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Marketing vs Selling

I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor there is God also. I see God

in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel.

PraveenKrishna Gattim



"Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing,

promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that
satisfy individual (customer) and organizational objectives.

Marketing Attracts Attention and creates interest in the product based on

Defining Target
Understanding Demography
Defining Goals
Emphasis on consumer needs and wants
Find the Best Way to get in contact with customers
Repurpose Repackage and Recycle.


The selling is a very narrow concept which includes the basics of selling
goods/services to your consumer .Selling merely concerns itself with the tricks and
techniques of getting the customers to exchange their cash for the companys
products .

It starts with the production of goods and ends with the sale of goods
It intends to capture market share for short time.
Believes in delivering product not value.
Cost of production determines price.
Emphasis with staying with existing technology and reducing cost.

Marketing and selling goes hand in hand. Analytics should give marketers
the information they need to create sales. Marketing can be seen as drawing in
customers on an interpersonal level , not just focused on sales but engagement is a
must. Marketing perpetuates the brand and sales is about the people and seeing
that every interaction is successful for both the company and the client.
Ultimately , a successful business needs to know how to optimize both.
Khadi :

I believe that where there is pure & active love for the poor there is God
also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the Spinning Wheel.
Mahatma Gandhi.

Khadi the word evokes images of Gandhiji and the freedom movement he
led. For a long time khadi was associated with the countrys freedom struggle and

Khadi is a term used for fabrics that are hand-spun and handwoven, usually
from cotton fiber. However, contrary to popular belief, khadi is also manufactured
from silk and wool, known as khadi silk or woolen khadi respectively. The fabric is
known for its rugged texture, comfortable feel and ability to keep people warm in
winter while keeping them cool during the summer.


Marketing is one of the critical element when it comes to products like

Khadi. One of the most important objectives of producing and promoting Khadi is
that it is concerned with the welfare of the poorest of the poor.

Marketing for Khadi is that of Humanistic concept as it provides rural

employment. An Ecological concept as well as Khadi is promoted as Eco Friendly
since chemicals are not used and vegetable dyes are used for coloring purpose.
Khadi products are made by hand the pollution levels are very negligible.



Eco Friendly
Reflects Indian Culture
Versatility of Khadi
Tax Excemptions
Economic Growth
Low Cost
Employment Generation
Lack of:-
o Appreciation
o Infrastructure
o Training in business methologies
o Awareness
o And Labor Intensive


Potential for exports

Emerging Trend
Capturing untapped markets
Generation of employment
Growing consumer preference
Overseas & Online Market


Survival in fast growing technology
Price Variation
Government Policies

Marketing Strategy:

Utilization of Government Initiatives:

The present government has initiated many programmes to boost up Khadi

market and sales . Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) can promote
e-commerce platform to popularize the Khadi products with its unique importance.

Geographical Segmentation:

It has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter as well as
cool in summers which Indian Khadi community can take advantage of huge
overseas market in Western countries to cater their demands .
Promotional Stratergies:

Khadi can also be marketed by participation in trade exhibitions as well as in

International trade fairs .

Khadi Enterprises:

Khadi having historical prominence these enterprises got impact on the

entire community with different intelligent capacities as well as the physically
challenged can involve themselves since it is simple and easy to learn and pursue
which can make marketing easy through mouth publicity.

Launching of Khadi Outlets in government offices:

When the government shows interest in promoting by launching of outlets in

government offices like Post offices , Railway Stations and Airports people can
either gift / get it for themselves.

Wide publicity about the quality and Khadi Mark:

The Khadi Mark will guarantee pure, genuine khadi, hand-woven, hand spun
and natural fibre and truly be beneficial to the customers in buying genuine khadi.

Khadi as a brand into different sectors:

Now khadi is not restricted to clothing only , it has found its space to
Selling Stratergy:

Partnership with non khadi players like Raymonds , Ried & Taylor etc to
retail and sell premium Khadi products.

Tie ups with National Institute of Fashion Technology and other institutions
to woo customers with new designs that would improve the volume of sales.

5 percent of incentives is provided on exports so as to global appeal to this

humble weave of India to attract foreign retailers.

Negotiations with foreign nations for handsome deals and contracts to

promote Khadi as soft diplomacy.

Strengthening of Infrastructure of existing Weak Khadi Institutions and

Assistance for renovation of khadi sales outlets .

Selling new designer ready to wear clothes focused on youth like Khadi
Denim, Khadi T-shirts.

Selling can take place with the help of SHG groups , cooperatives and other
social organizations like NGOs .

A country remains poor in wealth, both materially and intellectually, if it does

not develop its handicrafts and its industries, and lives a lazy parasitic life by
importing all the manufactured articles from outside.