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Team Purpose: Competition teams at Fusion Dance Center are used as a learning tool for dancers

to grow both as artists and as technicians. Our studio focuses on dancers improving in the areas
of performance and technique every time they rehearse or take the stage. We demand that
dancers be completely dedicated in their endeavor to achieve their own personal best. Their
focus, attentiveness, and hard work are expected at every rehearsal and technique class.

Dancers placement will be determined by skill level AND commitment level. Past work ethic, attendance
record, and cooperative efforts will also be taken into consideration. We are striving to create cohesive
groups that will have similar expectations and goals.

Please read the following Team Requirements, keeping in mind that dancers will be held accountable for
fulfilling the requirements of whichever commitment level they determine best fits the goals for their dance

Pre- registration required:
Times: (based on birthday of Jan 1 2018)
Ages 13- 18 >9am-11am
Ages 9-12 >11am-1pm
Ages 8 & under >1pm-2pm
Ages 4-5 only Ages 6-8 Ages 9+
1 Ballet or Jazz class 1 Ballet class 2 Ballet classes (Pointe Class does not

1 mandatory team dance to be chosen 1 Jazz class 1 Jazz class

by the instructors

Absences will be approved prior to the 1 other Jazz or Leaps/Turns Class is 1 Leaps/Turns class
beginning of the year with written notice highly recommended, but not
of what pre-scheduled events you will be mandatory
missing for.

Absences will be approved prior to the 1 class in the discipline of the team
beginning of the year with written dance (i.e. hip hop, tap, lyrical)
notice of what pre-scheduled events
you will be missing for.
2 mandatory team dances to be
chosen by the instructors

Convention is recommended, but not 3 mandatory team dances to be

mandatory chosen by the instructors

Mandatory Choreography Camp. 1 mandatory convention (cost is

Check Website for Exact Dates. approximately $240)

Mandatory Choreography Camp.

Check Website for Exact Dates.

6 summer technique classes in either

ballet, jazz, or Leaps/Turns
(not per week, total for the 4 week)
Dance is to be the primary
extracurricular activity. Other
recreational endeavors will be
expected to be a secondary priority to
dance class, rehearsal, and
Arrival & Attendance: Every effort to assure students arrive at ALL weekly classes and rehearsals on
time. It is expected that family vacations will not be taken while rehearsals are in session and that in
the event of a family conflict on a dance day/event every measure possible will be taken to get the
dancers to the appropriate facility. Studio management and instructors are always willing to help
coordinate transportation if you need assistance. Also, please keep in mind that we are off for
Thanksgiving weekend, 2 weeks for winter break, and 1 week for spring break.

1. Absences will be approved prior to the beginning of the year with written notice of what pre-
scheduled events you will be missing for.
2. 1 excused absence from technique class per month, all other missed classes will be made up within
the month

Miss 3 practices or more: If a dancer misses over 3 practices for any reason could result in removal
from dance, at the teachers discretion, and at the dancers expense of a drop fee.

No Gossip: Will not, under any circumstances, promote gossip relating to ou r studio, other studios, or
any dancer(s) whether they dance at FDC or another studio.

Attendance 2 weeks Prior to competition: It will be MANDATORY that dancers be at all practices 2 WEEKS prior to

Extra Rehearsals- In the event that extra rehearsals are needed, they are considered MANDATORY.

Drop fee: If a dancer drops any competition routine after August 1st there will be a fee of $150 for
EACH routine dropped and no refunds will be given.

Competition Fees for late payments: Fees not paid within 7 days of the due date late fees in the
amount of $15 per dance will be assessed.

Fees not paid by competition : If Payments are not up to date by Competition registration; student(s)
will not be able to compete until they ar e paid.

Communication: Communicate ALL questions, comments, and/or concerns directly to studio

management. Problems are hard to solve if they are not directed to the appropriate people.

*Infractions/Disciplinary Action*

Dancers may be dismissed from class or rehearsal if they are being disruptive or lacking work ethic. This action will be
taken by the instructors themselves. Absences will be closely monitored by studio management and dancers will be
dismissed immediately upon failing to adhere to team attendance policies. As well, dancers may be held offstage if they
do not arrive at competitions by the call time given. All major incidents will be reviewed by studio management and, if
necessary, dancers will be dismissed from the team. Guardians and familial affiliates will also be held to a high standard
of professionalism and if there are actions/incidents that are deemed worthy of review by management, we hold the
right to bar any family member from rehearsals, class, or team events. If Payments are not up to date by Competition
registration deadlines, student will not be able to compete until they are paid.
Choreography Camp:

All dancers are required to be at all of their scheduled rehearsals. The goal of the camp is to complete as much of the
dance choreography as possible, so that the main focus throughout the year is cleaning/perfecting the dances. REFER

Choreography Fees:

Solo, Duo/Trio --Will be determined and paid directly to the instructor/choreographer.

Groups --$75 per group
New dancer to existing group --$75 per group

Rehearsal Fees:

Group rehearsal hours are calculated into the dancers total hours for tuition purposes and determined according to the
payment scale.

Solos, duos, and trios weekly fees will be determined by the instructor and weekly payments are to be made directly to
the instructor. (Checks made payable to him/her)

Costume Fees:

1. $100-200 costume per dance (includes Rhinestones)

2. $40-75 accessories/jewelry
3. $10-50 per costume
4. $30-80 shoes per costume
5. $30 makeup
6. $20-30 tights per costume
7. $100-125 Mandatory team uniform

Event Fees

(We will attend 4 competitions, these are mandatory. Please block off the whole

1. $100-115 Solo
2. $100-135 Duo/trio (split)
3. $45-55 Groups (per dance)
4. $3 Coaches fee per dance, per competition. For nationals, coaches, travel expenses
will be split amongst the families.

Fee Due Dates:

1. Choreography/Camp fees ALL due on July 15th

2. 1st team costume installment of $50 per costume due on September 15th.
3. Team costume balance due October 15th.
4. Competition Event and Coaches fees: Comp #1&2 due on December 1st, 3&4 on February 1st.