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Equitrac: Monitor printers and copiers,

and recover costs

Toshiba Document Solutions combine Toshiba or even by project, and the subsequent chargeback for
e-STUDIO systems with powerful software applica- use, enabling companies to control and reduce the
tions and targeted business process improvements costs of copying, faxing, and printing.
to enable you to more effectively distribute, manage,
and organize your documents.
Print Accounting Server (PAS)
For larger, more complex implementations, Equitrac
Equitrac is a suite of software applications and devices offers PAS (Print Accounting Server) to provide print
allowing organizations to track the usage and status accounting and cost recovery functions. Many attributes
of printers and other devices. This information can can be tracked, including
be used to optimize print/copy assets through better the total number of
management, or recover costs by charging departments Equitrac provides pages per device, pages
or end customers. In addition, Equitrac provides
pay-for-print solutions for public access printers
central monitoring per user or department,
and pages per applica-
in locations such as libraries and universities. of your devices tion (such as Microsoft
Heres a brief description of these applications, all and allows you Word). The tracked
of which interface seamlessly with Toshiba hardware: information is compiled
to charge back into reports showing a
AccounTrac for usage. companys total output
Print accounting tracks network and local print jobs and who is generating
and walk-up copies. AccounTrac is an easy-to-use it. Like AccounTrac,
resource management tool, ideal for environments PAS enables companies to control and reduce costs
where a small number of devices need to be moni- by more efficiently managing their devices.
tored, or where stand-alone operation is desired. It
allows usage tracking by department, by individual, TelemeTrac
TelemeTrac terminals install easily to virtually any
Equitracs print usage
report is one of the copier, and automatically capture and transmit copier
tools that enables you meter information.This terminal transmits the current
to control the costs of
copying, faxing, and meter count to a cellular network; on the day sched-
printing. uled for meter reading, the terminal is queried by the
network, and the information is transferred to the
secure TelemeTrac web site. Using a password, admin-
istrators can retrieve the information and even export
it into their organizations accounting software for
chargeback. TelemeTrac is a convenient, accurate
means of tracking the usage of remote devices and
then recovering a portion of the devices operating costs.
DebitLog Law firms
Equitrac software

DebitLog is a secure card-operated print vending Equitracs solutions allow firms to consolidate and
and tracking solution that displays the value of each issue reports based on exact usage for specific clients,
purchase as transactions are made. Ideal for retail or and ultimately recover costs. Firms can minimize over-
education markets, the DebitLog system combines a head and maximize profits with effective cost recovery,
tracking terminal, card encoder, and card service center and also track and bill the costs associated with photo-
to dispense and read copying, faxing, and laser/digital printing.
plastic Value Cards.
Equitrac delivers The system can easily
Advertising and Public Relations agencies
As agencies continue to offer more services, accurate
efficient device be set up to use a
reporting for cost recovery and project allocation has
PIN system to allow
operation and lower users to access devices; become a necessity. Equitrac offers a single-source
solution for accurately recovering costs associated with
total of ownership. by using their PIN
client billings, such as the time and costs associated
numbers, users can
with equipment-related services including copying,
purchase Value Cards,
faxing, and printing. Agencies can issue reports based
add value to cards, or obtain account balances. DebitLog
on the exact usage of resources for clients or depart-
offers convenience both for consumers and device
ments and export the data into their billing package.
operators, and allows operators to accurately track and
charge for usage. Libraries
Libraries can implement Pay-for-Print solutions to
PrintLog Professional
maximize the recovery of all costs related to hard-
This is a workstation-based print-tracking application
copy production in a library environment. Equitrac
designed for simple installation in small organizations
offers simple print vending software, secure card-
where server-based products may be too complex. It
operated print vending devices, and charge accounts
enables users to allocate printing to user, client, proj-
that deliver payment control through pre-defined
ect, or department codes. Designed for the Windows
account parameters. Equitracs Library Solutions help
95, 98, Me, NT, and 2000 environments, PrintLog
reduce waste and increase the revenue potential of
Professional is a simple yet powerful tool for tracking
hard-copy services in retail and library environments.
and recovering print-related costs.
Here are a few of the applications for these Equitrac and Toshiba devices
Equitrac solutions: Equitrac integrates perfectly with Toshiba printers,
copiers, and other devices in organizations where
device management and cost control are critical. Call
your Toshiba representative today for more informa-
tion on how Equitrac and other Toshiba Document
Solutions can help your organization.

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