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Safety is one business function that allows an ergonomic stress

organization to demonstrate genuine concern for

-Independently deciding resources that are explosives
the well-being of the individual and give life to
the ethics that are becoming more important to
- adding layers of complexities
employee satisfaction. Laws, standard
-insertion of disciplinary actions
Safety professionals position themselves as Issues that and codes
-failure to investigate to analyze new incentives
consultants to the organization and trusted concern
and approaches
advisors to the line organization and its leaders. modern safety
Product safety
and health
and liability
Modern safety and health ethics
Opportunities Threats teams
Core Duty: prevention of events Safety engineer
that cause harm to people,
property and environment Emerging Role of Role and Professional
Safety professional Enviromental engineer
Certification for safety & health
The skills needed to fulfill this profesionals
duty are changing.
Industrial hygienist
Safety and health
manager Health Physicist
Most Highly Certification of
1. Certified safety professional Pursued Safety and Health
2. Certified professional ergonomist Certifications professional
Occupational health
3. Certified Industrial Hygienist
4. Certified occupational Health
Professional Certification is an excellent way to
establish credentials in the safety, health and Occupational physician
environmental profession.