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Murach SQL Server 2012 Chapter 4 42 terms ericanz4

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join used to combine columns from two or more tables into a

result set

join conditions joins are based on the ______ you specify

inner join only the rows that satisfy the join condition are included in
the result set
ad hoc relationships join tables that are based on relationships not defined in
the database

primary key, foreign key typically, join conditions are based n the relationship
between the _____ in one table and the _____ in the other

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6/26/2017 MurachSQLServer2012Chapter4Flashcards|Quizlet

qualified table name type the table name, a dot, then the column name

columns qualified table names are required when the ______ in a join
condition have the same name

table alias used when long table names make qualified column
names long or confusing (correlation names)

correlation names temporary table names assigned in the FROM clause

(table alias)

FROM correlation names are assigned in the _____ clause

self join a table is joined to itself

implicit and explicit the two types of inner or outer joins

where clause Explicit syntax is used because there are less

complications with the _________

inner and outer Explicit syntax is used because it allows for __________ joins

major sort The first column listed in the order by clause is referred to
as ______________

minor sort Any columns following the first column in the order by
clause are __________

asc order by smallest to largest

desc order by largest to smallest

asc default order by syntax

number of columns and Concerning unions, both tables must have the same _________
data type

left outer join In the Venn diagram, the entire left circle is filled in

right outer join In the Venn diagram, the entire right circle is filled in

full outer join In the Venn diagram, both circles are entirely filled in

distinct This keyword eliminates duplicate results

explicit syntax Keywords 'join, on, and =' are used in __________

union combines rows from two or more result sets

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6/26/2017 MurachSQLServer2012Chapter4Flashcards|Quizlet

duplicate rows unions eliminate _______________

first select clause in a union, the column names in the final result set are
taken ONLY from the _______

last select clause in a union, place the order by statement in the __________

cross join produces a result set that includes each row from the first
table joined with each row from the second table

cartesian product the result set from a cross join

outer join retrieves all rows that satisfy the join condition, plus
unmatched rows in one or both tables

null when a row with unmatched columns is retrieved, any

columns from the other table that are included in the result
set are given _____ values

where in the implicit syntax, the join condition is coded in the _____

from in the explicit syntax, the join condition is coded in the

_______ clause

theta syntax another term for implicit syntax

interim result set when coding a multi-table join, a series of two-table joins
are performed from left to right. Each of these join is
called an _______________.

distinct self-joins frequently include the ______ keyword

correlation names self-joins require ________

fully qualified object made up of the server name, the database name, the
name schema name, and the name f the bject

partially qualified missing one or more parts of the fully qualified object
object name name

linked server before you can specify a server name, you must add a
_________ to the current instance of the server

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