faith in his heart: We
-everything's for the good! are all believing along
You're not allowed to give up. with you Reb Sholom
Continue asking and Mordechai Ben Rivka
keep your hope alive. Dedicated to my dear friend
Halevi (Rubashkin). Chezi Rosenboum and family.
Mayyou only see happiness
in your home.
Lyrics by:
WE ARE A MIRACLE But the few who carried on
Live for millions who are gone
Every day we fight a battle Sophia Franco
A nation in the desert Dont you know, Its been so many years On the news we are the stars Composed by:
We started out as slaves dont you really know? crying so many tears As history repeats itself Yitzy Waldner
Made it to the motherland, We are pushed to the ground Dont you know, And makes us who we are
and then came the Crusades Through our faith we are found dont you really know? Hate is all around us
PlayMasters Productions
Its been so many years Standing strong Generations have passed But well be here to sing this song
crying so many tears Only were here to last. Chorus:
Mixed by:
Dont you know, Standing strong We are a miracle Ian Freitor
We are a miracle
dont you really know? We are a miracle Chorus: We are a miracle Backing vocals:
We are pushed to the ground We were chosen with love We are a miracle Through it all, we remain Y. Shwekey, Y. Waldner
Through our faith we are found And embraced from above We are a miracle Who can explain? Kids Choir:
Standing strong We are a miracle We were chosen with love We are a miracle Oren Schwerner,
The Spanish inquisition And embraced from above Raphael Rakosi-Schmidt,
Extermination was the plan We are a miracle Jona Ruderman,
wanted us to bow When the devil was a man
But our backs aint gonna bend Ethan Hegyi Ben Hajek S
Ohhh ohhh
Never then, and never now
Its been so many years
crying so many tears

This song is dedicated to

very special friends of ours, A special Thanks to
Colin and Loren Goldstein Yanky Katina.
(South Africa)
Diana Roth-Fili Studio 13
Thank you for everything! for providing the background vocals.
Yaakov & Jenine Very special thanks to Maestro "Jim Hynes".
He who told his world enough,
Can surely tell our problems-Enough!
There will be happiness free of troubles-
My father-just say ENOUGH!!
How much do I love your Torah?
So much that all day it's my only conversation
Torah, Torah -we learn it today-now
Because it's our whole life and extends our lives
As it leads us day and night

Lyrics: Midrash Tanchuma, Y. Shwekey Lyrics: Tehilim 119 / Tfilat Arvit

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner Composed by: Eli Laufer, Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Ravid Kashti Arranged by: Yoeli Dikman
Mixed by: Ron Tichon Mixed by: Ian Freitor
Backing vocals: Y. Shwekey, R. Kashti Backing vocals: Zemiros Group / Yoeli Dikman
And besides you we have no king
who is A redeemer And savior,
in the way of the King we shall go forever

Lyrics: Nishmas Kol Chai

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Ravid Kashti
Mixed by: Ron Tichon
Backing vocals: Yanky Katina,
Y. Shwekey, Y. Waldner, R. Kashti
Please don't stop praying for me
my Maran. (beloved mentor)
A tzaddik, a pillar of the world,
with so much love for everyone
He gave his soul for his people,
for every Jew
I came before him; This is worthy of crying and
like a student before his master; all we can do is wait
His whole essence shone Until Yanon comes
just like an Angels', and we will see Him again.
Like a constant sunrise.
In his room where he sat Chorus:
with Hashem's Torah, Father of everyone...
this was his whole life. I miss you so much-
His light radiated from his home I can hear your voice screaming
to illuminate the world. "It's my brothers I'm seeking!"
I came before him;
like a son before his father,
He stared so deep into Lyrics by: Udi Damari
My eyes and mirrored Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
there I saw his love. Arranged & Mixed by: Udi Damari
He treated every Jew this way, Backing vocals: Yitzy Waldner
as if they were his only child.
And each one cries
"Oh! my Maran" (Beloved mentor)
Father of everyone-
a world mourns
With intense pain. Special thanks to Miriam Israeli
Father of us all- for her writing assistance with this song
Comfort every friend, every Jew
I miss you so terribly even as I know
You are watching from so far away "When I was a young child
we ate dry bread. We were
extremely poor"
Joy, elation, bliss and rejoicing,

love and brotherhood,
peace and affection
Sounds of delight
a wedding is taking place
festivities that last all night long.
Everyone dances and sings with the groom.
Next year we'll all attend their child's bris,
in a rebuilt yerushalayim,
G-d willing!
What a happy day it will be for me
On that wedding day.

Lyrics: Udi Damari

Composed by: Udi Damari, Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Udi Damari
Mixed by: Ron Tichon
Choir: Zemiros Group

This song is dedicated to my dear brother Yisroel Meirwho is the

ultimate example of selfless devotion and care to our beloved parents.
You are a true Tzaddik
May it be your will,
our father in heaven
To pour your sympathies
upon this precious groom and bride
A life of peace, a life of tranquility,
a life wealth and happiness
Lyrics: Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar
(Rishon LeZion & Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem)
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Amit Harel
Mixed by: Ronen Hillel - iScream Studio
Backing vocals: Zemiros Group
Yoeli Dikman / Tzemed Yeled
10 If you've been feeling sad,
And you're missing the happiness within you;
If you've given up and don't see the hope,
If you feel the sky will always be gray;
You're walking forward
but everything seems to go backwards,
Just listen close and take a look-
Worrying won't help you!
Just feel the "kick"
The groove won't end there!
Don't be wasting time!!!!
How good and beautiful the world is-
Don't be wasting time!!!!
How good is the good He does
lift your eyes to the heavens.
Just dance, sing and be joyful
Because then you'll feel that fire-
Don't be wasting time!!!

Lyrics by: Amiran Dvir / Sophia Franco

A special Thanks
to my dear friend
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Amiran Dvir Arranged by: Ravid Kashti
for all his efforts Mixed by: Ron Tichon
on this song Backing vocals: Y. Shwekey, Y. Waldner, R. Kashti
Angels are watching over us,
escorting us through life
Lighting up the way,
but somehow we dont see it
Sparks of light fall all around us,
fusing together whats been broken.
His hidden ways from above;
What do we even know?
These sparks of redemption,
Now as they reveal,
theyll bring us hope.
Theres no end to the goodness
that will come upon us,
And that good ending
is so close now.
Im hiding in the stillness
as I wait for this day of great news;
Soon there will come a time
,umumhb, sparks of redemption, we will all sit here
is dedicated to the memory of the And all the darkness will be clear.
Sasoon children, Eliane, Rivkah,
David, Yehoshua, Moshe, Sarah Chorus:
& Yaakov. These sparks of redemption...
May these beautiful Neshomos, our
,umumhb, light the way to the Geula, Lyrics, Composed, Arranged
to the day when the darkness will & Mixed by : Udi Damari
dissipate and we will all reunite. Backing Vocals: Yitzy Waldner

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