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Table of Contents
Chapter One: True Cases of Demonic Possession
Chapter Two: Horrifying Accounts of Summoning Demons with a Ouija Board
Chapter Three: True Cases of Demonic Attack
Chapter Four: Demonic Crimes
Chapter Five: BEK Demons
Chapter Six: Demonic Reptilians
Chapter Seven: Satanic Worship and Demon Possession
Chapter Eight: Portals and Boom Sounds
Chapter Nine: Demonic Near Death Experiences
Conclusion: The Coming Uprising?
Chapter One

True Cases of Demonic Possession

Marks appeared on the neck of our three year old son. They were purple. They looked like
strangulation marks. How did our son get the marks? There were no scratches; they were not external
wounds. Neither the doctor nor the paediatrician could figure it out.
On the night before the marks appeared, my wife had an unusual experience. She was on her laptop
when everyone else was asleep. Suddenly she heard rustling. At the same time, she smelt a foul
odour. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark shape inside the room. The hair on her body stood
on end.
The next day, the marks appeared, says Arthur Policarpio, head of marketing for a global company in
the Philippines.

When his concerned wife went to church, she asked the priest about the incidents, wondering if
they could be supernatural, but not really believing in such things. The priest replied however that he
believed it could be possible.
The priest went to their house to reassure her, and as he spoke with their staff in confidence, he
learned that in fact these were not isolated episodes.
Our driver spoke of feeling and seeing a presence on top of him while he was lying down.Our nanny
said that once as she was holding our baby, she looked in the mirror. Instead of seeing herself, she
saw a black shape in the reflection.
The nanny also told us that our son had an imaginary friend. One day, as she put him in the bath
and took off his crucifix necklace to wash him, the little boy suddenly asked, Whos that? pointing
behind her. No-one was there.
Shortly after, he began to talk aloud to an invisible friend whom he said was called Golok.
Later in his playroom, the child suddenly, inexplicably, smashed his face down onto his little table,
making his eyes bleed horrifically.

That evening while in the lounge with his parents, he suddenly grabbed hold of his side saying it
hurt badly. His Mother told him to pray and Jesus would make it all better. He replied, I dont like
The next day he broke his rosary.
The family asked the priest to perform an exorcism on the child. After the priest had done so, though
the child was too young to really understand what had been done, he announced that his friend had
gone far away, and would not be returning.

Researching the meaning of the name of his invisible friend, the Father says he discovered that
it was the name for a knife used by an old tribe, for decapitation purposes.
I was at first hesitant to write this, he says, on Catholic faith website Totus Tuus Maria. How
would I convince a sceptic? However, one of the devils biggest lies is that he is not real. The
devil exists; He is very real.

In possibly one of the most comprehensive and frightening accounts of demonic possession in
recent times, Reverend Ted Pike, who runs a national prayer network in the States, has come out to
openly explain the events that tragically led to his wifes death.
It happened he says, after a sustained and relentless series of ongoing demonic attacks, that seemed to
start with him and pass on to his wife, and was the culmination of a number of serious physical
attacks on his wife.

It seems that it really began many years ago, as he started to write a controversial religious book
when only in his mid twenties. One night, he was woken by a violent nightmare which then repeated
itself every night. He was then struck down by a mysterious illness which claimed all of his energy.
He was left barely able to walk and only able to write for a few minutes a day before having to lie
down and rest.
At night I experienced visits by presences paralyzing me, overwhelming me with their evil.
This went on for years. Then he met his beautiful young wife, an artist.
After the wedding, my wife, who used to walk ten miles a day suddenly became extremely weak.
She experienced inexplicable fatigue like mine.
Once, while sleeping, I dreamt that an evil man was coming toward me, his hands about to strangle
me. We awoke simultaneously. She said shed had a nightmare, that an evil man was coming toward
her neck, his hands out to strangle her.

In 2003, his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour, thankfully benign, and she had an operation
to remove it.
Critics will say that what she then experienced was as a result of the surgery; but she was not
alone. I experienced it. Thousands of supernatural intrusions. Presences, faces; the house was filled
with presences. Sickening odours. Water dripped from dry ceilings. She saw an eye staring at her
from inside the sink hole. She saw creatures like worms swarming around in the darkness. We heard
scurrying. We heard banging. I saw tiny red lights in the house, in the trees. There were knocks on our
doors but no one there. Human-like forms come in and out of our house. Our cats would flee from
them. Garbled messages were left on our phone. Objects disappeared then reappeared. A manuscript
thrown into a stove and burnt.
Soon, the demons began to speak through her. She spoke in tongues. She said she could feel the
demons inside her, non-stop in her brain.
The demons didnt like me close to her; they screamed for me to get away. If I didnt, theyd cause her
intense pain.
The demons willingly volunteered their names. Using Jesus name seemed to work for a little
while, but theyd soon be back in full force, saying mockingly, "Oh Jesus, save us!"

Worse was to come. Her face would appear at times horribly contorted in almost physically
impossible positions, and her tongue seemed to extend impossibly, along with sudden blood-curdling
screams, demonic laughter, barking, growling, hissing, crawling like a snake.
They told her they were going to kill her and she didn't have a chance; they were too many.
One night she was lifted and thrown back and forth across a room. Another time she was thrown
down a cliff. Somehow, she survived.
In 2011, Alynn got in her car alone in the middle of the night, drove to Marquam Bridge, and jumped
into Willamette River.
Did she commit suicide? No, says her husband. Satan murdered her, throwing her off the


In January 2014, a familys story of demonic possession went global. Not only was it a terrifying
account of what they were going through, but perhaps more importantly, it seemed that no-one could
discredit it; Police and health workers all testified that there was definitely something demonic going
The mother said that she, her children, and her mother were under attack from demons in their home
when they lived there in Indiana in 2011.
We almost lost our lives, said the Mother, after witnessing numerous terrifying preternatural
incidents. Ominous dark shadows were seen, objects were hurled at her, things were smashed to
The demons manifested themselves several times, appearing in different forms at different times; as
a figure of a man sometimes, as a grotesque monster at other times, chilling her to the bone. She
witnessed her children levitating, being thrown across rooms, convulsing, and blood coming from
their noses as they began chanting verses that were clearly satanic. When they smiled at her, it wasnt
the innocent smiles of children she saw; there was evil in their eyes and mocking in their smiles.
When they spoke, it was the harsh mocking voices of demons who talked through them.
When asked what a demon sounds like, the mother said its voice was like a man, but like
something dead.
The grandmother spoke of the time she was almost choked to death by an invisible entity grabbing
her around the neck. She heard dogs barking in the basement yet they had no pets. Footsteps would be
heard, pounding knocks on doors.
The mother called on the police for help, and incredibly police audio recordings actually captured
the sound of a rasping guttural voice coming from the basement of the house. The police Captain
testified that he saw shadow people, saw objects moving by themselves. He heard a threatening voice
over his police radio shouting at him to leave.
Her terrified children were taken to hospital. The Paramedics attending them spoke of being
attacked. At hospital, child protective service workers saw her son walk unnaturally up a wall, to a
height above their heads. It was an impossible thing to do. It was recorded in their official reports.
The hospital chaplain called on a local priest, Father Maginot, to come and conduct an exorcism.
When he went to assist, he says he saw things he had never seen before; the childrens eyes were
rolling in their heads, blood pouring from their ears and mouths, talking in strange languages, and
being thrown involuntarily across rooms in front of him.
The priest discussed the mothers life with her, including her past and she mentioned an ex-
boyfriend who had come by recently. It seems that when she was dating him she had not known he
was actually married, until his wife had called, threatening her that she would wish she had never met
him. He had once asked for an item of lingerie as a keepsake from her, and a family photo album had
gone missing around that time. When the house was investigated by the police, they discovered a stash
of items buried beneath the basement, including underwear and childrens clothing; personal items
someone might use to conduct a spell or curse. She had also begun to have violent nightmares
featuring the ex-boyfriend.
The priest felt it more than likely that the occult was used, summoning the demon to possess her. It
took three attempts to finally get the demon to leave. Once the priest had discovered the name of the
demon, he used it to push its buttons, he said, riling it, condemning it, tormenting it back like it had
tormented the family.
After it finally left, the family were far too traumatised to ever return there, but since then they have
not reported being troubled again by the demon.
The mother, Ms Ammons, says ominously, Demons can possess you, use you, and make you want
to take your own life...

City Press News in Soweto, South Africa, asks, Are satanic crimes on the rise? as it reports on
the discovery of the bodies of two teenage girls found dead in a field. They were found murdered in a
satanic ritual. Still wearing their school clothes, they were covered in cuts, and black candles left
beside their bodies.
A special Occult Unit exists within the police to handle cases like these, where they see deaths
occurring on a regular basis allegedly caused by satanic ritual and the raising of demons. According
to the newspaper, In the last three months, almost eighty occult related criminal cases were opened.
At his trial in Pretoria in 2003, an alleged Satanist dubbed Goggaman admitted to being
possessed by demons." Facing charges of abduction and assault on three siblings, the State alleges
he committed ritual satanic abuse. The children themselves appear to have become possessed as a
The accused, Robbie Classen, 38, was interviewed by a member of the countrys specialist occult
team, Superintendent Retta Everton, an expert in occult-related crimes. She told the court, "When we
met, I got goose bumps when I looked him in the eye."
Classen admitted to her chillingly, "I project the demons from my soul through my arms and fists
towards my victims."
She said his body was covered with occult tattoos, including one on his penis. She had known
about this one because the abused children had told her about it. The children said that the man, along
with a group of others, had forced them into bizarre rituals.
She said, The children knew occult signs and symbols and they appeared to be able to do astral
projection, where their spirits left their bodies; which can only be achieved if someone shows you
how to. They now suffer from nightmares, where they see fire and snakes," she said.
Their mother gave evidence, describing how one son could move objects with his eyes, and that he
sometimes changed into a monster with long teeth, a big head and huge eyes.
Once, she said, her 11-year-old son had chased his brother and sister with an axe, talking in a
strange voice, telling them that the devil had ordered him to kill them.
She told the court about a devil, over seven feet tall, which followed the children around
When her daughter drew a picture on her hand to explain a ritual to her mother, her hand allegedly
turned red and became incredibly hot. They could not wash off the drawing for days, the mother

Spanish Ufologist researcher Antonio Ribera, recorded a remarkable case that occurred in Spain in
1976 when a family had gone to Barcelona airport to catch a plane to go on vacation.
The husband went to collect the plane tickets and as he returned to the group, he saw only his wife
there. The Nanny and child had disappeared. His wife presumed they must have gone to the bathroom,
but as time went on and they did not return, the couple alerted airport security who checked the
airport but could not find them.
Then an ordinary-looking old lady came up to the distraught mother and father out of no-where and
advised her to pray for their daughter, before vanishing into the crowd at the airport.

Then the Nanny and child reappeared suddenly, sitting at the seat beside the frantic couple. The
concerned parents asked the Nanny where she had taken the child, and the Nanny replied that she and
the child had been sitting there on the seat beside them all this time. Even stranger, the child appeared
as though almost physically glued to the Nanny. The Father had to struggle to prise them apart and
separate them, and as he did so, he saw the Nannys arms turn a red colour.

Trying to brush the odd incident off, the family and Nanny went ahead and boarded their plane, but at
some point during the flight, the Nanny started to become hysterical and had to be restrained by the
flight crew.
After landing, the family decided to return straight home and not continue the holiday, too
concerned by the Nannys unbalanced mental state.
Once they had flown back, they admitted the Nanny to hospital where she had to be sedated to calm
her down.
In an effort to try to get to the bottom of what had really happened, a well known Clinical Hypnotist at
the time, Dr F. Rovatti, put her through a hypnosis. What he claimed was extraordinary. He stated that
during the session, the Nanny revealed that she had heard a terrible male voice, summoning her as
she had sat at the airport. However, each time he attempted to discover what had then happened, the
Nanny would become completely uncontrollable and hysterical.
Controversially, Dr Rovatti determined that an extremely strong block had been put on her at the
airport, and that despite his attempt at hypnotic regression, this block was preventing her from
revealing anything that had happened. He determined that he could not delve deeper for fear that to do
so would put her life at severe risk.

The current Pope Francis speaks frequently about the very real existence of the devil. In July 2014,
L'Osservatore Romano, the Catholic Churchs Newspaper reported that the Pope had given support to
the work of exorcists within the Catholic church, by officially recognising under canon law a group of
priests who perform exorcisms. The group, called the International Association of Exorcists,
comprising two hundred and fifty catholic priests spread across the world, has now had its statutes
approved by the Vatican. It now gives legal recognition to the performance of exorcisms.
This year, Catholic churches in Europe were said to have taken on an increasing number of
exorcists because of the unusual rise in demonic possession that the Churches had witnessed.
In May 2014, a man in a wheelchair was filmed being publicly prayed over by Pope Francis, in
what many deemed was an act of exorcism. The Pope prayed over the man intensely until the man is
seen to breathe out sharply and weaken temporarily, as though something was actually expelled from
his body. Reverend Juan Rivas who accompanied the man on his trip to Rome, describes hearing a
horrifying sound like a roar as the Pope stood over him. He claims that he could feel the demons
However the man himself says the demons are still there. Known only as Angel V, he told El
Mundo newspaper that despite having already undergone dozens of exorcisms, the demons will not
relinquish him. Several expert exorcists, including the top exorcist for the Vatican, Gabriel Amorth,
have attempted to free him. Amorth himself claims he has sent thousands of demons back to hell in his
time as an exorcist. He says Angel is without doubt possessed. But Angel says, even though he can
now walk again since the Pope prayed over him, the demons wont go. He says they have been inside
him for nearly twenty years.
Angel describes the moment he knew he had become possessed, back in the late 1990s. "It came
close to me, then suddenly it was like a stake pierced my chest and gradually, I felt the sensation of it
pulling open my ribs. I thought I would die.
From that moment, his life began to fall apart. "I could not sleep, and when I managed to sleep I had
terrible nightmares, full of evil."
When he was awake, he said, he started to fall into trances, talking in languages he didnt even
know, and swearing profusely. He was labelled mentally insane and lost all of his businesses.
Desperate now, he no longer knows who can help him...
In the 2008 February edition of the New Oxford Review, a certified psychiatrist from New York
published a detailed account of his experience treating a patient clinically assessed by him to be
possessed by Demons. It was seen as a ground breaking case; few professionals within the medical
field are willing to come out and state that demon possession exists for the genuine and
understandable fear of having their reputation ridiculed. But this doctor felt he had no choice but to
state the truth.
Dr Richard E. Gallagher, M.D. documented his remarkable sessions with the patient, who was a
former Satanist.
She was logical, highly intelligent, in no way psychotic, he says.
When she seemed most under the influence of the possession, she would issue vile and frightening
threats and taunts to the Doctor, Priest and anyone else on the care team, telling them all, Shes
At these times her voice would vary from deeply masculine to eerily high-pitched, and the room
would grow incredibly hot.
Astonishingly, when the team was having a telephone conference without her present, a voice came
on the line threatening them to stop interfering.
What the doctor says he found particularly astonishing was that this woman seemed to display
occult powers, including making objects fly off shelves in front of them. Most disturbing was the fact
that she knew things it wasnt possible for her to know: She could name the exact location of the
priest on the team, and exactly what he was thinking at that moment. One day she suddenly declared
that a member of the teams cats had uncharacteristically attacked each other the night before. This
team member lived in another part of the country and had not been present. She seemed pleased that it
had happened.
During exorcism she shouted in multiple voices, growled like a range of animals and spoke in
languages she had said she did not know. She fought them, several of them struggling to keep her
down, and at one point she levitated in the air for over half an hour.
They deliberately disguised the holy water so that it was not possible for her to tell which was
holy water and which was tap water; however, she would scream in pain when the holy water
touched her.
Disturbingly, the doctor says the possession has not yet gone, and the team continue to work with
her still
British man, Vince McCann documented the terrifying months he spent under demonic attack back
in the late 1980s.
Feeling somehow inadequate and isolated as many teenagers do, he turned to the paranormal to
help him. He would buy magazines on the subject and purchased books advertised inside them,
including books on witchcraft.
Unable to find a job at this time, he felt hed found a new sense of purpose in life. His secret world
excited him and it felt harmless yet empowering. He believed he would be able to gain power and
change his life.
He practised black magic almost constantly.
Then one night two women called round and said they were the family of his old girlfriend. They
said the girl, who he calls Jane, was in a mental facility at the local hospital and had been asking for
him. Out of decency he visited her, and when she was released back into the care of her parents, she
seemed so dependent on Vincents friendship that he spent almost every day there supporting her.
They practised magic together, and to his shock, she appeared to be an expert in the subject of spells
and rituals. However, he felt she was very demanding of him and he was looking for a way to lessen
the time he spent there without upsetting her too much.
Almost as though she sensed this, her behaviour became controlling and manipulative. He felt
trapped. When her parents were away on holiday, they were left alone in the house, and suddenly, a
male voice boomed out of her; it threatened to kill everyone he cared about if he left her. It said it
was causing her mental illness.
As the days went on, more and more demons came through, urging him on to do things he does not
feel able to put into words; things that were just too horrible to contemplate. When he refused, Jane
would go crazy, a powerful presence coming through her spewing hatred and threats at him. White
froth came out of her mouth, terrifying him.
Bizarrely, he stayed with her; it was as though the demon was enslaving him. He didnt know how
to break free, though all he felt was danger around him.
Odd things started to happen. It was almost as though her control went far beyond just him. We
were walking around in a nearby town. She would approach people we didnt know and they would
know what she was doing. For example, she approached a man and he said to her "How is 'the work'
going?" Then they both stared hard at me. Another time we were standing under some trees and we
heard a blood curdling noise like nothing I have ever heard before. It was coming from the tree that
shed been looking up at.
Eventually her parents kicked them out and they moved into a studio apartment together. There,
things only got worse.
I was beaten constantly and the various spirits never stopped tormenting me throughout the nights.
I spent many nights without sleep. I was reduced to a zombie. While I deteriorated, she grew stronger.
Sometimes, when I have told people, theyve said, Why didn't you hit her back?" They dont
understand the power.
On a visit to his parents, his Father, who had grown suspicious, called in some Church friends and
they carried out an emergency exorcism on the girl. As they attacked the demons, he could hear their
screams emitting ear piercing sounds. After intense hours of prayer, it seemed somehow the demons
had been forced out.
As a result of those distressing and terrifying months, Vince turned to Christianity, wrote his
experience in the book Freed from Satans Grasp, and went on to become a Pastor. He now runs an
organisation called the Reach Out Trust, which specialises in helping those who have had the
misfortune, like him, to be terrorised by demonic entities....
Derek Acorah, once a professional footballer, realised he was psychic when still quite young and
has since been a full-time psychic medium. Frequently he gets contacted by people in the U.K, in dire
need of help. In one case, he relates how a middle-class couple called him asking if he would be able
to help them with the changes that had happened to their daughter. They asked if he would visit them.
He went that evening, after hearing the stress and worry in the mothers voice when she had spoken to
As he walked up the garden path, the large house appeared almost as though it was abandoned.
Though it was a dark winter night, he could see that the windows had been smashed and were all
boarded up from the inside. The same with the front door; the glass panel had been smashed and a
long piece of wood covered the gap.
As he knocked on the door a lady came and let him in. She led him into the lounge, apologising for
the condition of the house. Inside it looked as though vandals had broken in and wrecked the place.
There was a horrible, unclean smell in the air.
Her husband was in the lounge, which was barely furnished at all. As Derek took a seat, they
explained their situation to him. Their daughter had been studying Law at University. She was still
living at home because it was only a short distance to the University from their house. The time came
for her to study for her final exams, and thats when things had started to change, they said.
Lynne, once a highly sociable and happy girl, had suddenly inexplicably changed into nothing
short of evil. Although there was still a physical resemblance to the lovely girl they had known, the
person who now shared their house with them was evil, they said.
Its nothing for her to smash windows, doors and furniture. Its pointless replacing the glass in the
windows because we know it will only be smashed again. The windows have to be secure too
because she would be perfectly happy to climb out of them, regardless of the sharp glass cutting her.
Derek asked to see her but her parents were reluctant because she had just fallen asleep; they told
him that she barely ever slept at all. They took him upstairs to her bedroom, and found her lying on the
floor. The walls of the room were smeared with faeces.
Derek left them for the night, and walking back home thinking about the case, he decided to call on
his friend, healer Ken Swindells. He told Ken that he could do with some help on this case. In his
book, Extreme Psychic, he writes, I told him that I had never ever experienced the degree of hatred,
evil and horror that emanated from the home. I told him that I knew there was something demonic
residing there on an almost permanent basis. This demonic being was in almost total control of the
girl. Now he would not easily be repelled and she was far too weak to do anything about it. He had
drained her and was using her as a puppet. He would not easily let go.
The next day, they both went back. There they came face to face with Lynne. She was sitting in the
lounge on the sofa. She was pale, with a greyish skin. Her clothes hung on her frame. Her hands were
red and sore. She was rail thin she had no physical substance at all. Suddenly she noticed us. Slowly
she raised her head and looked directly at me. Her eyes, which had moments before looked lacklustre
and vacant, suddenly blazed with inhuman light. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as
Lynne threw her head back, her mouth opened wide, and she broke into an unearthly and demonic
laughter, and then just as suddenly stopped. I had the full attention of the being who was invading her
A deep gravelly voice came out of her, Dance with me! it said. She walked right up to my face. I
had to stop myself from retching at the stench of her. I knew I mustnt refuse and back down. We took
each others arms and began a slow waltz around the room. I knew I was not dancing with Lynne; I
could feel the incredible strength of this beings physical power. I was afraid. I knew the demon had
insisted we dance to show me his strength.
Ken came forward and we stopped dancing. We held onto her arms as it fought us, trying to throw
us off her, as Ken called out to spirit guides to help us. We prayed and prayed.
Suddenly she seemed to slump and we took her to the sofa, where she lay down and went straight
to sleep.
It seemed that the entity was leaving her; but they both returned to the house for four more days,
continuing to pray continuously for hours until they were convinced it was fully gone....
Researcher Leon Cristiani writes of an old case where brothers Thiebaud and Joseph Burner, aged
nine and seven, were both subject to exorcism back in the 1860s in the Alsace region of France, as
documented in the Canon of Arras book, Taken by Satan.
The two boys lived in an orphanage where at night they were observed performing the most
puzzling manoeuvres as they slept. Their bodies would lift off the bed and twist round and round at
incredible speed. When they sat, their chairs would levitate and hover in the air, in front of many
witnesses at the orphanage. In the day time they would report being constantly ravenously hungry and
after eating, their stomachs would swell up hugely. They said something disturbing as to the cause of
their hunger; they had a live animal in their stomachs that they had to feed.
The Bishop was informed and at first he sent the local police chief to investigate. The police chief
was a sceptic; however, even he could not understand how the boys could reply to questions they
were asked in languages they did not know, including Latin which they had not been taught. Their
knowledge was way beyond anything a child would know and they could give answers to the most
complex questions.
Both of the boys had a deep aversion to anything religious. Thiebaud could be blindfolded and
walked around before being taken to a sanctified area and he would know exactly when he was at that
spot even though he could not see it. As he reached the spot he would begin to bark like a dog, his
body would lock and he could not be pulled along.
The Bishop recognised that from the combination of these phenomena both the boys had somehow
become possessed by demons, and ordered them to be exorcised.
During the exorcisms both boys displayed superhuman strength, requiring several men to struggle
with them to tie them to chairs, and they spewed obscenities for hours as froth flew from their mouths.
After several lengthy exorcisms, the priests finally managed to remove the demons, and incredibly
afterwards neither boy had any recollection of anything that had happened to them at all....
In what has to be one of the most ghoulish cases, back in the early 1900s, James Berry was a public
executioner in England. His job was to hang condemned men and women for the acts of murders they
had committed.

It seems that the job took its toll on him and after a few years of conducting these public hangings, he
began to believe that as he killed these murderers, their condemned souls would pass into him at the
moment of their death and the demons they had inside of them would take possession of him. He
believed he was now possessed by a host of demons.

Berry was in so much despair by this time that he decided his only way to escape the demons would
be to kill himself.

He took himself down to a train depot where it was his intention to board a train and open the door
just at the point where another train would be coming on the other track towards the train and would
hit him. But at the train station, a young man began to talk to him. This man had just turned to
Christianity and in his fervour he had made a commitment to himself that he would talk to one person
each day about his new found beliefs, in the hope of converting them too.

As he began to talk to Berry he realised the desperate state of the man and took him back to his
Church with him, where evangelist preacher Mr Wigglesworth recorded in his memoires that he
performed an exorcism on the man.
Though details are sparse, he testifies that the exorcism was a success, and when they took him home,
his wife and children saw the immediate change in him. Berry no longer wanted to kill himself and
his family no longer feared his temper and depressed moods. He turned to evangelism himself


Pauline McKnight ministers in a Church in Brooklyn.NYC Religion ezine interviewed her in 2013 to
find out more about her involvement with helping those suffering from demon possession, and she
recalled a case where she tried to help a woman called Whitney, 23 years old, who had come to a
Church service one day.
As the service came to a close, Pauline said to the congregation, There's a demon here. The
Pastor knew this, she said, because of the stench emanating from the woman and her vacant hollow
eyes, and she turned out to be right because when the woman spoke, her voice was guttural and
talking in the third person only.
It seems the woman had taken out a contract with the devil. Two years ago, the woman claimed that
she had begun to be attacked by a demon. She said that it would grab her, choke her, try to strangle
her. It came to her in nightmares. She said that in despair she signed a contract with the Devil.
As the Pastor prayed over her for hours the woman began to scream like a wild animal. She
vomited blood and she foamed at the mouth. The pastor realised that there was more than one demon
inside of her.
She later found out from the victims mother that a curse had been placed on the family years ago
when they were living in the West Indies. It had possessed other members of the family before. The
demons had been watching Whitney for years before possessing her, just biding their time....
Lyn Slim from Birmingham, England, related an extraordinary and horrifying encounter she had
with demonic forces when she was called to assist the mother of a local boy who had become
increasingly disturbed.
Eighteen year old Liam had changed. His behaviour had got worse than just a typical teenager; he
had begun attacking people. He was not taking drugs. His mother had requested Lyn go there to
perform an exorcism as her last resort. As a well-known Medium shes sometimes called on to help
those troubled by much darker spirits then their departed loved ones. She described the events that
occurred in Its Fate magazine when she went to the boys house with two of her colleagues.
Lynn was not convinced it would be necessary to carry out an exorcism; until she arrived and came
face to face with the boy. When she looked into the boys eyes, she says, Something evil was looking
right back at me. I felt a dark presence darting around the room. Then suddenly I doubled over as pain
stabbed through my abdomen. It was excruciating pain. The demon was trying to get into my body, its
voice snarling in my head saying, You wont win. You havent the power.
This thing was strong. I summoned my strength and forced it away; but then it was back inside
Liam. He was swearing, writhing, screaming in pain, his fingers reaching out to claw at us.
For nearly an hour they battled with Liam. They could not get the demon to go and the evil presence
filled the room. They all became seriously worried as they weakened.
However, what happened next is something she says she will never forget. Suddenly, the room
became filled with more energy. Not good energy; just very powerful. Something appeared in the
doorway. Over seven feet tall, a black cowl covering his face. It was Death himself. I cowered,
hoping he wouldnt notice me.
The figure came toward Liam, searching for the demon to reclaim it, Lyn believes, and as she stood
shaking in fear she saw the entity move back away from Liam and gradually fade away. Liam
collapsed to the floor drained,
Later, as he began to recover, he told Lyn that his problems had started after he and his friends had
been playing around with a Ouija board.
Though Lyn had performed many similar interventions, she says she had never been at one so
terrifying as that...
In the same magazine, Karolien Minne describes how she moved into a new apartment on the island
of Lanzarote a couple of years ago. What happened to her then was a slow progression towards
something terrifying.
At first, she noticed herself becoming increasingly moody; going from a really laid-back person to
snapping at people for no reason. She also began to feel inexplicably tired all the time, and her body
always felt sore. Not only that, she had begun to feel haunted by the most terrifying nightmares.
Night after night I dreamt of a sinister man with dark hair and evil eyes. In my dream I knew the
man was evil and meant me harm, but I couldnt get away from him. I was so stressed that I started to
loose weight. I looked awful.
One day I forced myself out of my apartment to get some fresh air. I bumped into my landlady. She
saw the state of me and asked me what was wrong. Since wed always got on well, I confided in her
about how my life was falling apart, and described the terrible dreams that were plaguing me. As
soon as I mentioned the dark-haired man her eyes widened.
The man youve described is the guy who lived in your apartment before you; he used to practise
black magic and was into all sorts of dark things. Then she told me that he had died in the front room
of my house.
My landlady was into spiritual things herself, and she advised me to ask the spirit why he was
there and what he wanted. She also said to keep a glass of water under the bed for protection.
That night as I was getting ready for bed, I took her advice and though I was scared, I called out to
the spirit. I was terrified but determined to go through with it. Suddenly, the man from my dreams
appeared before me; only this time I wasnt dreaming. He was really there. He was snarling at me.
Evil in his eyes, he stood watching me. It was terrifying. I didnt know what he would do.
Days passed and he would keep reappearing, standing mutely, watching me. The longer he hung
around, the more I became convinced; he wasnt just haunting my apartment, he was taking possession
of my body too. Why else would I feel so tired all the time?
A few weeks passed in this state, and then I received an email from a friend Steve Johnson, saying
he was coming to visit the Island. He was a healer and had been asked to come and do some work
As soon as he arrived I met with him and told him my problem. Fortunately, he offered to help me.
In the lounge of his apartment, he placed a protective circle around us. He called to the spirit, asking
him to show himself.
Suddenly the man loomed over me menacingly. He grabbed hold of my head and jerked it
backwards roughly. I struggled to break free. As Steve tried to pull him off me, he told me the spirit
was telling him he didnt want to pass over because hed been so evil in life and now he was terrified
of going to hell. He said hed attached himself to me because I was no match for his strength. He was
feeding off me so he didnt pass over.
As Steve and I continued to try to fight him off, suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed. A
huge dark shadow appeared in the corner of the room, and it grew and spread into a huge black figure;
it was almost like a Darth Vader figure. It flew across the room, grabbing the man and dragged him
back into the darkness with it; then they both vanished.
Steve said, The room went dark and a thing came out of the shadows to take him away. While
doing spirit-rescue work, I have never seen anything like that emerge out of the corner of a room
I couldnt believe what I had witnessed, said Karolien, and I was completely drained
afterward, but incredibly, the next day when I woke I felt better than I had done in months. I had all
my energy back again. It had gone....
Psychic medium Mia Dolan, was called on to assist a mother, Donna McMahon and her young
children in 2008, when terrifying events forced the mother to seek help before it was too late.
It was a cold dark winter night in November when I first spotted it. My eyes were drawn to
something black, like a shadow, spreading across the living room wall. I told myself it must have
been a trick of the light, said the mother.
But then, a few nights later, her 6 year old son started screaming upstairs in bed. I found Charlie
crying in the middle of the floor; when I asked him what happened he said, The bad man picked me
up and threw me out of bed. I assumed hed had a bad dream. But, strange things started happening
all the time. The TV and lights would go on and off, furniture started to move in front of my eyes.
Then, she started to hear a voice; evil, chilling words saying, Go on; kill yourself.
One day it called out from the kitchen in my sons voice. I knew the kids were at school but I had
to go and check. As I got to the kitchen a knife flew at my feet. Use that to kill yourself, the voice
A few nights later I was in the living room when I suddenly felt as if Id been grabbed round the
throat. I could barely breathe. Fighting to stay conscious I crawled to the phone and managed to call
Chris, a man whos number Id found who was a ghost hunter.
When Chris and the medium Mia arrived at the house, they formed a protective circle and for
hours, they stood together inside it as Mia chanted Latin prayers to banish the entity. The demon
pounded them, tying to push them out of the protective circle and make the working fail, but eventually
the supernatural battle ended.
Demons are evil malicious entities. Demons are evil through and through. They were never human
like ghosts. They enjoy causing chaos. They come from hell. They like to inflict anything that will
induce fear, said Mia....
Allan Sweeney is a world renowned Reiki and spirit healer. He has written of a severe and
frightening case of demonic possession that came to his attention.
One night a friend of mine awoke and saw a dark figure crawling across the ceiling. Later, he
woke again and saw a man by the bed with an evil grin. The third time he woke, he looked across at
his sleeping wife and said to himself, I wonder what it would be like to cut her head off?
He also found himself looking around the bedroom, noticing the features as though he had never
seen the bedroom before.
Deeply concerned now, he woke his wife up; something very bad was happening to him.
The next day, his thoughts about wanting to kill his wife were still there, and the compulsion he
was feeling was only getting stronger. He made his wife leave and go and stay with her parents. He
stayed alone in the house and tried to resist what was happening to him, but his evil thoughts just
seemed to grow, draining him emotionally and physically. When he tried to sleep at night was the
worst time. He could feel it inside of him. It was far stronger than him.

After exorcisms had failed, eventually Allan himself gave his friend some affirmations to say
which he shouted aloud, all day, every day, until finally the thing left as they both watched it....
In Trinidad in 2010, students at Moruga School were said to have been attacked by unseen entities.
Many of the students felt sick, shook uncontrollably and felt like they were being strangled. While a
local psychiatrist claimed it was nothing more than hysterical behaviour, the Trinidad Express
reported that in a nearby village, several women had claimed encounters with a demonic entity too.
According to the police report, one of the women had even killed herself after shed told friends
she had been hearing a voice that kept telling her to kill herself.
At her funeral, another woman told those attending that she too was now hearing the same words in
her head. It was telling her to kill herself and her family...
A similar incident was recorded in Guyana in 2013; school children were said to have faced a
demonic infestation. The teaching staff at St. Winefrides School, were witness to some very
disturbing scenes when several students there began to convulse in front of them. The students, from
several different classes, suddenly began to appear to convulse and behave in an erratic and unstable
ways, as if they were being attacked by something invisible.
Witness accounts were given to police by both teachers and students, although the teachers were
said to have been very reluctant to talk and had been seen trying to dissuade their students from
speaking about it. But many of the students were too afraid to keep quiet.
Kaieteur News heard from several ex-students, who claimed that this was not the first time
something like this had happened.
There is pure evil in that school, one of them said. They have called in a Priest before, said
another, To pray and to try to get the demons to leave...
In England, documentation still exists from the 1700s recording the case of paranormal activity in the
county of Surrey, thought to have been caused by the maid of the house.

It happened in the house of a lady called Mary Golding, an elderly lady who shared her home with
her niece and her nieces husband, along with Mrs Goldings maid, Ann.
One morning, while Ann was in the kitchen preparing vegetables for lunch, Mrs Golding heard a
terrific series of bangs and ran into the kitchen to see what was going on. In the kitchen, plates from
the sideboard lay smashed on the floor. A clock and a lantern were also smashed to pieces.
When Mrs Golding asked Ann what had happened she replied that she had seen the objects fly into
the air before being smashed to pieces on the floor. Mrs Golding told her not to be so ridiculous, at
which point, four more plates flew into the air in front of her and smashed to the floor.

Mrs Golding dashed next door to the neighbours in a panic, where a Doctor was called for her as
she had fainted in shock. When she came round, they managed to take her back to her house to lie
down in bed. The Doctor, on arrival, decided to bleed the patient (a common practise in earlier
centuries, thought to relive patients of high blood pressure and hypertension.)
As the Doctor looked down at the blood in the bowl, he saw it swirling around in a most unnatural
way, before rearing up in a solid column and leaping out of the bowl on to the floor. At this point the
bowl shattered into a hundred pieces. The doctor fled in terror.

Downstairs, her niece and her nieces husband were discussing the extraordinary events when they
heard a strange scratching noise, as if invisible rats were everywhere. Pots and pans started being
thrown at them by unseen hands. They ran upstairs away from it, and decided to take Mrs Golding out
of the house for her safety. They went to the neighbours house, where the Mr Greasham had just
returned from work. He refused to believe them and walked over to the house. To his shock, he found
a scene of utter destruction. Furniture was thrown at him and he fled back to his house.

With the family too frightened to return home, the maid Ann offered to go and fetch some of their
personal items so they could stay the night at their neighbours. When she returned she said that
nothing had happened when she had been in the house.
Word got around about the inexplicable happenings and a crowd of neighbours began to gather
outside the house. There they all stood witness to the sounds of incredibly loud thumps and bangs
coming from inside the house. It was so loud, they thought the house was going to collapse.

Eventually night came and people dispersed but at five in the morning the neighbourhood was
woken by loud bangs again and when they stopped, several people ventured inside to see the
destruction. A nine gallon casket of ale had been thrown. A pan of water sat on the floor in the kitchen
and the water began to boil in front of them.

Ann, the maid, announced that she was leaving and she went upstairs to pack her things and leave.
Interestingly, the moment she left, things seemed to stop. There were no more disturbing events.
She had taken whatever was causing it with her.


Paul Fortier knew he would buy the house the moment he set eyes on it. It looked a peaceful, tranquil
setting for his profession as a writer. Having successfully published his first book, he was now keen
to get on with his second. His beautiful young wife Denise and five year old daughter also liked the

However, shortly after they had moved in, his wife began to have reservations about her new home in
Montreal, Canada. She wished they had looked into the history of the house. If they had, they may not
have purchased it.
She had learned from her new neighbours that the house had been the scene of one of the most blood-
chilling crimes.

Built in the early 1800s as a home for children with behavioural problems, it had been burnt down
by two of the children who had lived there. They had set it on fire after murdering the couple who
looked after them there. Despite the fact that they were just children, they were hanged for their crime.

The house was re-built, but it seemed the site retained some of the atmosphere of that crime, as tragic
incident after incident seemed to occur there over the next century. Incidents of arson, murder and
double suicides.

Denise now felt uncomfortable in the new house after learning of its tragedies, but her husband
thought she was just being superstitious and over sensitive. He didnt share her worries.

Feeling increasingly troubled inside the house, particularly by patches of inexplicable cold spots in
some of the rooms, Denise went to a priest for reassurance. She asked if he would perform an
exorcism but he didnt feel there was any real need, sharing the same scepticism as her husband.

Denise began to feel overcome by a growing sense of foreboding. She thought her husband had
changed. He had started drinking excessively, scoffed at her worries, and had become increasingly

As she tucked her daughter into bed that night, the little girl asked if they could leave. She said she
didnt like the house anymore.
Later that night when he parents were asleep, she woke suddenly to suffocating smoke in her room
and screaming she ran into her parents room. The room was ablaze, but even worse, her Fathers
dead body lay on the floor with a pair of scissors sticking out of his throat and her mother was in bed
trying to fight off figures that looked like two boys beating her, laughing demonically as they did it.

The child fled to the neighbours house and returned with them, but inexplicably on her return there
was no sign of a fire and no-one attacking her mother, though she was beaten almost beyond
The police didnt believe her story; there was no evidence. The mother was unable to verify it as she
was taken to hospital in a catatonic state, a state she remained in until she died just three months later.
The child went to live with her grandparents, and police were left to speculate that the Father had
beaten his wife then stabbed himself to death.
It didnt fit with the childs version of seeing demonic children killing her mother but they didnt take
it seriously. Did she see demonic beings or did the Father become possessed himself, given his
change in character? No-one knows...


An entire family were severely injured and a baby tragically died when they all inexplicably leapt
from a hotel room in Paris in 2010.
They had jumped out of the window in the middle of the night, landing below in the car park of the
Police investigating the incident said they found no evidence of any drug taking. What they did find,
however, was a horrific tale of what had led the family to do such a thing.
The incident started when one of the women woke in the night and saw her husband moving around in
the darkened room. Inexplicably, she started screaming that he was the devil. The man then ran next
door into the room of the other relatives and one of the women there grabbed a knife and tried to fend
him off, also claiming it was the devil. She managed to stab him before she and the rest of the family
all ran to the window and jumped out, screaming in terror that the devil was trying to get them, and
crying out for God. The husband then jumped out of the window, chasing after them.
In hospital they all told the police that they were running from the devil.
Chapter Two

Horrifying Accounts of Summoning Demons with a Ouija Board

Twenty five year old Donna McCloud from Northumberland, England, was bored one Friday night,
back when she was eighteen. As she sat with her flatmate Barry, she said maybe they should make a
Ouija board. Her flatmate wasnt sure about it, asking her arent they a bit dangerous? But Donna had
played with Ouija boards lots of times without any problems and so she set about writing letters on
squares of cardboard cut from a cereal packet and arranged them all carefully in a circle on the table.
Instead of a glass, she grabbed the lid off an aerosol can and used that.
Dipping the lights, she held onto Barrys hand and they started. They each placed a finger on the
lid. Donna said she called for the elements to open the circle, and asked if anyone was there.
The lid started to move with a strong energy and it spelled out the words, I was murdered.
Barry was creeped out and starting to feel scared, but Donna told him it was nothing to worry about
even though she herself felt nervous now.
What happened next was something she could never have anticipated. The feeling of energy
coming from the lid was so strong that it was overpowering. Even so, I wanted to find out more. I
asked, Who killed you?
As I said it, I felt immediately drained and my eyes felt like they were closing. The next thing I
remember was waking up. It was 8 am the next morning, and I was slumped across the table next to
Barry. We couldnt understand what had happened. We hadnt been drinking. We both felt really
weak and dizzy now.
As I stood to go and take a shower, thinking it would wake me up, I noticed it was dark outside.
This didnt make any sense. Suddenly I felt a dark force descending upon the room, the same sense of
evil I had felt earlier. Five dark figures appeared, floating menacingly towards us.
Before I could even scream, a razor blade appeared in the air. Then there was a swoosh as it swept
towards Barry and slashed him across the face. He screamed as blood spurted out from him. The
figures were hooded, their faces were concealed, but I could feel their evil growing stronger by every
second. We had to get out and we raced to the front door fleeing. But they followed us outside. They
were on top of us, lashing out with fists as we fell to the ground.
Somehow we managed to get free and ran to Barrys Mums house, and I know it sounds
completely crazy, but we were covered in cuts and bruises.
Both were so traumatised they couldnt sleep for days. They managed to find a priest who carried
out exorcisms and he went to the flat and carried out the ritual, but even so, the pair were too
frightened to return there. Barry moved back in with his mother and Donna went to live with hers.
They tried to remain friends, but found that the trauma they had been through was too much for them to
spend time together, as being together reminded them of it and scared them that it might happen again,
and they drifted apart.
Now, seven years on, she tells fate & fortune magazine, my advice to anyone thinking of playing
with a Ouija board would be: Dont! Theyre not harmless fun, they link to dark forces....
A family thought they were just having a bit of fun in their house one day. When it was over
however, their lives had been changed beyond anything they thought possible, according to researcher
D. Kaczmarek.
"It was just supposed to be fun; we were asking it questions, and then it asked if it could visit us, so
I said yes, thinking it was one of the children doing it," says the father, John, from Toronto. But it
wasnt one of the kids. And thats when the horror started. A demon appeared, in a split second, he
The room became unbearably hot, he said, as the demon laughed and swore at them, flying around
them at a preternatural speed. It was black with scaly leathery skin, and had huge wings. It attacked
them, it bit them, it tore at their skin. Time after time as they tried to flee the room they were thrown
across it by the entity, with such incredible strength. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared it vanished,
leaving them badly shaken, traumatised, and needing hospital treatment. They were left battered,
bleeding, and covered in burns.
They had played with a Ouija board; to their detriment.
Susanne Nelson writes about her experience, I played Ouija with friends at school. I was open
minded but knew the probability was that of one of my friends were pushing the piece. Things
changed however when one spirit talked to me, spelling out Susu constantly. I would ask, Whos
this? And it would always answer, Satan.
I thought my friends were messing with me, but the same thing happened with different friends at
college. I played with completely different people, and I hadnt told them about what had happened. I
didnt understand how the same thing could happen with a completely different group of people. And
I knew I wasnt doing it.
Then one night I woke up to find my bedroom on fire. Id fallen asleep with a candle lit. I called
911, and got out of the apartment. The next time I played with it, again, Satan spoke to me, and it
said, Fire, Hahaha.
I cant explain what happened.
Sonia Marway writes, A few years ago I used an on-line Ouija Board to try and contact my father
in law. It seemed a normal thing to do. Then I went to bed. As I was drifting off to sleep I felt
someone tap me on my shoulder. I turned to look at my husband but he was asleep. I tried not to think
too much of it and tried to get to sleep. Then I felt a hard push on my shoulder. My eyes flew open.
There was no-one else in the room. Then I heard some children crying. My first thought was my
children who were asleep in the next room, but when I checked on them, they were asleep. Then I
heard lots of children crying and saying it was my fault they couldn't sleep and that I had disturbed
them. I was so scared. I didn't know to do to make the voices go away.
I tried to pray and I promised that I wouldn't use the board again. After praying for about two hours
the voices did start to fade away. It was the scariest experience I have ever had...
Jessica writes what is probably the most chilling story of all on a spiritual forum. I have had issues
with a demon. The incident that I will never ever forget was after I used a Ouija board. My young son
began to have nightmares. I moved him into our bed so he would feel safe. One night he awoke at 3
am, sat straight up, and said "Mommy, will you die for us." I almost lost my mind.
In 1995 in London, David McCallum invited two school boys to his flat to play with the Ouija
board. Then he stabbed one of them to death.
David apparently believed that he was speaking to the devil himself at the time. According to two
other boys who were there, he asked the board, "Satan, what do you want me to do?"
Hearing a silent answer in his head, that none of the others could suspect, he then plunged a foot
long knife repeatedly into one of the boys. As he was led away by police, he grinned as he told them
that the voice of Satan had commanded him to kill...
In 2007, Joshua Tucker murdered his best friends mother and sister. The mother was stabbed
ninety times. What made him do it? His mother claimed it was because of a Ouija board. He and his
friend had bought one the day before, and just before the murders, they had played with it. His mother
says he suddenly became possessed afterward. She said he started speaking in a language she did not
know, in a strange voice, talking about God.
His friend said that when they had played with the board, they had asked it if they would become
killers, and who would be their first victim. Allegedly it replied it would be his Mom. His friend then
killed her.
From the early 80s, Ron Feyl has been involved in the field of exorcisms. Trained by
Archbishops he went on to establish the Sacred order of Exorcists, formed as a result of requests
from people who said they were being troubled by demonic entities.
Talking on Coast to Coast Radio in June 2014, he said, Playing with Ouija boards is more
common than you might think. Its played all over the world; but playing with a Ouija board is like
playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun; the bullet in the chamber is the demon, just waiting for
someone to pull the trigger. Ouija boards are doorways, and the demonic are just waiting for someone
to open the door so they can come in. They are very dangerous. The spirit is there, just waiting. There
are spiritual entities out there that will tear a person apart, from the inside out, and its a terrible thing
to witness.
The Ouija board is just a game itself, a piece of cardboard or wood; but if you use it for the
intention of inviting some type of entity to come through then thats no longer a game; it becomes a
portal. The demon is just waiting for the words. By the players saying the simple words Is anyone
there? it invites them in. The players, using their free will, are asking it to come in, inviting it in. The
demon will come straight in. Its chilling and very dangerous. Once you open the dialogue they can
come in immediately; its very real. If your defence systems are down, for example, if you are
intoxicated, or using drugs, you are especially more vulnerable.
Its also possible, for a demon to come if there was a history of some kind of dark ritual worship in
the property in the past, especially if there was blood sacrifice made, he says, so a place you live in
could have a dark history that the demon is drawn to. It could have been done over a century ago, but
as a result there is a residual demonic entity that has been allowed in and now has free run of the
When a person becomes possessed, he said, theres a dramatic shift in behaviour. Its almost like
shape-shifting; the persons behaviour follows a pattern that would seem as though at first they have
fallen into a sleep for a split moment; then they awaken and its like another personality is there. You
can see it happen right on front of you. Ive seen it happen so many times and when that personality
surfaces, its demonic and it acts out its personality through that persons body. When a person is
truly possessed you can actually see that transformation take place, you see it before your very eyes.
When someone becomes possessed you can see it on their face; their eyes change colour, their hair
even changes colour subtly.
He described the times he has gone to perform exorcisms. Ive seen people levitate many times,
up to eight feet above the mattress. Once, all I heard were growls at the house yet I could find no
source of the noise throughout the house. In one case, I found a woman mutilating her cat. Theres
usually foul odours, an unbearable stench yet no source for where it could be coming from. Electrical
appliances going on and off. Glass breaking, shattering and even breaking from inwards out. Your
name being called out but no-one is there. Feeling the sensation of wind blowing around you or
through the room, even though the windows are closed. Feeling of being watched when you are on
your own.
Its happened to me, after a ritual when I have come home; I have to be very careful to make sure it
doesnt attach to me.
His exorcisms involve a series of prayer and religious ritual. Before he goes to conduct one, he
and his team of Priests fast and pray for at least three days before exorcism.
An exorcism can last days, weeks, if not months until it is successful, especially if the person has
multiple demons inside of them. You have to get each demon to identify themselves, and that can take
days to get them to do that. In one case we had to go back almost every day for a year to get rid of
them. Once gone, demons can come back though, he warned.
Last year, in a very bad case of demonic possession, he was in the middle of doing a series of
prayers when a two-by-four piece of wood was slammed into his body three times.
A week later he was finding it hard to breathe and went to his Doctor. The Doctor undertook a
chest x-ray and phoned the Priest when the results came back, telling him he needed to get to the
emergency department of the nearest hospital right away. He wouldnt say why.
When the Priest got to the hospital, he was placed in intensive care and had to have three
emergency operations; they had found a sack of blood around his heart; two litres full of blood. The
surgeons had never seen anything like it, and could not explain it, but without the life saving surgery,
it would have killed him.
Evelyn Paglini, now deceased, was a practising witch who had once founded a Satanic Church.
Years later, she said she had turned to the light however, and in her later years called herself a
spiritual warrior.
She said, Demon possession is real. Its been around for centuries and is talked about in all sacred
books. Demons are supernatural beings, they have never held a human form; what they wish is to have
a human form. I have been involved in exorcisms and Ive been thrown across a room. They can take
several days, and you are putting not only your life but your soul in jeopardy if you do an exorcism.
Those who seek these entities to gain personal power and wealth offer their souls and the souls of
others, but they are very very dangerous; you are taking extreme risks with your life. There are
practitioners who have attempted to summon demons, and have been found with every bone in their
body broken the next day.
If you play with Ouija bards, or conduct a sance, you are opening a door and you dont know who
is going to walk through; you are putting out a call to spirit. You can get very positive results with
sances, but there are too many stories of spirits coming that have infested that person and their
family. Its a gamble; you just dont know who is going to come through that portal.
Curiously, many people who have had bad experiences with Ouija boards, have had the name Zozo
spelled out to them.
"The name has come up time and again in investigations Ive done," says demonologist John Zaffis.
People from all over the world for the last 30 years have reported an entity named Zozo, or Zoso.
This creature often starts claiming its actually another spirit first, and acts friendly at first. But,
Zozo soon becomes angry and aggressive, and for many, that is just the beginning.
Many have asked Zozo who he is. He does not deny what he is. He will tell you he is a Demon,
says Zaffis, and there is evidence of an entity in ancient religious literature of a demon named this.
His translation means, Destroyer.
Chapter Three

True Cases of Demonic Attack

In 2009, 18 year old Tiersa Moore of Oregon related the terrifying set of attacks that happened to
her. Talking to Take a Break magazine she said, One night, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped
myself in a towel. As I began to comb my hair, an uneasy feeling enveloped me. Mine was the only
reflection in the bathroom mirror, so why did it feel like there was something right behind me? It
wasnt the first time this had happened. I got the creeps every time I was alone in the house. I sensed
another presence. Out of the corner of my eye, I sometimes saw shadows darting around.
Its just your mind playing tricks on you, I tried to reassure myself. Suddenly the lights went out.
The room was still full of steam from the shower, but the temperature had dropped to a deathly cold. I
reached for the door handle but I couldnt get hold of it. Fingers curled around my wrist, a hand
grasped my arm. Some invisible force was assaulting me.
Who are you? I gasped as the finger reached around my neck.
You dont have the right to question me, a mans voice boomed. I was terrified. The grip on me
loosened though and I managed to pull the door open but just as I did so I was struck around the back
of my knees and fell down, banging my head on the sink.
The presence disappeared. I didnt tell my Dad; he wasnt the type to believe in things the eyes
cant see and as the weeks passed, I began to wonder if I had imagined it too.
Then one night I came home and as I walked into my bedroom someone grabbed a handful of my
hair. It went for my neck again. Other things were happening too. Doors would slam, the heavy chair
in my bedroom began to spin by itself. It only stopped if I screamed out and pleaded. It was as if the
presence wanted to get a reaction.
One day, my neighbour asked me to look after her young daughter. I was preparing vegetables for
dinner when she said, Whos that man? I followed her gaze. Stood in the hall was a dark figure, the
shape of a man. The presence was finally showing itself to me.
After that, things got worse. At night Id lie in bed and feel someones arms around me. It wasnt a
safe feeling but a menacing one, as if someone was showing me that I belonged to them.
She couldnt take it anymore and she moved out, unable to cope with it; then her father began to
hear strange noises coming from her empty bedroom....
One woman told paranormal researcher Jason Offutt she was attacked physically by a shadow
person. It began, she said, with glimpses of something dark in the rooms of her house; eventually
transforming into a full scale visual sighting of this shadow man. Then, frozen in fear she lay in bed
one night as it walked silently toward her.
When I opened my eyes there was a black shadowed figure. It loomed over me, then took hold of
me. I tried to get out of its grip but its strength was overpowering.
It physically kept her on the bed, and then it started touching her sexually. Finally, after what
seemed an unending struggle, the entity left. The bruises and scratches she found the next day she said,
were very real.
Courtney Stiles says she was first attacked by a demon when she was a child. Now an adult, she
claims she suffered the attacks for years. Talking to the Mail Newspaper in February 2014, she says
exorcists had to pray over her for hours until she was released from their grip.
At my 8 birthday party I was alone in the hall before the other guests got there and I saw a boy sat

at a table. He called me over to him and started talking to me. He spoke as if he knew all my thoughts.
He finished my sentences for me. He promised me everything I always wanted and the freedom to do
anything I wanted to. But there was one condition; I give my soul over to Satan.
Afterwards, no one who came had seen this boy at the party.
She does not say whether she agreed to the condition, but by the time she was in her twenties, she
was being attacked by demons in her bed nightly.
As I lay there I would see demons appearing in different forms; the most hideous faces, covered
with blood, with sharp teeth and claws. They bit me and they used knives. It was a very physical
feeling. It happened night after night. If I tried to pray while they did it, it only made it worse.
Unable to cope alone she searched online for help, and found a forum about demons. One member,
Tom, offered her help. Miraculously, the attacks would subside when she communicated with him,
and after months of talking they became so close that in 2010 she moved to be with him in Indiana,
and they ended up marrying.
She said the attacks still continued for months, until Tom and a prayer group prayed over her for
hours and hours over the course of several days. I still have ptsd she says....
Diaries written by a French aristocrat who lived in a dark mediaeval castle in Normandy France, tell
the story of one of the most violent early demonic disturbances ever recorded.
Known simply as X, he recorded in visceral detail the incredible events that turned his once quiet
castle into a living nightmare in the year of 1875.

It began without warning. As everyone lay in bed in Calvados Castle, they were suddenly woken by
rapping on the walls. X, his wife, his son and his sons tutor, the servants and coachmen were all
woken. But none could find a source for the noise.

After several successive nights of this, with the rapping and banging growing increasingly louder, the
aristocrat devised a method to prove to himself that there was a gang of intruders causing the
disturbances. He instructed threads of cotton to be strung across every entrance. If they were broken
the next morning, he would know people had entered his castle to purposely terrorise them.

The next morning however, despite the aggressive knocks in the night, the threads were intact. The
crashing and banging had become so extreme that the very foundations of the castle were shaken by
them, almost as if some giant unseen force was causing them.

The aristocrat wrote in his diary, A very disturbed night. It sounded as if someone went up the
stairs with superhuman speed from the ground floor stamping his feet. Arriving on the landing, he
gave five heavy blows so strong as to shake the house. It seemed as if a heavy anvil or a big log had
been thrown at the wall. Nobody could say where the blows came from.

The following night, everyone was awakened by what sounded like a heavy body rolling
downstairs, followed by blows so ferocious they again rocked the castles foundations.

As the weeks passed, not only did the nightly terrors continue, but things had started to happen in
the day time too. The sound of a woman could be heard, sobbing and talking about demons. Her voice
could be heard from every room of the castle, and then it escalated to cries, screams and moans
which sounded like the cries of the damned.
Accompanying the many voices now talking of demons and screaming, came the throwing of heavy
furniture, windows suddenly flung open, and Bibles picked up by unseen hands and ripped apart.
One night the aristocrat records, It sounded as if demons were driving herds of wild cattle through
the rooms. The noise was thunderous, accompanied by peals of demonic laughter. It sounded like a
hundred different voices, moaning, screaming in fury.

The family could take it no longer, close to loosing their minds if not their lives, and they called in
priests who carried out a number of exorcisms, spread over many days.
It did stop, for a while. However, records in the Annals de Science Physiques of 1893, some
twenty years later, records that it was still continuing long after the family had fled...

In another Castle, on a densely forested and almost impenetrable hill perched on the edge of a cliff
in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, legend has it that back in the 9th Century, when it was still a
wooden fort, a crack in the top of the cliff led down to a hole so deep from which strange creatures

A local Duke, desperate to discover what lay down in the hole offered a pardon to any prisoner
who would go down there. The first prisoner who did emitted the most blood-curdling screams from
inside the hole, and when hoisted back up, his appearance was that of an old man; he had aged
through the shock of whatever he had seen down there. He was incoherent and never able to tell of
what he had seen. Others who went down came back in the same condition.

In the 13th Century, the stone structure of Castle Houska was built, yet the design of it was most
peculiar. Its defences were not facing outward to ward off attack, but instead were built facing
inward, as if the castle had not been built to ward off the enemy, but rather to keep something inside
from getting out. There were also no stairs leading from the courtyard to the upper floors of the
castle.The deep hole in the cliff was covered over with stone plates in order to seal the hole that led
to Hell, it was said, and a small chapel built on top of it. Inside the Chapel are paintings of demons
and dragons being slain.

In the 17th Century, a Swedish mercenary named Oronto lived there. He was an occultist who
dabbled heavily in alchemy. Then, the German SS took over the Castle during the occupation of
Czechoslovakia in WWII. The castle was of no strategic importance whatsoever to the German
operational plans given its very remote location. This led many to speculate that it was the occult
reputation the of the Castle that drew them to it. With the documented existence of Nazi
experimentation in occult rites, its thought that the Nazi activities there were of occult summonings
using the portal to hell to conjure and summon demonic entities.

Manifestations of dark winged entities inside the Chapel have been reported by visitors. Menacing
voices are said to have been heard coming from somewhere underneath the chapel, and one witness,
Zena Vrzaloya, was staying in the Hunting Lodge when she and her husband reportedly heard a
thumping noise behind them, and when they turned, came face to face with two dark figures whose
features were indistinguishable yet horrifying. She swears that she heard one whisper of their intent to
kill children.
Is it really a portal to hell itself..?

Mompesson House stands near the Cathedral in Salisbury, England.

Around 1660, the owner, John Mompesson and his family became disturbed by a former soldier
who would drum loudly in the street as he fraudulently posed as a charity fundraiser. Mr Mompesson
was the local magistrate, and he had the man thrown into custody and confiscated his drum, taking it
back to his house and burning it.
However, thats when the trouble began.
On his return from a business trip to London a few days later, Mompesson found his wife in a state
of distress, claiming that the large house must have been attacked by thieves in the night because of
the terrible knocking and banging sounds and general commotion she had heard throughout the house.
Three nights later, the same sounds could be heard, with loud violent banging emanating from the
outer doors and walls. Mompesson loaded his pistol and conducted a thorough search of the house,
but to his confusion could see nothing amiss.
That was the beginning of what was to be three years of disturbance and persecution for the
Mompesson family.
The disturbances they suffered were typical to those usually associated with demonic attack;
objects were thrown by unseen hands, the children were bodily lifted out of their beds at night, the
smell of sulphur filled the house, and the most maddening of all was the incessant beating of a drum,
in a recognisable military rhythm, night after night, all night long.
No explanation could be found for the occurrences. Many witnesses were called to the scene, and
all testified that they had the same disturbing and malevolent experiences.
Eventually, Mompesson requested the former solder be arrested again, and this time, he was
charged in court with using witchcraft. The case could not be proven however, and he was released.
After his release he subsequently disappeared. The disturbances at the house also stopped.
Mompesson and others were convinced the soldier had summoned a demon to attack his family in
revenge, even though they could not prove it; the evidence had been all too graphic....
That case occurred around the same time as a similar but possibly worse case in New England, USA,
according to writer Emerson Baker. Mr Morse, a retired shoemaker, his wife and their grandson
suddenly started experiencing the most bizarre and frightening events in their once quiet household.
A hand would grab them by the wrist and scratch them, an invisible fist would beat them, a dark
creature would emerge from under the floor, the grandson William would at times bark like a dog, at
other times it would seem like he was having a seizure. One night, after turning out the lights, they
heard scraping sounds along the floor and then drumming, followed by a deep voice singing, Sweet
is revenge! over and over.
Incredibly, due to the superstitions of the time, suspicion fell on the grandmother herself, who was
tried for witchcraft, and sentenced to death; only to be saved just in time by a reprieve from the
Governor. No evidence had been found of her having anything to do with the demonic attacks. From
documented accounts at the time, it seems that a sailor friend of the family spent time with the boy and
somehow the demon was caste out and did not return. No-one really knew why it had targeted the
In 1938, in Croydon, England, Leslie and his wife Alam Fielding, were asleep in bed when what
sounded like glass smashing suddenly woke them.
Reaching in shock for the bedside lamp, they watched in horror as a glass tumbler flew across the
room and smashed against the bedroom wall.

Their two lodgers, George Saunders and Donald Fielding, were awakened by the noises and ran
into their bedroom to find out what was going on. They saw the bedcovers suddenly lift and start to
wrap around the heads of the couple in bed. Then the light suddenly went out. They tried but could not
turn it back on. Finally, after fetching a torch, they were stunned to see that the light bulb had been
removed and placed on a chair.

Similar incidents continued for the next few days. Word spread and the local as well as national
newspapers started to cover the strange story. One reporter from the local newspaper even stayed
with them at the house for two weeks. Mediums came, and members of the Psychical Research
Institute. They all wanted to study the phenomenon and help to offer solutions.
Afterwards, the Institute lodged reports of an intensive four months study in Cambridge University

The morning after the glass smashing incident, things had continued. Cups, saucers and glasses flew
through the air in the kitchen and smashed against the walls, narrowly missing the occupants of the
house. Even a glass locked in a cabinet smashed against the internal wall of the cabinet.

Police were stationed at the house. A floor mat was witnessed rising and wrapping tightly around
the head of one of them.

One evening, when the reporter and his photographer colleague stayed the night, a thunderous crash
was heard upstairs and they rushed to find the large wardrobe lying across the bed in the spare
bedroom; its full length mirror smashed to pieces. From the room they heard a shout and found the
lodger, George, lying on his back at the bottom of the stairs. He said something had barged into him
and deliberately pushed him down the stairs, something that he couldnt see but that was incredibly
As they went to his aid, a chair flew down the stairs, hitting Alma. It had happened so fast that none
of them had even seen the chair coming until it hit her.
The members of the Psychical Research Institute who witnessed the many attacks and violence,
noted, It is a genuine and amazing case of the supernormal. There is certainly no fraud. We are
satisfied there is something supernatural at work.

Eventually, the attacks lessened in frequency, and finally for some unknown reason, they stopped.

Journalist Gay Baldwin writes about an event in 1993, in a newly rented house in Cowes on the
Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, where Laura Lumley and her family survived a host of
disturbing events until in fear of their lives, they fled with their baby.
Her husband was often away serving in the Army, and at first Laura believed it had to be her
imagination. It began with every day objects going missing; scissors and knives. Then one evening she
glimpsed a tall shadowy figure with a large head go past the open door of her lounge. The lounge
would grow unbearably hot, lights would flicker and she would hear loud bangs. She would hear the
sound of someone or something trying to open locked doors.
I always felt like I was being watched, she said, A Priest told me there was an evil presence in
the house and commanded whatever it was to leave immediately. But it didnt work. Two days later it
was back.
One evening, when her husband Graham was back home on leave and had his teenage son staying
with them, they all heard a tremendous bang.
It sounded like an explosion upstairs. The whole house seemed to shake and I really thought the
roof had fallen in, Graham said. However, a check showed nothing was out of place, and neighbours
had heard nothing at all.
They moved out soon after, but not before another terrifying night. Just before midnight the
footsteps started in the babys room. It sounded like someone stamping around in a rage. The house
grew hot. Then the lights started flashing.
Graham and Laura ran up to the babys room and as they opened the door they felt something rush
out and go through their bodies. As they fled back downstairs in a panic the whole house began to
vibrate and a terrible banging started that sounded like it was coming from every room.
They fled the house there and then, never returning...


Bill Bean became a deliverance Minister & demonologist after suffering years of demonic attack in
his home as a young boy growing up in Maryland. The attacks the family bore grew from initial
menacing voices to full on violent physical attacks.
It began in 1970 when he was four years old and the family moved to a new home. One of his first
memories as a child, he says, is of being woken in bed one night and sensing but not seeing something
terrible around him. He got out of bed, frightened and wanting to go and tell his parents, but as he
stood up he suddenly felt something grab hold of his shoulders with tremendous force and throw him
back down on his bed. Paralysed by fear, he recalls being only able to move his eyes, nothing else.
He says that the fear he felt is impossible to describe in words. He couldnt scream; his voice
wouldnt work. He felt like he was going to die.
That was just the start of the attacks; and after each one, he would spend the next few days feeling
very ill and totally drained.
His sister ran away in the middle of the night, unable to take it any longer. She had been unable to
cope with the constant feeling of being followed and watched in the house.
He believes that the demon possessed his Father, causing his once calm parent to go into terrifying
rages and physically attack his mother, beating her so badly that he almost killed her on several
occasions. The demon was fuelling his temper, egging him on, making him do it.
Years later, he discovered that an ancestor had been heavily involved in black magic, to the point
of successfully conjuring up demons.
Now he serves as an exorcist himself. He has written books about his own experiences, and talks
regularly on radio programmes. Each time he deals with another demon, he encounters different
circumstances of possession, but he says that the modus operandi of any demon is always the same;
When a demon arrives, its often a very subtle covert approach in the beginning, which gradually
builds as they gain power and more strength, by feeding off the fear they create in their victims.
The aim of every demon, he says, is to isolate someone, to wear them down and to destroy
them, while hoping that they can also get the victim to destroy others before they destroy themselves.
Many of the people he now helps are close to suicide, so haunted by the demons that they can
barely cope anymore.
Bill feels that something strange is going on right now. In the last couple of years, he has seen a
massive increase in the number of people seeking his help. His theory as to why this is, is startling.
He believes that the use of HAARP by the Government has enabled the opening of portals, and that
this has released unprecedented numbers of demons....
As a teenager, Andrew Green accompanied his father to an empty house in London that his father
needed to inspect for his job as a housing officer. This was in 1944.

When Andrew reached the stairs inside that led up to a tower, he felt as though there were invisible
hands on his back, pushing him up. On reaching the top of the stairs, he heard a deep voice in his head
telling him the garden was only a few inches below him and that he wouldnt hurt himself if he
jumped. Andrew was only made aware of the deadly height of the drop when his dad suddenly
grabbed hold of him and pulled him back from the edge.

Confused and disturbed by the incident, his father asked a friend of his who was a policeman to
look into the history of the house, and to his shock it was discovered that there had been twenty
suicides reported at that house, all of which involved the person throwing themselves off the tower
where Andrew had been standing when he had heard the voice telling him to jump.
So perturbed by this experience Andrew went on to dedicate his life to studying the paranormal.

He suddenly opens his eyes. Its the middle of the night and he thinks hes been asleep for a while
but hes wide awake now. Something is pushing down on his chest, hard. Hes fighting to breathe and
he tries to move, to get it off him, but his body wont move. Hes paralysed and filled with panic. He
tries to scream but nothing comes out.
There was a terrifying dark thing on top of me. I needed to get away from it but my body wouldnt
move. It was so evil looking, so frightening. It looked like how you would imagine a demon.
It sounds like the scene from a horror film, but its real life. These experiences are called Sleep
paralysis, in the medical field and labelled a sleep disorder, and as described by Harrys account
above, they are literally terrifying for the sufferer; woken from their sleep without any warning at all
and tormented mercilessly by a malevolent entity that many experiencers say is the epitome of the
archetypal demon.
Psychologists put the figure at anywhere between 10 to 60 percent of the world population
suffering from it. Its said these are the real cause of reports of demon attacks and reports of alien
I have experienced it many times, says one sufferer, Its the grim reaper; I wake to see a tall,
dark, hooded figure, standing still, right by my bed; his face covered by his hood, but watching me. I
know he was real; I could hear his breathing.
Doctors, scientists and psychologists say its an hallucination, that its not real; however, many of
those who have experienced it disagree, especially those who have sought help from a Priest or
Pastor, and have seen it stop completely after the Church has helped them.
I have experienced this, writes a victim, and I believe the psychologists conclusions are
wrong. The cause and effect is the wrong way round in their conclusion. The disorder is more likely
caused by these experiences! From the sheer terror they induce. I believe that people like myself who
go through this are in a sleeping phase where its more possible for a door to be opened to the spirit
world, where the demon comes through it into our dimension that usually would not be possible when
we are awake. The entities that make contact are real, as are the reports of alien contact. It is not our
imagination, it is that a portal has opened and given them access to us in our more vulnerable, less
guarded sleeping state. With my own experiences I have no doubt that these demons are real, and they
want control; they want to inflict terror and cause harm. Many I have spoken to who have experienced
it agree entirely. It is those who have not experienced it who say demons are not real.
Another witness to these night time visits, Jason, says on a forum dedicated to sufferers of this
phenomenon, I have managed to retaliate once or twice against these entities, and the result each time
has seen me dragged physically from the bed and thrown across the room, hitting the wall. Tell me
thats just in my head? I dont do that anymore; I pray. And it works. I also went for help at a church
and have not had this happen to me since.
There does seem to be at least one scientist however who does agree that demons may possess you
as you sleep. Renown Professor of Neurology, Dr P. McNamara, has written a book that looks into
Nightmares, and in it he says chillingly; Its a fact that most cases of involuntary possession occur
overnight. There is danger involved with the demonic; you may not survive the encounter psychically.
The spirit will take up residence in you and it will control you. It will possess you; you will wake up
possessed. We in the modern world dont realize how widespread possessions are. Demon
possession is alive and well, across the whole world; as some psychiatric literature demonstrates.
One example of this can be seen in an article in the Journal of Religion and Health in 2014, by
researcher K Irmak. Also in support of the very real existence of demons, he argues that one approach
to consider when dealing with Schizophrenic patients is the possibility of a demonic world.
Demonic possession can bring a range of bizarre behaviour, including hallucinations, which can
be interpreted as a psychotic disorder. However, these hallucinations may in fact be a real image,
formed by real demons.
He comments, A local faith healer here works with schizophrenic patients. His treatment seems to
be successful; his patients become free of their symptoms.
Chapter Four

Demonic Crimes
Friar Dwight Longenecker asks, what happened to James Holmes, the PhD student who went on a
murderous rampage in a cinema at the Batman screening in 2012 in Colorado? Everybody says he
was nice, shy, smart. Maybe a geek. Was he insane? There weren't any warning signs.
Longenecker suggests that in the end, its best to say that Holmes was taken over by Evil.
Something happened to him. Something twisted, and evil made an entry. It took him over. This he
implies, was something demonic.
Were there warning signs that most people didnt know about? he asks, and relates an incident at
a gun range where Holmes had recently applied to join. One of the owners received a disturbing
message on his answer machine there, from Holmes. The message itself was difficult to understand
coherently because it consisted of a deep, guttural, unnatural tone.
It bothered me so much that I told the staff not to let him near any guns until I gave him the once
over myself, said the owner.
Demonic possession is rare, says Longenecker, but an evil intelligence infiltrates the mind of
that person. The phenomenon is real. If theres a demon there, the temptation is to do something so
evil. When the demon completely takes over, the signs become more visible. Superhuman strength,
horrible voices, and often very violent actions.
Others have suggested that by the behaviour Holmes demonstrated, he was more likely to have
been a Manchurian candidate of MK Ultra- type mind control....
According to Reuters, in 1997 Serbian police announced that five youths had been found hung in
what they believed was a case of incitement to commit suicide. They had discovered satanic writing
in the belongings of all of the dead youths which explained that they were taking part in a strange
seven-stage initiation process that ends in their ritual deaths.
All of the victims used to attend satanic meetings in a basement where they found an altar and
satanic symbols.
One of the victims told his Mother not long before he died, I'm a Satanist. I cant escape. They are
very strong..."

A husband killed his wife because she was possessed by a demon, a court in Northern England
was told in 2013. Ahmed Khatib told the police he had been seeing the demon, known as the Djinn,
since he was a boy and had received an exorcism once by an Imam. He had seen dark shadow
beings since a boy, he said, and heard voices constantly. But now he believed the devil spirit had got
inside his wife.
Allegedly, determined to destroy it, he had killed his wife and buried her remains. He claimed the
Djinn had taken on the form of a devil at times, and at other times that of a wild animal. It had
attacked him frequently, even leaving finger marks around his throat, he said. It often told him to kill
himself, he claimed.
The Djinn would be different things; sometimes it was a devil, with teeth covered in blood. I was
very scared. They were giving me orders and telling me to kill myself. I tried to kill myself, then my
parents took me to the Iman. Afterward, I didnt see them for a long time, but I could still hear them.
Sometimes the Djinn would go inside other people and it went inside my wife; then she would look
like him, he said.
Last year, before the murder, his doctor referred him to a mental health unit after he had told the
doctor the Djinn had come back to take over again. Hospital records showed the statements he made
at that time about killing himself, and of him telling them of the apparitions he was constantly seeing,
but he was discharged regardless.
The accused said that the medication they gave him had stopped him seeing the Djinn, but he was
not allowed those tablets after he was released from hospital and he said the only way to stop the
voices and thoughts were to bang his head against a wall
In February 2014, a teenage boy smiles sickeningly at the camera as hes led into court to face
charges of kidnap and murder in the name of Satan.
Jose Reyes and his younger school friend were charged with the killing of a girl at their school in
Texas. They abducted her, carved an inverted cross into her body, and killed her. It had been planned
and carried out as a satanic ritual. Religious paraphernalia was found around her body, and Reyes
told investigators that they had done it so that his friend could sell his soul to the devil; Reyes
claiming that he had already sold his.
He confessed willingly, and from the looks of his smile as he entered court, he looked pleased with
his actions...

In 2012, newspapers heard how a woman who had stabbed to death a teenage girl had been to see
a pagan priest for help months before it happened. She had told the priest that she was under attack by
a demon. The information was revealed in the womans murder trial.
Before Hannah Bonser stabbed the girl, in Doncaster, Northern England, she had visited a new age
bookshop in London. The owner of the bookshop, Dr Christine Harrington, was a pagan priestess, and
she said the woman had been in a state of total distress and terror from something.
The priestess told the court that the woman said people were looking for her, that they were coming
for her and that they were going to kill her. She said she needed help, and that she needed someone to
perform an exorcism. She thought she was being demonically attacked by an international web.
The accuseds brother backed up the claims of possession by stating, Shes twisted; shes like
The Exorcist...

In another shocking case, New York Daily News covered the sad and terrible events which led to
bit-part actor Michael Brea killing his own Mother in 2010.
Interviewing him in a psych ward at a New York Hospital, he chillingly and calmly told them, I
didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her.
He then described to them the night he hacked his mother to death, and said that he did it because he
believed that a demon had taken over her soul. He believed he was doing the right thing.
He spoke in detail to them, without displaying any signs of remorse, as he told them a strange and
disturbing tale.
He says he awoke suddenly in the middle of the night to find, God was above my bed." I said,
God is my time over?' I heard a voice say, 'Yes today is your last day.
The following day, he attended a meeting at the Masonic Temple. There, he said a man tried to put
a curse on him."He kept trying to put something in my hand; it was a Freemason pin. I wouldn't touch
it." Hed only become a member of the Temple the week before.
He said he began to have a terrible headache and left, calling his Father on the way home and
telling him his head hurt. His Father reassured him and told him to go home and rest. While riding the
train back to his apartment he said strangers began speaking of his Mother. I began hearing voices
and feeling powerful," Brea said.
When he returned to the family apartment, he hugged his mother close. "I knew I would never see
her again," he said. He then went to his room and lit candles. He placed a sword, said to have been
taken from the Masonic Temple, beside him. He said his Mother asked him to help her in the kitchen.
When he didnt help her, he said she spoke to him in another voice, one that was not hers. He then
attacked her, swinging the sword at her and slashing her with it relentlessly, her blood spilling out
over the walls as she tried to run from him.
I heard the voices; they were telling me how powerful I was, they were saying 'Oh he's good. I
was slashing her and I heard the police come, but I knew they wouldn't be able to stop me because my
spirits were protecting me.
Neighbours had reported the harrowing screams to 911, and recalled hearing Michael chanting
loudly after he had attacked her. When Police forced their way in they found him with the sword still
in his hand.
This seems to be a recurring theme; Demons tricking people into believing someone else is
possessed when in fact it is the attacker not the victim who has been possessed. Demons tricked him
into killing his mother.
In the last couple of years, theres seen an increasing number of news stories featuring the most
disturbing and bizarre human behaviour, which some say point to the implication that for some reason
more people are coming under demonic possession than ever before; behaviour and crimes of the
most horrific nature, often including mutilation and cannibalistic activity.
In 2012, the entire world was shocked as reports came of the horrifying attack on a homeless man.
A cyclist came across the scene in Miami, where a naked man was biting off the face of another man.
The cyclist called police, who arrived quickly, but when they told the man to stop, he growled at them
and carried on. The police had no choice but to shoot him dead; he was acting like a rabid dog.
Before the police had arrived, he had been attacking the homeless man for at least twenty minutes,
and the damage he did to the mans face included the removal of an eye. Suspicion was that the man
was under the influence of the drug concoction colloquially known as bath salts; however the drug
was not found in his system, nor were any others apart from marijuana.
In the same week, Time Magazine carried an article with the headline; In the latest of recent
dismemberment stories, Baltimore man admits killing and consuming parts of man."
A university student who was accused of killing his housemate had told police he ate the victims
heart after he died.
Other disturbing cases included a naked man, covered in his own blood and screaming like an
animal, in Pennsylvania, who broke into a womans home and attacked her by gnawing her head.
He then broke into the house next door, climbed two floors, and jumped out of the window, sustaining
serious injuries.
In Florida, police were called to a naked man on a residents roof. He jumped from the roof to the
hood of the car, bit the homeowner in the stomach, and when the police tried to arrest the man, he spat
and bit the policemen. Even tasering him didnt stop him the first time and they had to do it again.
Eventually when they got him to hospital he had to be given a huge amount of ketamine to knock him
In California, a man walked into a Home Depot store, walked up to the tools on display, grabbed a
saw and began to try and saw his arms off, as shoppers watched in shock. He cut into his arms down
to the bone as blood pooled underneath him.
In Scottsdale, Arizona, a 45-year-old man was witnessed naked, jumping on cars and chanting. His
bizarre and frightening behaviour involved him carjacking passers-by and causing car crashes.
In 2014, Gregory Hale admitted killing a woman and eating pieces of her in Tennessee. A friend of
his told newspapers he was a Satanist who had previously lost his job at an abattoir because he had
been found performing a satanic ritual with the remains of animals.
Neighbours told news channels that he was a person who was a follower of the devil. He
confessed to the crime willingly.
In Florida, a Doctor went berserk in the back of a police car, repeatedly banging his head against
the window until blood poured over his face, then he spat the blood at the arresting officer. In his
pocket, they found a mysterious vial with an unidentified fluid.
In a scene that looked like the most nightmarish horror film, officers found a man naked in
California in 2010, standing over his now dead friend's body; an eyeball lying nearby and blood
everywhere. The well known MMA fighter, J Wyatt, had cut out a fellow MMA fighters tongue and
ripped out his heart while he was still alive, then cooked it. He did it he told police, because he
believed the man was possessed by the devil. He said he had cooked pieces of the mans body
because he was afraid that he was still alive and he had to stop the Demon.
In the Moscow Times, in Russia in 2014, a former policeman beheaded his elderly landlady while
naked, because he too thought she was possessed by a demon. After the attack, he jumped from a
second floor window and was still able to run away, despite the height he had jumped from. When he
was captured, he said he had been running to hide from the evil spirits that were after him.
In July 2009, in the most sickening of all the cases, a Texan woman killed, dismembered and ate
her own infant. A schizophrenic, Otty Sanchez had often talked of hearing the devil talking to her, and
she said that the devil had told her to do it. Her child was found in her home decapitated and missing
body parts. The voice told her that the devil was now inside her newborn, and she told authorities she
was afraid of looking into the eyes of her child because she saw the devil. She believed that if she ate
her son, the demons would be expelled through her digestive system and leave. Once arrested and
taken to hospital she repeated her claims, telling the medical team that because the demon was still
there it would now hurt her....
An American mother in Cincinnati, Ohio, came forward in June 2014 to warn other parents of what
she saw as a new disturbing trend arising. She spoke to media outlets of the terrifying moment she
returned from work to find her 13-year-old daughter waiting for her in the kitchen of their home,
wearing a white mask to cover her face, her hood up, and a knife in her hand.
The girl was being held by police and claims she cannot remember anything from the incident. She
attacked her Mother with the knife, cutting her badly, though fortunately it resulted in non-life
threatening injuries.
The mother explained that she was coming forward to warm other parents of the growing obsession
with The Slender Man. She felt she had to come forward, after not only her own attack, but also the
attack which had just taken place on a twelve year old girl carried out by her two friends, also in the
name of Slender man.
She was someone else during that attack, the Mother said, and after she returned from hospital
following the attack, she discovered writing in her daughters room about Slender Man, and dark
drawing of demons. We found things she had written and she made reference to Slender Man," she
explained. "She also made reference to killing people and talked about demons.
In the second attack, also inspired by the Slender Man, another 12 year old girl was taken into the
woods by her friends in Wisconsin after a sleep-over; one of the girls carrying a knife she had hidden.
They stabbed her numerous times, just missing a vital organ, and left her to die. They told the police
that they had been planning it for a long time; that they wanted her to die.
They thought Slender Man was real, and believed that they could only meet him if they killed
someone. They believed they needed to kill to show their loyalty to him. If they did, they would then
be given access to access to his mansion.
Slender Man is an urban legend; he does not exist. He was created on the Internet. A tall, gaunt,
faceless form, created in 2000 by Eric Knudsen for a paranormal photography competition. He
displayed the character as a haunting figure in a suit, extremely tall and with very long arms.
He soon grew into a real character, an urban legend, who stalked and snatched children. Children
and teenagers started sending in fictional stories about him. As he stalks them, they are said to start
suffering a range of symptoms, from nausea to mysterious nosebleeds, before he finally kidnaps them
and takes them into the woods to be killed. This is after he has almost driven them insane from his
relentless stalking.
Children and teens read the stories on the internet, and some of them it seems, like the girls
mentioned, start to believe he is real. Its only recently however that children have started to kill in
his name.
However, is he merely a fictitious meme? If so, why have people reported seeing him prior to his
creation? And, among the thousands of fictional stories and hoaxes, others claim to have had very
real encounters with him. Has a demonic entity taken on the form of the Slender Man?
Reverend Swope of Pennsylvania has stated that he received emails from several people prior to
the creation of the Slender Man character, describing exactly the same entity.
The first came in August of 2009, from a woman, Jo-anne, I need helpsince a child Ive seen
this demonic thing. Hes a tall shadow. He has no face. He has very long arms; theyre reaching for
me. He is stalking me, and one day he will snatch me. Some nights I cant sleep. I think Im going
mad. I think hes going to snatch me when I dont expect it.
And in another email to the Reverend, a boy writes, Every night I get a phone call from my ex-
girlfriend. She says she has been attacked by something. Her first experience was aged seven; she
would see a man standing in her backyard with no face, just a body. She calls saying someone is
watching her through the window. Several times I believe she was possessed. I guess hes been
watching her more and more.
Have demons taken on the guise of a fictional character, to feed off the fear of those who believe in
it? asks the Reverend. Like the trickster demons who come in the form of Aliens? Or the lying demon
who claims to be a deceased relative in a sance or through a Medium, is it another persona of the
paranormal deceiver...?
An Australian school boy, who could not be named for legal reasons, was charged in court with the
murder of his Father and attempted murder of his mother, who he believed he had to kill to become a
In 2008 in a Sydney suburb, the 16 year old boy came down for breakfast one school morning and
when his Mother turned her back he picked up a kitchen knife and began to stab her repeatedly. Next,
he attacked his Father as he came into the kitchen having heard his wife screaming.
My son was saying, 'You deserve to die'," the mother told police.
The police officer retrieved a writing book from the boys school bag in which he had made his
intentions known. Hed written a kill list, and had made many references to the devil. In a text
message he sent to a friend before he killed his Father, it was alleged he had written that he wanted to
become a demon, to be able to do anything he wanted, to go to the afterlife and serve Satan without
any consequences.
When the police took the boy away, one of them made a disturbing statement about his eyes, It was
almost impossible to distinguish the iris from the pupil; they looked the same black colour.
The policemans above account about the boys black eyes are incredibly similar to a growing
number of reported encounters with what are called Black eyed children, or BEKs.
Are these also demons....?
Chapter Five

BEK Demons
Mainstream Award-winning Texas journalist Brian Bethel wrote of a strange event that happened
to him a few years ago.
It happened in 1996, in Abilene. Hed driven downtown one night to pay a bill by cheque. Parking
up, he says, I never heard them approach. There was a knock on my drivers window. Two young
boys dressed in hoodies stood outside, about nine or ten years old. I had no idea why but I was
immediately gripped by incomprehensible fear. One of them said they needed a ride to a movie
theatre. The fear continued to grow. I had no need to be frightened of these two, but I was, terribly.
It was too late in the night for a cinema viewing, but the boy kept on trying to persuade him to give
them a ride, saying they were just little kids and they didnt have a gun.
Breaking gaze quickly as he looked toward the lock on his car door, when he returned his gaze to
the boy something had changed.
My mind exploded in an all-consuming terror. Both boys stared at me with coal-black eyes. I
freaked out while trying to look calm. The fear was like a black thing wrapping around me.
Starting the car up and reversing away fast, he heard the boy shout in an angry voice, We cant
come in unless you tell us. Let us in!
I drove in blind fear. I took a quick look in my rear view. They were gone. Even if theyd run,
there wasnt anywhere they could have gone that quickly.
He emailed a few friends about what had happened to him, seeking some kind of explanation or
reassurances. Someone put it out on the web and his experience ended up being given a term; Black
Eyed Kids, BEKs.
I still dont know what happened that night, but theres one thing I do know. Its a gut feeling, but
one that rises to a level of almost certainty. If Id given them a ride, I dont think I would be here to
write this now.
He gets contacted by people around the world who believe they may have had similar disturbing
encounters. Some he dismisses as copy-cat fiction; in other accounts however, he senses a gut ring of
truth from the panic the writer expresses.

In a forum discussing BEKs, one contributor shared her unnerving encounter;

Having sent her sister off to school, the young woman was sat watching breakfast TV, drinking
coffee, when there was a sharp knock on the door. She opened the door to a girl who looked around
fifteen with long dark hair and a hoodie, and a smaller boy standing beside her.
The little boy seemed to have no motion, staring at the floor; the girl says, Our car broke down on
the highway. This is very odd, the writer thinks, because there is a very high fence barrier between
the highway and the houses where hers is.
I had chills all over my body, feeling something wasn't right. I asked how they had gotten over
here and walked so far. She eased a little closer as I backed up.
"Do you have a house phone? It would be awful nice if you could let us in," she asked. She still
would not look up from the ground.
"I don't; and my cell is dead; it's charging." She ignored me and asked again. At that moment she
looked up with a smirk. I froze in fear. This girl had eyes darker than dark itself. She had no pupil, no
iris. Just evil, empty and when they stared into my eyes, I felt as if I was being forced. I couldn't
move; I felt as if I was paralyzed.
"Let us in, it's cold out here," she said monotone; no life, no emotion. Still frozen, I finally said,
"No, you can't." I felt as though something terrible was about to happen. I tried to shut the door; she
placed her foot in. "Let us in! I was so frightened, she was so hostile.
I could feel it; they weren't here to use the phone. It was something more, I was always told to trust
my gut.
I managed to slam the door, and shut all my curtains. Since that day Ive never felt safe talking to
younger children.
In another account a man writes, I was watching TV in my lounge about midnight when someone
started pounding on my door aggressively. It frightened me, so I walked into my kitchen to take a look
through the window, as it overlooked my front door. I pulled back the corner of the curtain and found
a boy looking in my window at me. This boy was about 12, blonde, with shirt and black pants. He had
this fixed smile that freaked me out. He asked if he could come inside to use my phone. "I need to call
my mom, please let me come in and use the phone."
I asked him where he lived, what he was doing out so late. He just said "I live nearby, I need to
call my mom, and I need to use the phone."
I asked if he was lost, but he wouldn't answer. He just kept saying he needed to come inside. I said
I would call for him, but he said "I really need to come inside, please let me in."
It felt very practised; and predatory. I told him to leave immediately. He stopped smiling. He
scared me enough that I jumped back from my window and I called my brother, a police officer. I
looked out the window so I could tell my brother which way he was heading, but hed already gone
out of sight.
In yet another account, a mother writes, I live out in the sticks; no houses within yelling distance.
Last summer a girl about 10 years old knocked at the door. Our dogs go crazy when someone comes
on our porch but they weren't making a sound; they were in the corner of the kitchen with their tails
between their legs. I shouted through the door asking her what she was doing here, to which she said,
"My fathers hurt, I need an ambulance."
It looked like she didn't have eyes, just big black holes. She got so angry. She hit the door hard. I
looked down to dial 911, and by the time I looked up shed gone! I don't think these kids are anything
to f... with.
Melinda writes of an unusual case that sounds like a cross between a BEK encounter and yet also like
a traditional encounter with a Shadow man, sometimes also called, The Hat man.
I was 16 and on a school trip. This shadow person was taller than the top bunk. I saw this figure
about two feet from my face. It didnt have any features. It was pleading with me to go somewhere
with him, saying please, please, come with me. His voice was like a teenagers, and I kept telling it
No; Im not going. This went on for about a few minutes. I didnt get frightened- until he just simply
completely disappeared.
She says, It wasnt a boy; it disguised its voice to trick me; to get me to go with him. It really
scares me to think of where he might have taken me if I had gone with him.

CK Quarterman, a Pastor with End Time Ministries in South Carolina, spoke recently of an
unnerving experience he had over thirty years ago, one which he had not spoken of publicly before,
though he had often thought of it. Again, this is more like a BEK encounter.
Aged about nineteen and serving in the Air Force, he was in the Chapel on base one evening when
a man came in. The man came straight up to him. CK started instinctively to talk to the man, being
deeply religious himself and wishing to share his Christianity with this man, he says. However,
before he could even get more than a few words out, he heard a voice inside him that was not his. The
voice said, Do not speak to him. I want nothing to do with him.
As CK looked at him, he realised the man had the darkest, blackest eyes he had ever seen. They
were eerie. They just didnt look right; I spent the next twenty years trying to figure out what had
happened that night. It was the Lords voice that spoke to me; Warning me; I believe that evening in
the Chapel I was face to face with a fallen Angel that had taken on human form because just after the
man walked out, there was all kind of demonic activity that started happening in that Chapel.
I went to touch the door knob. It turned a bright fiery red. Things started shaking and moving in the
Chapel. These fallen angels are with us today. Now, I do not believe this is an every day occurrence;
but they have been with us for thousands of years, and I think on occasion, one or so of them come out
in public....

L. A. Marzulli, who researches on the subject of nephilim and fallen angels, relates the time he
interviewed a woman who claimed to have had an encounter with a Black Eyed Kid, thought she
didnt know what they were at the time.
Leah was jogging. Shed never heard of the phenomenon. She was running in an area where she
seldom came across fellow joggers, let alone children on their own. Suddenly, she says, she saw a
child. His clothes didnt look right. They were too big for him.
As she approached him, she planned to give him a smile. As she drew close to pass him, the boy
suddenly lifted up his head. His eyes were black, no white in them; they were like looking into a
dark pool of evil. She was utterly terrified and ran away as fast as she could.
When Marzulli talked to her about it, he asked her what she thought the child could have been.
Without hesitation she replied, of Satan. She said that although he looked like a young boy, he
seemed to be a lot older somehow.
Marzulli concludes of this strange encounter, of which the witness claims to have had no previous
knowledge of anyone else seeing such entities, nor of having any interest in paranormal subjects, I
realize that many will read this and dismiss it and say that there are no demons or fallen angels, but I
believe these sightings could well be the army that soon will show themselves on earth.

BEKs. What are they? Usually appearing as children or teens, looking and sounding innocent at
first, looking for help and sympathy, playing on the emotion of those they encounter, whose natural
instinct would be to help them and let them in, yet always, those they encounter are so terrified by the
ominous fear and panic that runs through their very core that they know beyond any doubt they must
never let them in.
Are they children whose bodies have been possessed? Soul-less bodies inhabited by pure evil?
Hundreds of children disappear each year across the world, particularly those in care homes.
Have some of these missing children been possessed for a demonic grand plan?
Some say theyre nothing more than a hoax, which some of the reports may well be. Others think
theyre aliens; however, perhaps it should also be considered that a large school of thought within the
field of Ufology also believe that aliens themselves are actually demons.
Chapter Six

Demonic Reptilians
Former law enforcement officer and security expert Dean T Olson now writes on the subject of
threats to the worlds population. He and many others write of a Coming Deception; the alleged
deception being perpetrated by Satan and his demons, who wish to trick the world into believing they
are friendly aliens coming to save humanity from itself.
Abductees frequently report that when Aliens communicate to them, they tell them that the human
race needs to embrace a new consciousness, to prepare for their alien leader to come down to Earth
for a one-world government to save humanity from its own destruction. Many researchers believe
these aliens are demons in disguise, tricksters who are paving the way for the return of the
antichrist, who seeks to dominate the population by demonic control.
Dr. Allen Hynek cites what he called the poltergeist phenomenon involved in alien abductions as
proof that these are really spiritual entities, not aliens; the psychic communication that occurs with
aliens, their mind control of the abductee, and the materialization and dematerialization of UFOs,
all lead him to believe they are in fact spiritual entities.
According to researcher Nick Redfern, the Air Force published a document in the 60s that stated;
UFOs are closely linked with telepathy, manifestations, invisible entities, poltergeists, and
possession; all incredibly similar to demonic possession.
He also details his investigation into a top secret group of Government, Navy and Air force
personnel who were formed to study the UFO phenomenon. The group concluded that UFOs were of
sinister demonic origin, merely disguising themselves as Aliens.
Theres also the fact that in some encounters, witnesses have reported the smell of sulphur. Aliens,
like demons, are reported to smell of sulphur. And aliens will also often stop if the abductee calls out
in Jesus name, like the demon.
Others supporting the theory ask crucially; why do aliens make such an effort to try to persuade
abductees that God doesnt exist?
Abductee and author Whitley Strieber writes of his encounters with alien beings, "I felt an
indescribable sense of menace in their presence; dark and sinister. They were demons. I was in a
struggle that was more than life and death. It was a struggle for my soul.
High priest Aliester Crowley drew a picture of the entity that he said he had summoned through
demonic ritual. Calling it Lam, it looks remarkably like the pictures of alien greys that contactees
In particular, theres a belief that the reported Reptilian aliens described by contactees are
demonic in origin. Wes Penre, an avid researcher into the conspiracy theory of what he calls the
global elite, relates an incident that occurred to him in the early 1980s which shook his whole belief
He writes, I was lying in bed absolutely sober trying to go to sleep. Suddenly the room got icy
cold and the hairs stood up on my neck. Opening my eyes, I had a very eerie feeling in my stomach. I
realised I was totally paralyzed; I couldn't move a single muscle in my body. A creature appeared in
the room. Looking back, I can see now that it looked like the description of Reptilians people talk
about now; its eyes were glowing red. It was naked, dark green, no hair, extremely muscular. I knew
he was male, yet dont remember seeing genitals. I estimate his height about six foot five but his bone
structure was bigger than in a human. He had more teeth than we do, and they were very pointed and
sharp. His mouth was huge. This creature was physical; at least after it had entered into our reality.
Knowing nothing about reptilians at the time, there was no way to describe it other than as a demon.
This monster was just staring at me; I couldn't move, I couldnt scream. Then he was over the top
of me, hands that were ice-cold going round my neck trying to strangle me. He was extremely strong. I
could feel his breath in my face. I was thinking Im going to die! Where will it take me? To Hell?" I
could do nothing; I couldnt move and it was far too strong.
The most disturbing part of the encounter, he says, was that this reptile-being seemed to literally
suck the energy out of him; it drained him. Then, after it had done so, it seemingly disappeared in
front of his eyes.
I never experienced anything like that ever again. I dont know what it was; I can only question. It
was definitely reptilian in appearance, yet it looked like a demon too. I told my friends the day after.
They know me well enough to believe I wasnt lying. Some will just say it was a dream; it was not.
Though the subject of Reptilians was brought to mainstream consciousness by David Ike, it seems
that he was not the first to describe them. The most well known demon hunter, Ed Warren, when
asked what a Demon looks like, said that a demon can present itself in any form or shape that it
desires, but that in its elemental form, It looks like a reptile. It has scales. It is an abnormal
abhorrence, not of this world. It is inhuman. He wouldnt describe it further; the image, he believed,
too horrible to pass on to others, but he added, They are extremely dangerous, and they want to see
mankind die or destroy themselves. Demons operate by devious means with the express intention of
driving someone so insane that they will kill themselves and hopefully others too.
David Ike takes the theory further by expressing the belief that Reptilians are an illuminate
breeding system, to maintain control and power, and it goes beyond anything human.
Do the illuminate really exist and if so, are they really possessed by Demons and in league with the
devil himself?
In 2000, a woman using the pseudonym Svali for her own protection, came out to say that she had
been a trainer in the illuminati. Around thirty years old, she claimed to come from a long family line
who had been indoctrinated into the illuminati. Many say shes a fake, while others have looked into
her claims and found verification from other sources.
She claims, I personally believe Reptilians are actually the demonic. Ive seen shape shifting
due to demonic influence. No-one I knew on the leadership council believed in aliens. There are
demons; they are real. These were not aliens. Some of them were people I grew up with. They are
destructive in the extreme. The shape-shifting would usually be in an occult ceremony, held by those
who were completely sold to the demonic. The demonic was revealed. These people took on the form
of horrific looking beings. I participated in this as well sometimes. I can tell you that as a lifelong
member, I saw demons; they were vicious. This is what the illuminati believe in. They believe they
can control this demonic power. They believe that demonic power is inherited at the instance of
death. They do rituals with children. I have seen human sacrifice. I have heard of them buying
While these may sound like the most outlandish of claims, and surely not real, there are other self-
proclaimed illuminati whistle-blowers, and a pastor, Ed Koni, writes that in the early 1990's he was
working in a church in San Diego with abuse victims when a fellow pastor asked him for help with a
woman who had come to him for spiritual help. He was to later learn that the woman he tried to help
was this very whistleblower. He discovered that she herself had been possessed.
We sat down and began to pray and all of a sudden she started banging her hand against the table.
She was extremely angry inside and the demons were also. The demons didn't want us to meet; they
were pushing her to try to get her to leave.
He regularly had sessions with her. The attack we faced from inside her was very strong.
Someone out there didn't want to reveal what was inside of her. She had so many demons, and she
had been completely programmed. As far as I can tell, she was truthful in everything she stated.
Nothing I ever read afterward went against what I knew to be true from her.
After a few months however, she suddenly disappeared.
In the last few years, a man called Daniel Mastral has also come forward to say he had been a
high-level Satanist with illuminati connections, who was now denouncing that way of life and turning
to God. He gave stern warnings about the extent to which he claimed Satanists like himself had
already succeeded in permanently opening a large number of Portals, allowing demons to come into
this world. By studying sacred geometry, numerology and astrology, and conducting sacrificial
rituals, the occultists had, he said, been very successful...
Interestingly, ABC news covered the story in May 2013 of a school girl in Sacramento, aged only
ten who suddenly, in the middle of a class, had the most chilling outburst. With no prior warning she
suddenly started yelling that she wanted to sacrifice her classmates to the devil. She screamed at her
terrified classmates that she was part of the illuminati, and that she was going to kill them all to give
to Satan.
As her classmates cowered, their teacher told them to ignore the child, but they were all frightened
by her outburst. It didnt end there. As she screamed that she wanted to sell her soul to the devil, she
grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to cut herself with them.
5 h Grader in the classroom at the time, Xavier, told reporters, She tried to cut herself, and she got

up and tried to stab another girl.

Hiding inside a bathroom stall, a 6-year-old girl later told her grandmother that the sixth grader
was talking out loud to herself in the bathroom before the classroom attack, saying, Im the devil and
hes the devil too. Were here to kill people.
Students said she had sat drawing what were later identified as illuminati symbols and Satanic
It has to be asked how a ten year old knows such stuff? Where did she learn it from? How has she
been exposed to these concepts and practices?
Chapter Seven

Satanic Worship and Demon Possession

The illuminati are not the only ones some say are involved in satanic ritual worship of the devil.
There are it seems many occult groups, and many believe they are to be found in practically every
town or city across the world.
Bill Scott is a Christian Radio broadcaster, who says he found out the hard way that evil can inject
itself into the heart of your world in ways that are all too terrifyingly real.
One day while live on radio, he took a call from a lady who said that she was part of a Coven and
was demonically possessed. Within thirty seconds of that phone call he says to interviewer George
Knapp, his whole life began to unravel. The caller told him she was going to be sacrificed in a
weeks time and she wanted someone to help her. Then he heard the most inhuman voice.
Every hair on his head stood on end; He could feel the very evil itself. The voice was saying I
wasnt going to have her. She would talk but then the voice would take over. There was no way she
was faking the voice.
Though he could feel the terror inside him, he didnt think it could be true.
Then she came down to his radio station located in a large old church hall, when a function was
going on. He spotted her, but just as he walked toward her she disappeared, reappearing instantly at
the other end of the room; an impossible distance to walk or run in a split second. She phoned him to
say she was outside but when he went out into the darkness he saw her literally run away through a
brick wall.
When he finally did get her to sit and talk to him after many teasing calls, her eyes rolled in the
back of her head, her face contorted and she would tell him they were going to kill her, that she
belonged to Satan. It was a deep mans voice that came out of her.
Other times she would scream and multiple male voices would come out of her.
The voices said, We can kill her at any time we want.
In an effort to help her, he took her home with his wife. He felt he couldnt leave her to be
sacrificed, and she was so disturbed she was making suicide attempts.
As soon as he left her in the spare bedroom, he heard male voices coming from the room, but there
was only her inside it. He was chilled to the core and terrified about what he was involving himself
and his wife in, he says. Shed told him shed been involved in satanic rituals, forced into sex and
blood letting, and that she had sacrificed people herself, including babies.
As she remained at his house, doors began opening and closing on their own, lights turned
themselves on and off, and threatening black forms would appear in doorways.
He asked the dark figures why they were there. He heard the reply, We are invited guests into this
home. He had invited them in by inviting the woman into his home.
He and his wife barely slept for two weeks, too frightened to do so as they hurriedly tried to find a
safe place for the woman to go to, wanting to help her but wanting her gone.
After she moved into a shelter they had found for her, they thought their troubles would be over, but
the demons remained in the house. They continued to disturb their sleep, showing themselves as spirit
forms that terrified them.
Then suddenly the woman disappeared from the shelter. They wondered what her fate had been.
Years later they were to discover that she had gone been going around to other Church groups and
infiltrating those afterward, causing terror to all of the other people who tried to help her, tricking
them like she had tricked him.
Now, even though twenty or so years later, he still feels the experience he went through.
When I agreed to do an article about demons, I thought itd be fun; instead, I got sleepless nights, and
horrifying conversations with those whod been involved, writes Tom Hoopes in Crisis Magazine in
2003. The truth is, the victims exist, slowly losing their minds.This is Jamess story.
He was at home on college break when he went to his friend Vanessas house to take her to see a
film. Her Mom was there. He had known the family of three daughters and the mother for years. There
was no Father around but the family seemed wealthy.
What he did find a bit odd was that though he was a Catholic, the family would talk about their
religion involving animal sacrifice and spoke of biblical figures who had horns.
That evening, the mother said they should wait and have some of the cookies she was baking, before
going to the cinema. Out of politeness he waited, but he found the conversation strange, as she spoke
to him about odd types of worship again and appeared to make strange hand gestures. He began to
feel disjointed, out of sorts.
Though they left shortly after that, they didnt go to see the film.
His friend drove him to a house a few miles away, James said, and as he entered it he immediately
had a strong feeling of evil surrounding him. He had no idea where he was or why. Then, as they sat
there, the Mother and another sister arrived and joined them in the house.
The Mother took a seat opposite James and said, Hes ready to meet you downstairs if you want.
She didnt explain who he was. James began to feel frightened. He attempted to pray, but found that
he couldnt. He knows he refused to go downstairs.
They sat there, in this empty house, as his fear grew and yet he didnt feel able to get up and leave. He
remembers the Mother asked him several times to go downstairs to meet him, her voice sounding
more persuasive each time.
After Five more invitations to go downstairs and meet him, we left that place. He doesnt
remember what film he saw, just the part in it where they cut a goats neck danced around it.
Afterwards, his friend told him, Were going back to that house.
He says he demanded she take him home, and though she refused, eventually she let him go home.
As soon as he had got home however, he felt driven to go to the Catholic Church even though it was
late by now.
When he said goodbye, his sister said, It was the sort of goodbye that was saying it was
By the time I got there, I was really scared. I felt I had maybe been drugged, or cursed.
He woke the Priest up and other lay members of the team. He remembers getting very agitated seeing
the religious icons. He wet his pants. He sat staring at a crucifix on the wall, getting more and more
agitated. They say he jumped up and did a back flip off one of the pews. They called the police as he
became increasingly unhinged. Six of them held him down as they waited for the police to arrive but
he broke free of them.
The police put him in a straightjacket.
I was certain I had died and gone to hell. It was evil, he said cryptically.
James described that months after that night, a grotesque woman with blank eyes, came toward him
in the street one day, out of no-where.
I have a message for you, she said, then she relieved herself on the floor.
He still receives regular reminders like that, of the night he spent in the strange house, and his
disintegration afterward, and he doesnt know whether he is losing his mind or whether the devil is
playing with him...
A man called John Ramirez spoke out recently about his satanic practices too, including his ability to
astral travel to attack people. Just as the woman who terrorised Bill Scott could transport herself to a
different location in a split second, so too could John.
Ramirez, from New York, was a high ranking satanic priest. He knew he was going to Hell when
he died, but that was just fine with him, he says; until he had a near death experience and came face to
face with the devil.
He grew up with Sanitaria. His fathers family came from a long line of warlocks and witches. His
Father practised it and he began being trained by high ranking devil worshipers. Soon, he says, he
started answering directly to demons.
He would go to funerals to try to steal the soul of the dead person. If drug dealers died in the street
he would go and steal their blood to use for witchcraft. He felt powerful and respected; people knew
he was a force to be reckoned with and people were scared of him. He grew to the rank of high
priest. He took spiritual warfare seriously. He said he could astral travel to where he wanted to go,
say curses there, and return. He could curse people without them even seeing him.
Then he met a girl who he liked a lot. He started attending Church to please her, but afterward he
would secretly go to his own satanic church and cast spells. He would attend his Church from 7pm in
the evening, through the night until 5am, consorting with the demons.
One day, as he approached the Priest at his girlfriends Church to partake of communion, he says
the demons inside took hold of him and he attacked the priest; his strength so great that many men from
the congregation had to fight with him to get him off the priest before he killed him.
He struggled with the dichotomy he felt between trying to be good and attend Church while being
naturally drawn to the dark side and began to feel spiritually drained from the battle. He became so
conflicted that he believed the only way out would be if he killed himself. As he went to sleep one
night, he says he called out to God to help him.
Suddenly he found he had astral projected and was surrounded by possessed people talking in
tongues, who threw him into hell. He says he came face to face with the Devil, who told him he
would never let him go.
From then on, every night when he went to sleep he was attacked by demons, levitating him from
his bed, attacking him relentlessly, both physically and mentally. The attacks went on for a long time,
terrifying him and almost killing him, until finally he says, they stopped.
Now, after everything he has been through, he speaks out about the dangers of turning to the dark
side, warning that not everyone can come back sane or alive...

Another outspoken ex-occultist is Curtis Kelly. His father practised Voodoo and fully encouraged
Curtis to do the same. At the age of five, he began practising spells. He was even offered the
opportunity to study Voodoo directly under the tutelage of the then Haitian President Papa Doc.
A voodoo priestess was sent by the President to teach him how to cast high spells for money and
for power. She taught him what spells to use to induce night terrors in people, how to put a person
into a demonic state of possession, and how to keep a person locked in a cycle of bad luck and
But with his growing powers came frightening apparitions that would appear in his room at night;
creatures and entities that had been summoned.
One night he was woken by the feeling of shaking under his bed. He jumped out of bed and turned
on the light. It was his father, but the bottom part of him was green and scaly. His father was laughing
at him; he was half-man, half-reptile. Curtis watched in terror until his father disappeared straight
through the floor.
Shortly after he says, he was confronted by a being who asked him if he was ready to sell his soul
to the devil. The demon who confronted him was huge and terrifying. It made him an offer to sell his
soul outright. Not just dabble in voodoo and caste spells; they wanted him all in.
The being said, give us all of your soul, just say these words, and youre flesh will join us.
Everything around him disappeared; the floors, the walls; he was just in an empty space. The being
said, You will have so much power you will go through walls, have power over politicians, and we
will take care of you.
But, he was still young, he was frightened, and he said he didnt want to. The being started
screaming in his face.
Now a Pastor, Kelly says he knows personally people who did say yes. They signed a ten or
twenty year contract. They went on to become wealthy and famous; but when the day came round for
that contract to be renewed, if they refused to sign another contract, they were killed there and then,
he says.
Hell is real; its a real place, he warns. As a child, my father was part of an occult club, it was
an elite demonic club, comprised of doctors, lawyers, and judges; people of high esteem in the
community and other professions.
He says he would watch as they passed through walls; their bodies disappearing, naturally able to
go from one place to the next without obstacle.
If a person gets into Ouija boards, or spells, he warns, you have no idea just how bad your life
can get...
Chapter Eight

Portals to Hell and Strange Boom Sounds

Is hell opening and demons pouring out?
In March 2012, the residents of a small town in Wisconsin had their lives disrupted by disturbing,
deafening unidentified underground booms. Local newspapers, including The Sentinal covered the
Marge Bickford of Clintonville heard the booms early in the morning, along with her friend. They
said it sounded like explosions. Her dogs were going crazy, and she thought someone must have
driven their car into the house.
The police received over one hundred calls from frightened residents. The source of the noise; no-
one in authority could explain. Hundreds of people attended a public meeting in town, seeking some
explanation; but one couldnt be given. Authorities checked the sewers, gas pipes, asked the military.
In the end, experts ruled out an earth tremor, gas explosion, military activity, or mining.
Residents quietly asked each other, was a portal to Hell opening up underneath them?
This was not a one-off incident however; it was just one of the hundreds of reports that have come
from around the world since about 2009. These strange sounds have made the mainstream news in
other parts of America, as well as Canada, England and Norway.
Dallas Morning News wrote in June 2010, Residents need answers about the strange booms.
Resident, Janet wonders. What is it? Where does it come from? Its scary because we dont know
what it is. Big explosions and nobody knows where theyre coming from. Its so loud. The windows
rattle. It shakes the house. We need to know what's going on."
In June 2010, in Twin Falls, Idaho, many residents thought something heavy had landed on the roofs
of their homes. The local newspaper for the area, writes that Police phone lines jammed with calls
about the disturbing noise, but no-one could find the cause of it.
In January, 2011, Cambridge News in England reported on the number of people who had called
the police reporting large explosions shaking their homes. Fire-fighters and the police investigated.
Gas explosions and military exercises were ruled out as possible causes, and the official statement
was that they did not know what had caused it.
In the Tennessee region of Louisville in October 2011, the neighbourhood residents went through
the same thing. Said Andy, We thought the house was going to explode. It sounded like it came from
inside the house.
Many other residents in the neighbourhood felt it yet none were able to say exactly what it is.
Writer Roxy Lopez experienced it in February 2012, I suddenly heard this loud explosion, enough
to shake my home. It was like a bomb went off. Moments later my neighbour called and described
what shed heard; we agreed it sounded like some explosion from under the house.
There are many reports on internet sites. A YouTube search for boom sounds or trumpet sounds
displays many clips sent in world-wide.
Disconcertingly, theyre not just coming from below the ground; they seem to be coming from the
skies too.
In Canada, August 2013, in a town called Terrace, local residents were frightened and perplexed
by an incredibly loud, eerie sound in the sky, lasting several minutes; a sound that was like a trumpet
or horn, coming from the sky; a moaning doom-laden sound, ominous and foreboding.
One resident, Kimberly, recorded it and posted it to youtube. Listening to it is utterly chilling. The
Official explanation given was that it was caused by a grinder when a workman was fixing some
road. Anyone who listens to the recording will realise it is far more ominous and terrifying than that.
Another report comes from Alberta, where a witness writes on a forum discussing the noises, I
was outside with a cigarette when I heard a noise coming from the sky; I have never heard a sound
like it; made the hairs stand up. The closest to it is a trumpet... It was coming from the sky.
Another writes, I heard the same thing in Chicago two years ago, about three in the morning. It
went on for about ten minutes. A horn-like sound; the most eerie sound I have ever heard; it sounded
like it was coming from everywhere at the same time. Im not a Religious person but if the trumpet
horns were a true event; that was it.
Theories range from the testing of secret military planes, HARRP experiments, tectonic plates
shifting, or the construction of secret underground bases for the elite when the apocalypse of civil
unrest comes. Others believe it signals the coming end of the world as the planet is destroyed by
natural disaster.
Those who have heard it have no idea what is causing it, but the wailing sounds coming from the
skies, the trumpet and horn sounds, lead many to believe that the sounds are a warning that hell is
getting ready to take over.
Some ask is this the sounding of the Shofar, the rams horn that Revelations say marks the end of
the world? Is it announcing the end times? Or is it the sound of a spiritual battle taking place as the
demonic world tries to enter ours?
Chapter Nine

Demonic Near Death Experiences

There are many stories and anecdotes from nurses working in care homes and hospitals telling of
patients who have had demonic near death experiences.
On a nurses forum, one tells of a particularly terrifying incident with a patient who was close to
dying. He was suffering from severe cardiac problems as well as organ failure. He was terrified of
dying and was shouting at the medical staff that they must not let him die.
They soon found out why he didnt want to die; one night, the patients condition worsened and the
cardiac monitor started beeping. The nurse ran into his room with the crash cart. Nothing could have
prepared her for what she saw; the other nurse was already in the patients room, completely white
with shock at what she was looking at.
He was hovering about two inches above the bed, laughing at us. He looked completely different.
His eyes had a look of pure evil, with this evil smile on his face.
You b...s arent going to let me die are you? he said to them laughing, then crashed back down
onto the bed.
He was going into cardiac arrest and the nurse pressed the button to call the resuscitation team.
After working on him for over twenty minutes however, he was pronounced dead.
But it didnt end there; five minutes after a doctor had pronounced the patient dead and the team
were cleaning up the room, the dead man suddenly sat up in bed and started to laugh again, saying
You let him die; too bad. His body collapsed down again and all they heard was the most horrific
screaming, ringing out to all the wards so that all the patients the next day were talking about the
horrifying screams they had heard.
Every one of the nurses that night was in shock and scared. Nobody went anywhere by
themselves. We all had nightmares for weeks...
Another nurse tells of a patients terrifying vision just before she died.
The patient had been unconscious for the last few days when one night the nurse went into the
room and the patient was sat up, conscious, saying to the nurse, Dont let them take me. The nurse
was spooked and asked the patient who she was talking about, and the patient replied, That black
thing, and pointed up in front of her. Minutes later she died.
Another nurse writes, I too have had so many experiences that it is hard to narrow it down to one,
but once an old woman was begging me not to leave her because she said there were three men there,
wanting to take her with them. Then she died minutes later. Another time, before I was a nurse, my
aunt was dying in hospital when she told me that a man in the bed across from her had died the night
before. In the middle of the night, she said that three men, all in black had come to get him, but he
didn't want to go with them...
It seems that in the accounts of some peoples near death experiences however, the description of
the reality of hell is at its most vivid.
Bill Hobbs underwent routine surgery on his neck. An unexpected complication during the
operation meant that his brain stem was accidently nicked, causing him to have a stroke.
After he came round from surgery, he couldnt even feed himself. He couldnt stand to live that
way. He took a bottle of Zanax. His wife found him and he was taken to hospital. Kept alive by a
machine, he spent just over 20 days in a coma.
When I was in that coma, I fought the devil, he says, and it was the darkest figure. I can tell you,
hell is a horrible place and it is real. Ive never been so afraid. It was so dark, so black, and it felt
like the darkness was alive. It just enveloped you and all there was there was misery, and this dark
creature came to me and I knew we were going to fight and it was one of those fights where it was
life or death, like a street fight, where someone is going to kill you, and its just kill or be killed; its
grabbing eyes, poking eyes, clawing, its biting, its pure animal, its anything you can do not to be
killed; because something inside me told me if it beat me it was going to take my soul and I would
stay there, and I fought with everything I could. But every time I beat it with a move, it would come
back at me. I could smell rubber burning. I heard it say , Im not finished with you, but somehow
gradually I came around, and I saw I was in a bed in this room and I thought I was in prison because I
had killed somebody; it took the nurse some convincing to get me to believe I was actually in a
hospital not prison.
I found out from my parents, they had pulled the plug on me they had switched off my life support
the doctors had told them I was showing no brain function. All that time I was fighting with the
devil, I had no brain function. I was clinically dead...
Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. reported the case of a 6-year-old boy named Scott, who had a near-death
experience after being hit by a car just outside his house one day. He wrote the report in the Journal
of Near Death Studies.
Scott was catapulted in the air and when he landed he was knocked unconscious. He had no pulse.
When he recovered consciousness nearly ten hours later, he began to tell his parents what had
happened to him. Scott said he remembered his father reassuring him and described exactly what
words his father had been saying to him as his body lay unconscious. Then the little boy said he found
himself entering a dark tunnel, in a dark, bad place.
As he was drawn into the tunnel, the boy found himself face-to-face with the devil. The devil spoke
to him in a deep, raspy voice, telling him he was evil, and tried to grab hold of him. He said the entity
was made of what looked like rotting flesh.
In 2012, Canadian David Western accidently overdosed on medication. All of a sudden, a dark cloud
came over him and as it parted a demonic figure loomed over him, It had teeth like a wild pig. It was
scaly, with pinkish skin. It started just screaming at me...
Pat Young was terribly depressed over a bad marriage. She could not see a way of fixing it, and in
despair, she shot herself. She says she wasnt trying to kill herself; she just needed help. It was a cry
for help. She chose to shoot herself in the neck. She thought it would be less damaging than shooting
herself in another part of her body. She didnt want to die, she says, she just wanted to go to hospital
for some time away from her situation. But the damage she caused to herself was much worse than she
had anticipated. She was rushed to hospital in a coma and placed on life support for three days. The
Doctors told her family she would not survive; she had lost too much blood.
While in the coma she says she saw grotesque creatures. They took great delight in doing things to
me. They made holes in me by hitting me and in these holes they would put excrement in them; in my
cheek, in my eye sockets, and I couldnt do anything to stop them. I couldnt move anything except my
eyes. Just beyond my right shoulder I could hear this very heavy rasping breathing but I couldnt turn
to see and I didnt want to see, but I knew that as soon as it got within my range of view that what I
had gone through was nothing compared to what it was going to do to me and that it was absolute pure
evil that was coming at me.
Fortunately, she did regain consciousness and found herself back in the hospital. She has never
forgotten the horror of her time while unconscious however...
Christine Eastell was feeling unwell one morning, but rather than call in sick, she went into work.
Driving home, she found herself struggling to focus and she hit a car head on. She was rushed to
hospital and taken into intensive care. She was placed immediately on a life support machine. She
was unconscious and had terrible injuries. After two days in intensive care, her body went into shock
and she had two Cardiac arrests. She was revived after the first but after the second one, her family
were called to the hospital to say their goodbyes. She had an infection and the doctors thought it was
not possible for her to survive. She clinically died.
I could feel myself leaving my body. I went down into this pit. It was so black. I cant describe
how black; it was more intense than any blackness I had ever seen. There were people everywhere,
walking around. Their shoulders were scooped. They had torment on their faces. They looked
tortured. They stared at me intensely. I was hysterical at this point. I could feel nothing but the sheer
depth of their pain and despair. I kept closing my eyes, telling myself I was dreaming but every time I
opened my eyes again they were there. Then I felt something else. Evil. I could feel nothing but evil
all around me. I looked up and I saw Satan over me. The voice said to me, When I tempted you, you
chose to accept. Now you belong to me.
She says she cried and prayed feverishly until eventually she found herself being lifted out of the
pit and covered by the brightest light. She knew then she had been rescued from hell, and she knew
she had to tell people when she could talk again, that hell really did exist.
At that point, it was like I was flying, I looked down and could see my body lying there in the
hospital bed, and I fell back into my body.
This was back in 1989, but what happened then has never left her.
I can feel it like it was yesterday, and it was real. I do know there is a hell and there is a devil and
nothing will ever persuade me otherwise, she says.

A few years ago, Bill Westman was walking in the road, completely drunk, when a driver hit him
from behind and he flew over the top of the car and landed on the road. He says that instantaneously
he felt this terrible heat, an overwhelming heat, and he heard the devils voice. All he knew was that
he must do what the devil told him to do, that there was no choice, that he was being given no option.
There was no light. It was just black darkness and the only thing he had was this voice commanding
him to do evil things.
Some time later, he somehow felt himself returning to life. As he came around in the hospital bed,
he knew he had been told by the devil to kill everyone he cared about; his wife and his children. He
had never felt so wretched, knowing he had been sent back only to kill them. He couldnt understand
why it was happening to him, and now, the sensation of what he went through, even though it was over
ten years ago, has never faded. He didnt kill anyone, but he had never forgotten being told by the
devil to do so.
At the time he encountered the devil, he was clinically dead in hospital for twelve days. He had no
brain function. He knows that means it was not possible for him to have been dreaming or
hallucinating; his brain was not functioning. His soul however, had been in a battle with the devil...

The Coming Uprising?

Chaplain Russ Dizdar has a terrible warning of something he believes is coming very soon.
Something that is a threat to the lives of every one of us. Something that we wont even see coming.
Thousands upon thousands of satanic super soldiers are going to be activated and released, he
warns ominously.
The origin of this threat he believes came out of an elite brotherhood /Nazi partnership after some
of the Nazi scientists were smuggled into the US at the end of WW2. This partnership he believes
have over the years, been satanically abusing thousands of victims, starting when they were still
children, inflicting sadistic traumas on them which cause them to disassociate and split into different
personalities. Each of these personalities can then be programmed for specific tasks, such as
becoming a killer on demand.
When the person receives a specific trigger, it awakens that specific identity inside them. They will
then kill on command.
Every city has these victims; theyve been found in psych wards, seeking help from Churches, at
counselling sessions; I have met thousands over the last thirty years. You cant be one of these victims
unless somebody made you a victim. A group was clearly at work. Theres a whole world to this.
Dizdar has spent nearly thirty years tracking Satanic abuse victims. According to him there could
be up to 4 million. It sounds an outrageous claim and beyond belief, but similar to the alleged
illuminati whistleblowers, these victims claim they have had years of programming. A stage hypnotist
can make a person from the audience do the most ludicrous acts with just a few words of hypnotic
suggestion, the participant having no idea what they are doing. Imagine that, only someone given
hypnotic suggestion for years and years until their mind is completely broken down and splintered by
this; then programmed to perform on command by trigger words and signals.
G. H. Estabrooks disclosure of mind controlled programmed super soldiers came as far back as
1944. He was a psychologist who hypnotised agents in WW11 and programmed them to assassinate
on command. His books describe how candidates were programmed with no knowledge that they had
this assassin inside of them, sleeping, ready to perform on command. Like the Manchurian
According to Estabrooks, this is how the super soldier is created. Once triggered, they carry out
missions without question, like automatons, without being aware that they are doing it.
The implication then is that they have been doing this since the 1940s. That is a long time in which
to have established a formidable satanic army of programmed assassins.
Several of these satanic super soldiers have become whistleblowers, coming forward with claims
of who they are on the internet, speaking out as some of their memories recover and they realise who
they are. They speak of being victims of satanic rituals involving sex and death to invoke demons and
harness the supernatural strength of these entities, of the demons taking them over and possessing
them. They speak of already having killed many people in programmed hits. Could it possibly be
The endgame, Dizdar believes, is the coming of the Antichrist. A new world order for elite
globalist satanic rule, and an army of sleeper super soldiers released to kill anyone in their way.
They are in league with the demonic Dizdar says, but the ultimate ones in control of all of this are
the demonic themselves.
A global power elite whose only motivation is to serve Lucifer, and a new Legion who will
control the world for their masters, these super soldiers, who have been weaponized by satanic
energy, will be triggered en masse by their elite handlers and the darkest powers of Hell will be
Thousands upon thousands of satanic super soldiers will be activated and released, says Dizdar,
and we wont see them coming.
Table of Contents
Chapter One: True Cases of Demonic Possession
Chapter Two: Horrifying Accounts of Summoning Demons with a Ouija Board
Chapter Three: True Cases of Demonic Attack
Chapter Four: Demonic Crimes
Chapter Five: BEK Demons
Chapter Six: Demonic Reptilians
Chapter Seven: Satanic Worship and Demon Possession
Chapter Eight: Portals and Boom Sounds
Chapter Nine: Demonic Near Death Experiences
Conclusion: The Coming Uprising?