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1. Open the brackets putting the verbs in the appropriate tense form.

A father asked the headmaster for help, informing him that his son (1) ____________ (get) the
gambling habit and that he (2) ________(be) anxious for the boy to grow out of it. I (3) __________(see)
what I can do, (4) ____________(reply) the headmaster.
When the father (5) _________________ (call) for his boy at the end of the term the headmaster (6)
__________ (say); I (7) ____________ (think) that I (8) _______________ (cure) your son of the gambling
habit. I (9) _________ (tell) you what (10) ____________ (happen). One day I (11) _________ (see) he (12)
__________________ (look) at my beard and he (13) __________ (say), Sir, (14) ______ (be) it a real
beard? I wouldnt mind betting five pounds that it (15) _____ (be) false. All right, I (16) _____________
(reply), I (17) ___________ (take) your bet. Now pull it and see. Of course I (18) ____________ (make)
the boy pay me the five pounds, so I (19) ___________ (think) I (20) _________________ (cure) him all
Oh, dear, (21) _____________ (groan) the father. He (22) ________ (bet) me ten pounds that he
(23) __________________ (pull) your beard before the term (24) ______________ (end)!

2. Insert the correct article.

(25) ____ Masai live in (26) ____ area between (27) ____ Kenyan mountains and (28) ____ Mount
Kilimanjaro in Africa. Their origin date back to (29) ____ prehistoric times. In (30) ___ fact, (31) ___life of
these people is based on breeding of (32) ____ cows. Their daily food is derived from these cows. (33) ___
another very important element in their life is (34) ____ land. (35) ____ land is sacred to them. It is prohibited
to offend it in any way. It is for this reason they dont cultivate their land. They dont bury (36) ____ dead.
The life of (37) ____ Masai warrior is full of (38) ____ discipline. If (39) _____ woman sees him eating (40)
____ meat, he must throw it away. If (41) ____ boy kills (42) ___ lion, he gets (43) ____ right wear its skin.
Today (44) ____ Masai dont kill (45) ___ lions because they are protected by (46) ___ law.

3. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct variant.

47. There were over 30, 000 _______ at the match.

a) spectators b) viewers c) witnesses d) watchers
48. The car had a ______ tyre, so we had to change the wheel.
a) broken b) cracked c) bent d) flat
49. It was impossible for her to tell the truth so she had to ______ a story.
a) invent b) combine c) manage d) lie
50. When the manager went to Canada on business his _____ took over all his duties.
a) caretaker b) officer c) deputy d) commander
51. He stood on one leg, ______ against the wall while he took off his shoes.
a) stopping b) staying c) leaning d) supporting
52. I must tell you about my ____ when I first arrived in London.
a) incidents b) happenings c) experiences d) events
53. The discovery was a major _____ for research workers.
a) breakout b) breakdown c) break-in d) breakout
4. Identify and circle the part, which is not correct.
54. The main clause of the contract concerns the amount of the money to be paid and all the when and
1 2 3
are supplementary to it.
55. He aimed himself for the long night drive by drinking black coffee.
1 2 3 4
56. No feeding these lions on carrots, boys! They are carnivores.
1 2 3 4
57. I told her to stop making a fuss about nothing and said she was luckily to have got a seat at all.
1 2 3 4
58. Many huntsmen find the chase more exciting than killing.
1 2 3 4
5. Fill in the gaps with the suitable derivatives of the word given in capitals on the right.

59 A good dictionary can aid the student by _______________________ his LARGE

. vocabulary.
60 ________________________ is one his nicest characteristics. TACT
61 Dont __________________ her piano-playing just because you are jealous. LITTLE
62 The director has a complete_____________________ over the whole DOMINATE
. committee.
63 An idiot has an_____________________ IQ. NORM
64 I am alarmed by your ________________________ attitude. RESPONSE
65 The food in this canteen is hardly_____________________. EAT

6. Choose and circle the right form.

66. A number of (was /were) gathering round the bar.

67. The audience (was / were) dressed in a variety of ways, some in suits and dresses, some in jeans.
68. Youth often (question / questions) the contentions of society.
69. Bacteria (is / are) in the air we breathe and in the food we eat.
70. There (was / were) only five pounds in my purse.
71. All the furniture (was / were) destroyed in the fire.
72. Economics (is/ are) a very broad subject.

7. Insert the right preposition where necessary.

73. Businessmen hope ____ a continuance of prosperity.

74. He was accused ____ committing robbery.
75. The meeting ended ____ friendly agreement.
76. My father influenced ______ me to accept the job.
77. A good student hungers ____ knowledge.
78. An intruder broke ____ the house last night.
79. Oscar Wilde was known ____ his wit.

8. Guess the noun by filling in the blanks using the spelling clues given.

80. Winning $ 2 million on the football pools made it possible for him to live in __ __ __ __ __ t for the rest
of his life.
81. We decided to leave at d __ __ __ in order to get there before midday.
82. I cant carry it on my o__ __; its too heavy.
83. The car came round the corner at full __ p __ __ __.
84. I see that long hair is in __ a __ __ o __ again.
85. This wasnt an accident! You did it on __ __ r __ __ __ e.


1. Think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.
I think the whole of doing this is perfectly clear.
She said she could to a number of reasons for doing it her way.
Could I just out that I find your actions completely unreasonable.

1. Its time you learned to up to the fact that were losing money.
You cant keep running away from difficult decisions: its time to the music.
I really cant the idea of doing the whole thing again.
2. I dont think children should be under such pressure at such an early age.
Can you in a good word for me with the boss?
If you you mind to it, you can achieve virtually anything.
3. I will try with all the at my disposal.
The situation is by no hopeless.
The llama is the main of transport in that part of the world.
4. Earthquakes sometimes seem to come so soon one after
few years and shell be a world champion.
Shopliftings one thing; robbery with violence is quite
5. The less about this, the better.
Thats easier than done!
He is to be one of the richest men in the world.
6. I think its probably a question of over matter.
I dont suppose he would if you borrowed his bicycle.
I dont standing down, if you think thats best.
7. There was intense for places.
There was a phone-in for which the first prize was a seat at the final.
This governments policy is to encourage between businesses.
8. Do you really think thats the centre?
Ghosts traditionally appear at of night.
I have the feeling this issue is not yet and buried.
9. I think I know the man.
Its good to own your own flat for the first time.
Just at that moment I had the same idea.
10. He survived eighteen years in prison to die of a heart attack the day after he was released.
If we had planned more carefully, we wouldnt be in this mess.
Please welcome the one and George B. Rafter!
2. Read the text below. Use the word given in CAPITALS at the end of some lines to form a word
that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

There was a distinct danger that the second day of the trial was
going to be an (0) unmitigated disaster. Having reduced the contents of (0) MITIGATE
my backpack to a minimum, I was (11) _________________________ (11) EXPECT
handed a sleeping bag and a tent mat which would make sure the 12-
kilometre ascent felt like 120. I was surrounded by a group of (12) (12) COMPEL
______________________ talkers who chatted non-stop and seemed (13) (13) TOTAL
_________________________ unfazed by the steepness of the climb. I
staggered along in silence, (14) _________________________ of energy (14) CONSERVE
being my main priority. I was very aware of the (15) (15) ABSURD
_________________________ of my eyes-to-the-ground climbing
technique while all around there was the (16) ________________________ (16) DESCRIBE
beautiful landscape I had crossed half the world to witness. When (17) (17) MERCY
____________________________ a ten-minute break was called, the
sensation of space, of expanse, of (18) _____________________________ (18) FINITE
even, when finally I could raise my eyes, was quite (19) (19) EXPRESS
_________________________. When we finally reached our camp, I was
overcome by relief and (20) _____________________ joy. I might have (20) ADULTERATE
missed a lot, but I had got there.

3. Match each sentence on the left with a sentence of related meaning on the right.
(0) Dont demean yourself. Assert yourself more.

(0 Dont demean yourself.) A. Give yourself a break.

21. Dont belittle yourself. B. Get a grip on yourself.
22. Be yourself. C. Limit yourself to 10 km. a day.
23. Keep calm. D. Dont put yourself down so much.
24. Stop kidding yourself. E. Dont get yourself worked up.
25. Dont push yourself so hard. F. Why am I so stupid?
26. Pull yourself together. G. Stop deluding yourself.
27. Dont let yourself get carried away. H. Keep your feet on the ground.
28. Dont overdo it. I. Stop putting on an act.
29. Ask yourself what you really want. J. Think carefully about your ambitions.
30. I could kick myself. (K. Assert yourself more.)

21. _____ 26. ______
22. _____ 27. ______
23. _____ 28. ______
24. _____ 29. ______
25. _____ 30. ______

4. Fill each of the numbered gaps with one suitable preposition.

Most places in Africa are far cheaper to get (31) _________ than packaged tour agents would have
you believed. Neither should you listen to your mother, who will tell you that such trips are fraught
(32) _________ all sorts of dangers. The hardest part is simply making the decision to go. But if
youve a taste (33) ___________ adventure, it really is surprisingly easy and will turn (34) _________
to be one of the best experiences youve ever had. Remember that wherever there are people, there
will be food, shelter and transport, no matter how primitive, and the further (35) _____________ the
beaten track you go generally the more interesting it becomes. If (36) ______________ all possible,
avoid making hard and fast plans or having rigid deadlines. Instead, be open to suggestions (37)
__________ other travelers (38) _____________ which route to take and if they advise you (39)
_____________ a particular course of action, you would be wise to follow that advice. Transport
rarely runs (40) ______________ schedule or (41) _____________ a manner that youre familiar (42)
____________ and if you expect it (43) _______________, youll drive yourself (44)
_______________ distraction. In many parts of Africa its virtually impossible (45) _____________
predict anything.

5. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the
word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and eight words,
including the word given.

46. Its a long time since anyone checked my car properly.

I havent _________________________________________________________ a long time.

47. She went before I realized what was happening.

By the time ____________________________________________________________ gone.

48. Weve had lots of arguments with that particular harbour master before.
This is __________________________________________________________________ with
that particular harbour master.

49. There has been an annual festival here for hundreds of years.
Since _____________________________________________________________________ an
annual festival here.

50. It seems most likely that well lose the next match.
Theres ________________________________________________________ the next match.


1. Use the proper forms of verbs in brackets and make the text complete.

To Marry Or Not To Marry

Denis heard the big heavy door (1) _________________ (close) behind him and (2)
_______________ (turn) (3) _____________ (see) that there (4) _____________ (be) no handle. He tried (5)
________________ (make) the door (6) ____________________ (open) but (7) _________________ (not
can). Somebody (8) ______________________ (lock) it.
Suddenly a weak voice said: (9) ___________________ (Come) in, young man. I (10)
_____________________(be) here since morning in the hope of being able (11) _________________ (hear)
your footsteps. The voice hardly (12) _________________________ (hear). Denis (13)
__________________(raise) his head and (14) ______________________ (see) a little white-haired man in
the light of the fire. Denis (15) _________________ (speak). I (16) ___________ (be) afraid, you (17)
______________________(make) a mistake. You (18) __________________________ (wait) for another
man. I (19) ______________________ (arrive) in the town lately and (20) _______________________(not
know) any one here yet. This morning I (21) ___________________(be) out for a walk when drunken
soldiers (22) ______________________ (came) up to me and said they (23) ____________________(kill)
me if I (24) _______________________(not give) them my money. I (25) _______________________
(begin) (26) _______________ (run) as fast as I (27) ________________ (can). When I (28)
_____________________ (run) along the street I saw your door (29) ____________________ (stand) open
and I (30) ___________________(enter).
You (31) _____________________ (tell) me a lie, said the old man. You (32)
______________________ (come) here (33) _________________ (meet) my niece and (34)
______________________(bring) dishonor to my house, but you (35) ______________________(punish)
instead. I want you (36) ____________________(follow) me.
They (37) ___________________(go) to the room in the house. By the window there (38)
_____________________ (stand) a young girl dressed in white. Denis understood he never (39)
__________________________(see) anyone so beautiful.
If you (40) ______________________(not marry) her, you (41) _____________________(die) in
the morning. And now (42) _______________________ (think) if you (43) ____________________ (obey)
or not.

2. Complete this advertisement for a course by forming verb forms from the words in capitals at the
end of each line using the prefixes or suffixes below. You may need to make more than one change to
the word given.

Prefixes: a- dis - en - mis

Suffixes : -en -ify -ize

Practical Computer Skills

As the name makes clear, this course (44) ___________________ the practical side EMPHASIS
of things. If you want to (45) ___________________ your knowledge and skills, the BROAD
course will (46) ______________________ you to do just that. Experienced teachers ABLE
will (47) ______________________ areas that confuse you. There may be some CLEAR
terminology which you have always (48) _______________________ . This course UNDERSTAND
will (49) ___________________ that this is no longer a problem. The teachers will SURE
(50) _____________________ the technical language and explain certain error SIMPLE
messages, so that you know what to do if the same problem (51)
___________________ in the future. Many people are (52) RISE
__________________________ when applying for jobs as their computer skills let ADVANTAGE
them down. So dont be (53) _______________________ if youre struggling with COURAGE
your computer - enroll on our course.
3. Fill the verbs with the correct particles according to the meaning of the sentence. Write the correct
letter in the gap.

54. I dont mind where we go tonight. Its ________ to you.

A) on B) over C) up

55. New parking restrictions have been brought ______ .

A) in B) out C) about

56. He doesnt have much of a social life his job takes _____ all his time.
A) to B) off C) up

57. I thought about the problem but I couldnt come ______ a solution.
A) up B) up with C) out
58. I was keen last week but Ive gone ____ the idea now.
A) off B) out C) away

59. Fighting broke ____ at the demonstration.

A) in B) out C) up

60. When we left the airport, we made ____ the city center.
A) to B) in C) for

4. Insert the correct articles.

1. (61) ______ dinosaur is a reptile that was (62) _____ dominant land animal during (63) _____ most of
(64)_____ Mesozoic Era but became (65)______ extinct at its close.
2. It is made up of (66) ____ number of colleges, schools, and attached institutes, which range from (67)
___ London School of Economics and Political Science to (68) ____ Kings College and several
medical schools.
3. (69) ____ E-mail and (70) ____ Internet are (71) ____ latest technologies that are spreading (72) ____
American English.
4. (73) ____ cotton is still a principal raw material for (74) ____ worlds textile industry, but its
dominant position has been seriously eroded by (75) ____ synthetic fibers.


1. When I came into ___, the family ___ sitting round the table playing draughts. Draughts ___ their favourite
game. They liked to play ___ in the evening.
A. the Holleys, were, are, it C. the Holleys, were, is, it
B. Holleys, was, are, them D. Holleyss was, is, them

2. The ___ wife was wearing a plain white dress with a string of pearls that cost more than my ___ salary.
A. governors-general, two years C. governor-general, two years
B. governor-generals, two years D. governors-generals, two-year

3. The criteria ___ too vague. If there were a sharper ___ to make our choice, I would be happy.
A. is, criterion C. is, criteria
B. are, criterion D. are, criteria

4. The crossroads at our supermarket ___ a dangerous place. The traffic lights will help both pedestrians and
drivers to avoid accidents. The police ___ to set ___ here.
A. are, needs, them C. are, needs, it
B. is, need, them D. is, need, it

5. These species ___ protected in national parks and ___.

A. is, game reserves C. are, game reserves
B. are, games reserves D. is, games reserves

6. The producer presented his new ___ film. The show took ___ time.
A. two-series, three hours C. two-series, three hours
B. two-seria, three hours D. two-series, three hours

7. Where ___Nicks pyjamas? - ___ on the bed.

A. is, It is C. is, They are
B. are, They are D. are, It is

8. Various ___ of the ___ are cereals, cultivated for their ___, which is used as food.
A. species, grass family, seed C. species, grasss family, seed
B. speci, grass family, seeds D. speci, grasss family, seeds

9. There ___ enough ___ to suggest that job stress may increase a mans risk of dying from ___ disease.
A. are, evidences, hearts C. is, evidence, hearts
B. is, evidence, heart D. are, evidence, heart

10. She remained on ___ deck until ___ midnight, and ___ following day she was carried up there again early
in ___ morning.
A. ___, ___, the, the C. ___, ___, ___, ___
B. a, the, the, the D. the, the, ___, ___

11. Until the nineteenth century, ___ carpet was usually considered ___ work of ___ art and was made by ___
A. the, ___, ___, ___ C. the, a, ___, ___
B. a, a, the, ___ D. a, ___, the, the

12. ___ mornings after ___mornings of ___ late he has taken his walk in the same direction trying to see her
A. A, a, the C. ___, ___, ___
B. The, the, ___ D. A, a, ___

13. Born in Salinas, California, Steinbeck was educated at ___ Stanford University. As __ youth, he worked
as ___ ranch hand and fruit picker.
A. ___, a, a, C. the, the, the
B. the, ___, ___ D. ___, ___, a

14. It is made up of ___ number of colleges, schools, and attached institutes, which range from ___ London
School of Economics and Political Science to ___ Kings College and several medical schools.
A. the, ___, ___ C. a, the, ___
B. a, the, the D. the, ___, the
15. ___ common autumn phenomenon in ___ central and eastern USA and in ___ Europe is ___ Indian
summer, a period of ___ unreasonably warm weather that sometimes occurs in ___ late September and
A. The, the, the, the, the, ____ C. A, ___, ____, ____, ____, the
B. A, the, ___, the, the, the D. A, the, ___, ____, ___, ____

16. With ___ average elevation of more than 4000 m, Tibet is the highest region on ___ earth sometimes
called ___ Roof of ___World.
A. ____, the, the, the C. an, the, ___, the
B. the, ___, ____, ___ D. an, ___, the, the

17. ___ pearl is ___ abnormal growth resulting from the invasion of the mollusk by ___ minute particle of
foreign matter, such as ___ fine grain of sand.
A. The, an, a, a C. ___, the, ___, the
B. A, ___, the, ___ D. The, an, the, the

18. ___ stone picked by ___ child on the banks of ___ Orange River in ___ South Africa in 1866 was a big
A. ___, a, the, the C. ___, the, ___, the
B. A, a, ___, ___ D. A, a, the, ___

19. Ann and Pete were trying their best, but ___ of them was helpful. They made ___ attempts but ____ was
in vain.
A. none, other a few, all C. nobody, the other few, all
B. neither, another few, everything D. no one, another a few, everything

20. It was clear he was hungry. He ate a considerable ___ of fried meat ___ quicker than ___ and asked for
___ helping.
A. number, lot, others, other C. deal, a lot, the other, the others
B. amount, far, the other, another D. quantity, ___, anothers, an another

21. When I met her, ___ her parents perished and she was dependent upon ___. She didnt want ____ help
and lived on ___ own.
A. either, her, anybody, her C. both, herself, anybodys, her
B. any of, hers, somebodys, hers D. both of, oneself, everybody, oneself

22. I tried to concentrate ___, but as I felt ___ cold I could think only of a warm room with a fireplace and an
armchair in front of it where I can settle ___.
A. myself, myself, myself C. myself, ___, ____
B. ____, ___, ___ D. ____, ___, myself

23. It refers to the ways ancient Greeks spoke, worshipped, understood the nature of the physical world ___,
organized their governments, made ___ livings, entertained ___, and related to ____ who were not Greek.
A. themselves, them, themselves, the others C. itself, their, themselves, others
B. itself, their, itself, others D. themselves, ___, themselves, the other

24. He is diligence ____. But he forgets one thing: the difference between a good worker and a bad worker is
that one works with his heart and ____ with his hands.
A. himself, the other C. itself, the other
B. ____, another D. himself, others

25. It is more shameful to distrust ____ friends than to be deceived by ____.

A. their, theirs C. his, themselves
B. ones, them D. our, ourselves

26. ____ is waiting for the signal. ____ two minutes and the match will begin. ___ players are anxious to win.
A. Everybody, Another, Every C. All, Other, Each
B. Anybody, Some, All D. Everybody, Another, All the

27. ___ had we got out of the car ___ he and his ___ brother rushed to us. It was ____ how they could guess
where we were going.
A. No sooner, when, older, strange C. No sooner, than, elder, strange
B. Hard, and, elder, strangely D. Hardly, when, eldest, strangely

28. When he saw them standing ____ to each other, he laughed ___ as though a weight had been lifted from
him. But his wife cut him ___ saying his laughter was not to the point.
A. closely, joyfully, shortly C. closely, joyful, short
B. close, joyful, short D. close, joyfully, short

29. Books differ from periodicals and newspapers because they are not published on a ____ schedule.
A. strictly day, week, or month C. strictly days, weeks, or months
B. strict day, week, or month D. strict daily, weekly, or monthly
30. She stretched herself out ____ on the sofa and looked at the barometer. She knew that ___ falling pressure
usually meant a storm was approaching.
A. flat, rapid C. flat, rapidly
B. flatly, rapidly D. flatly, rapid

31. The words cloth and clothing are related, ____ meaning fabric or textile, and ____ meaning fabrics used
to cover the body.
A. the first, the latter C. the former, the second
B. the former, the latter D. the first, the later

32. She smiled ___ me and said, I dont mind ___ organizing the party if he has no objections ___ giving it.
A. at, to, ___ C. for, from, upon
B. at, ___, to D. at, ___, for

33. He was very fond ___ his sister and meant always to take care ____ her. She was glad ___ his company.
A. of, of, with C. of, of, of
B. for, for, of D. with, for, for

34. The Minister in charge ___ medical research, in reply ___ questions, said, We do not know the cause ___
this new illness. We must find a way ____ curing it, and there is a need ___ research. We must not act ___ a
hurry. This is an international problem, and we cannot act ___ ourselves.
A. for, to, of, for, for, in, by C. over, of, of, to, for, in, by
B. of, to, of, of, for, in by D. of to, of, for, in, at, with

35. ___ the whole, he never said much to me, but he was never harsh ___ me. I dont remember his ever
shouting ___ me.
A. For, at, to C. On, with at
B. In, to, at D. On, by, ___

36. Let us appeal ___ reason. These facts speak in favour ___his being innocence.
A. for, of C. with, for
B. to, of D. for, for

37. Dont get ___ and ___ every minute, you are getting ___ my nerves.
A. up, down, on C. to, back, on
B. to, for, to D. on, off, at

38. She ____ awake all night thinking of what had happened. She felt that Jean had taken ___ her from the
very start.
A. laid, for C. lain, from
B. lay, against D. was lying, upon

39. People began to ____ sheep for the wool about 6,000 years ago.
A. raise C. arise
B. rise D. arouse

40. Measles broke ___ in the village.

A. down C. off
B. out D. in

41. They looked ____ a roof to live under before the cold weather set ____.
A. for, out C. upon, off
B. looked forward to, on D. for, in

42. Ask me questions and I will ____ my best to answer them, he said and burst ____ laughing.
A. do, in C. do, out
B. make, out D. make, in

43. Harrison who was laughing loudly suddenly broke ___.

A. away C. on
B. off D. ____

44. Her two weeks holiday in Greece ____ her a world of good. She came fresh and so tanned as if she had
been ___ in the sun for months.
A. made, lying C. made, laying
B. did, laying D. did, lying

45. Provided the dam ___ by February, the flood ___ several towns.
A. was built, will have struck C. wont be built, will be striking
B. has not been built, will strike D. wont have been built, strikes

46. She said that by the time you ___ to him for help they ___ the greater part of their research.
A. had turned, will do C. turned, would have done
B. turn, will have done D. had turned, would do

47. All the way home he ___ his tactics: how ___ the news to her, how ____ in puzzles until she ___ him to
let her have the whole story.
A. had planned , would he break, would he speak, asked
B. was planning, would he break, would he speak, would ask
C. had been planning, he would break, he would speak, asked
D. planned, he would break, he would speak, would ask

48. The damage ___ to the house was extensive and he got them ___ for it.
A. having made, pay C. having done, pay
B. done, to pay D. made, to pay

49. He was made ___ the town and did not want to spend the last money ___ an apartment in the suburbs; this
unexpected offer of shelter was too tempting ___.
A. leaving, to rent, to resist C. leave, on leaving, to be resisted
B. to leave, on renting, to be resisted D. to have left, to have rented, being resisted

50. I think you ought to do something to your hair. Why dont you have it ___? I asked. But Alice did not
appear ___ me. She was going to the airport with Erick ___ the car back.
A. waving, to hear, to have driven C. to wave, having heard, to be driving
B. wave, hearing, driving D. waved, to have heard, to drive

51. I cant help ___ at his meanness. He again decided against ___ his old aunt. He says he cant afford ____
so much money on medicine.
A. being surprised, helping, to spend C. to be surprised, helping, spending
B. surprising, to help, to spend D. to surprise, to help, spending

During an (52) ___ 700 years ago, the Englands King Edward I took the 181 kg Stone of Destiny from
central Scotland. According to ancient prophecy, whoever had (53) ___ the stone would have (54) ___ over
Scotland. According to legend, during coronations, the stone would make a (55) ___ noise if the person sitting
on it was of royal (56) ___, and it would remain (57) ___ if the person was not of royal family. (58) ___ for a
brief period of time, the stone has remained under coronation (59) ___ at Westminster Abbey in London,
England, for the last 700 years. (60) ___ English and British monarch has been crowned on the Stone of
Destiny since Edward brought it to Westminster Abbey in 1296.

52. A. invade B. invasive C. invaded D. invasion

53. A. owning B. owned C. ownership D. own
54. A. powerfully B. powerful C. power D. powered
55. A. groaning B. groan C. groaningly D. groaned
56. A. blooded B. bloodily C. bloody D. blood
57. A. silently B. silence C. silent D. silencing
58. A. Exception B. Excepting C. Except D. Excepted
59. A. seat B. seated C. seater D. seating
60. A. Everyone B. Each C. Everywhere D. Every


Circle the correct variant.

1. Muscle tone has two functions: it keeps muscles ready for immediate contraction _____ demand, and it
keeps the body in an upright position.
A) at
B) on
C) by
D) for

2. The development of the specific industries depends on the agricultural resources of the country ____
A) at
B) in
C) on
D) against

3. Mankind has always been dependent on the process of photosynthesis _____ food.
A) in
B) upon
C) for
D) of

4. Who is David West, and _____ James?

A) who he is for
B) why he is against
C) what is he to
D) what if it was

5. His father came home to dinner every night, and _____ in his life Jack felt that they were a real family.
A) at first time
B) firstly
C) for the first time
D) at first

6. It was an ____ audience and as she took her curtains calls, she received a tremendous ovation.
A) appreciation
B) appreciable
C) appreciative
D) appreciated

7. There are many tricks of this kind in every film which proves that appearances are very _____.
A) deceptable
B) deceived
C) deceitful
D) deceptive

8. Ambitious plans to spend $ 100 million on a _____ slate mine in North Wales to make it attractive for
tourists are causing a hot dispute among locals.
A) disused
B) misused
C) used up
D) non-used

9. _____ Uspensky Cathedral, Moscows main church, was the focal point of religious activity.
A) A five domed
B) Five-dome
C) Five-domed
D) The five-domed

10. A time is coming in which not so much work ____ work by brain will be necessary to master new
A) in hand than
B) on hands to
C) by hand as
D) hand-made to

11. Columbus and ___ early explorers were greatly amazed by the appearance of aborigines.
A) another
B) the other
C) other
D) the other

12. In the readingroom there are tables where you can sit and read the daily papers and _____ periodicals.
A) all the other
B) other all
C) all other
D) another

13. He took away ten papers, but only seven were in his pocket and what had become ____ three?
A) of another
B) with others
C) with the other
D) of the other

14. Ginger, pepper, cinnamon and some other aromatic flavours might be used for seasoning meat and fish
____ was particularly important when there were no refrigerators.
A) that
B) what
C) there
D) which

15. It was not till after dinner ____ he spoke.

A) than
B) when
C) before
D) that

16. ____ railway bridges were the great structural symbols of the 19 th century, motorways bridges became the
engineering symbols of the 20th century.
A) as long as
B) so long as
C) just as
D) as soon as

17. ____ lets argue about it!

A) not
B) dont
C) lets
D) nothing

18. People may be absent because of sickness, accidents or transport problems or ____.
A) without a reason at all
B) for no good reason
C) when it stands to reason
D) by personnel reasons

19. September turned out to be ____ month in the history of the Italian weather bureau.
A) the rainiest
B) the most rainy
C) the rainy
D) a more rainy

20. His magazines were piled on the shelf ____ each other.
A) on top of
B) at the top of
C) on the top of
D) at top of

21. It was raining heavily and we ___ much of the night.

A) lay awake for
B) lied awaken for
C) laid awoken
D) laid awoken within

22. Yet it appeared to me that the night must have almost gone, and the dawn ____ us.
A) was breaking above
B) should have broken over
C) ought to break at
D) is to be broken on

23. Stanhope and Sons ____ one of the most important investment houses in the financial community.
A) were
B) have been
C) was
D) are

24. If the file ____ the hands of an unscrupulous rival firm, the designs could easily be copied.
A) had been stolen and gotten into
B) were stolen and got
C) would be stolen and get
D) should be stolen and get

25. What germ line engineering ____ designing our babies to our own specifications.
A) is means
B) means is
C) has is
D) will be meant

26. The worlds population ______ for at least the next 30 years.
A) is forecast to continue to grow
B) has forecasted to continue growing
C) will be forecasted to continue its growing
D) is forecasting its continuous growth

27. He telephoned her at 8 oclock in the morning, and he ________.

A) for had been answered by a tape-recorded message
B) heard the tape-recorded message
C) was answered by a tape-recorded message
D) sent her a tape-recorded message.

28. Andrews quick eye took my occupation and he shook his head with a smile _____ glances.
A) when he noticed my questionable
B) as he noticed my questioning
C) as soon as he noticed my questioned
D) watching my question

29. Once a nation begins to give in, its a _____, and soon will be ______ one.
A) died dying
B) dying dead
C) doomed died
D) dead doomed

30. There has never been anything like it before, ______.

A) neither it will be again.
B) has it?
C) nor will be again.
D) has not it there?

Identify and circle the one underlined word or phrase that is not correct.

31. Some other day Thursday to be more exact he lunched with us.
32. This planet is about the size of Jupiter, the biggest of the nine solar system planet.

33. The war, like all wars, had created overnight millionaires, and there was not shortage of customers.
34. She needed no cap; her naturally curly red hair was short and combed easily into a soft halo when they
were wet.
35. We went to the Europa Hotel and we had caviar and Champaign while listening to an orchestra of 30
played Gershwin.
36. When Alex landed in a DC-6, he was welcomed by the base commander and its staff; his limousine was
standing by.
37. A whispering Damn! broke the silence as she dropped the key-ring at her feet.
38. When I was young and very poor and smoked a cigar only when somebody gave me, I determined that if I
ever had money
I would smoke a cigar every day.
39. He did his homework well and carefully; he showed no signs of impatience, restless or boredom.
40. The door leading out to the road was open and at it was standing a half dozen natives.

Use the italicized words in brackets to form a word that fits in the sentence.

41. Tims dog _______________________________________ (narrow) escaped being run over by a car.
42. I suppose it doesnt alter the _______________________________________ (serious) of the problem.
43. If you eat so fast, of course youll get ____________________________________________ (digest).
44. Mike doesnt have a job, so hes now living on ______________________________ (employ) benefit.
45. Mr. Carter, a well-known ___________________________ (crime), has recently published his novel.

Match the following pairs of synonyms and write the letters at the numbers on the right.

46. ups-and-downs A. irritation 46.

47. breakthrough B. enthusiasm 47.
48. rigid C. supplement 48.
49. motivation D. innovation 49.
50. addendum E. instability 50.

Match the following pairs of antonyms and write the letters at the numbers on the right.

51. boundless A. limited 51.

52. purify B. lay off 52.
53. heir C. contaminate 53.
54. hire D. optional 54.
55. compulsory E. ancestor 55.

Match the following phrasal verbs with their definitions and write the letters at the numbers on the
56. call off A. invent 56.
57. think up B. respect 57.
58. put together C. investigate 58.
59. look into D. assemble 59.
60. look up to E. cancel 60.

Decide which is the odd one in each of the following groups and underline this word.

61. frock / apron / dungarees / trace / overalls.

62. anthem / share / cantata / reggae / lullaby.
63. sedative / perfume / painkiller / ointment / lotion.
64. bondage / fastback / saloon / jeep / convertible.
65. lavender / strawberry / rosemary / jasmine / myrtle.

1. Fill the gaps in the phrases below with one of these words to build an idiomatic phrase.

class streets common head spots cheese

1. Mozart and Wagner are as different as chalk and _________________
2. I have practically nothing in ________________ with my sister.
3. United would knock _______________ off us.
4. Theodorakis is in a _______________ of his town.
5. I dont agree that Americans are __________________ ahead of us.
6. Armenian basketball players are __________________ and shoulders above the rest.

2. Match a prefix with a word to make a new word. Then choose the appropriate meaning for the
prefix from the list

Example: 0 anti-theft / against

prefix word meaning Your answer

for the
anti power against
1. inter author not 1.
2. super hi-fi main 2.
3. ex normal too much 3.
4. mini city very big 4.
5. ab continental before 5.
6. over view previous 6.
7. co enemy between 7.
8. arch wife small 8.
9. trans spend together 9.
10. pre theft across 10.

3. Read the text below. Use the words given in CAPITALS at the end of some lines to form a word
that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0)

The crime rate statistics continue to make (0) ___depressing 0. DEPRESS

reading. True, there has been a slight fall in the number of burglaries over
the past twelve months, but this is more than made up for by a (1)
_________________________ leap in the cases of street muggings and 1. SUBSTANCE
aggravated assaults. (2) ___________________ Jonathan Steadman, 48, 2. CRIME
(3) _____________________ by a department of the Metropolitan 3. EMPLOY
Police, makes the point: What we are seeing is a result of better home
(4) _____________________________ systems, burglar alarms, 4. SECURE
(5) ___________________________ locks, etc. Last years burglar has 5. SAFE
become this years pickpocket and (6) ________________________. It 6. MUG
has (7)__________________________ dawned on the nations thieves 7. APPEAR
that it is (8) _____________________________ easier to snatch the odd 8. MEASURE
handbag or lie in wait for a solitary walker than to go to the unnecessary
(9) __________________ of 9. LONG
(10) __________________________ a hi-tech alarm system. 10. ACTIVE
4. Circle a letter A, B, C or D that best fills each number gap.

It never (1)___ to amaze me how many films are (2)____ by the critics as a load of rubbish but go on to
achieve considerable commercial success, flying in the (3)___ of such criticism. In fact it is the exception
rather than the (4) ___ when critics and cinemagoers see (5) ___. Titanic, Captain Corellis Mandolin
and Pearl Harbour for example, met with quite a lot of media (6)___ but all three (7)___ at the box
office like few others have before. It (8) ____ the question: what is a quality film? How can one film be
(9) ____ as a classic and another as turkey. What (10) ____ as a great film. Meanwhile, the rivalry
among studios ha never been more (11) ____. All of them will happily spend millions of dollars on a
happening to (12) _____ their film in an attempt to (13) _____ their potential audience into buying their
ticket. They will also spend millions to try and (14) ____damaging rumours about their stars and (15)
____ them as heroes on a level beyond any other human being on the planet.

1. A. stops B. ceases C. ends D. finishes

2. A. considered B. complimented C. counted D. panned
3. A. face B. wind C. variance D. plane
4. A. acceptable B. rule C. reception D. law
5. A. at B. on tenterhooks C. face to face D. eye to eye
6. A. disagreement B. competition C. hostility D. reprisal
7. A. took off B. petered out C. broke off D. dried up
8. A. lifts B. puts C. rises D. raises
9. A. categorised B. called C. thought D. qualified
10. A. qualifies B. names C. acts D. serves
11. A. intensive B. opposed C. intense D. all-out
12. A. branch out B. launch C. shoot off D. put up
13. A. brainwash B. start up C. put out D. consign
14. A. reject B. disperse C. annihilate D. dispel
15. A. count B. expose C. promote D. double

5. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with ONE suitable word.

After living (0) under the threat of extinction for more than 30 years, the national bird of the United
states has (1) ____________ granted an official reprieve, as the bald eagle and 28 other animals and plant
species have been earmarked (2) __________ removal from Americas list of endangered species. The
bald eagle, also (3) ___________ as the white-headed sea eagle, took pride of place at the top of a list of
species likely to (4) __________ taken off the endangered register in the coming years. The proposed
delistings are (5) ______________ promoted (6) ___________ the US Interior Secretary to counter a
growing feeling among Republicans than endangered-species laws do not work. Charges of
ineffectiveness have been (7) ______________ against these laws before, but more recently it has (8)
_____________ been suggested that the situation may actually have been (9) _______________ worse by
them. The recovery of the bald eagle follows 31 years on the critical list. Its numbers had been (10)
________________ to fewer than 500 (11) ___________ the use of pesticides that reacted adversely (12)
_____________ its reproductive system. The number of nesting pairs is now estimated (13)
______________ 5000. Until now, few species have (14) _____________ been removed from the list.
When they (15) _____________, it was usually because they had become extinct.


I. Open the brackets using the correct forms of the verbs.

A. An eight-year-old boy has disappeared. Mark Davidson (1) _______________(not/return) yesterday

from the park near his home in Copley Road, Dulverstone.The Davidsons (2)________________(live)
five minutes walk away from the park. Mark (3)_______________(go) to the park at four oclock and
(4)_______________(play) football with his friends. After they (5)_______________(play) for about an
hour, they (6)_______________(sit) down for a rest. Mark (7)_______________ (leave) the park at
quarter past five. He (8)_______________ (be) alone. A man who (9)_______________(walk) his dog
(10)_______________(see) him go out through the gate. No one(11)_______________(see) Mark since
then. The police (12)_______________(question) local residents and they (13)_______________(speak)
to about two hundred people.
B. If I (14)_______________(buy) a ticket yesterday, I might have won a prize.
If only I (15)_______________(be) taller. Then I could be a model.

II. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the
word given. Dont change the words given.
MEAN What is the meaning of the word?
What does the word mean?

1. PICK You are always criticizing people!

You _________________ people!
2. USED Ian finds it normal to sort out other peoples problems for them.
Ian ____________________ other peoples problems for them.
3. SENSE I cant understand his behaviour.
His behaviour _______________ to me.
4. DUE According to the time-table, their plane arrives at 4.55.
The plane _____________________ at 4.55.
5. UNTIL She spoke to me and then I found out that she had an accent.
I dont find out that she ________________________ to me.
6. GETS Other people always solve his problems for him because he asks them to.
He always ________________________________ his problems for him.
7. NEEDNT I cooked more food than was necessary.
I ___________________ so much food.
8. MUST What you are saying isnt right and clearly youve made a mistake.
You _______________________ because what you are saying isnt right.
9. UNLESS If you dont work hard, you wont get anywhere in life.
You wont get anywhere ___________________ hard.
10. OUT Bob has quarreled with Tom.
Bob _____________________ Tom.

III. Insert the right articles where necessary.

When private investigator Frank Leonard got back to his office, there was (1)_____ woman waiting
for him, (2) _____ woman waiting for him, (2) _____ woman he had never seen before. Or at least,
he thought he had never seen her before, but when (3) ______ woman began to speak, he felt that
there was something familiar about her. My name is Toyah Hart, she said, offering him (4)______
business card. Im (5) ______ dancer, she said, smiling in (6) _____ way that made Frank highly
suspicious. She clear wasnt (7) _____ person she said she was, he decided instantly. He looked at (8)
_____ card closely and then took (9)_____ file out of his desk. He opened (10) _____ file. It was full
of papers and photographs. He took (11) _____ photograph out of it and placed in on (12) _____ desk
so that (13) _____ woman could see it. She looked briefly at (14) ____ photograph and (15) _____
smile that had been on her face disappeared. OK, she said, her voice hardening, lets talk business.

IV. Insert prepositions/ postpositions where necessary.

1. Im falling behind ___________ my work at college.

2. He pushed hard against the door and finally it gave ___________ .
3. Nobody refused to do it ________ fear of losing their job.
4. No wonder she is annoyed ________ what has happened.
5. I hate being made fun ________ .
6. _________ second thought, I will accept their offer.
7. I am angry ______ my son for failing the exam again.
8. Unfortunately we were not warned ________ the coming thunderstorm.
9. This film is similar _________ the one we watched last week.
10. Dont lean ___________ the wall, the paint is still wet.
11. Paul had to give _________ gymnastics because of injury.
12. When I was shopping in the mall I ran ________ Helen and we had a chat.
13. My grandfather is always confusing Madonna__________ Maradona.
14. She can tell you the names of the English kings ___________ memory.
15. You shouldnt look ________ him as a little boy. He is 18.

V. Read the text and insert the letter corresponding to the best choice (A, B, C or D).

One of the most relaxing ways to travel and see world is to go on a cruise. Nowadays, it is possible to cruise
almost anywhere to (1) _________ the Caribbean, steam round South America, or (2) your history by
cruising the Mediterranean. Whatever your (3) ______, you cannot fail to enjoy lazy days on board ship
eating good food, chatting with fellow passengers, enjoying the nightlife and going on organized (4) _______
to historical sites.
One ever-popular cruise is down the Nile in Egypt. The cruises begin at Luxor with a visit to the Temple of
Karnak. There is usually the (5) ________ to return to Luxor at night to see the light and Sound show, and
then have a wonderful meal on board ship, listening to (6) music and dancing. You can also (7) ______ a day
at the Valley of the Kings, and continue your cruise, sitting on desk, looking at the exotic (8) ________. The
east side of the riverbank is bustling and busy, but the west side reveals green (9) _________ of sugar cane
and cotton, with cows pulling primitive ploughs, turning waterwheels, or towing carts.
There are traces of Pharaonic Egypt everywhere along the Nile (10) ________, like the famous sandstone
temples in Abydos and Idfu, which are (11) __________ visiting. The Aswan High Dam is a (12) _________
miracle controlling the annual flooding of the Nile and thus improving navigation and protecting (13) ______
and population from the unusually (14) __________ floods.
Even if you are not interested (15)___________ Egyptology, the study of Pharaonic Egypt, you will never
regret cruising down the Nile.

1. A commute B travel C journey D voyage

2. A come out in B catch up on C cut down on D make up with
3. A road B way C destination D expedition
4. A excursions B picnics C flights D plans
5. A chance B luck C fortune D likelihood
6. A old B ancient C elderly D traditional
7. A make B spend C allow D visit
8. A spectacle B scene C viewing D scenery
9. A areas B sports C sections D fields
10.A banks B borders C shores D coasts
11.A good B nice C interesting D coasts
12.A latest B new C modern D present
13.A crops B fruit C flowers D plants
14.A high B big C huge D large
15.A on B for C in D with

VI. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits
the gap in the same line.

Horror film fans will find this movie highly (1) ___________. ENJOY
The plot centres on Harry, a man who seems perfectly normal
and even rather (2) ____________most of the time but who BORE
turns into something truly (3) __________whenever it rains, SCARE
and it rains a lot in this movie. The special effects are very (4) IMPRESS
(4)_________ and some scenes are (5)__________, even for FRIGHTEN
committed horror film fans. The ending? in particular, will
come as an enormous (6)__________. I wont spoil things by SHOCKED
saying what happens but it certainly gave me a (7)________! FRIGHTEN
So if youre (8)__________ about horror films and you want ENTHUSE
to see something that is full of (9)___________, this could be SURPRISED
the film for you. But beware! Youll come out of the cinema
totally (10)__________ after youve seen it! EXHAUST

VII. Rewrite the following sentences correcting the mistakes.

I cant afford buying such an expensive car, no matter how much I want to have it.
2. They believe it that American rodeo began in Texas while that area still belonged
to Mexico.
3. Please, tell me the name of the salon where you had cut your hair.
4. Unless you are not too tired, we can climb the tower to admire the panorama of the
5. I hate to bother you, but the man is still waiting for you to be given him a definite


I. Open the brackets using the correct forms of the verbs.

A. I (1) _______________(walk) along Piccadilly when I (2) _____________ (realize) that the man with a
ginger beard, whom I (3) _____________(already/see) three times (4) _____________(follow) me. To
make quite sure I (5) ______________ (walk) on quickly, (6) ___________(turn) right, then left and (7)
______________(stop) suddenly at a shop window. The man (8) ______________(look) a very
respectable type and (9) ______________(wear) good clothes and I wanted to find out if he (10)
______________(be) a private detective. I (11) ______________ (wonder) if he (12) _______________
(hire) by the company which I (13) ______________(suspect) of stealing our confidential information.
B. If he hadnt taken a taxi, he (14) ______________ (miss) the train. We all wish we (15) ______________
(have) more money, dont we?

II. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the
word given. Dont change the words given.
MEAN What is the meaning of the word?
What does the word mean?

1. ACCUSTOMED I havent driven that kind of car before.

I _________________________this kind of car.
2. TEMPER Jim suddenly became angry and started shouting.
Jim ____________________and started shouting.
3. NOTICE She ignored the warnings from her friends.
She ____________________the warnings from her friends.]
4. DUE This bill should have been paid two weeks ago.
This bill ___________________two weeks ago.
5. CANT I tried as hard as I could but I didnt succeed.
I _____________________any harder but I didnt succeed.
6. GOT A well-known designer made the dress for her.
She _______________________by a well-known designer.
7. UP The Greens have decorated their living room.
The Greens _________________ their living room.
8. RATHER Id prefer Janet to make the announcement.
I ____________________the announcement.
9. CUT Barry isnt suited to be a policeman.
Barry __________________to be a policeman.
10. BUT If she hadnt interfered, nothing would have gone wrong.
______________________, nothing would have gone wrong.

III. Insert the right articles where necessary.

An enormous number of people in Britain read (1) ___ national newspaper every day. Some
have (2) ___ newspaper delivered to their home, while others buy one from (3) ___ shop, usually a
newsagent. (4) ___ paper that people choose to read is (5) ___ the paper which they feel corresponds
with their interests, often with regard to their political opinions.
There are basically two kinds of national newspaper in Britain: the broadsheets and the
tabloids. Broadsheets focus on (6) ___ news and serious social matters; tabloids focus more on (7)
___ latest gossip and scandal concerning famous people. The Sun, which is (8) ___ tabloid, is (10)
___ highest sales figures. Some people are critical of (11) ___ approach taken by the tabloids, saying
that they have (12) ___ bad effect on society. Nevertheless, (13) ___ fact that so many people buy
them shows that there is (14) ___ big demand for (15) ___ kind of story they print.

IV. Insert prepositions/postpositions where necessary.

- How did you meet (1) ___ your wife?

- We worked (2) ___ the same company. She was about the same age (3) ___ me, and she struck me
(4) ___ a very nice person. As time passed I came to look (5) ___ her as a friend. Wespent some
time together and then we started going (6) ___ with one another.
- What did your parents think (7) ___ her?
- When I introduced her (8) ___ my mother she said she couldnt understand what I saw (9) ___ her.
She thought she was very ordinary and not (10) ___ all the right person (11) ___ me.
- Do you think your mothers opinion influenced (12) ___ you (13) ___ any way?
- Things were all right for a while but then we began to quarrel. We always kissed and made (14)
___ in the end, but there were still problems (15) ___ us.

V. Read the text and insert the letter corresponding to the best choice (A, B, C or D).

Windsor Castle dates back to Saxon times in the 9 th century. The castle is (1)_______ above the north
bank of the River Thames. In 1070, William I the Conqueror developed the present (2)_______ and
built the original fortress to (3)_______ London from enemy attacks, as it was only one days march
from the city centre. Windsor Castle was (4)_______ to residential apartments for the monarchs and it
is now the worlds oldest royal (5)______.
A tour of the castle is (6)_______ interesting, and one of the main (7)_______ is the famous dolls
house (8)_______ for Queen Mary by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It took three years to (9)______ and more
than a thousand artists and craftsmen were (10)_______. The upper ward of the castle houses the royal
library, which contains a (11)_______ collection of paintings by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and
The state Apartments in Windsor Castle are used for ceremonial, state and official (12)_______. They
have recently been restored after a fire in 1992, which destroyed more than a hundred rooms.
Fortunately, most of the paintings, furniture and works of art were saved. It reopened in 1997 when
the restoration of the (13)________ area was successfully completed. Visiting Windsor Castle is like
stepping (14)________ in history, and visitors have often managed to catch a (15)_______ of the
Royal family, whose members still spend part of the year there.
1. A situated B made C established D created
2. A sight B site C district D section
3. A prevent B ban C stop D protect
4. A converted B replaced C substituted D renovated
5. A habitant B residence C area D location
6. A extremely B fully C totally D entirely
7. A facilities B attractions C locations D sites
8. A done B provided C supplied D created
9. A terminate B end C finalise D complete
10. A included B involved C invited D informed
11. A valueless B priceless C worthless D invaluable
12. A moments B events C happenings D occasions
13. A affected B infected C influenced D infested
14. A after B further C reverse D back
15. A glimpse B glance C notice D sight

VI. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the gap in the same line.

Fashion designer Easter Robinsons path to (1)_______ and fortune FAMOUS

hasnt been an easy one. Starting with a small (2)_______ from the LEND
bank, she set up her business in the (3)__________ that there was a BELIEVE
market for the kind of clothes she designed, but the firm made a (4) LOSE
_________in the first few years. She was faced with the (5)______ CHOOSE
of giving up or going bankrupt, but she never lost her (6)________, NERVOUS
instead, she produced a mail-order catalogue, and the (7)________ CONTAIN
of this proved so popular that she was soon accumulating enormous WEALTHY
(8)_________. Today she speaks of the enormous (9)___________ PROUD
she takes in her designs and says that her success is a (10)_______ PROVE
that she was right all along!

VII. Rewrite the following sentences correcting the mistakes.

1. Janet is finally accustomed to cook on an electric stove after having a gas one for so long.
2. Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for the hospital.
3. Dresses, skirts, shoes and childrens clothing are advertised at great reduced prices this
4. They are going to have to leave soon, and so have we.
5. Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest grades.

Listening Comprehension Test 1

A Days Outing

Len and Suzanne went for a days outing into the mountains. They decided not to take a lot of food
with them they hoped to find a restaurant while they were walking, so they only took two cans of beer and
two cheese sandwiches. They set off up the mountain. Len didnt think it was necessary to take a map or
compass as he said that mountain paths are clearly marked.
Suzanne was hungry after about an hour so she ate her cheese sandwich and they were both very
thirsty as the sun was very hot. After a while they came to a stream and Len stopped to have a drink the
water was fresh and cold and Len drank lots of water while Suzanne drank just a little. They carried on
walking but an hour later Len had violent stomach-ache and they had to stop. He ate his cheese sandwich and
after a while his stomach-ache got better. The two friends drank their beer, which made them a bit sleepy, so
they decided to have a rest before carrying on. When they woke up it was quite late in the afternoon and some
dark clouds covered the sun. They felt cold and the first few drops of rain began to fall. They didnt know
what time it was as neither of them had brought a watch, but they decided to carry on with their walk even
though they hadnt seen another person all day. It was only when the storm broke out that they decided not to
go farther and return to the village. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily and got very dark. It was very
difficult to see the path and they were soon completely lost and their feet were wet through as they were both
wearing trainers. When it was quite dark they found the entrance to a cave which was dry and made a fire.
They had to spend the whole night there. They didnt sleep very well as they were wet and hungry. When they
got up in the morning they found that they were only about a kilometre from their village.

Listening Comprehension Test 1

A Days Outing

(Youll hear the text twice. While listening to the text youre allowed to make any notes you wish.)

Circle the right continuation of the sentence.

1. Len and Suzanne hadnt taken a map because

a. most mountain paths were clearly marked;
b. Len knew the mountain paths well;
c. there were no maps available.
2. Len and Suzanne didnt take much food with them as
a. they hoped to buy some food at the village shop;
b. they were keeping to a diet;
c. they hoped to find a restaurant on their way.
3. The young people were very thirsty because
a. they had drunk their beer;
b. the day was hot;
c. they had eaten their sandwiches.
4. When it started to rain they decided to carry on with their walk even though they ..
a. were a bit sleepy;
b. were very tired;
c. hadnt seen anyone all day.
5. They decided to abandon their walk and return to the village .
a. when the storm began;
b. as they hadnt seen another person all day;
c. as they didnt know what time it was.
6. The two friends didnt sleep very well in the cave as they
a. were afraid of the dark;
b. were wet and hungry;
c. had violent stomach-ache.

Fill in the missing part of the sentence.

Len and Suzann went for an outing into the mountains.

1. After about an hour Suzanne

2. After a while
3. They carried on walking but an hour later
4. and after a while
5. It was quite late in the afternoon

Match the verbs on the left with the words on the right to make up word combinations used in the text

Write your answers here

1. feel A. heavily 1. _____
2. make B. cold 2. _____
3. lost C. well 3. _____
4. rain D. ache 4. _____
5. be E. clearly 5. _____
6. sleep F. wet through 6. _____
7. mark G. sleepy 7. _____
8. have H. completely 8. _____
Give correct full answers to the following questions.

1. How long were Len and Suzanne planning to stay in the mountains?
2. Did the friends set off up or down the mountains?
3. Where did they drink cold water from?
4. How did the friends feel when it started to rain?
5. Why didnt they know what time it was?
6. What shoes were they both wearing?
7. How far from the village was the cave situated?

Listening Comprehension Test 2

An Ideal House

Part 1

Ive been looking for my ideal house for ages, and I think I might have found it at last. You see, we really like
peace and quiet, and Id quite like to live in the country, but we cant really afford that. But I think this is the
next best thing. Its a nice little flat opposite a lovely park right here in London. There is a main road in front
of the house, thats true, but well its only really noisy during the rush hour, and thats when were both
travelling, too, so well, we dont really mind. Except at weekends. Its a second floor flat, with a large
bedroom, a kitchen and a sort of dining room together, and another small room which were using as a study,
and friends who come to stay can sleep there. Thats fine for us at the moment, because therere just the two
of us, though I suppose it would be too small if we had any children. Its about thirty minutes from central
London on the Underground, and the station is about five minutes walk. Oh its also got central heating,
which is quite important. Oh, and a bathroom with a fitted shower, not a bath, so its quite small. There are
shops right outside the house, a Greek restaurant and a Chinese take-away too. Theres even a swimming pool
in the park but its an open air one, so thats definitely summer one.

Part 2

Well, I live about ten miles outside the city in what used to be a village I suppose, but now its mainly people
from the city who live there. Its a very quiet place, rather expensive actually. Weve got a fairly typical
detached house, garden in front, garden in the back, garage, the usual sort of thing. Its actually quite an old
house, it used to the local vicarage, though the church is actually quite a long way away. Its a big house, and
its not in very good condition so we have to spend quite a lot of time and money fixing it up. The roof, for
instance, isnt in very good condition. There are six bedrooms, huge cold rooms. There isnt any central
heating you see. Er, we dont use them all of course, but they they come in useful if we have a lot of
people to stay at Christmas or something. Weve also got two bathrooms, a very big living room with a
fireplace, and kinds of other little rooms. I keep my fishing things in one of them. I do quite a lot of that.
There isnt much else to do around here, lots of countryside, erand a very good pub. The Red Lion, but no
shops or anything like that. We do all our shopping in a big supermarket in our nearest town once a week, its
easier that way. And er living here you really need a car too, since the bus is very infrequent, about
twice a day, I think. Weve both got our own cars of course. Its very peaceful here, and we we have our
own fruit and grow vegetables in the garden. And the sea is only eight miles away.

Listening Comprehension Test 2

An Ideal House

(Youll hear the text twice. While listening to the text youre allowed to make any notes you wish.)
1. Listen to the text and check your general comprehension and compare the two peoples
descriptions marking the following statements as True or False.
1. _________ Both houses are in the same area.
2. _________ The families have spent a lot of time to find an ideal house to live in.
3. _________ There are two people in each family.
4. _________ Both families like living in a quiet place.
5. _________ The families sometimes have friends to stay for a holiday or weekend.
6. _________ Both houses need fixing up.

2. Pay attention to the details and fill in the table below.

First house Second house

7. Location:
8. Type:
9. Rooms:

10. Conveniences:

11. Transport:

12. Facilities

3. Fill in the missing adjectives and prepositions in the sentences below.

1. Ive been looking for my __________________ (13) house for ages.

2. Its a ___________ (14) _____________ (15) flat opposite a _____________ (16) park.
3. There is a ______________ (17) road ____ __________ ______ (18) the house.
4. Except _______ (19) weekends.
5. Its a _____________ (20) floor flat ____________ (21) a _____________ (22) bedroom.
6. Its an ___________________ (23) one, so its definitely _____________________ (24) only.
7. Its a very _____________ (25) place rather ______________________ (26) actually.
8. Weve got a fairly ____________________ (27) _______________________ (28) house.
9. They come in ____________________ (29) if we have a lot of people to stay.
10. I keep my _______________________ (30) things in one of them.
11. We do all our ___________________ (31) in a ________________ (32) supermarket in our
_________ (33) town.
12. The bus is very _____________________ (34) _____________ (35) ______________ (36) a day.
13. The station is about _______________ (37) _______________ (38) ____________ (39).

4. Replace the italicized words and word combinations in the sentences below be the vocabulary of
the texts. Make other changes if necessary.

40. I hate travelling by the underground in the afternoon because its almost crowded at this time.
because _________________________________________________________________________
41. I havent heard from my former classmates for a long time.
classmate _______________________________________________________________________
42. My neighbours husband is a very handy man. He can repair everything in the house.
He can _________________________________________________________________________
43. Our secretary never objects to doing extra work.
secretary ________________________________________________________________________
44. My parents couldnt buy me a computer when I was at High School because it was too expensive.
it was __________________________________________________________________________
45. Concerts of famous pop stars are very rare for a small town like St. Paul.
pop stars ________________________________________________________________________


A Velveteen Rabbit

There was once a Velveteen Rabbit, and at the beginning he was really so splendid that the Boy loved
him and never parted with him. But sometimes he was put with the other toys in the nursery and could listen
to their stories about Real Things. What is that? he asked the Wooden Horse who had lived a very long life.
Real isnt how you are made. Its a thing that happens to you. When a child really loves you for a long time,
then you become Real. It doesnt happen all at once. It takes a long time. But once you are real, youll never
become unreal again, explained the Wooden Horse. The Velveteen Rabbit thought it would be wonderful if
this nursery Magic ever happened to him.
So time went on and the little rabbit was very happy though he was getting shabbier and shabbier. And
once when the Boy was called away to go out to some tea, the rabbit was left alone on the lawn. Later that
evening the Nurse looked for him but couldnt find him. The Boy cried that he wouldnt fall asleep until he
had his Rabbit. Fancy all this fuss for a toy! said his mother. He isnt a toy! Hes real! The little Rabbit
heard him say that magic word and he knew that what the Wooden Horse had said to him had become true at
The magic had happened to him. He was Real. The boy himself had said that. And into his button eyes
there came a wise knowing expression.
But then one day, the Boy fell ill with scarlet fever. The little Rabbit lay still at his side under the bedclothes
as he didnt want anyone to notice him. He was afraid they would throw him away. Time passed and the Boy
got better and was allowed to get up. It only remained to carry out the doctors orders. All the books and toys
that the Boy had played with had to be burnt. So the little Rabbit was put into a sack with old books and a lot
of rubbish. And while the boy was sleeping in another room with a new Velveteen Rabbit, the old one felt so
miserable and lonely that suddenly a tear, a real tear trickled down his little velvet nose and fell to the ground.


A Velveteen Rabbit

Choose and circle the best variant according to the text.

1. What takes a long time?

A. To fall in love with somebody.

B. To make ones dreams come true.
C. To become Real.
D. To recover from illness

2. Where was the Rabbit left alone once?

A. in the nursery.
B. in the sack.
C. under the bedclothes.
D. on the lawn.

3. Why did the Rabbit lie still at the Boys side?

A. He didnt want anyone to see that he was there.

B. The Boy wanted to have him at his side.
C. The nurse put him there.
D. The doctor advised.

4. The Boy cried that he wouldnt fall asleep until

A. he had a new Rabbit.

B. he had his Rabbit.
C. he had a new toy.
D. he had some milk.

5. Time passed and the Velveteen Rabbit felt

A. afraid.
B. happy.
C. lonely.
D. sad.

2. In the gap in front of each sentence write True or False.

________ 6. The Boy didnt want to part with the Rabbit because it was his only toy.
________ 7. The Boy fell ill with fever.
________ 8. The Rabbit was lost when the Boy was once called to a birthday party.
________ 9. The Boy called the Rabbit real.
________ 10. The Rabbit had to be thrown away.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct information as close to the text as possible.

11. Once you are real,

12. The Velveteen Rabbit thought it would be wonderful if this
13. And into his button eyes there __________________________________________________
14. He was afraid they would _____________________________________________________________
15. The old Rabbit felt so _________________________________________________ that a tear, a real
tear _______________________________________ his velvet nose.

5. Give the answers to the questions.

16. Why did the Rabbit think the Magic had happened to him?
17. What was the Boys illness?
18. Why was it necessary to burn all the Boys toys and books?
19. How did the horse explain what Real was?
20. What were those magic words the Rabbit heard once from the Boy?


A Message from the Battle

Messages, and indeed music, can be sent quickly over great distances by radio at the present time, but
a hundred years ago this was not usually possible. It was therefore difficult for a general in the First World
War to get news of a battle quickly; the telephone was useful if the armies remained in one place, but in an
attack this instrument was left behind.
A certain general who was planning an attack had met this difficulty before and discussed it with his
officers. He said that it was absolutely necessary for him to know without delay whether the attack was
succeeding or not, and he asked them to arrange for him to get news quickly.
It is well known that certain birds can find their way home from places far away; many of them
indeed, find their way over the sea to distant countries every year. One kind of bird the pigeon can be
trained to return home when it is set free anywhere else. The general was reminded of this fact, and he was
told that a good pigeon could be provided for his use. He agreed, and the bird arrived.
It was trained to return to the generals camp; and just before the attack, it was given to a soldier who
was going to take part in the coming battle. The soldier was ordered to carry the bird with him (rather difficult
in a battle) and to keep near one of his officers. The officer was ordered to write news of the success or failure
of the attack on a small piece of paper, fix the paper to the birds leg, and so send the message that the general
The attack began and the general waited for news. No bird appeared. The general walked up and down
impatiently, and the eyes of the officers were fixed on the sky. No pigeon could be seen. The generals face
grew serious: he had to know whether the attack was succeeding or not, and no one could tell him. Suddenly a
cry was heard: The pigeon! Every eye looked up into the sky; every eye saw the bird. It arrived. It had done
its duty nobly. Fastened round one leg there was indeed a piece of paper.
Bring me that message, roared the general. The message was removed from the birds leg and brought to
him in a hurry. He opened it anxiously and read it. The words on the paper were as follows: I absolutely
refuse to carry this stupid bird about France any longer.


A Message from the Battle

1. Choose and circle the best answer.

1. For a general in the First World War it was not possible

A. to know what happened when the armies remained in one place.

B. to leave the telephone behind in the attack.
C. to receive messages from the fighting troops.
D. to use the telephone in an attack.

2. In what case did the armies leave the telephone behind?

A. If it was necessary to inform the general.

B. If it was not useful to take it with them.
C. When they attacked the enemy.
D. When they remained in one place.

3. What did a certain general discuss with his officers?

A. How to delay the attack.

B. How to get news quickly.
C. How to plan an attack.
D. How to succeed on the battle field.

4. What does the phrase rather difficult in a battle refer to?

A. To be ordered to carry the bird with him.

B. To carry the bird with him.
C. To keep near one of his officers.
D. To write news of the attack on a paper.

5. What had the officer been told?

A. To fix a paper to the birds leg.

B. To inform the general about the result of the attack.
C. To tell the general that the attack had been a failure.
D. To write on a paper that the attack had been successful.

2. In the gap in front of each sentence write True or False.

________ 6. The pigeon can be trained to return home when it is let out anywhere else.
________ 7. The generals face was calm when he walked up and down.
________ 8. A soldier who was given the bird didnt like it.
________ 9. Nobody trained the bird to return to the generals camp.
________ 10. A hundred years ago people knew how a message can be sent quickly over long distances.

3. Complete each sentence with one of the endings. Match the letters with the numbers.

11. __________ He said that it was absolutely necessary for him to know
12. __________ The general was told
13. __________ The bird was trained to return to the generals camp
14. __________ The officer was ordered to write news of the success or failure of the attack on a small
piece of paper, fix the paper to the birds leg, and
15. __________ It was well known that certain birds

A. and just before the attack, it was given to a soldier who was going to take part in the coming battle.
B. can find their way home from places far away; many of them indeed, find their way over the sea to
distant countries every year.
C. without delay whether the attack was succeeding or not.
D. so send the message that the general wanted.
E. a good pigeon could be provided for his use.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct information as close to the text as possible.
16. The general walked up and down ____________________________________________________.
17. The eyes of the officers were _______________________________________________________.
18. One kind of bird can find its way home when __________________________________________
19. He opened the message ____________________________________________________________.
20. ____________________________________________________ there was indeed a piece of paper.



Dear Mama,

I sent you a telegram yesterday saying that Id got up for 2 hours and had a bath so youll see Im making
good progress. I arrived here about 8 weeks ago, and was lying on my back for 7 weeks doing nothing, then
sat up gradually, and now I am walking about a bit. When I came in I was a bit of a mess. My eyes didnt
open (although I was quite conscious). They thought I had a fractured base, but I think the X-ray showed I
didnt. My nose was bashed in, but theyve got the most marvelous Harley Street specialists out here whove
joined up for the war as Majors, and the ear nose & throat man pulled my nose out of the back of my head,
and shaped it and now it looks just as before except that its a little bent about. That was of course under a
general anesthetic.
My eyes still ache if I read or write much, but they say that they think theyll get back to normal again, and
that Ill be fit for flying in about 3 months. In between I still have about 6 or more weeks sick doing nothing
in a marvelous sunny climate, just like an English Summer, except that the sun shines every day.
I suppose you want to know how I crashed. Well, Im not allowed to give you any details of what I was doing
or how it happened. But it occurred in the night not very far from the Italian front lines. The plane was on fire
and after it hit the ground I was just sufficiently conscious to crawl out in time, having undone my straps, and
roll on the ground to put out the fire on my overalls which were alight. I wasnt burnt much, but was bleeding
rather badly from the head. Anyway I lay there and waited for the ammunition which was left in my guns to
go off. One after the other, well over 1000 rounds exploded and the bullets whistled about seeming to hit
everything but me.
Ive never fainted yet, and I think it was this tendency to remain conscious which saved me from being
Anyway luckily one of our forward patrols saw the blaze, and after some time arrived and picked me up and
after much ado I arrived at Mersa Matruh, (youll see it on the map on the coast, East of Libya). There I
heard a doctor say, Oh, hes an Italian is he (my white flying overalls werent very recognizable). I told him
I wasnt, and he gave me some morphia. In about 24 hours time I arrived where Im now, living in a great
luxury with lots of very nice English nursing sisters to look after me.
P.S. The air raids here dont worry us. The Italians are very bad bomb aimers.

Harley Street
Mersa Matruh



1. Find the correct definition for the word or phrase in Italics.

fractured base means

a) broken back
b) broken skull
c) broken pelvis
My nose was bashed in means
a) It was slightly broken.
b) It was badly damaged.
c) It was hit with great force.
ado means
a) time
b) fuss
c) attempt
crawl out means
a) escape very quickly from danger
b) move slowly with your body close to the ground
c) jump out from the plane
alight means
a) on fire
b) little weight
c) lightened

2. Circle the sentences that correspond to the text.

1. I have been here for about 3 months here.

2. I was unconscious for about 7 weeks.
3. Ive got serious problems with my head.
4. My nose is curved now.
5. Im quite energetic now and walk a lot as the days are sunny.
6. The plane was nearly on fire when I landed it.
7. The fire didnt damage my skin a lot but I could feel blood on my head.
8. If I fainted I could have been roasted.
9. The bullets whistled and one hit me.
10. Im going to have a very peaceful rest.

3. Complete the sentences as close to the text as possible.

1. When I came in I
2. The ear nose & throat man pulled my nose
3. The operation was of course under
4. But it occurred in the night not very far
5. I think it was this tendency to remain conscious which saved me
6. where Im now, living in a great luxury with lots of
7. ________________________________________________________________ if I read or write
8. Ill be _______________________________________________________________________
9. Anyway luckily one of our
10. Anyway I lay there and waited for the ammunition
4. Write no more than 7 sentences expressing your attitude towards war and its victims.


Being a guest at an Indian home

If you stay in an Indian home, bring something from your home country as a gift. Although it is not expected,
it would be much appreciated. But find out the social status and religion of your hosts before you choose the
gift. A bottle of foreign whisky would be the perfect gift for some, and not at all appropriate for others. If you
know the people you are going to stay with, it is a good idea to ask them what they would like. Some things
are just not available in India.
It is not necessary to bring a gift when you are invited to dinner. After all, you are the honoured guest. Until
recently, it would have been almost insulting to bring sweets or a bottle of wine. But this is not true today.
Nowadays it is a custom which is becoming popular with many Indians. Fruit, flowers or a box of sweets are
perfect gifts on such occasions, and will offend no one.
In all classes of society, both urban and rural, food is only taken to the mouth with the right hand. This is the
most important part of the etiquette of eating in India. Once you have started eating, and have food in your
right hand, it is all right to serve yourself, using the serving spoon with the left hand. When you watch Indians
eat you will see that they keep their left hand on their lap.
If you are stuck for a conversation topic in India, talk about families. Another useful subject to start with is
cricket. But once you get to know a person better, any topic is acceptable.
Indians love to talk about politics and religion. They enjoy opinionated discussions and not just polite
conversations. Conversation is an art form and people take the time to really talk.


Being a guest at an Indian home

1. Put the topics in the correct order as they appear in the text.

general topics for discussion

the most appropriate gifts
table manners
favourite conversations

1. _____________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________

2. Choose and circle one correct letter.

5. If you stay with an Indian family,

A. you are expected to take a gift.
B. you should take flowers.
C. you are not expected to take a gift.
D. take a bottle of whisky from your country.

6. If you are invited for a meal at an Indian home,

A. you should offer to pay for your food.
B. you will offend your hosts if you take anything.
C. it is fashionable to take flowers or sweets.
D. it is traditional to take a dish.

7. You should
A. never eat with your left hand.
B. always keep your right hand on your knee.
C. never eat with your right hand.
D. only use your right hand for serving food.

8. Indians love interesting discussions but they

A. only talk about family matters.
B. avoid religion and politics.
C. don't like talking about themselves.
D. don't appreciate polite conversation.

9. "Some things are just not available" Does this mean:

A. You can buy these things in India?
B. They don't make these things in India?
C. They have never seen these things?
D. You can't get these things in India?

10. "...and not at all appropriate for others." The underlined word means:
A. important
B. right
C. essential
D. good

3. Give answers to the questions proposed. Try to be as close to the text as possible.

11. What should you take into consideration before you choose a gift?

12. What kind of gift do you have to bring when you are invited to dinner?

13. What kind of gift doesnt seem to be insulting nowadays?


14. Name the most remarkable feature of the table etiquette in India.

15. Name two major topics to begin a conversation with.


4. Give one adjective from the text that is a synonym to the phrases proposed.

16. firm or obstinate in ones beliefs __________________________________

17. fit or suitable __________________________________
18. pleasant and satisfactory __________________________________
19. courteous __________________________________
20. excellent __________________________________


The Fallas Fiesta

As midnight strikes on St Joseph's day in the central Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia the smiling giant at
the centre of an enormous sculpture bursts into flames. Finally, the whole construction collapses in a
spectacular explosion of fireworks. As the coloured fire rains over the city winter is officially at an end.
This explosive end to the season is an annual event in Spain's third largest city, where the little-known Fallas
Fiesta has become a thriving industry employing 5,000 people throughout the year. The event generates 20
million dollars a year and is a major source of revenue for the city.
The Fallas are papier-mch sculptures; over 350 of them line the streets on 19 March and all are destined to
be burnt. Their creation has become an art form which specializes in political satire. Artists submit designs a
year beforehand; they are assessed and commissioned by various Fallas committees representing the different
districts of the city, and 120,000 craftsmen are organized into groups called falleros. The creations are kept
secret until the festival when they are put up in the street at night. There is an official competition for the best
sculpture which is burnt along with all the others!
Winter has been symbolically driven out by fire since pagan days. In Valencia the carpenters used to burn the
scrap wood from their workshops and the oil lamps they had used during the long dark nights.
Legend has it that in the 18th century one carpenter had the idea of caricaturing his neighbour by dressing up
his lamp before he burnt it. This is one explanation for the birth of the Fallas Fiesta. Politicians and unloved
prominent locals are still satirized in this fashion.
The two-day celebrations begin at 2 p.m. on St Joseph's day with an earsplitting bombardment of fireworks.
There are paella competitions in the street - Valencia is the home of this typically Spanish dish - and the men
dress up as the Moors who occupied the city for four centuries until the 13th century. The religious aspect of
the festival is represented by a giant Virgin Mary decked with flowers.


The Fallas Fiesta

1. Choose and circle one correct letter.

1. The Fallas Fiesta is ...

A. a major tourist event.
B. very well-known
C. not very well-known
D. political event

2. The Fallas sculptures are ...

A. built during the week preceding the festival.
B. built during the year preceding the festival.
C. made of wood.
D. sold after the festival.

3. Today, the festival is important for Valencia because...

A. the inhabitants enjoy it.
B. it attracts a lot of tourists.
C. it is based on a local legend.
D. it creates jobs and brings in money.

4. The Fallas sculptures are created and presented by...

A. the different cities in Spain
B. the different districts of Valencia.
C. local politicians.
D. any group of citizens.

5. The best title for this passage is ...

A. Welcoming spring.
B. Winter goes out in a rain of fire.
C. A new art form is born.
D. The legend of St Joseph.

6. "Finally, the whole construction collapses ..." The underlined word means ...
A. burns
B. explodes
C. falls down
D. resists

7. "This explosive end to the season is an annual event ..." The underlined word means ...
A. springtime
B. popular
C. traditional
D. yearly

8. "...the little-known Fallas Fiesta has become a thriving industry ..." The underlined word means
A. new
B. growing
C. important
D. traditional

9. "...the carpenters used to burn the scrap wood..." A carpenter is:

A. a craftsman who builds boats
B. an artist
C. a person who works with wood.
D. a sculptor.

10. "...the men dress up as the Moors ..." The underlined phrase means ...
A. wear the costumes of the Moors.
B. do traditional Moor dances.
C. present traditional plays.
D. behave badly

2. Match the numbers (11-19) with the letters (A-B).

11. 5,000 A. Number of craftsmen

12. 20 million B. Period within which the celebration lasts
13. over 350 C. Number of people engaged in the celebration
14. 19 D. The time when the Fiesta starts
15. 18 E. The date when the Fiesta takes place
16. 14 F. Number of sculptures which line the streets
17. 4 G. The period of occupation
18. 120,000 H. The annual income
19. 2 I. The century when the legend starts

11 - _____ 14 - _____ 17 - _____

12 - _____ 15 - _____ 18 - _____
13 - _____ 16 - _____ 19 - _____

3. Complete the sentences according to the text.

20. Winter is officially at an end as________________________________________.

21. Until the festival the creations _________________________________________.
22. Since pagan days winter has been ______________________________________.
23. Paella is __________________________________________________________.
24. For the best sculpture there is _________________________________________.
25. Papier-mch sculptures ____________________________________ to be burnt.


Zoe Fisher

When I was a little girl at school, I always used to say, I am going to be a teacher when I grow up. I
really believed my dream would come true, even though I left school at 16. I had to leave because I was one
of six children and my parents couldnt afford to keep me there. That was one of the saddest days of my life
because I loved going to school.
Anyway, after leaving school I went to work in the chief accountants office of a bank. I had intended
studying in the evenings at college but I got involved with an amateur theatrical group and a few years later I
applied for, and got a job in childrens television.
When I started work on the childrens programme, people asked me if I had trained as a teacher. Im
asked the same question today. I suppose in a way I am a natural teacher and my chance to communicate with
millions of children across the world in the past 25 years has given me the opportunity to develop that ability.
I love to bring knowledge into childrens lives and truly believe that if we teach children well, they will lead
the way in the future.
I was in a taxi on my way home one day from the TV studios and the cab driver turned round and said,
I think of you every day. Oh, no here we go I thought. But it turned out that he had a two-year-old son
and his wife worked during the day, so when he looked after his son he would always turn on the TV, so he
and his son could watch my programme. That was the biggest compliment anyone could ever pay me.
I grew up in Trinidad in the West Indies and when I arrived in Britain in 1960 I had quite a difficult
time to begin with. I had to fight to be accepted and I think that experience gave me a certain amount of drive
and ambition. In a way I think Ive achieved my ambition to become a teacher through my work on television.
I get letters from children whose lives I have touched in some small way and I feel my dream has come true. I
hope to write a book about my life and what I would want most is that children from all countries and cultural
backgrounds will be able to identify with the emotions I have experienced.
I think I have been a very lucky person and I believe that our path may not always take the course we
expect, but sometimes we reach the same destinations by a different route.

Zoe Fisher

I. Choose and write the best answer.

1. Before Zoe started work on the childrens programme she had

____________________________________________________ .
a) trained as a teacher
b) studied in the evenings at college
c) been involved with an amateur theatrical
2. Zoe achieved her ambition
____________________________________________________ .
a) through her work
b) because she had trained as a teacher
c) because he had studied at college
3. Zoe did not continue her studies because
____________________________________________________ .
a) she was born teacher
b) her family couldnt afford to give her education
c) she was involved with an amateur theatrical group

4. Zoe Fisher has been working on the childrens programme

____________________________________________________ .
a) for 5 years
b) for 25 years
c) for 35 years
5. Zoe left school at the age of ___________________________ .
a) 16
b) 17
c) 18

II. Complete the sentences according to the text.

1. When I started work on the childrens programme people asked me if

____________________________________________________________ .
2. The biggest compliment anyone could ever pay to Zoe was
____________________________________________________________ .
3. The saddest day in Zoes life was when
____________________________________________________________ .
4. Zoe thinks that she has been a
____________________________________________________________ .
5. When the taxi driver said, I think of you every day, he meant that
____________________________________________________________ .



























1. had got 47. a
2. was 48. d
3. ll see 49. a
4. replied 50.
5. called 51.
6. said 52.
7. think 53. a
8. have cured 54. 3 (all whens and wherefores)
9. ll tell 55. 2 (nights)
10. happened 56. 1 (dont feed)
11. saw 57. 3 (lucky)
12. was looking 58. 4 (the kill)
13. said 59. enlarging
14. is 60. tactfulness
15. is 61. belittle
16. replied 62. dominance
17. ll take 63. abnormal
18. made 64. irresponsible
19. think 65. eatable
20. have cured 66. were
21. groaned 67. were
22. bet 68. questions
23. would pull 69. are
24. ended 70. was
25. the 71. was
26. the 72. is
27. the 73. for
28. 74. of
29. 75. in
30. 76.
31. the 77. after
32. 78. into
33. 79. for
34. the 80. comfort
35. 81. dawn
36. the 82. own
37. a 83. speed
38. 84. fashion
39. a 85. purpose
41. a
42. a
43. the
44. the


1. face
2. put
3. means
4. another
5. said
6. mind
7. competition
8. dead
9. very
10. only
11. unexpectedly
12. compulsive
13. totally
14. conservation
15. absurdity
16. indescribably
17. mercifully
18. infinity
19. inexpressible
20. unadulterated
21. D
22. I
23. E
24. G
25. A
26. B
27. H
28. C
29. J
30. F
31. to
32. with
33. for
34. out
35. off
36. at
37. from
38. about / regarding / concerning / on / as to
39. against
40. on / to
41. in
42. with
43. to
44. to
45. to
46. had my car serviced (properly) for
47. I realized what was going on she had
48. isnt the first time we have had an argument
49. time immemorial there has been
50. (a) slim chance of our / us winning


1. close, closing 26. running / to run

2. turned 27. could
3. to see 28. was running
4. was 29. standing / stand
5. to make 30. entered
6. open 31. are telling / have told
7. could not 32. have come
8. had locked 33. to meet
9. come 34. bring / to bring
10. have been 35. will be punished / are punished / have been punished
11. to hear 36. to follow
12. was hardly heard 37. went
13. raised 38. stood
14. saw 39. had never seen
15. spoke 40. dont marry
16. am 41. will die
17. are making / have made 42. think
18. have been waiting / are waiting 43. will obey
19. have arrived 44. emphasizes
20. dont know 45. broaden
21. was 46. enable
22. came 47. clarify
23. would kill 48. misunderstood
24. didnt give 49. ensure
25. began 50. simplify


1. C 11. C 21. C 31. B 41. D 51. A

2. B 12. C 22. D 32. B 42. C 52. D

3. B 13. A 23. C 33. C 43. B 53. B

4. B 14. C 24. C 34. B 44. D 54. C

5. C 15. D 25. B 35. C 45. B 55. A

6. C 16. D 26. D 36. A 46. C 56. D

7. B 17. A 27. C 37. A 47. C 57. C

8. A 18. D 28. D 38. B 48. B 58. C

9. B 19. B 29. D 39. A 49. B 59. A

10. A 20. B 30. C 40. B 50. D 60. D


1. B (on) 16. C (just as) 31. A (the) 46. E

2. B (in) 17. B (dont) 32. D (planets) 47. D

3. C (for) 18. B (for no good reason) 33. C (there was no) 48. A

4. C (what is he to) 19. A (the rainiest) 34. D (it was) 49. B

5. C (for the first time) 20. A (on top of) 35. D (playing Gershwin) 50. C

6. C (appreciative) 21. A (lay awake for) 36. D (his staff) 51.A

7. D (deceptive) 22. A (was breaking above) 37. B (whispered) 52. C

8. A (disused) 23. C (was ) 38. B (gave me one) 53. E

9. D (the five-domed) 24. B (were stolen and got) 39. C (restlessness) 54. B

10. C (by hand as ) 25. B (means is) 40. D (half a dozen) 55. D

11. C (other) 26. A (is forecast to continue to grow) 41. narrowly 56. E

12. A (all the other) 27. C (was answered by a tape-recorded message) 42. seriousness 57. A

13. D (of the other) 28. B (as he noticed my questioning) 43. indigestion 58. D

14. D (which) 29. B (dying dead) 44. unemployment 59. C

15. D (that) 30. C (nor will be again.) 45. criminologist 60. B

1. Fill the gaps in the phrases below with one of these words to build an idiomatic phrase.

1. cheese
2. common

2. Match a prefix with a word to make a new word. Then choose the appropriate meaning for the
prefix from the list

1.inter-city (between)
2.superpower (very big)
3.ex-wife (previous)
4.mini hi-fi (small)
5.abnormal (not)
6.overspend (too much)
7.co-author (together)
8.archenemy (main)
9.transcontinental (across)
10.preview (before)
3. Read the text below. Use the words given in CAPITALS at the end of some lines to form
a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0)
1. substantial
2. Criminologist
4. security
5. safety
6. mugger
7. apparently
8. immeasurably
9. lengths
10. deactivating

4. Circle a letter A, B, C or D that best fills each number gap.

1. B
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. A
8. D
9. A
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. D
15. C
5. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the passage with ONE suitable word.
1. been
2. for
4. be
5. being
6. by
7. laid / brought
8. even
10. reduced
11. by / through
12. with
13. at
14 14. ever
15. were

1. didnt return 8. was
2. live 9. was walking
3. went 10. saw
4. played 11. has seen
5. had played/ played 12. are questioning/have been questioning
6. sat 13. have spoken
7. left
8. had bought
9. were/was
1. picking on 7. neednt have cooked
2. is used to solving 8. must have made a mistake
3. makes no sense/doesnt make any sense 9. unless you work hard
5. is due to arrive 10. has fallen out with
6. gets other people to solve
1. a 6. a 11. a
2. a 7. the 12. the
3. the 8. the 13. the
4. a 9. a 14. the
5. a 10. the 15. the
1. with 6. on 11. up
2. in 7. with 12. into
3. for 8. about 13. with
4. at/by 9. to 14. from
5. of 10. against 15. on
1. B tour 6. D traditional 11. D worth
2. B catch up on 7. B spend 12. C modern
3. C destination 8. D scenery 13. A crops
4. A excursions 9. D fields 14. D large
5. A chance 10. A banks 15. C in
1. enjoyable 6. shock
2. boring 7. fright
3. scary 8. enthusiastic
4. impressive 9. surprises
5. frightening 10. exhausted
1. to buy 4. Unless you are/If you are not
2. believe that 5. for you to give him
3. you had your hair cut


A. 1. was walking
2. realized
3. had already seen
4. was following
5. walked
6. turned
7. stopped
8. looked
9. was wearing
10. was
11. wondered
12. had been hired/was hired
13. suspected
B. 14. would have missed
15. had
II. 1. I am not accustomed to driving
2. Jim lost his temper
3. She took no notice of/didnt take any notice of
4. was due to be paid/was due to have been paid
6. I cant have tried
7. She got her dress made
8. have done up
9. Id rather Janet made
10. isnt cut out
11. But for her interruption,
III. 1. a, 2. a, 3. a, 4. the, 5. the, 6. the, 7. the, 8. a, 10. the, 11. the, 12. a, 13. the, 14. a, 15. the.
IV. 1. -, 2. for, 3. as, 4. as, 5. on, 6. out, 7. of, 8. to, 9. in, 10. at, 11. for, 12. -, 13. in, 14. up, 15. between.
V. 1. A, 2. B, 3. D, 4. A, 5. B, 6. A, 7. B, 8. D, 9. D, 10. B, 11. B, 12. D, 13. A, 14. D, 15. A.
VI. 1. fame
2. loan
3. belief
4. loos
5. choice
6. nerve
7. content(s)
8. wealth
9. pride
10. proof
VII. 1. Janet is finally accustomed to cooking
2. Stuart stopped writing
3. Dresses, skirts, shoes and childrens clothing are advertised at greatly reduced prices this weekend.
4. and so are we.
5. she has the higher grades.


Circle the right continuation of the sentence.

1. a
3. b
5. a
6. b
Fill in the missing part of the sentence.
1. ... ate her cheese sandwich because she was hungry.
2. they came to a stream and Len stopped to have a drink.
3. Len had a violent stomach-ache and they had to stop
4. his stomach-ache got better.
5. when they woke up.
Match the verbs on the left with the words on the right to make up word combinations used in the text
1. B
2. G
3. H
4. A
5. F
6. C
7. E
8. D
Give correct full answers to the following questions.
1. Len and Suzanne were planning to stay in the mountains for a day.
2. The friends set off up the mountains.
3. They drank cold water from the stream.
4. They felt cold when it started to rain.
5. They didnt know what time it was as neither of them had brought a watch.
6. They were both wearing trainers.
7. The cave was situated one kilometre far from the village.

1. F
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. T
6. F

First house Second house

7. Location: In London In the country
8. Type: A second floor flat A detached house
9. Rooms: Bedroom, kitchen, dining-room, study 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a living-room

10. Conveniences: Central heating, fitted shower No central heating

11. Transport: U-station 5 minutes walk A bus twice a day

12. Facilities Shops, Greek restaurant, Chinese take- Supermarket, sea 8 miles away
nearby: away, swimming pool

13. ideal 22. large 31. shopping

14. nice 23. open-air 32. big
15. little 24. summer 33. nearest
16. lovely 25. quiet 34. infrequent
17. main 26. expensive 35. about
18. in front of 27. typical 36. twice
19. at 28. detached 37. five
20. second 29. useful 38. minutes
21. with 30. fishing 39. walk

40. its very noisy at this time

41. for ages
42. fix up
43. doesnt mind
44. it was rather expensive
45. are very infrequent


1. C
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. false
7. false
8. false
9. true
10. false
11. youll never become unreal again.
12. Magic ever happened to him.
13. came a wise knowing
14. throw him away.
15. miserable and lonely trickled down
16. because the Boy himself had said that.
17. scarlet fever
18. because the illness was dangerous (infectious)
19. When a child really loves you for a long time, then you become Real.
20. He isnt a toy! He is real!

1. D
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. B
6. true
7. false
8. true
9. false
10. false
11. C
12. E
13. A
14. D
15. B
16. impatiently
17. fixed on the sky
18. it is set free anywhere else
19. anxiously and read it
20. Fastened round one leg


1. Find the correct definition for the word or phrase in Italics.

fractured base means

b) broken skull
My nose was bashed in means
c) It was hit with great force.
ado means
b) fuss
crawl out means
b) move slowly with your body close to the ground
alight means
a) on fire

2. Circle the sentences that correspond to the text.

1. +
2. -
3. -
4. +
5. -
6. -
7. +
8. +
9. -
10. +

3. Complete the sentences as close to the text as possible.

1. When I came in I was a bit of a mess.

2. The ear nose & throat man pulled my nose out of the back of my head.
3. The operation was of course under a general anesthetic.
4. But it occurred in the night not very far from the Italian front lines.
5. I think it was this tendency to remain conscious which saved me from being roasted.
6. where Im now, living in a great luxury with lots of very nice English nursing sisters to
look after me.
7. My eyes still ache if I read or write much
8. Ill be fit for flying in about 3 months
9. Anyway luckily one of our forward patrols saw the blaze.
10. Anyway I lay there and waited for the ammunition which was left in my guns to go off.

4. Write no more than 7 sentences expressing your attitude towards war and its victims.


1. the most appropriate gifts

2. table manners
3. general topics for discussion
4. favourite conversations
5. C
6. C
7. A
8. D
9. D
10. B
11. Social status and religion of your hosts.
12. It is not necessary to bring a gift when you are invited to dinner.
13. Fruit, flowers or a box of sweets.
14. Food is only taken to the mouth with the right hand.
15. Families and cricket
16. opinionated
17. appropriate
18. acceptable
19. polite
20. perfect

1. C
2. B
3. D
4. B
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. C
12. H
13. F
14. E
15. I
16. D
17. G
18. A
19. B
20. the coloured fire rains over the city.
21. are kept secret.
22. symbolically driven out by fire.
23. a typical Spanish dish.
24. an official competition.
25. are destined


1. C
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. A
1. had studied to be a teacher
2. when the taxi driver said he watched her programme with his son who was 2 years old
3. she had to leave school
4. very lucky person
5. he watched her progremme when he stayed with his small son

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