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Time of ritual: Twilight, 30 mins before sunrise.

(Venuss alignment between the Earth and Sun during this time will make it a luminous body or
morning star).

Direction: Facing east (Venus will visible in the twilight as a morning star when facing eastward
this week). This means the altar and practitioner should face east.

Celestial symbol: Venus, morning star. Ritual must be held during the week of the 27th - 3rd
(this week, and not for a long time after, Venus will, by its movements, become a morning star in
the twilight - it will be visible to the naked eye)

Entities: Goddess Inanna, Mesopotamian Goddess of Sex, Life, Love, War, Calamity and Death
who is associated with Venus and the morning and evening star. She who enthralls, and
subjugates, with her beauty and leads to disaster.

Materials: Seven black candles, RGBY candles,roses, altar, printed photo of a lion.


Prepare the ritual space. It must be a quiet, secluded, place where the practitioner will not be
disturbed. Preferably a secluded room. You can use a table, a box, or any sort of platform as an
altar. Upon this altar must be placed a photo of a lion, being one of her power symbols, which
will have arrayed around it seven black unlit candles (to symbolize Inanna's descent into the
underworld and the passing of the seven gates which will serve as a metaphor for the new
descent of the practicioner into witchcraft). Place a single rose before the candles.

In the four cardinal directions of the space, place unlit candles of red, blue, yellow, and green
appropriate to the element which is aligned with that direction (north is green/earth, east is
yellow/air, West is blue/water, South is red/fire). I should emphasize at this point that if you
cannot find appropriately colored candles, do not worry. The candles only purpose is
symbolism, to remind you of the elements and directions associated with the four corners and
clearly mark the boundary lines of the sacred space. This is why the candles should ideally be
placed far enough away from you and the altar for you to move. The ritual itself will nevertheless
consecrate the space. This space, and the need to establish it properly, is for your protection as
well as to prevent negative influences from impacting the ritual. Were you NOT calling upon a
God, very bad things could happen to you without it. Because you are calling upon a God, it is
likely unnecessary but it is a good habit to have!

Bathe before the ritual, a relaxing hot bath with a small handful of salt sprinkled into the water
and rose petals distributed (salt has purifying properties, is often used to consecrate sacred
spaces and the rose is a sacred symbol of Inanna) to purge body and mind of tension and
negative energy and align the practioner's energies with the divine. If scents aid with the
relaxation process, use them. Meditate on the purpose of the ritual, reflect deeply upon it's
purpose. Imagine the result, the attainment of the desired end (The love sought).

Afterward, head into the ritual space and seclude oneself. Ensure that you will not be disturbed
for the duration of the ritual.

The ritual goes thus,

Assuming you have gathered the colored candles for the corners (if not, merely recite the
incantation - most magical adepts can consecrate a sacred space with words and willpower
alone), move starting clockwise to each candle. Stop at each candle to light it, saying Here I do
establish this sacred place, I call upon the... only once and for each candle lit repeat,
Guardians of the [cardinal direction of this particular candle]..., until all candles are lit and sit in
the center facing the altar. End with ...gather here, I ask you, and grant this space your
protection. Close your eyes, clear your mind, relax, and allow a few moments of solemn quiet to

Once this is done, rise and approach your altar.

The black candles should still be unlit by this point. Light the closest candle to you, saying,
Queen of Heaven, beguiler of Enki, from whom you took mastery of all the arts of civilization,
lady of the rose, harbinger of fire and storms who brings all to ruin and from ashes gives life
anew, she for whom even the mountain Ebih lies prostrate and light the next candle
counterclockwise, ...You who ventured through the seven gates, who became as death for
three days, whose umbrage not even the hells could suppress and light the rest
counterclockwise, saying, ...Lady of the pearls, in the light of your splendor all men are bound
to your will. And so I beseech you, guide this way a man to me to complete me as the
shepherd so completed you. When you are finished, bow your head, sit quietly in reverence for
a few moments, then lift your head again and stare into the candle flames quietly for a few
more. Blow out the candles, stand and put out the colored candles one by one, going clockwise
again, with the intention to end the ritual.

You are done.

Resources for learning about Inanna for the practitioner, it is a good idea to learn about the
entity you will be summoning. (You don't want to offend HER, she is also a Goddess of
destruction and calamity as well as love):