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Daily Devotional

By Tyrone LaValley

1973, 1978, 1984, by International Bible Society. Used by
permission of International Bible Society. All rights reserved.

Scout Ministry Guy Daily Devotional Copyright 2015 by

Tyrone LaValley. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be
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First Printing: 2015

Tyrone L. LaValley

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Springfield, GA 31329
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Scout Ministry Guy is a Trademark of Tyrone LaValley

Introduction ................................................................................. 6
Outreach Workshops .................................................................. 8
Day 1: Scouting Ideal - Trustworthy ....................................... 9
Day 2: Scouting Ideal - Loyal ................................................. 10
Day 3: Scouting Ideal - Helpful .............................................. 11
Day 4: Scouting Ideal - Friendly ............................................ 12
Day 5: Scouting Ideal - Courteous ......................................... 13
Day 6 Scouting Ideal - Kind.................................................... 14
Day 7: Scouting Ideal - Obedient .......................................... 15
Day 8: Scouting Ideal - Cheerful ............................................ 16
Day 9: Scouting Ideal - Thrifty ............................................... 17
Day 10: Scouting Ideal - Brave .............................................. 18
Day 11: Scouting Ideal - Clean ............................................... 19
Day 12: Scouting Ideal - Reverent ......................................... 20
Day 13: Scouting Ideal On my Honor ................................. 21
Day 14: Scouting Ideal Do my Best .................................... 22
Day 15: Scouting Ideal Duty to God and Country .............. 23
Day 16: Scouting Ideal Duty to Others............................... 24
Day 17: Scouting Ideal Duty to Self .................................... 25
Day 18: Scouting Ideal Do a Good Turn Daily .................... 26
Day 19: Scouting Ideal Be Prepared ................................... 27
Day 20: The Patrol Method .................................................. 28
Day 21: The Outdoor Code ................................................... 29
Day 22: The Outdoor Classroom .......................................... 30

Day 23: Advancement Merit Badges ................................ 31
Day 24: Advancement Board of Review ........................... 32
Day 25: Adult Association .................................................... 33
Day 26: Personal Growth ..................................................... 34
Day 27: Leadership ............................................................... 35
Day 28: The Uniform ............................................................ 36
Day 29: Aims Character ..................................................... 38
Day 30: Aims Citizenship ................................................... 39
Day 31: Aims Fitness .......................................................... 40
Evangelism Knots ...................................................................... 41
Bowline .................................................................................. 42
Sheet Bend............................................................................. 43
Alpine Butterfly ..................................................................... 44
Square Knot ........................................................................... 46
Sheep Shank .......................................................................... 47
Clove Hitch ............................................................................. 48
2 Half Hitches......................................................................... 50
Formation Knots ........................................................................ 51
Timber Hitch .......................................................................... 52
Taut Line ................................................................................ 53
Cleat Hitch on Halyard .......................................................... 54
Fishermans Knot ................................................................... 55
Figure 8 Knot.......................................................................... 56
Double Figure 8 Loop ............................................................ 57
Marlin Spike Hitch ................................................................. 58

Barrel Sling ............................................................................. 59
Service Lashings ......................................................................... 60
Square Lashing....................................................................... 61
Diagonal Lashing.................................................................... 62
Sheer (Shear) Lashing ............................................................ 63
Round Lashing ....................................................................... 64
Tripod Lashing ....................................................................... 65

I founded Scout Ministry Guy as a desire to help people
discover their Scout ministry. I thought about how adults
empty themselves for the youth they serve and found a
way for them to be filled by God. I thought about how
youth need a backpack devotional for the days at school or
The first part of this devotional is taken from my previous
work: 40 Day Shepherd Challenge, Spiritual Formation
Workbook Based on the Aims and Methods of Scouting. It
has been abbreviated to fit all age groups, but the main
thrust is the same. The goal is to get Scouts and leaders to
think theologically about their Scouting role. Each day
covers a different aspect of Scouting. Even if you are not a
Scout leader, you will appreciate the themes in this 31 day
The second part of this devotional is taken from Gospel
Knots Scouting Devotions. Whereas the first part is
spiritual formation focused, the second half is evangelism
focused. The Gospel Knots section uses knots to
communicate the Good News (Gospel) that God loves us
so much that he made a way for us to be in relationship
with him. God uses us to help others to be in this
relationship too. This section is not a how to book on
knots. There are other sources for this purpose, including
your local Scout leaders. One helpful online source is
www.animatedknots.com. It includes the step by step
instructions for tying knots and gives information about

their use. It is also a great reference because it quotes
original references.
It is my hope that this small merit badge pamphlet sized
book will find its way into the backpacks of every
Chaplains Aide in the BSA. It is an excellent gift for all
Scouts who join a Troop chartered by a Church. May it
serve as a blessing to you and multiply itself in the lives
you share it with.
The best way to do this devotional is to take 12 minutes a
day, during your regular work or school week. This allows
you to have a routine. This includes about 2 minutes of
reading Scripture, 2 minutes of devotional reading, and 8
minutes of prayer and contemplation.
This Gospel Knots Scouting Devotions may be used as
individual object lessons while teaching knots to other
scouts. Although each devotional stands on its own, it is
best to follow the sequence. When done this way, you will
find that each knot has a deeper meaning. You will see
how God has called us to Know God, Grow with God, and
Go with God into meaningful service. You will see how our
spiritual formation is important on a daily basis.

Tyrone LaValley
United Methodist Scouting Ministry Specialist
A FREE 90-minute workshop on Scouting as outreach is
available upon request.

Outreach Workshops
Scouting remains the number
one youth serving organization
for the development of ethics,
character, and citizenship. The
Duty to God aspect of
Scouting steers children and
youth towards a higher
purpose. Because of the Boy
Scouts of Americas non-sectarian stance, the organization
as a whole cannot favor one faith over another. This is
where the church comes in to stand in the gap.
Scouting units are owned by their chartering organization.
When a local congregation charters a unit, that unit
becomes an extension of the congregations mission in the
community. The congregations leadership board selects
unit leaders and overseas the activities through a Scouting
committee or team. This means that the values and
behaviors of the leaders must match the values and
expectations of the congregation.

Day 1: Scouting Ideal - Trustworthy
Read John 16:12-15

Even when we dont understand the truth of who God is. We still
acknowledge God as ultimate Truth. To deny God as the
Trustworthy One leaves us on uncertain ground in every area.
Our mere existence is relegated to chance and our purpose based
on our own appetites.

Jesus was speaking to his disciples at the last supper with the pain
of knowing that his work was incomplete at the time. Judas was
betraying him, Peter would deny him, and Thomas would
misunderstand him, and the people would yell Crucify Him.
They did not yet have the Spirit of Truth living in them. They were
in very close proximity to the Truth (Jesus) as they shared in his
ministry, yet it had not yet taken up residence in them.

We have the benefit today of having the Spirit of Truth, from

the one who is Truth, living in us today. When we accept Jesus
Christ as Lord and Savior then we receive the Spirit of Truth to
live that belief as we are ready to receive it. We have a Spirit
perspective. With this knowledge we then order our lives in
such a way that we manifest that Truth in everything we see
and do. We become trustworthy because God is trustworthy.

Day 2: Scouting Ideal - Loyal
Read Mark 14:17-26

When people of Jesus time shared a meal, it was a very

intimate event. Regardless of their religion, race, social status,
gender, education level., they had to acknowledge that they
had the same biological need for the food that was prepared for
them and served from a common dish.

The only thing that mattered was they shared a fellowship at

this meal. Do we sit down at a common table and acknowledge
each other as brothers and sisters in Christ? Have we sat down
at a common table with contempt in our hearts? Have we sat
down at the common table with the sole purpose of persuading
the other people to achieve our goals? Have we come to the
Lords Table with plans to do our own will?

We ask ourselves, Is it I? We can justify our actions in our

own minds. We are all tempted to be disloyal because The
other persons intentions did not line up perfectly with our
idea of some predetermined outcome. In little ways we set out
to make sure our interests are being taken care of.

Jesus calls us to be loyal regardless of the outcome. Even in the

face of betrayal Jesus continued to be loyal to the purpose of
God by choosing the Cross. He chose to be loyal to his friends
by continuing to teach one more Truth: Take this, it is my

Gods love is not conditional! When we reject Gods purpose in

our life, God continues to pursue us. That is loyalty.

Day 3: Scouting Ideal - Helpful
Read Acts 9:10-18

God is like a radio beacon for an approaching aircraft. The

avionics on the aircraft take the signal and display it on a screen
to indicate where the aircraft is in relation to the desired glide
slope and direction needed to land on the airfield at the correct
spot. To ignore it would be a disaster. God is always
transmitting to us. We are on a course that God has called us to
be on. When we let go of the noise and tune into Gods
frequency, we hear Gods call on our lives. The only response is:
Lord, here I am.

Notice in our Scripture reading that God had gone in front of

Ananias and began to soften the heart of Saul. Ananias was not
making a cold call to an enemy, rather to a person chosen by
God. God was not interested in the reasons Ananias shouldnt
go. God emphatically commanded, Go!

God places youth and other adults in our path along the
Scouting trail. Many have issues. God has placed us in a
position to help. Before I knew God, I saw God in others. My
Scoutmaster took time for me when others saw a kid with a chip
on his shoulder. I took his help and it began a lifelong journey
to help other people around the world and at home. In Gods
timing, I have saved lives, preached Gods love to tens of
thousands of people. I have served as a clown, puppeteer,
administrator, teacher, and writer. This is why Scouting is not
just a program to me. It is a ministry.

Day 4: Scouting Ideal - Friendly
Read Luke 19:1-10

Context: Jesus turned his face towards Jerusalem (Luke 9:51),

yet stopped to be friendly to Zacchaeus when others shunned
him. Jesus called him by name and ate with him. Validation of
the person not the sin.

Zacchaeus situation: He was very wealthy yet not given a place

in the front of the crowd. He lowered himself by acting below
his station in life by running (elders didnt run, others ran for
them) and by climbing a tree (a childish thing to do).

Divine Imperative: I want to stay with you today. The Greek

translation is: It is Necessary. Jesus said that he came to look
for and save people who are lost. Jesus recognized the need.

Zacchaeus response: He made restitution to those he wronged

as a response to the act of Grace by Jesus. His response showed
his faith (a true son of Abraham the father of faith). He was
not saved by his response. We are saved by Grace through
faith. Grace requires a response.

Thoughts: When we put together groups of people in Scouting

units, we are bound to have some people that get on our nerves
or act in ways that we dont agree with. It is easy to shun them
and surround ourselves with people we like. Dont be like the
crowd that shunned Zacchaeus. Be like Jesus who called
Zacchaeus by name, validated him as a child of God, and loved
him to the point that he made a choice to change his ways and
help those he wronged. More importantly, he made an eternal
difference. Look for the overlooked one today!

Day 5: Scouting Ideal - Courteous
Read Romans 12:9-16

Some of the most discourteous people I know are the ones that
will smile to my face and talk about me behind my back. Other
forms of a lack of courtesy are those that only talk to me when
they want something. I also get annoyed when I am going
through something good or bad and want to share with
someone only to realize that they are mentally somewhere else
or trying to one-up me. Guess what? Sometimes that person is
me! We must always be on guard to serve as Christ serves. We
must put aside our own issues and be in the moment with the
youth we serve. It is difficult. Our cultures are different. After
20 years of youth and childrens ministry I can say that it is
sometimes like serving in a foreign mission field. We have to
dive into this mission field and understand it from their
perspective. Good manners dictate that we take Pauls words
and make them our own. Gods Holy Spirit will guide us. When
it gets tough remember that you are called to this and Gods
mission is awesome. Hold on to the hope that you are doing
Gods will in the lives of these youth and children. Most of all:
Pray! It keeps us all connected

Day 6 Scouting Ideal - Kind
Read 2 Timothy 2:22-26

A depth Bible study begins with Scripture and digs deeper into
the disciples heart. It is sometimes referred to as an onion
Bible study due to its ability to draw tears as you draw closer to
the core.

What does the Scripture Say?

Avoid temptation

Worship with other believers

Dont get drawn in to trouble

Be humble

Your example will set the stage for God

What did the Scripture mean to the people of the first century?

The church was beginning to get people that were

teaching false ideas. Timothy was being urged to show restraint
in dealing with these folks so as to not divide the church.

What does the Scripture mean for the people of today?

Our world is hyper-connected. We make judgments

and comments that are instantly beamed into hundreds of
phones and inboxes with the push of a touch screen. In an
instant, we have involved ourselves and others in an argument
that we have had little time to think through. What does this do
to community?

What does the Scripture mean for me?

Day 7: Scouting Ideal - Obedient
Read Ephesians 4:23-24

We are human beings not human doings. At the core of our

existence we are Gods creation and are created in Gods image.
This means that we are able to relate to God through the Spirit.
When we fill our days with doing, we are crowding out the Spirit
with physical preoccupations. The ultimate goal is to do good
as an outward expression of the inward relationship with God.
Contemplation is a spiritual formation exercise designed to stop
doing and start being. This being starts by the renewing of our
minds by the Spirit which leads to the making of a new person.
This new person is able to be obedient to God as directed by the
Spirit. This goes beyond the modern psychological
understanding of moving towards that which we think about,
which is merely an expression of willpower. We will move
towards what we think about, but the directive is from God.
Contemplation puts us in a posture to hear from God and be
renewed. Renewed is not redirected. It is a complete renewal
of our minds. It is a new way of thinking and a new perspective.

Day 8: Scouting Ideal - Cheerful
Read Matthew 6:16-18

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the National Honor Society of

Campers. The intention is to promote service to the Scouts
Troop and to promote camping. The members of the OA strive
to be a brotherhood of cheerful service. It is not a secret
organization as some people would suggest (scouting has no
secret organizations). The methodology is closely guarded so
that participants wont anticipate what is going to happen.
They are freed up to contemplate the lessons and let go of
things that keep them from experiencing the activity.

So many things keep us from experiencing Gods life for us. We

are bombarded by phone and email messages, calendar
reminders, and deadlines. The list goes on. What if you took
one thing and chose to go without it for a short period of time.
You may have given up something for Lent as an act of self-
denial. This daily act becomes an opportunity to let God fill in
the blank space that used to be filled by you. It becomes an
opportunity to experience Gods Grace and Providence.

When you are taken out of your comfort zone through the
fasting of food, phone, calendar then it is easy to show a bit
of unease. Being cheerful must not be sacrificed for this
activity. Our cheerfulness comes from the Hope that we have in
Jesus, not from our present circumstance. Take time to journal
the experience of fasting from something today.

Day 9: Scouting Ideal - Thrifty
Read Matthew 6:19-21

Thrifty does not mean cheap or miserly. It means being a good

steward. At the root of stewardship is the desire to focus on
the things that matter to the one who sent us. How do you
spend your time, talents, and treasures? What does this say
about your walk with Christ?

The Scripture reminds us that our hearts will always be where

our treasure is. The Greek word for heart is Kardia, which is
where we get the word cardiac. The Latin word is Cor, which is
the root word for Core. The heart becomes the center for our
emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is what drives us to be who
we are.

Like many Scout leaders, I collect patches from the Scouting

events I have attended. They are like threaded photographs of
my Scouting memories. They serve as iconic reminders of
events. Like an icon, I look through them to see the lives I have
impacted and reflect on how others impacted me. The patch
will eventually disintegrate but the impact will remain forever.

Where do you spend your time, talents, and treasures? What is

your motivation behind the knots, sashes, and patches that you

Look through your patch collection. Use them as windows into

Gods presence in your life. Ask God to open your heart and
mind to times when you were aware of Gods activity in your
life and the life of others. Thank God for these times and listen
for Gods prompting for new ministries. Journal you experience.

Day 10: Scouting Ideal - Brave
Read Luke 8:43-48

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is to never give up. The

woman in this story was a social outcast (her flow of blood
made her ritually unclean. She was unable to touch other
people without rendering them ritually unclean. She was
unable to attend synagogue or Temple services. She was
unable to make sacrifices for a sin offering. The Greek
translation says she spent all her property on therapy. She was
destitute and desperate, yet she persisted. She resolved to
wake up each day and keep trying. One day she took a huge
risk. She entered into a crowd of people and touched a Holy
man on his way to save someone. The crowd could have killed
her for this. I do not believe she was putting others at risk
because her faith revealed to her that Jesus could heal her. On
that hope she entered the crowd. Jesus healed her physically
but also made it clear that she was also restored to God
because of her faith.

Jesus told her to go in peace, which in this case means: to join

peace or to be set as one again. If you are struggling with
something dont give up. Be brave in the Lord when your own
abilities want to give up.

Day 11: Scouting Ideal - Clean
Read Mark 10:46-52

Acting in an unclean way is sometimes a matter of meeting the

expectations set by others who never took the time to know the
person they declared unclean. A person who is told that he or
she is no good may sabotage success as a form of control over
the situation. Even though the behavior is counterproductive,
they succeed in their mission to push others away before they
are rejected. In Scouting, these are the kids that need us the

Bartimaeus means Son of the Unclean One. Take the time to

feel the pain for this stigma placed on him by the crowd. The
belief was that he was blind because his father sinned! He
wanted to see. He made a scene and refused to stop until
acknowledged by Jesus. Think about the kids in our programs
that cry out for attention. Do we hear them? How can you help
one child?

Pray for that one child.

God placed this person on your heart. Now that you know this
truth, it is an invitation for you to join Gods work in this childs
life. God is already at work in this childs life. God brought this
child to you. Listen to Gods prompting on your heart and mind.
Your prayer for this child is the most important thing you can be
doing right now. Again, listen to what God would have you do.
Resolve to do it.

Day 12: Scouting Ideal - Reverent
Read John 17:1-8

To be reverent is to be aware of God as the One True God.

The Greek word is ginosko: to know absolutely; to be certain.

This is not to be confused with gnosis, which is mere
knowledge. This level of certainty is revealed by God. God is
always revealing himself to us but we so often fall for cheap
substitutions. Reverence should never settle for superstition.
We know that ancient religions have been built around the
belief that the Sun was a god. People did not understand it.
They feared it. They built entire cultures around superstitious
practices that appeased this god. Centuries after Christ was
resurrected people gained knowledge (gnosis) of the Suns place
in the universe. The Sun god became a footnote.

Our true act of reverence is to seek Gods revelation to us that

he is the loving creator who desires a relationship with each one
of us, his creation. We are reverent when we build a
relationship with God in our daily walk.

Day 13: Scouting Ideal On my Honor
Read Luke 14:7-11

Honor is not something we reach out for and grab. Honor is

bestowed on us as a result of our efforts to honor God. The key
to honor is to serve in genuine humility. This is not a false
humility that gets upset when a deed is not recognized.
Genuine humility results when we realize the limits of our deeds
in light of the greatness of God. When we see ourselves as
instruments of Gods will and humble ourselves to serve, then
we bring honor to God who in turn honors us.

Some kids in our program come from a culture of respect rather

than honor. They jockey for position within their social circles
to get the respect that they believe they deserve. For some,
this is peer pressure driven. Respect in this context is based on
what can be taken or demanded. It is power based. The key to
reaching these kids is to incarnate honor at all times. Substitute
the phrase: On my Honor I will do my best, with the phrase:
As a servant of the God Most High I will do my best

Every task, every interaction, and every decision becomes an

opportunity to honor God who in turn honors us.

Day 14: Scouting Ideal Do my Best
Read Mark 12: 41-44

In a sensory Bible study, the reader places himself or herself in

the story from the perspective of the people in the story.

The reader then uses all five senses to imagine what it may have
been like at the time. For this story, I chose the widow.

Smells: The smell of the burnt offerings are everywhere in the

city. The perspiration of the pilgrims making the arduous trek
from their towns.

Tastes: The dust is everywhere in the air from the thousands of

feet shuffling about. The dust is all I have to eat. There is no
one to care for me.

Sights: My clothes are common compared to some of the fine

people around me. The crowd is large in the Court of the
Women where the Treasury is located. There are people
everywhere in the city for the Passover celebration. I approach
one of the thirteen Trumpet shaped funnels where I will deposit
my offering.

Sounds: I can hear people speaking in Greek, Latin, Hebrew,

and other languages. I can hear the metallic sound of so many
coins being poured into the Trumpets around me. So many of
these people have so much to offer God.

Feel: I reach into my pouch and pull out my last two Leptas
which is 1/64th of a days wages. I feel how thin they are and
take note of my own thin frame. These two thin coins represent
all I own. I know God doesnt need my two thin coins, but I
need to give them. I feel the coins leave my hand and disappear
into the Trumpet. I offer myself to God!

Day 15: Scouting Ideal Duty to God and Country
Read John 2:18-22

A theological Bible study seeks to answer the questions: What

does this passage say about God? What does it say about
people? What does it say about the relationship between God
and people? The religious leaders were demanding to know by
what authority Jesus cleansed the Temple. In their minds, he
was disrupting the operations of the Temple. They confused
their duty to God and country with their duty to the institution
that they created.

What does this passage say about God?

God is to be worshiped with pure worship
God is sovereign
God is capable of more than we can imagine

What does this passage say about people?

We tend to create systems to make the intangible
We tie up our identities in the systems that we create
We protect our systems against change

What does this passage say about the relationship between

God and people?
God desires a relationship with us that is free from
materialism and ritualism
Our bodies become the Temple of God with worship of
God from within
The resurrection spoken of by Jesus provides a way for
our eternal life with God

Day 16: Scouting Ideal Duty to Others
Read Luke 10:27

The Shema found in Deuteronomy 6:5 states: Hear O Israel:

The Lord is our God, The Lord alone. You shall love the Lord
your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your
might. (NRSV) It was a declaration of faith. The second part of
the statement is found in Leviticus 19:17-18; paraphrased as:
Dont hate in your heart, talk it out, dont act on your anger or
let it build up inside. It finishes with: but you shall love your
neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord. (NRSV)

Our duty to others is to love our neighbors as ourselves. By

loving our neighbors, we are loving God with our total being.

The heart (kardia) is the core of who we are. The center

of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Does your duty to
others cause you to truly feel for the other person?

The soul (psuche) is the human spirit that enables

communication with Gods Spirit. This should not be confused
with Pneuma, which is the rational and immortal soul. Does
your duty to others cause your prayers for the other person to
be elevated to the point where your soul is crying out to Gods

The strength (ischus) is the physical abilities of a person.

Does your duty to others cause you to use your gifts and other
abilities to help them?

The mind (dianoia) is the deep thought including

imagination and understanding. Does your duty to others cause
you to keep searching for a solution when roadblocks have been
thrown in the way.

Day 17: Scouting Ideal Duty to Self
Read Luke 10:27

Yes, this is the same Scripture verse as Day 16. While yesterday
we focused on loving your neighbor as yourself, today we will see
how important it is to love yourself. Each one of us is a valuable
child of God. We are so valuable that God sent his only begotten
Son to die for our sins. Let that sink in! The Son of God left his
place of glory in Heaven to share in the human experience in
order to make a way to the Father. When a person becomes a
Christian, the same creative essence that formed the universe re-
creates us. Gods Spirit then takes up residence in our bodies.
We are therefore able to approach God as new creations. This
also means others can too. When dealing with others remember
this truth. God loves you and God loves the other person too.
A poor self-image results in negative treatment of others,
negative treatment of self, or both. Dont forget to take care of
yourself or you will be no good to anyone.

What do you really love to do?

When was the last time you did it?

How will you carve out some time to do it?

Day 18: Scouting Ideal Do a Good Turn Daily
Read 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

John Wesley, an Anglican priest and the founder of Methodism

explained the Grace of God in three movements: Prevenient
Grace is the grace that exists before we are even aware of Gods
provision. Justifying Grace is the grace that sets us right with
God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Sanctifying Grace is
the grace that forms us into the image of Jesus Christ through
the work of the Holy Spirit.

Sanctification is the process of being made holy. The Greek

word hagion means to separate to ones self like a sanctuary of
a church. We are set apart for a holy purpose. This holy
purpose is to be in a relationship with God and to respond to
this relationship by doing good things. Doing a good turn daily
contributes to our sanctification and becomes a means of Grace
to others.

God is interested in our complete sanctification: Spirit, soul, and

body. The listing of these three together makes it clear that our
Spirit (pneuma: the immortal soul), our souls (psuche: our
human spirit that allows communication with God), and our
bodies (soma: our complete physical body) are all involved in
this sanctification.

When we do a good turn daily, we are doing the will of God

whose goal is to draw us closer to him. We become more set
apart from the profane world in which we reside. This being set
apart does not mean cloistered away into a little world that is
out of touch with the world. The phrase: in the world but not of
the world may sound like a clich, however, it is true.

Day 19: Scouting Ideal Be Prepared
Read 2 Peter 3:14-16

The Greek translation says that we are to be eager to be found at

peace without spot of blemish. He is referring to the return of
Christ in the end times. For the author of Second Peter, being
prepared was a matter of eternal salvation. From this passage
we can understand what is necessary to be prepared.
Being prepared is a matter of attitude. We are to be eager to be
Being prepared is a matter of intentionality. We are to be
intentional about spiritual formation practices that lead us
towards being spotless and without blemish.
Being prepared is a matter of correct teaching and
interpretation. If we pick and choose which Scripture is
pertinent in our lives or misinterpret the Scripture to justify our
position, then we are on shaky ground.
Being prepared is a matter of sensitivity. The writer of Second
Peter believed the Lords return was going to happen in the near
future. We must act as if Christ will return at any time.

When you prepare for a camping trip you place certain items in
specific locations based upon when you will need them.
Prepare for your spiritual journey by placing things in your
spiritual backpack. What practices from this book have been
helpful so far? Which practices are dead weight and need to be
left in the garage?

Day 20: The Patrol Method
Read Acts 2:42-47

Life in the early church thrived within the small groups

characterized by the apostles teachings, prayers, and shared
meals. I can imagine them gathering together at the Temple for
large group teaching and worship before retiring to their small
groups in individual homes. In these homes I see them sharing
their food and discussing what they heard in a more intimate
Our patrols are like these small groups that met in homes. In a
patrol, members share food, chores, and sleeping arrangements.
In a patrol, members exercise the lessons that they have learned.
In patrols, members stretch their leadership abilities and nurture
new kids that find themselves in an otherwise foreign
environment. I would like to suggest that each patrol have its
own Chaplains Aid. This Chaplains Aid can work with the others
to form a Scouts Own Worship Service for the larger Troop.

Are you in a small group? Does your small group have a

structure that allows for a good balance of outreach to the
stranger and in-reach to care for its members? Does it have a
spiritual maturity that enables a healthy balance of Biblical
learning and life application?

Day 21: The Outdoor Code
Read Romans 8:18-25

As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my

outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in
the outdoors, and be conservation minded.

Built into the Methods of Scouting is the Outdoor Code. Every

Scout takes on the responsibility to protect the environment. It
is an act of stewardship. What we do in our lives impacts the
Our Scripture passage today is a reminder that creation, along
with us, is awaiting the time when it will be made whole by the
Creator. When humanity fell in Genesis 3 all of creation felt the
penalty of Sin. Animals had to die to cover the shame felt by
Adam and Eve. It wont always be this way. In Isaiah 11:6-9 we
get a glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom. Perhaps you have
seen the painting by Henri Rousseau where all of Creation is in
harmony. We dont need to wait for the redemption to be an
instrument of Gods redemption. Every service project becomes
an opportunity to renew our world and teach young people the
importance of our ministry of stewardship. In this lesson is the
humble expectation that we will also be redeemed.

Day 22: The Outdoor Classroom
Read Matthew 6:25-29

The outdoor classroom has a way of reinforcing the lesson. If it

is cold, we are motivated to dress appropriately and build a fire.
If it rains we are motivated to set up camp quickly and properly.
Jesus used nature as a classroom to talk about worry. The
disciples could relate because they were near the objects daily.

Today we will try on the practice of Lectio-Divina, also known as

Sacred Reading. The focus is on listening to Scripture rather
than the quantity of Scripture read. If you have never done this
before, then it will seem redundant. I ask you to please give it a
chance and approach it with an open mind.

Begin with three minutes of silence

Lectio 1 (reading) Read the passage slowly. Allow the words

or phrases to speak to you.

Sit silently for two minutes

Lectio 2 Reread the passage slowly. Allow words, phrases, and

images to speak to you. Make a mental note.

Sit silently

Lectio 3 Reread the passage slowly until you encounter a

word, phrase, or image that grabs your attention. This is an
invitation for God to talk to you.

Ponder the word, phrase, or image
Play with it in your heart and mind
Let it interact with who you are: your hopes, fears,
dreams, and memories.

Know that you are encountering God in these moments.

Day 23: Advancement Merit Badges
Read 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

I always considered merit badges to be an opportunity to try

on new ideas and concepts that I otherwise wouldnt be able
to experience. I never intended to make Eagle (I was a Star
Scout). I just wanted to explore the possibilities. Firemanship
merit badge made it possible to be in a fire station. Canoeing
and Rowing gave me the freedom to leave the shoreline and
explore some more. Wilderness Survival and First Aid were
badges that would define my life. The list goes on.

The Apostle Paul shares his desire to experience many different

settings as a tool for spreading the Good News of Christ. He
meets people where they are. He intentionally gives up his right
to self to show others the freedom that is available in the
Christian life. Paul does this for the Good News because he
wants to share in its blessings. Every encounter promotes Gods
kingdom. Every encounter brings Paul closer to the kingdom.
Paul understands that he and the Good News are an
inseparable partnership.

Adult leaders are beyond the age for merit badges; however, we
may still stretch our comfort zones and open ourselves up to
new possibilities for the sake of the Gospel, so that we too can
share in its blessings.

Day 24: Advancement Board of Review
Read Luke 10:17-20

The 72 disciples went out in buddy pairs with the mission to

prepare the towns for Jesus arrival. In the midst of this mission
they realized they were able to cast out demons in Jesus name.
Jesus warns them about the dangerous effects of pride and
redirects their attention to the ultimate prize Salvation.

In our own boards of review, we share in the accomplishments

of the youth. We get excited in the work they have done and
we rejoice with them. In the midst of this celebration, we must
find a way to keep our eyes on the ultimate purpose. For
Scouting, that purpose is developing the morals and ethics of
the child. As Christians, this is done through the salvation in
Jesus Christ and through the sanctification of each person with
the help of the Holy Spirit. When I participate in a board of
review, I like to ask this question: A Scout is reverent, how has
your work in Scouting drawn you closer in your relationship
with God? I ask you the same question.

Find a trusted friend that can help you listen to God. God is
always present in our lives and working around us. This trusted
friend will help you to pay attention to Gods presence and

This person should be:

Spiritually mature,

Able to listen to you and the Holy Spirit


Day 25: Adult Association
Read Luke 18:15-17

How do we receive the Kingdom of God as a little child? Look at

the Scouts in your unit. Put yourself in their shoes and see the
world from their perspective. I have spoken to thousands of
children in an effort to tell them about Scouting. These room
rallies are conducted in their classrooms. I can see their brains
go from math and science to a world of infinite possibilities. A
tent becomes a place of adventure, a hike in the woods
becomes an expedition, and a campfire becomes a mysterious
event. They shove off from the shore to a lily pad covered cove
and see the world from a new perspective.

We need to embrace that sense of adventure that God invites

us to when we commit to a relationship with God through Jesus
Christ. I often get comfortable in my routine, but I always keep
an ear and eye out for the One who is calling me to even greater
adventures. As adults, we can best associate with children by
entering their innocent world of infinite possibilities.

Day 26: Personal Growth
Read Luke 2:52

Todays Scripture verse follows the only story we have of Jesus

as a youth. He went to Jerusalem from Nazareth at which time
he may have realized for the first time who he truly was. After
this brief interlude the Bible tells us that Jesus went home, was
obedient, and grew up. An excellent model of ministry is to
have a healthy balance of mental growth, physical growth,
spiritual growth, and social growth.

Adolescence is about trying on new things until the child

identifies who they are in Christ. Jesus did not do it in a
vacuum. I can imagine the town of Nazareth working together
to help him develop. The best way for us to help others grow is
to have a growth plan for ourselves.

One of the after action review techniques used in Scouting is

the Stop Start Continue method. We break down a major
activity into its smaller components and ask what we need to
Stop, Start, or Continue

In the boxes below, identify one thing per box that you can
Start, Stop, or Continue.

Wisdom = Mental Growth Stature = Physical Growth

Mentally Awake Physically Strong

In Favor with God = Spiritual In Favor with Man = Social

Growth Growth
Morally Straight Help Other People

Day 27: Leadership
Read Galatians 5:22-23

Servant leadership is identified by the fruit that it produces.

This may only be produced as long as it is connected to the
Source (John 15:1-8) Galatians tells us that the Spirit produces
fruit in us we know we are being servant leaders when we:

Love others as ourselves

Have a joy that is not dependent on circumstances

Are at peace with each other and our circumstances

Patiently wait for Gods timing

Do acts of kindness for people unable to repay us

Seek to do good at all times

Attend to the means of Grace stay in love with God

Gently nudge others to see God in you Show Grace

Exercise self-control over yourself think theologically

rather than react

Day 28: The Uniform
Read Ephesians 6:13-17

The Scouting Uniform is like a threaded resume. One good look

at it and you can tell that the Scout is part of a worldwide
movement that is active in a specific unit in a specific council.
You can see the patrol or den that they belong to within the
unit. You can see their accomplishments and patches from
adventures shared with friends. You can see the position they
currently hold. The uniform is very functional for field use and it
looks nice.

As Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians he was probably under

house arrest. I can imagine him looking at the uniform of the
Roman soldier who guarded him. Each piece was functional for
the task of a soldier in that time.

Belt of Truth The belt I wear in the field when running

Summer Camp has a place for a water bottle, radio, phone,
flashlight, knife, and a first-aid kit. It has things in it that I need
to do my job in the field. The Belt of Truth Paul talks about has
years worth of lessons that stand the test of time.

Breastplate of Righteousness (Justice) If you are

striving to do the right thing then it is hard for people to find
fault with what you say and do. They may not agree with you,
but your ethics are intact

Shoes Readiness to go and proclaim the Good News

(Be Prepared)

Shield of Faith soldiers would soak their shields in

water to extinguish the flaming arrows of the enemy.
Remember your baptism

Helmet of Salvation when you accept Jesus Christ as
Lord, protect that thought and dont let the world change your

Sword of the Spirit The only offensive weapon

mentioned. Gods Spirit goes out before us. Every time Gods
Good News is spoken, evil takes a hit.

Day 29: Aims Character
Read Matthew 5:13-16

Up to this point we have explored the Methods of Scouting

from a New Testament perspective. These are all methods.
They are a means to an end. The end result is character,
citizenship, and physical fitness. Let us look at character:

Immediately following the beatitudes, Jesus draws a word

picture of what the disciples character should look like.
Disciples should resemble salt and light. Salt has a preserving
effect on meat and adds flavor. Light provides direction to the
pilgrim and stands out as an example. We must remain close to
those we serve in order to be a preserving agent. We must be
clear in our message of love and hope in order to be a useful
light. Our witness must be pure in order to be believable.

As Scout leaders we put on a uniform and with it certain

expectations of ourselves and those who watch us. We are
judged based on our ethics of who we say we are. The Christian
walk is the same. When we say that we are Christians we are
using the name of our Lord to identify who we are. If we fail to
act like Christ then we have used his name in vain..

Day 30: Aims Citizenship
Read John 18:33-38

Here we have the ultimate example of Jesus on trial before

mankind, yet Jesus, in all his majesty, remains in control. Jesus
asks mankind the piercing questions that redirect our energies
to the Kingdom of Heaven. We are all called to a citizenship
that transcends space and time and owes allegiance to the One
True God. Jesus simply states that his kingdom is not of this
world. He then reinforces the mission statement found in
Johns Prologue (John 1) that he came to testify to the Truth.
Whoever accepts this Truth listens to his voice.

As citizens of Heaven, our task is to recognize the Truth that

God revealed about Gods self in the person of Jesus Christ. We
are then compelled to listen to the Truth and manifest this
Truth in our lives. Citizenship in Heaven is therefore a matter of
the heart. Laws, morals, and other extrinsic factors regulate our
external behavior; however the heart is the primary motivator
for all actions.

The way to involve the heart is to seek the Truth. The heart
does not ask the question What is Truth? The heart merely
opens itself up to the truth of Gods love. What keeps you from
seeking the Truth with your whole heart? What external
pressures cause your allegiance to focus on a citizenship of this

Day 31: Aims Fitness
Read Romans 8:9-17

Before you knew that you needed a Savior from Sin, God had a
plan and began working around you. At some point you
answered his call and accepted his sacrifice, claiming him as
Lord and Savior of your life. At that point you were justified in
Gods eyes and became part of the family of God. The Spirit of
God came to reside in you to help you follow the lead of Gods
Spirit rather than the fleshly desires and impulses. Spiritual
fitness therefore becomes a matter of developing the habits of
listening to God. The last 39 days have been an intentional
regimen of spiritual formation practices designed to place
yourself in a posture for listening to God.

The starting point of good fitness is the art of listening to the

right advice. Anyone who has trained his body knows the
importance of proper technique and workout rotations. They
practice proper nutrition to fuel the workout and promote
recovery. Poor advice could set the athlete back weeks or
longer if injury occurs. The flesh has many years of learned
behavior that must be unlearned through the guidance of the
Holy Spirit living within the believer. Each time this behavior
and thinking is replaced by Gods way of thinking and behaving
the believer grows in Grace. This is called sanctification and is a
lifelong process.

Evangelism Knots

Acts 2:22-36 and Psalm 16

The Bowline has been called the King of knots.

It can be used as a rescue knot and as an anchor for
the end of a line. It is remarkably easy to tie. Most
Scouts learn to tie it by making a bite (hole and tree)
and use the free end of the rope as a rabbit. The
rabbit comes out of its hole, goes around the tree and back into
the hole. The rabbit is a secular symbol for Easter, the day Jesus
was resurrected from the dead. What if you said: the Savior
came out of the grave, went around with the disciples for 40
days and then ascended into heaven? Of course this would not
make a knot, so the analogy fails, unless you consider the
disciples all died eventually and went into the hole. The Good
News is: the story does not end there.

In Peters sermon at Pentecost, he references Psalm 16 and

makes it clear that Jesus is the King that king David was talking
about. God had a plan for the resurrection of Jesus and for the
redemption of the people of Israel. You and I share in this
promise. Personalize Davids words of confidence in God:

I am always aware of the Lords presence. He is near

and nothing can shake me (8)
I feel completely secure (9)
You will not abandon me to the world of the dead (10)
You will show me the path that leads to life (11)

Prayer: Lord God let our relationship with you be like a

Bowline. Let it be an anchor on one end and a rescue knot
securing your people on the other. Pull us free from danger.

The Bowline is required for First Class Rank

Sheet Bend
Acts 2:14-21 and Joel 2:28-3:8

The Sheet Bend is used to bind

together two ropes of different sizes.
Without this special knot, the ropes would
slip apart under strain. The two ropes have
to be reasonably close in size for this to work. Thankfully, we
are made in the image of God. Unfortunately, we still fall short
of Gods glory.

Our sin and Gods holiness are like two different sized
ropes that cannot be reconciled without a special knot. Jesus
Christ made a way for this reconciliation. In the same sermon
listed in the Bowline devotional, Peter quotes the Prophet Joel
to drive home the point that Pentecost was the fulfillment of
Joels prophesy. The context is one of injustice versus holiness.
Jesus can judge because he is Holy. We as sinful people need
Gods grace.

It is doubtful that most of the people in life have acted as

unjustly as the people described in Joel 3, but nevertheless, we
have still sinned and that is enough to need Gods grace. Look
at the warning signs. When we sin, the light of God is obscured
by our choices. Words used include: clouds of smoke (residue
of our sin); darkened sun and red moon (result of eclipses of
light). There is a cause and effect for everything. Sin requires a
response that is impossible by us. Gods grace has made a way.
The blood of Jesus has tied a knot that cannot be undone, will
not slip, and is available for us today.

Prayer: Lord God who makes a way, when no other way seems
possible; give us the courage to call out to your name so we
may be saved as you have promised.

Alpine Butterfly
Acts 2:37-39

The Alpine Butterfly can bear a load in any of

the three directions. This means that it can have a
load on the loop, while the two ends are used
simultaneously to steer the load away from danger
and raise or lower the load.

While participating in a mountain training school on

Mount Ranier, I was chosen to be the injured
person on an A Frame evacuation up a cliff. It was because I
was the lightest in the squad. They used an Alpine Butterfly. I
had to trust the team that built the A Frame, trust the knot, and
trust that my teammates would pull me safely up the 50 foot
cliff. The key word is TRUST. It is the basis of FAITH. As
mentioned earlier, we are saved by grace. The point of this
devotional is to know that it is by grace through FAITH. Faith is
exercised in action.

Peter concludes his sermon with an invitation to accept this

grace through faith. I invite you to do the same:

Turn away from your sins

Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins
will be forgiven
You will receive the gift of Gods Holy Spirit

This loop can be tied in the middle of the rope without access to
the ends. In the same way, it doesnt matter where you are in
life, because. God can tie this loop in the middle of your
situation. The following prayer is the only prayer in this
devotional written in the first person. It is YOUR choice.

Prayer: Lord God who saves; walk with me this short distance to
the end of myself and the beginning of who I am in you. Show
me the way to the community that you promised.

Square Knot
Acts 2:38-42

The Square Knot is called the joining knot

in Scouts. It is the first knot that is tied to
receive the Scout Emblem. When we join
a Troop or a Church, we join a
community. A common use for the
Square Knot is to secure bandages. We must remember
that the Church is a hospital for sinners not a club for

The first three knots were used to help you Know God.
We now begin the section to Grow in God. Growing in
God begins with baptism. This act in itself has no
magical powers. It is an outward sign of a new inner
condition. It is a moment to return to when times get
hard and the cost of discipleship seems too high. It is at
those points that you allow yourself to remember your
baptism and be thankful.

What should you be thankful for?

The grace of God

The faith to not let go of the one who will never
let go of you
The community of believers
The power of the Holy Spirit to guide and
intercede (to step in for you).

Prayer: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as you are
community within the Trinity; help us become the
community that you desire us to be. Help us to love
each other in our weaknesses and help each other grow
in your Grace.

Sheep Shank
Romans 12:3-8 and 8:26-30

The Sheep Shank is used to

shorten a rope without cutting it or to
strengthen a weak point in the rope. It is only secure under
tension. It will fall apart with slack.

As Christians we are each given a Spiritual Gift for service to

God as part of the Body of Christ the Church. We are called to
be stewards of those gifts. This means that we dont waste the
gift. To have a gift and not use it, or to use it for self-gain, is the
same as cutting the rope. The next time you need to use the
rope, its strength will be compromised. Remember the gift is
given to strengthen the community. We are stewards
(caretakers or trustees) of the gift. If we fail to exercise the gift
(lack of tension), the Sheep Shank will fall apart. Whatever it
was attached to will fall or be compromised.

The Holy Spirit also dwells in us to relate our spirit to Gods

Spirit. When we are weak, the Spirit steps in and communicates
directly with God. This is what it means to walk in the Spirit.
Our bodies are weak, but when we became Christians, we
became new Spiritual creations. The same creative essence
that created the universe out of chaos, recreated us to grow
into the likeness of Christ.

Prayer: Lord God we know that you always work for the good
in this world. We thank you for calling us and using us to be
part of this mission. Thank you for the power to know you and
to do your work. Your power shines through us when we are at
our weakest. Help us honor you in our daily walk.

Clove Hitch
Romans 12:1-3 and Acts 2:42

The Clove Hitch is the starting

point for most pioneering projects. It is
also required for First Class Rank. This is
significant because at First Class a Scout
begins to take on leadership roles. It is very important to begin
with a strong hitch, before undertaking any building project or
leadership role. We will discuss service projects when we get to
the Lashings Section. For now it is important to know that the
clove hitch starts and finishes nearly every lashing. Our
discipleship also has to start with a strong connection to the

The starting point in service is to offer yourself as a living

sacrifice. Let the end of the rope be your reminder. Let the
other end be the rope that is dedicated to his service. This is
easy to remember since it is the end that will go around the
staves and poles. The part of the rope that crosses over and
holds them both tight against the object is a reminder that our
sacrifice and service are to be pleasing to God.

The way we make sure that we are pleasing God and not
ourselves (regardless of our good intentions) is to be
transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our old ways need
to be retrained for a way that we cannot imagine on our own.

Prayer: Lord God who reveals himself to us. Show us the things
that are pleasing to you and direct our pathways to a life of
faithful service.

2 Half Hitches
Matthew 5:13-16

The Two Half-Hitches is used as

a helper knot to increase the security of
other knots. It is a common knot.
When used as a helper, it is only
effective when placed close to the other knots. It is required for
the Tenderfoot Rank. Tenderfoot is the first advancement on
the Scout Trail. It is only appropriate that the first knot on this
trail is a helper knot. Remember a Scout does a good turn daily.
As Christian Scouts we are called to be salt and light to the

Bill Hybels, the Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community

Church wrote in his book Being a Contagious Christian that Salt
means we should be potent and close to the object in order to
preserve it. He wrote that Light means we should have a clear
message as we illuminate Gods love.

In the previous devotional, the point was made that our

sacrifice and service must be pleasing to God. God is pleased
when our service causes other people to praise God for the
work being done. This does not mean God is an attention hog.
It means that God is the only one truly perfect. All good things
begin with God therefore God deserves the glory and praise. It
has been suggested that the Clove hitch would be more secure
with a half hitch. I suggest two half hitches with each loop
representing Salt and Light.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for being the start point for all things
good. Let our lives be a reflection of your purpose in the world.
Help us to add flavor and preservation to the lives of those we
encounter. Let your light shine in us and through us.

Formation Knots

Timber Hitch
Psalm 23

The Timber hitch is very useful for

transporting a log or a bundle of sticks wrapped
together. It is designed to drag or hoist an
object. It is also the starting hitch for a Diagonal
Lashing which will be a subject in the Service Lashings Section.
It is required for the First Class Rank.

Perhaps you may feel like you were drug to church as a child.
Now you realize that the responsibility to accept or reject the
Christian teachings are your own. The beginning point for your
journey at this point is to know that you are not being drug to
church. You are being guided by the Good Shepherd who has
your best interest at heart. Let us look at what the Shepherd
leads us to:

Met needs
Goodness, Love, and a Home with God

Perhaps when you tie that first Timber Hitch on to a Diagonal

Lashing you will realize that your service is pleasing to God
because you are leading someone on the right path.

Prayer: Shepherd God. Thank you for all that you have given
us. Let us always remember with a glad heart that you are the
one who has provided for us in our times of need. Use us to be
the helping hands and feet to a world in need.

Taut Line
1 Peter 1:1-9

The Taut Line hitch allows for the

adjustment of a rope length without the need
to retie the knot. Anyone who has ever stood
under a tarp while the rain collects in the slack
areas knows about the need to tighten up the slack. A loose
line in the wind could cause the tarp to tear. During adverse
conditions the line must be taut.

Peter, talking to a group of refugee churches, uses the analogy

of a refiners fire to explain the need for faith to be refined. The
gold is heated to the boiling point of the impure elements but
below the boiling point of the gold. The result is the impurities
are destroyed and the pure gold remains. He was referring to
their faith. He said faith has to be tested. The interesting thing
is that the one grading the test is the one being tested. When
we emerge from trials, we realize that the things we mourned
were things that we did not need anyway.

As you stand under a tarp in a storm and realize that the line in
your own life needs to be tightened up dont despise the storm
for bringing it to your attention. The appropriate response is to
tighten the tension. How do you remain strong in the storm?

Remember your call: God called you and will protect

Remember that the purpose of your faith is the
salvation of your soul.

Prayer: Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all
creatures here below. Praise him above the heavenly hosts.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Being able to praise God in the storm strengthens faith.

Cleat Hitch on Halyard
Luke 9:21-28

The Cleat Hitch on a Halyard is used for securing

a sail line on a sailboat and for securing the lines
on a flagpole. The slack in the line is taken up and
secured with a series of figure 8 motions
(symbolizing infinity). The final loop is a reverse
twist on the bite (symbolizing repentance), secured to the upper
end of the cleat. The pressure of the changed direction holds
the rope in place.

When you are participating in a flag ceremony at camp think

about what the flag stands for. It represents the living nation.
As long as one flies, the nation lives. We raise and lower the
flag daily at camp. Likewise, Luke reports that Jesus calls us to
pick up our Cross daily and follow him. Many people have died
for our nations flag. Jesus is calling us to die to self. It is the
pressure of the repentance that holds our faith in place.

This Bible reference is between Peters confession of Jesus as

the Son of God and Messiah and the Transfiguration of the Lord.
We can only deny ourselves when we know the One who we are
denying ourselves for. The pain of the denial is replaced with
the joy of the revelation of God. We cannot see God when
focused on ourselves. Like the refiners fire mentioned
previously, we are letting the things that are useless die. Yes, it
may hurt at times, but as many coaches have said: Pain is only
the feeling of weakness leaving the body.

Prayer: Guiding Light of God, please help us focus on the

ultimate goal which is to follow you daily.

Fishermans Knot
James 2:14-26 & Luke 5:1-11

The Fishermans Knot is used

to join two ropes together. It is an
easy knot to tie when your hands are
cold and wet. Each rope is secured to the standing end of the
other rope with one or more overhand knots and pulled
together for a strong bond.

If we are going to be: Fishers of people (Luke 5:10) then our

words and actions (two ropes) must be joined. We cannot
profess that we have a faith in Jesus Christ and not exercise that
faith. If Simon Peter had not had the faith that the fish would
be caught, he would not have cast his net one more time. If he
did not cast his net, there would have been no miraculous catch
of fish.

A special note needs to be made that we are not saved by our

works. We are saved by grace through faith. That faith is
exercised in our actions. Our faith in action becomes a witness
to others so their faith may be strengthened. We catch people,
because we have the faith to cast our nets one more time, even
when it may not be popular or convenient. Remember the
fishermen were pulled up to the beach washing their nets when
Jesus called them to go back out.

Prayer: Lord give us the direction to put our faith into practice
in appropriate ways. Let our actions always bring glory to your
holy name.

Figure 8 Knot
Matthew 6:24-34

The Figure 8 Knot is used as a stopper knot or

to reinforce adjacent knots.

The big question for this knot is: What should people
stop doing? I believe the answer is to stop worrying.
Worrying has its roots in the lack of faith. The lack of faith
causes worry. Worry leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger
leads to sin. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. When
we love unconditionally, we are secure from fear.

As part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told the people to

stop worrying about money, food, and clothes. The people in
his time were known to offer sacrifices to pagan gods to satisfy
the gods vanity. They believed the gods would in turn provide
them with food, drink, and other necessities. Worry leads to
the sin of idolatry.

A recent understanding is: we worry that we will never be good

enough, smart, enough, rich enough for whatever we aspire
after. As a consequence we sell-out to popular culture in an
effort to fit in. As easy as it is to change to fit in, changing
yourself out of fear is damaging to your spirit.

Prayer: Lord help us to be satisfied with the life that you have
provided to each of us. Let us seek your face in such a way that
we will not worry about what we do not have or what we might
not have in the future. Let love be the reason we make

Double Figure 8 Loop
Hebrews 6:13-20

The Double Figure 8 Loop is also called

the Bunny Ears. The two loops form what looks
like two bunny ears. These two loops are used
to equalize the load on two anchor points.

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that we have

safety with Jesus Christ. He encourages us to
hold firmly to the hope that is anchored in the
two promises that God made to Abraham:

God would bless Abraham

God would give him many descendants.

These promises to Abraham are complete in Jesus. God is

redeeming Israel. We share in that redemption. We are part of
the descendants promised to Abraham. Jesus received the
ultimate blessing from God the Father and we share in that
blessing. We are able to be in union with God.

Rest in the promises that God made us part of his family and we
are able to be in union with Gods purpose. This double anchor
point equalizes the load that we carry with us. We can be sure
and steadfast in this hope because Jesus went before us and
made a way. The curtain of separation has been torn from the
top down. We can approach God on the basis of the promise.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for promises that you cannot break.
Thank you for providing a way to a relationship with you. Help
us to trust the anchor points that you have provided to us.

Marlin Spike Hitch
Genesis 28:10-22

The Marlin Spike Hitch

is used as a quick one handed
knot to secure a line to a
mooring. A series of these
hitches spaced evenly apart can
form a ladder. The hitch is only
effective when the spike is
placed in the top part of the loop. Downward pressure
strengthens the hitch. If you use the bottom part, the hitch
becomes a slip knot and it wont end well if you try to climb.

Jacobs Ladder is the song that is sung by many children in

Sunday school. It is a reminder of Jacobs vision of God at
Bethel. The significance is that the promise that God made to
Abraham was passed to his son Isaac, and at Bethel was passed
on to Jacob. Chapter 35 shows Jacob (now Israel) returning to
Bethel after many trials and challenges. Gods promise can
withstand our trials. As a matter of fact, in this story is the
promise that God would not leave Jacob. We have the same
promise. Emmanuel (one of the names we use to describe
Jesus) means God is with us. The birth of Jesus was the
incarnation (Gods Word becoming flesh) and the beginning of
God with us. After Jesus ascended into heaven the Holy Spirit
came as our companion on the journey.

Bethel means House of God. Jacob believed the place he rested

was a door into heaven. Our daily door into heaven is through
the Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that we are able to
communicate with God.

Prayer: Lord of all creation who reveals himself to us through

dreams and the storms in our lives. Thank you for never leaving
us. Thank you for the blessing to be your children.

Barrel Sling
The Barrel Sling can be used for a barrel,
a bucket, or other objects that you want to
remain upright while hoisting or lowering. The
bottom of the sling must be centered and the
top part of the sling must be higher than the
center of gravity and low enough not to slip off
the top.

When Jesus took an unexpected route through

Samaria he found himself at Jacobs Well in
Sychar. This is where he encountered the
Woman at the Well. It was the heat of the day
and she was all alone. I often wonder if it was her shame that
drove her to do her chores in the heat of the day or if it was the
judgement of others. We can know this woman was searching
for a relationship that would last. A relationship with meaning.
Jesus offered her that relationship. Jesus offers all of us life
giving water. He said those who drink from this cup and thirst
no more. The relationship with God will be like a life-giving
spring of water that gives eternal life.

The promise of Jacobs Ladder, the sure and steady promise to

Abraham, and the promise of the Holy Spirit are all part of this
life-giving water. What do you do with this water once you
have taken a drink? You go and tell others. You serve in the
name of Jesus Christ who is the reason for the mission. The
next section will cover lashings and help you see how to
exercise your faith.

Prayer: Lord let us be for others a vessel for providing a cool cup
of spiritual water that comes from your eternal source. Let us
never be afraid to do the unexpected for someone in need. Let
us always remember that no matter how much of you we give
away to others your eternal life-giving spring will fill us back up.

Service Lashings

Square Lashing
Matthew 16:13-20

The Square Lashing is used to

lash together two poles or staves at
right angles to each other. In a
pioneering project this lashing ensures
a strong foundation for the rest of the

For the Christian faith the strong foundation can be found in

Peters Confession that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the
Living God. The source of this confession was the revelation of
this truth from God the Father. As we undertake mission and
service projects and build the church, remember that the
foundation is always the confession that Jesus is Messiah as
revealed to us by God.

Our project therefore begins with a Clove Hitch (we offer

ourselves as a living sacrifice, dedicated to service, pleasing to
God). Each wrap and frap is a confession that we do this
because of who Jesus is. We know what to build, where to
build, and when to build because it is revealed to us. When we
are obedient to Gods revelation our service becomes pleasing.

We should always be mindful of the quality of the lashings in

our lives. Other people are watching and what we truly believe
about is revealed through our actions. As Scouts we do our best
as Christians we give our best.

Prayer: Lord, as we prepare to go and be all that you have

called us to be, keep us focused on the task to reveal you in our
service. Keep us from chasing the service projects for selfish

Diagonal Lashing
Proverbs 27:17 and Acts 2:42

The Diagonal Lashings allows for

poles to be lashed together at many
different angles. It reinforces the
section of the project that was lashed
together with Square Lashings. When
connected to these other sections one
end goes under the existing section and the other end goes
over. Because of this the poles on this lashing may not touch.
This is why it is important to begin with a Timber Hitch instead
of a Clove Hitch. This allows for significant pulling on the poles
until they come together.

People learn from each other just as iron sharpens iron.

These were the words attributed to Solomon in Proverbs. The
first century Church knew the importance of this interaction and
participated in group learning, group fellowship, group meals,
and group prayers. Notice the emphasis is on Group. This is the
third time that we have visited Acts 2:42. This passage in the
Bible reflects the basics of an effective Church.

Remember the Church is the people of God trying to be in

service to God in such a way that it is pleasing to God. This is
why we end in a Clove Hitch. After each project we analyze:
was this pleasing to God? Of course it begins with a Timber
Hitch that when pulled tightly, leads people to the Good
Shepherd. Without the leading of Jesus the diagonal poles will
remain apart with each pole focused on its own purpose. When
following Jesus purpose, the poles naturally come together
strengthening not only the connection, but the other structure
it was meant to reinforce.

Prayer: Lord guide us to reinforce the work that you are already
engaged in. Use us to build community as we grow with it.

Sheer (Shear) Lashing
Romans 10:8-17

The Sheer Lashing (sometimes

spelled Shear Lashing) lashes two poles
together to support weight. The
Frapping is done to tighten the
connection. Once completed, the two
legs can be spread apart to form a bi-
pod. The bipod acts as a lever when
hoisting heavier objects. A series of
these bipods is used to make a bridge.

In Pauls Letter to the Romans he discusses the need for

Christians to be the bridge that connects a world to the
message of Jesus Christ. Our greatest mission project is one
that introduces others to the Savior. The goal is to have people
call out to the Lord and be saved. Paul puts together a series of
bipods lashed together with Sheer Lashings to build a bridge.
He starts on the distant shore to understand what the recipients

1st Lashing help them believe (they need to hear)

2nd Lashing help them hear(it must be proclaimed)
3rd Lashing proclaim the message (someone must go)
4th lashing go with the message (are you willing)

A good bridge for mission begins with the recipient in mind. We

cannot be effective in missions unless we enter into the world
of those we will serve in Jesus name. We must risk the death of
our preconceived ideas as to why a person or group is in a
situation. All we need to know is that they are in the situation
and need to hear about Gods love.

Prayer: Lord God, help us to be a bridge that connects a broken

world to the message of your love.

Round Lashing
Acts 18:1-4

Two Round Lashings can join

together to extend the length of a
pole. A common use is to make a flag
pole in camp.

Like the Round Lashing, the Apostle

Paul joined together with Priscilla and
Aquila in Corinth to extend the reach
of the Church. They were all tent
makers. So many times we think
about the Apostles as preachers. We
must remember that they had jobs in
order to survive. It may be imagined that they used these jobs
to introduce others to Christ. Imagine the object lesson:

I am confident that the quality of this tent will last you

20 years. Even as good as this tent is, it will eventually
fail and be destroyed. With your permission I would
love to tell you about a mansion in Heaven that will
never wear out

The Gospel message is all about relationships. It is ultimately

about our relationship with God. It is about relating others to
God in our natural interactions with people we know. This book
of devotions is an easy start point to share with your friends
while away at summer camp or preparing for a Scouts Own
Service on a week-end outing. Simply walk around camp with
your friend and this book while pointing out knots. They are

Prayer: God of the Good News, thank you for the call to tell
others about you. Thank you for friends that will join us in the
mission to love others

Tripod Lashing
1 Cor. 13:13 & Luke 10:27

The Tripod Lashing is used to

make a free standing structure with
one lashing. It is useful for hanging a
pot over a fire for cooking. Two tall
tripods with a horizontal pole
connecting them is a quick gateway.

Paul writes to the Church in Corinth

that there are three things that will remain: faith, hope, and
love, with the greatest being love. The Tripod has three points
of contact. It would be good to remember these three points in
our lives as faith, hope, and love.

Add a second tripod to clarify what love looks like. Who should
we love? Luke reports that Jesus said: love God, love neighbor,
and love self. We cannot ignore any of the three legs on either
tripod. We are in the process of becoming more Christ-like with
every interaction. Every interaction strengthens our faith, our
hope, and our love. Each interaction is a chance to share the
love with God, with neighbor, and with self.

Use a round lashing to join together with other Christian Scouts

in the mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Place
this extended pole between the two tripods and form a
gateway into Gods kingdom. One last note: Dont wait for
them to ask permission to enter your camp. Go to them and
bring them to the gateway and guide them to Christ.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for strengthening our faith, for

providing us hope, and for loving us unconditionally. Help us to
share this Good news with others.