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A Parents Guide to the In kindergarten, teachers will provide teacher since online access is not

Georgia Kindergarten learning experiences for your child in: available to parents.
o English/Language Arts
Inventory of Developing Skills
o Mathematics Are there testing windows where
(GKIDS) o Social Studies I would expect information?
o Science State reporting only mandates an end of
year reporting schedule in mid-May.
GKIDS also provides parents and Local school systems may require
teachers with information about a completion of certain items on GKIDS
childs: at certain intervals. Your childs
o Approaches to Learning teacher can print a report for you at any
o Personal and Social time during the year. This report would
Development only indicate the skills that have been
o Motor Skills taught and assessed by your childs
teacher to that point.
By collecting information across a
number of activities in each of these
areas, your childs teacher can tailor What kind of information is
instruction on specific standards as collected?
What is GKIDS? your child demonstrates increasing Each GSE has a carefully designed set
The Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of competency with kindergarten skills. of performance levels that will allow
Developing Skills (GKIDS) is a year- your childs teacher and you as a parent
long, performance based assessment. What types of summary to understand where your child is in his
GKIDS replaced the former or her development on that element.
information will I receive? Not all elements are assessed in the
kindergarten assessment in the 2008-09 Throughout your childs kindergarten
school year. GKIDS will document same way, but your childs
year, your childs teacher will be
your childs progress on the Georgia documenting your childs performance
performance on the GSE is typically
Standards of Excellence (GSE) assessed with the following
across all GSE. At any time during the
throughout his or her kindergarten year. performance levels:
year, your childs teacher can provide
o Exceeding (EX)
you with a report of the skills your
o Demonstrating (DM)
child has mastered and those that need
o Developing (DV)
What does GKIDS document? additional attention. This information is
o Emerging (EM)
only available from your childs
o Not Yet Demonstrating (ND)
or Not Yet Demonstrating on a Information about GKIDS can be found
Throughout your childs kindergarten standard? on the Georgia Department of
year, your childs performance may Over 100 standards are documented by Education website. Documents on this
range from Not Yet Demonstrating to the GKIDS. If your child received a website detail the construction of
Exceeds the Standard. rating of Progressing, Emerging, or Not GKIDS, provide example activities that
Yet Demonstrating on a standard, that your childs teacher may use to
What do the levels mean? rating indicates that your child needs document progress, and give a detailed
Each performance level is written more support in learning that skill. It is description of the GSE, and GKIDS
specifically for each GSE element. Not important to remember that your performance levels.
Yet Demonstrating means that your childs performance on that one
child has shown little or no competency standard or that one element is only one
in a certain skill. Meets the Standard marker of his/her skill in that area.
means that a student exhibits full
competency of a skill, and Exceeds the
Standard means a student is able to
Does GKIDS tell me whether my
perform beyond the expected skill level child will be promoted to the first
of the element being assessed. grade?
Emerging and Progressing are defined GKIDS is one part of an extensive
for some elements where a level of summary of information that is
competency between Not Yet collected on your child by his/her
Demonstrating and Meeting the teacher and school as he or she
Standard can be determined. If an progresses through kindergarten.
activity providing instruction on a Multiple pieces of information are used
given GSE has not yet been conducted when considering promotion to the first
in your childs classroom, information grade. GKIDS is NOT an assessment
on your childs report will read Not with a score that singularly
Assessed. It is the goal of all of determines your childs promotion to
Georgias teachers to provide first grade.
experiences where your child can meet
or exceed the GSE.
Where can I read more about
What if my child receives a GKIDS?
rating of Progressing, Emerging,