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Installing Musition for Mac


These instructions will assist you in installing Musition 4 for Mac. If you
run into any problems or need tech support throughout this walk through, please
read the Problems? section at the end of this document.

1. Click on the link within the email from

Rising Software to download the
Musition 4 software: http://

2. This will bring up a webpage in your

browser and will start automatically
downloading to your computers
Downloads folder. (ignore the version
number in the picture)

3. Locate the file in your Downloads

folder and double click to open it.

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Current Version: 20120220

Installing Musition for Mac

4. This will unzip the file and a package

will appear in the same folder. Double
click on this file to run the package.

5. The installer for Musition will then

launch on your screen. Press

6. Press Continue after viewing the

License Agreement.

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Installing Musition for Mac

7. The installer will then Select a

Destination to install Musition. Select
Macintosh HD and hit continue.

8. The installer will let you know how

much disk space this will take up. Click
on Install.

9. Once you click on install, you will be

prompted to enter your password.
Enter your computers password
and click Install Software.

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Installing Musition for Mac

10. The program will install onto your


11. The software is now installed. Next you

will launch Musition to activate it. Click
on Close.

12. Locate the installed software in your

Applications Folder. Double click its
icon to launch the program.

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Installing Musition for Mac

13. (first time installations only) Once the

application is open, it will ask you for a
serial number. Your serial number is
located within your Full Sail email.
Subject line: Project LaunchBox
Download Software Code: Musition.
Enter the code and click OK.

14. You will then be prompted to register

the software. Make sure that you are
connected to the internet when
registering the software. Click on Next.

15. Select Register for myself. Click on


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Installing Musition for Mac

16. Enter the required information.This will

help with future updates. Click Next.

Important note: If you ever have to re-

register the software, you will have to
provide First Name (& Initials), Last
Name, and E-mail EXACTLY as it is
entered on this page. Save it somewhere!
*Please see Re-Registration Problems at
the end of this document if you have
forgotten it.

17. You have now finished registering your

product. Click on Finish and the
program will start.

18. The first time the program opens after

registering, it will ask you a series of
questions. On the first window, select
your preferred Language. Confirm that
Note Names is set to US Style and
Chord Progressions is set to Figured
Bass. Click Continue.

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Installing Musition for Mac

19. The MIDI Output should be set to DLS

Synth. Click on Continue.

20. Under Pictures and Sounds, select what

Correct and Incorrect Pictures you
prefer. Then select whether you would
like sounds to play when the program
starts, closes and when you receive a
correct or incorrect answer. Click on
Continue when finished.

21. Input (and remember!!) a personal

username and password that gives
you local login access for personal
use. You will also be provided
additional cloud login info for each
course that uses Musition 4. Select
voice type. Dont worry if youre not
sure of your voice type. You can change
it later by going to File --> Change
Your Details. The following link
describes voice types: http://

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Installing Musition for Mac

22. For online coursework, click the Use

cloud connection checkbox. You
cannot access the courses cloud
database without clicking this
checkbox. Leave Use proxy server

23. Enter your cloud login information

CODE) into the login screen, which is
located in an email from Rising
Software that you will receive by
Monday afternoon of Week 1. If you
cannot find this email, please contact
your instructor immediately.

24. After successfully logging in to the

cloud, ensure that the bottom right
corner of the screen displays (Cloud).
If it does not, please return to step 22.

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Installing Musition for Mac

25. If you have used Musition 4 and/or

Auralia 4 prior to this month, make
100% sure that you change the
SCHOOL CODE of your login
information. A SCHOOL CODE from a
previous month/course will not work.


If you cant find your product serial number, contact FSO support fsosupport@fullsail.com.

If you cannot find your cloud login information (emailed by Monday afternoon of week 1),

your course instructor

MPBS Music Help Line (mpbsmusichelp@aim.com)
MPBS Tech Help Line (mpbstechhelp@aim.com)

If you have any problems or questions that can not be resolved by your instructor, FSO support, or
the MPBS help lines, please contact Don Rogozinski drogozinski@fullsail.com with a detailed
explanation and screen shot of the on-screen error message.

DO NOT contact Rising Software support for technical issues covered in

this guide.


If you have to re-register your software, the following info must be entered EXACTLY as it was when
you initially registered:

First Name (& Initials)

Last Name

If you have misplaced this info, please contact http://www.risingsoftware.com/contact/ to retrieve your
correct registration information.

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