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Founded in 2009

Myanmar youth network (MYN)

Who we are?

Ø We are young people from various social backgrounds, fields

of study and career lives.
Ø Each of us has certain sharing goals and visions with respect
to our community in the future.
Ø We believe in an initiating for the cooperation of youth and
collective individual competency.
Ø We are a volunteer-based network with non-profit activities.
Vision & Mission

§ Vision:
Educating and instilling young people in modern thoughts to
work towards the welfare of the world by contributing peace, justice,
harmony and loving kindness.
§ Mission:
Young people with sincerity, cooperation, cohesion and
perseverance shall create a peaceful, harmonious and beautiful world.
Objectives of MYN

The general objectives stated in the legal basis of the Myanmar Youth
Network are to:
§ Promote tolerance and mutual understanding among young people.
§ Foster candid cooperation habit among young people.
§ Encourage young people to energetically participate in social works.
§ Train and develop young people in becoming effective leaders in our
§ Educate young people to keep abreast of the world.
What We Are Doing

§ Youth Clubs
§ Youth Forums
§ Support technical know-how and funding to partner activities
for youth
Achievements (Activities)

2010 February 27
§ Presented the Poem Recitation Program with the
cooperation of Myanmar Youth Poets.
§ Distributed over 1,000 condoms, provided from PSI,
to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in youth.

2010 March 20
§ Hold the Inter-Group Relationship Forum in Count
Bessie Hall in Yangon.

2010 April 3 - 2010 April 8

§ Participated in Chinese - Myanmar Youth
Environmental Exchange Program in Myanmar.
Achievements (Activities)

2010 May 14 - 2010 May 23

§ Donated water aids (estimated amount of $ 2,500)
to rural outskirt areas of Thone Kwa Township with
University Family (Thanlyin).

2010 May 21
§ Hold the ceremony of World Day for Dialogue and
Development for Cultural Diversity with the
cooperation of major ethnic youth in Count Bessie

2010 June 21
§ Hold the ceremony of World Music Day with a
special talk by Composer and Writer Ayoe in
Judson Center.
Achievements (Publications)

2010 April 10
First Newsletter of Myanmar Youth Network

2010 May 2
§ The Nagis Second Anniversary Memorial Collection

by the contemporary Myanmar Writers and Poets.

2010 June 5
§ The 2010 World Environmental Day Pamphlet

bilingually, in English and Myanmar.

2010 June 20
§ Second Newsletter of Myanmar Youth Network

2010 July
§ Myanmar Youth Network’s activities are appeared

in Teen Magazine, 2010 July Issue.

2010 July 19
§ Short profiles of Myanmar Martyrs (63rd

Myanmar Martyr's Day)

Funding Resources

Especially from Fund Raising Fairs and Individual

Myanmar Youth Network

v Add: No. 136/137, Damayone St; Dawbone Tsp,

Yangon, Myanmar.

v Tel: +95 (0) 9 5087234, 5044120

v Email: info@myanmaryouthnetwork.org

v Online Social Network: Facebook

omi n g So on t work .org

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Thank you!

Last updated: July 2010