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Russian Hybrid Warfare:

How to Confront a New Challenge
to the West
Pasi Eronen

June 2016
Russian Hybrid Warfare:
How to Confront a New Challenge
to the West

Pasi Eronen

June 2016

A division of the
Washington, DC
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3

An End to a Largely Peaceful Post-Soviet Period3

What Is Hybrid Warfare?5

Understanding Russias View of Cyberwarfare7

The Layers of Cyberspace9

Other Components of Russias Hybrid War with the West14

Policy Recommendations 15


Acknowledgements 25
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Technically, he was right the United States does

enjoy considerable global reach in cyber espionage, for
example. But Gerasimov found hybrid warfare where
there was none, such as the Wests insistence on a no-
fly zone in Libya and in Syrian humanitarian missions,
operations that Gerasimov called camouflaged
strategies of aiding one side (the rebels) for political
gain.3 And the Russian generals appraisal of Moscows
combat readiness in the new age was disingenuous:
Russia began to build up cyberspace expertise in the
Executive Summary 1990s, when its Soviet-era military capability had
wilted, and it embarked on a determined hunt for an
In 2013, General Valery Gerasimov, chief of Russias arena to confront the West.
Armed Forces, publicly unveiled a fresh idea. In
what came to be called the Gerasimov Doctrine,1 he This paper examines the threat posed by Russias new
described new-generation warfare pre-emptive generation warfare to the interests and security of
operations employing a mixture of nonmilitary and the U.S. and its allies in the military arena, and in
military measures to achieve political goals, deploying technology, economics, and culture.4 It is the first in a
all elements of society.2 three-part series on the dynamics and specific contours
of the intensifying financial, military, and geopolitical
Gerasimov suggested that such mobilization was conflict between the West and Russia.
urgent because Russia was already behind its enemies
implicitly the West, which was wielding a strategy
that it called hybrid warfare. Russia, Gerasimov said,
An End to a Largely Peaceful
needed not only to catch up, but to get out well in front. Post-Soviet Period
When the worst of the Balkan wars ended almost
1. , two decades ago, a period of general European calm
- unfolded, disturbed only in 1999 by brief fighting
(New challenges require a rethink of the forms in Kosovo. Because of the relative quiet, the West
and methods of warfare), -
(Russia), March 5, 2013. (http://www.vpk-news.ru/
came to expect a lasting return of its prior post-World
articles/14632) War II insulation from major combat. European
2. Jnis Brzi, Russias New Generation Warfare in Ukraine: militaries dialed back and came to resemble more of an
Implications for Latvian Defense Policy, National Defence
Academy of Latvia, April 2014. (http://www.naa.mil.lv/~/media/ 3. In August 2014, the world witnessed columns of Russian
NAA/AZPC/Publikacijas/PP%2002-2014.ashx); Mark Galeotti, military trucks painted in white crossing the border mostly
The Gerasimov Doctrine and Russian NonLinear War, In uninspected into the separatist areas in Ukraine under a
Moscows Shadows, July 6, 2014. (https://inmoscowsshadows. humanitarian pretext. Michael Weiss, A White Shining
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The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War, Military 4. For clarity, this paper will use the term hybrid warfare to
Thought, October-December 2013. (http://www.eastviewpress. describe both Western and Russian strategy and capability in this
com/Files/MT_FROM%20THE%20CURRENT%20ISSUE_ arena.
No.4_2013.pdf )

Page 3
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

international policing force than a well-oiled fighting Putin, who has served alternately as prime minister or
machine prepared to defend the NATO alliance. president since 1999, launched his new brinksmanship
four years ago when he returned to the presidency for
But the Putin era and the pursuit of a restoration the second time. His apparent new objective has been
of Moscows international stature has forced a re- to revive Russias strategic global parity with the United
contemplation of the historical arc. States.

Since his rise to power, Russian President Vladimir Putin This is not new: Since the Soviet disintegration, Moscow
has repeatedly surprised the West with demonstrations has relentlessly sought, generally without success,
of an emboldened Kremlin, and revived some of the to recover its lost role as an essential superpower.
most troubling aspects of Cold War politics. But most But Putins recent actions from military offensives
recently, he has pursued his political goals through in Ukraine and Syria to a confrontation with the
hybrid warfare. International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and
the SWIFT banking system demonstrate a new sense
In what is effectively a permanent state of war, Putin of determination. Taken as a whole, Putin is attempting
holds together a Russian national consensus through to overturn pillars of the post-World War II political
tightly scripted, state-controlled media that sustain and economic order.
a drumbeat against a morally bankrupt and power-
obsessed West. The instruments of this asymmetrical Some analysts attribute the current tensions to NATO
battle often involve major regime-linked corporations, enlargement and a supposed Western disregard for
cyber weapons, and propaganda. Wielded by a nimble, Moscows voice in international affairs.7 But the
opportunistic Putin, they pose a long-term policy brinksmanship with Putin more accurately fits into a
challenge to the United States and Europe. much longer history of conflict with the West,8 one
rooted in a narrative of victimhood, resentment, and
On December 31, 2015, Putin named the United States encirclement. In Putins mind, the U.S. has embarked
a national security threat, the first time Russia has so on an imperious campaign to humiliate and unseat him
designated Washington since the Soviet collapse about a conspiracy whose color revolutions have already
a quarter-century ago.5 The U.S. has done the same taken down governments in Georgia and Ukraine,
the Department of Defenses updated Cyber Strategy along with those of several Arab states, and whose next
names Russia as the top threat to American interests target is him.9 Much of the Russian leaders tension
and security.6 with the U.S. has flowed from his inability to shed that

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Page 4
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

In 2014, Putin annexed Crimea and destabilized What Is Hybrid Warfare?

eastern Ukraine.10 The West responded with punishing
economic sanctions on Russias next-generation oil Hybrid combat the combination of violent and
production in the Arctic and Siberia. Yet Putin has nonviolent means in the service of political goals
doubled down with an air-led offensive into Syria is an age-old concept.12 At relatively low expense,13
3,400 miles from Russian territory Moscows first an aggressive player intentionally blurs and exploits
venture outside its former imperial realm since the distinctions of war and peace, civilian and military
Soviet collapse. operations, and state and non-state actors.

Amid a show of hybrid tactics, Putin has awarded In the last century, the U.S. and the Soviet Union carried
financial support to fringe political movements in out countless examples of hybrid warfare, what their
Western Europe, launched cyberattacks and espionage intelligence apparatuses called active measures. Short of
in Europe, and ordered probing and actual attacks actual fighting, this dimension of the superpower rivalry
on U.S. and European energy and communications included, from the U.S. side, the CIAs 27-year, $75
infrastructure. He has continued to attempt to use million funding of Italys Christian Democrats; and,
control over energy pipelines, nuclear plants, natural from the Soviets, the 1978 murder of Bulgarian dissident
gas supplies to wield influence across Europe. Georgi Markov with a poison-tipped umbrella.14 Some
Western intelligence reports say Russia has exacerbated Russian tactics in Ukraine over the past two years
the Syrian migrant crisis. And, compounding the resemble Moscows political absorption its Sovietization
threat, Russia has formed a growing alliance with Iran of the Warsaw Bloc in the late 1940s and early 1950s.15
and China, countries that possess their own hybrid
toolboxes of proxy warfare and cyber infiltration.11 In a way, todays actions appear to be merely a return
to the Soviet-era status quo. Yet, this is not the Soviet
To Western queries about Russian intentions, Putin period: Notwithstanding Putins declaration of a
has replied that he has consistently made Moscows Western threat and the daggers-drawn conclusions of
interests clear, but that the West has ignored him. That their respective intelligence communities, Russia and
history is beyond the scope of this report. Suffice it to the United States are not sworn enemies. And Western
say, however, that while Russia is going through the European countries are by and large demilitarized and
diplomatic motions, it is resorting to hybrid war tactics generally violence-averse.
as a first order of geostrategic business.

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Page 5
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Russias conduct is in fact novel in the modern age, Autocratic societies such as Russia and China are best
deploying comparatively few conventional forces positioned to engage in hybrid warfare. As centralized
explicitly aimed at attacking the West, but focusing decision-makers, they can move fast, unhindered by
instead on the agile coordination of other instruments democratic checks and balances, such as an independent
of national power.16 Since Russia cannot hope to legislative branch. They can prolong operations without
match U.S. capability head-to-head, these tools are the need to publicly justify the use of resources, or, in
by necessity asymmetrical, and are unleashed where many cases, explain battlefield casualties. For these
they are not expected. Moscows over-arching tactic is and other reasons, they can easily wage hybrid war
maskirovka, which loosely translated means subterfuge in perceived peacetime, when it is harder for Western
the elements of surprise, diversion, and deception. All liberal democracies to build public and legislative
in all, Russias conduct capitalizes on Putins readiness support for the government expense and risk to troops.
to act outside the post-war operational norms within
which the West has built its military and political Russia begins with most of the preconditions for
response mechanisms. successful hybrid warfare: strong political leadership to
order an attack, a sophisticated intelligence apparatus
Cyberspace is a primary theater of Russias asymmetrical to identify vulnerabilities, control over a wide array of
activity. This is because cyberspace offers a way to resources that can be rapidly deployed, and a highly
easily combine fighting arenas, including espionage, developed information and propaganda capability for
information operations, and conventional combat, and both internal and external communications.18
to do so behind a curtain of plausible deniability, for
example by taking advantage of proxy operators. A In practice, Russian hybrid attacks have employed
perpetrator can stealthily cross great distances without diplomacy; cyberspace and information warfare; the
physical barriers and reach the target.17 threat of and actual use of military force, including
scorched-Earth tactics against civilians; economic
In addition, such actions can combine two or more inducement and coercion; and legal tactics such as
instruments: political, intelligence, diplomatic, cyber, utilizing court systems.19
or information. Russia can do so with no emphasis on
speed: Rapid, decisive victory is unnecessary because
the ebb and flow of combat can exhaust a targets
resources, or generate confusion, and trigger a response
that serves Russian goals just as well. Active combat
18. Aapo Cederberg and Pasi Eronen, How are Societies
can be followed by frozen conflict, which also can serve Defended against Hybrid Threats? Geneva Centre for Security
the original political purpose and constitute winning. Policy, September 2015. (http://www.gcsp.ch/News-Knowledge/
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Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Understanding Russias This is the technology-centric domain of offensive and

defensive cyberwarfare.
View of Cyberwarfare
But Russia has broadened the domain to allow for
To understand the scope of Russias preoccupation with information warfare as well.23 This distinction
cyberspace, go back to the mid-1980s when Clifford becomes clear in Russias operational thinking,
Stoll, an astronomer-turned-computer-administrator, which divides information warfare into two areas:
helped to uncover one of the worlds first well- information-technical, which aligns with the Wests
documented cyber incidents, the so-called Cuckoos Egg. definition of electronic warfare and cyber warfare, and
West German hackers had penetrated the computers information-psychological, which absorbs the Western
of several U.S.-based research institutions and military idea of strategic communications and psychological
installations in a hunt for secret information that they operations.24
sold to the KGB. Among other keyword-based searches,
the perpetrators were seeking classified information The distinction is important because of the prominent
related to the Strategic Defense Initiative and KH- role of information warfare. Russia aggressively
11, a state-of-the-art digital imaging reconnaissance manipulates news and other public data with a military
satellite.20 There also was the offer of more basic doctrine under which the operating environment is
but to the Soviets, subject to western technological continuously shaped, in times of war and peace. The
restrictions highly valuable data including source Russian military conducts operations both in the
code to the Unix operating system and the design of countrys own information sphere its media and
integrated circuits. Internet space and outside its borders.25

While a cyber espionage case harking back nearly 30 A first sign of this new era of hybrid war came in a five-
years may sound dated, it highlights Moscows long, year string of hacking attacks from 1998 to 2003 called
keen interest in an advantage in cyberspace, and its Moonlight Maze. While many details are still publicly
grasp of its strategic importance. 21 unknown, hackers traced to Russia stole thousands
of U.S. military documents containing sensitive
As practiced by Russia, cyberwarfare is actually a broader information, including encryption technologies. The
concept than conventionally understood. In 2012, hackers installed back doors in an effort to maintain
the White House issued Presidential Policy Directive access once their active attack was over.26
20, which defined cyberspace as the interdependent
network of information technology infrastructures that Cyber Operations Policy, October 16, 2012. (https://fas.org/irp/
offdocs/ppd/ppd-20.pdf )
includes the Internet, telecommunications networks, 23. Kier Giles and William Hagestad II, Divided by a Common
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networks, and embedded processors and controllers.22 5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, 2013, pages 1-17.
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Page 7
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Subsequent cyberattacks in Estonia in 2007, Georgia began in February 2014 with the Crimean deployment
in 2008, and present-day Ukraine show Russia further of what Russia called polite men (and the Western
honing its cyber game. In Estonia, suspected Russian media labeled little green men) special forces
hackers were deployed in a political dispute over an wearing no insignia.30 In support of special forces
Estonian decision to shift the Soviet-era Bronze Soldier operations, Russia jammed and intercepted Kiev
from central Tallinn to the Defense Forces cemetery, signals and communications, hampering the other
two miles away. In some cases using Kremlin IP sides operations, and effectively detaching the
addresses, the hackers, in an apparent effort to punish peninsula from Ukraines information space.31 Russian
and intimidate the Estonians, launched distributed hacker groups later targeted Ukrainian elections and
denial of service attacks against local government governmental bodies.32 The Russian hacker group
websites, the countrys Internet infrastructure, and its CyberBerkut33 attacked routers, software, and hard
financial industry.27 drives at Ukraines National Election Commission
with the objective of hobbling the release of the official
The 2008 cyberattacks against Georgia, coinciding vote count and producing false results. Russian hackers
with the Russian-Georgian war, may be the first time also penetrated Ukrainian government ministries and
that Moscow tightly integrated cyber tools into military embassies, and Western targets such as NATO.34
planning and operations. These attacks, conducted
by proxy actors self-declared patriotic Russian
30. Gogo Lidz, Polite People of Russia: Not Who You Might
hackers and the nationalist youth group Nashi went Expect, Newsweek, April 11, 2015. (http://www.newsweek.com/
a step further than the Estonia operation to include polite-people-russia-321759)
infrastructure system break-ins and Internet traffic 31. Paul McLeary, Russias Winning the Electronic War, Foreign
diversions and blocking.28 While the hackers did their Policy, October 21, 2015. (http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/10/21/
work, Russian conventional forces rolled out a textbook
32. Margaret Coker and Paul Sonne, Ukraine: Cyberwars
example of reflexive control (described above), using Hottest Front, The Wall Street Journal, November 10, 2015.
feints29 on their side of the border to tempt Georgia to (http://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-cyberwars-hottest-
initiate combat, thus justifying the Russian invasion. front-1447121671)
33. For more information on Russian state-sponsored hacker
groups, see Jen Weedon, Beyond Cyber War: Russias Use
Russian cyber operations advanced the furthest yet
of Strategic Cyber Espionage and Information Operations in
in Ukraine, demonstrating sophisticated capability Ukraine, Cyber War in Perspective: Russian Aggression against
in electronic and information warfare. The operation Ukraine, Ed. Kenneth Geers, (Tallinn, Estonia: NATO CCD
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Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

In the latter half of 2015, Russia shifted to protect The Layers of Cyberspace
the gains achieved in the Ukraine hybrid operation.
That shift included the Syrian mission, which, though What follows is a structured description of cyberspace
a traditional conventional war, has reverberated with in three relevant layers:37 technology; content and
hybrid impacts in Europe. The Syrian campaign has been communication; and socio-cultural.
aimed at both Russias domestic and global audiences.
For Russians, the showy mission is a reminder of their Cyberspace is a human-made technological entity. It is
superpower days a quarter century ago, and has thus comprised of parts with distinctive roles computers,
again shored up Putins support. Abroad, the campaign their wired and wireless network interfaces, digital
has reestablished Russias Soviet-era reputation for far- communications, routers, servers, and storage devices.
flung military capability, forced the West to accept a
Russian role in this key international affair, and in part But without content, cyberspace would be only a hollow
diverted attention from Ukraine.35 shell. Content includes data and information, of course,
but also several layers of software that animate physical
As it advanced, the Syrian offensive appeared to take devices, such as communications protocols, operating
on the further objective of exacerbating the refugee systems, and applications. Content combined with
crisis, pushing more migrants north and stirring former technology is what gives rise to a networked system
Soviet immigrants living in Europe into a disruptive connecting individual computers in various places and
force on the continent. A politically wrought and roles. The network can include personal computers,
divided Europe is to the advantage of a Russia seeking servers, and controllers of other devices such as systems
concessions on questions from sanctions to natural gas that operate dams, electric grids, industrial plants, and
infrastructure. natural gas pipelines.

Another consequential achievement of the Syrian Finally, because of the human-made dimensions of
operation was to allow Russia the worlds second- both the physical platform and the content residing
largest arms exporter next to the U.S. to test some in it, cyberspace also has a socio-cultural aspect.
of its latest conventional weaponry in a surprising and Cyberspace is integral to communications and social
impressive display of battlefield prowess. This was a media, and thus provides a path to manipulate the
signal to the West that Russia is a long way from its information sphere and influence public opinion and
decrepit military state in the 1990s, and much readier policy decisions.
to confront a challenge.36

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Page 9
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Technology Content and Communications

During the initial days after seizing Crimea, Russia From a content and communications perspective,
sought first to sever the local population and regionally- cyberspace is simply a medium to create, read, store,
based military units from mainland Ukraine. It attacked manipulate, delete, search, share, and transmit data.
physical communications infrastructure such as fiber Examples of such data include operating instructions
connections between Crimea and mainland Ukraine, to industrial controllers, and government documents
captured the peninsulas sole Internet exchange point, residing in network servers. But possessing control over
and jammed radio connections.38 Russia carried out such data can be powerful, including the capacity to
similar jamming in Eastern Ukraine, but for more sabotage infrastructure.
tactical reasons: to hamper the use of information-
gathering drones by the Organization for Security and An illustration of Russian capabilities in the content
Co-operation in Europe, the diplomatic forum for the and communications space came in August 2008.
West and the former Soviet Union.39 Three days before the launch of the war with Georgia,
an explosion in Turkey ruptured the Baku-Tbilisi-
In addition to espionage, Russia has the capability to Ceyhan oil pipeline and put it out of operation for
disrupt and deter Western activities, should open war almost three weeks. According to Western intelligence
break out. In October 2015, the United States detected agencies, Russia triggered the explosion through a
Russian intelligence-gathering vessels and submarines cyberattack that penetrated the pipelines control
operating near critical undersea data cables.40 About systems.42 In December 2014, Russian hackers
the same time, U.S. officials became nervous over a reportedly damaged a German steel plant owned by
Russian satellite that had veered extremely close to an ThyssenKrupp AG. The hackers penetrated the plants
Intelsat satellite that enabled Western cyber operations, control systems, specifically the shutdown mechanism
prompting concern because Russia possesses traditional in the blast furnace, leading to massive damage.43 And
anti-satellite capabilities that can knock out or in December 2015, a Russian hacker group identified
commandeer targeted satellites.41
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cut-the-internet.html) cyberspace-becomes-second-front-in-russia-s-clash-with-nato)
41 Mike Gruss, Russian Satellite Maneuvers, Silence Worry

Page 10
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

as the Sandworm Team was reportedly responsible groups tied to the Russian government penetrated
for power blackouts in western Ukraine, the first NATO, the Ukrainian government, the German
publicly recorded electric outage blamed explicitly on parliament, and several other EU governments,
a cyberattack.44 according to news reports and private investigations.48
An especially clever though ultimately unsuccessful
But these cyberattacks should have surprised no one, operation took place in April 2015, when a Russian
since experts, including the United States Computer hacker group close to the Kremlin Advanced Persistent
Emergency Readiness Team, have long indicated such Threat 28, or APT28 was caught spying on Western
Russian capabilities.45 In this new age, these and other discussions of the sanctions regime against Moscow.
active measures are the main battleground. It did so by exploiting zero days, then-unknown
vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash
There are numerous examples of Russian cyber software. The infiltration was halted before any data
espionage. In October 2014, Russian hackers gained was lost.49
access to President Obamas unclassified email and
schedules, according to a report in The New York
Times.46 Russian hackers penetrated State Department
computers, remaining in the system for at least three
months, as well as the Pentagon, including the Joint Hasnt Rooted Out Hackers, The Wall Street Journal, February
19, 2015. (http://www.wsj.com/articles/three-months-later-
Chiefs email system.47 And in 2014 and 2015, hacker state-department-hasnt-rooted-out-hackers-1424391453); Shane
Harris, Exclusive: Russian Hackers Target The Pentagon, The
44. Pavel Polityuk, Ukraine to probe suspected Russian Daily Beast, July 18, 2015. (http://www.thedailybeast.com/
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idUSKBN0UE0ZZ20151231); Robert M. Lee, Potential server intrusion, CNN, August 7, 2015. (http://www.cnn.
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Uncovered, SANS Industrial Control Systems Security Blog, 48. Ellen Nakashima, Russian hackers use zeroday to hack
January 1, 2016. (https://ics.sans.org/blog/2016/01/01/ NATO, Ukraine in cyber-spy campaign, The Washington
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Ukrainian Power Authority Attacks, iSIGHT Partners, January nato-ukraine-in-cyber-spy-campaign/2014/10/13/f2452976-
7, 2016. (http://www.isightpartners.com/2016/01/ukraine-and- 52f9-11e4-892e-602188e70e9c_story.html); Stephen Ward,
sandworm-team/) iSIGHT discovers zero-day vulnerability CVE-2014-4114
45. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Industrial used in Russian cyber-espionage campaign, iSIGHT Partners,
Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, Ongoing October 14, 2014. (http://www.isightpartners.com/2014/10/
Sophisticated Malware Campaign Compromising ICS, cve-2014-4114/); Anton Troianovski, German Parliament
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Trojan Horse Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers, ABC, german-parliament-struggles-to-purge-hackers-from-computer-
November 6, 2014. (http://abcnews.go.com/US/trojan-horse- network-1434127532); Sam Jones, Russian government
bug-lurking-vital-us-computers-2011/story?id=26737476) behind cyber attacks, says security group, Financial Times (UK),
46. Michael S. Schmidt and David E. Sanger, Russian Hackers October 28, 2014. (http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/93108ba0-
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Times, April 25, 2015. (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/26/ 49. Alan Katz and Michael Riley, Russian Hackers Use Zero
us/russian-hackers-read-obamas-unclassified-emails-officials-say. Days to Try to Get Sanctions Data, Bloomberg, April 18, 2015.
html) (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-18/russian-
47. Danny Yadron, Three Months Later, State Department hackers-use-zero-days-in-attempt-to-get-sanctions-data)

Page 11
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

Socio-cultural to local Internet services and social media platforms

such as Vkontakte, the Russian Facebook alternative.54
As discussed above, Russian military thinkers have Facebook and Twitter are subject to traffic filtering at
raised the social-cultural aspect as the core of their the network level; they are also compelled to store the
vision of future war and military operations. Russia data of Russian users in Russia, to provide it on the
foresees information warfare as a way to mobilize all request of Russian authorities, and to block content if
of Russian society, and thereby protect the state against the Kremlin so desires.55
internal and foreign enemies.50
Moreover, Russia has introduced the equivalent of
Much of Russian media is concentrated either in information troops individuals typically known
state hands or those of parties close to the Kremlin.51 in the West as trolls, or Internet provocateurs, who
Russia has introduced further controls through flood social media and media Web pages with their
tight regulation.52 A 2014 law limits foreign media alternate interpretation of the news. These actors
ownership to a 20 percent stake, which has led many function is in part to muddy the ability of Western
foreign media companies to abandon or restructure decision makers and their populations to separate fact
their Russian businesses, such as Germanys Axel from fiction, and thus hobble their capacity to respond
Springer, publisher of Forbes Russia, and Finlands effectively to Russian actions. But they also aim to
Sanoma Independent Media, former publisher of the intimidate those not sharing the correct narrative,
English-language Moscow Times.53 and recruit sympathetic voices around the world,
whether witting or unwitting.56 A role in this is played
In addition, Russia has introduced a new version by official media such as RT, Sputnik and Russia24,
of its surveillance technology called SORM, which which target Russian speakers living in the other ex-
intercepts and stores phone calls and Internet traffic. Soviet states, Europe and the U.S.,57 and potentially
SORM provides state security services, particularly the supportive western audiences.
domestic Federal Security Service, with backdoor access
Taken together, these tactics allow the Kremlin to
50. Jolanta Darczewska, The Devil Is in the Details: effectively sequester the Russian-speaking audience
Information Warfare in the Light of Russias Military
Doctrine, Orodek Studiw Wschodnich (Poland), May 2015.
(http://www.osw.waw.pl/sites/default/files/pw_50_ang_the- 54. Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, Russias Surveillance
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www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/26/russia-limit-foreign- putin-russia-savchuk)
ownership-media); Anastasia Bazenkova, Foreign Publishers 57. Vladimir Putins global Orwellian campaign to undermine
Quit Russia Over Media Ownership Law, The Moscow Times the West, The Week, May 9, 2015. (http://theweek.com/
(Russia), September 9, 2015. (http://www.themoscowtimes. articles/553716/vladimir-putins-global-orwellian-campaign-
com/business/article/foreign-publishers-quit-russia-over-media- undermine-west)

Page 12
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

from Western mainstream media, creating an all- the operation failed to gain traction and ignite panic,
Kremlin information bubble, and thus both inoculating it demonstrated a will to operate on an insidious level
Putin from outside pressure, and strengthening his designed if and when the scriptwriters get good at
hand. Putin becomes answerable to no one. it to disrupt Western societies, in this case through
An example of the impact is the Russian public
reaction to the tragic July 14, 2014 flight of MH17. The A few months earlier, the Russian hacking group APT28
Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down over Ukraine by penetrated and took over TV5, a French television
a Russian-made BUK anti-aircraft system originating channel, and masked it as a jihadist cyberattack. The
from the 53rd Brigade near the Russian city of Kursk, attack took the globally broadcast television channel off
and all 298 passengers and crew were killed. By the the air for hours, during which the perpetrators posted
time Western investigators concluded that Russian- ISIS-related updates on its social media accounts.61 The
backed separatists were probably responsible, intensive hackers were identified, but had demonstrated their
Kremlin-driven propaganda and Internet trolls had capabilities and European vulnerability to such attack.
created a competing narrative: Kiev or the West, not
the separatists, were behind the crash in yet another Most recently, on January 16, 2016, Russian media and
U.S.-led conspiracy to tarnish Russia. According to officials created public hysteria and a diplomatic fracas
polls, the Russian public by-and-large accepted the in Germany over the alleged rape of a 13-year-old
Kremlin line.58 Russian immigrant by a Middle East migrant. Inflamed
by the reports, Russian-speaking migrants poured into
The Kremlin has also run Western tests of its capacity the streets to protest the alleged attack, and Russian
to create an alternative reality abroad.59 In one case Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the Germans must
in September 2014, the St. Petersburg-based Internet be covering something up, what specifically he did not
Research Agency concocted a deadly chemical plant say. In the end, it turned out that the girl, in a spat
explosion in Louisiana. The group created a Wikipedia with her parents, had run off to the apartment of a
page about the supposed disaster, video clips of the 19-year-old German friend. There had been no rape.62
aftermath, social media commentary from ostensible But by then, the image of an out-of-control situation
local victims, falsified news coverage, and even a message had already been exacerbated. With German opinion
from jihadist terrorists claiming responsibility.60 While already deeply ambivalent over the inundation of
Syrian migrants into the country, Chancellor Angela
58. Alec Luhn, Russias Reality Trolls and the MH17 War Merkels already-waning public support plunged
of Misinformation, Foreign Policy, October 13, 2015.
(http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/10/13/russias-reality-trolls- 61. Aurelien Breeden and Alissa J. Rubin, French Broadcaster
and-the-mh17-war-of-misinformation-buk-missile/); Eliot TV5 Monde Recovers After Hacking, The New York Times, April
Higgins, MH17 The Open Source Evidence, Bellingcat, 9, 2015. (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/10/world/europe/
October 8, 2015. (https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and- french-broadcaster-tv5-monde-recovers-after-hacking.html); Cale
europe/2015/10/08/mh17-the-open-source-evidence/) Guthrie Weissman, France: Russian hackers posed as ISIS to
59. Vladimir Putins global Orwellian campaign to undermine hack a French TV broadcaster, Business Insider, June 11, 2015.
the West, The Week, May 9, 2015. (http://theweek.com/ (http://www.businessinsider.com/new-discovery-indicates-that-
articles/553716/vladimir-putins-global-orwellian-campaign- russian-hackers-apt28-are-behind-the-tv5-monde-hack-2015-6)
undermine-west) 62. Lucian Kim, Russia having success in hybrid war against
60. Adrian Chen, The Agency, The New York Times Magazine, Germany, Reuters, February 7, 2016. (http://blogs.reuters.com/
June 2, 2015. (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/magazine/ great-debate/2016/02/07/russia-having-success-in-hybrid-war-
the-agency.html) against-germany/)

Page 13
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

further. Putin had furthered his objective of dividing parties in Belgium, Hungary (which was promised
Europe to, among other reasons, undermine solidarity a $10 billion loan to finance a nuclear power plant
on sanctions against Russia. expansion67), and the United Kingdom.68

These particular episodes are not different from

Other Components of traditional spycraft; active measures are a staple of
Russias Hybrid War the playbooks of all major intelligence agencies. For
example, Russia has rattled Europe with the appearance
with the West of preparations for a military assault. In June 2014,
Russia carried out a simulated attack on Denmark; and
Another aspect of Russias hybrid war is a significant in 2014 and 2015, it penetrated the maritime and air
expansion of traditional espionage: In December 2014, space of Sweden and Finland.69 Over the same two
a senior EU intelligence officer estimated that a full years, Russian planes buzzed a U.S. aircraft carrier and
third of the Russian diplomats assigned to Brussels a destroyer in the Pacific and the Black Sea,70 and on
are members of Russian intelligence.63 Just a month July 4, 2015, Russian strategic bombers flew close to
later, the FBI broke up a U.S.-based spy ring run by the Alaska and California.71
SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service.64

When it comes to Kremlin spy games, the return of

active measures which take espionage a step further f7db-11e3-baf5-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3yH44O5XY);
into the attempt to shape, manipulate, and sabotage Keith Johnson, Russias Quiet War Against European
events includes financial support for Marie Le Pens Fracking, Foreign Policy, June 20, 2014. (http://foreignpolicy.
Front National in France (a 40 million loan from com/2014/06/20/russias-quiet-war-against-european-fracking/)
67. Krisztina Than, Special Report: Inside Hungarys $10.8
First Czech Bank, linked to Gennady Timchenko, a billion nuclear deal with Russia, Reuters, March 30, 2015.
Putin associate, in September 2014);65 the bankrolling (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-europe-hungary-
of anti-fracking protesters in Bulgaria, Lithuania, and specialreport-idUSKBN0MQ0MP20150330)
Romania;66 and backing for pro-Russian political 68. Andrew Higgins, Far-Right Fever for a Europe Tied to
Russia, The New York Times, May 20, 2014.(http://www.
63. Elisabeth Braw, Russian Spies Return to Europe in New to-russia-as-a-guiding-force.html); The Russian Connection:
Cold War, Newsweek, December 10, 2014. (http://www. The spread of pro-Russian policies on the European far right,
newsweek.com/2014/12/19/spies-are-back-espionage-booming- Political Capital Institute, March 14, 2014. (http://www.
new-cold-war-290686.html) riskandforecast.com/useruploads/files/pc_flash_report_russian_
64. Adam Goldman, FBI breaks up a Russian spy ring in New connection.pdf )
York City, The Washington Post, January 26, 2015. (https://www. 69. Edward Lucas, The Coming Storm: Baltic Sea Security
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russian-spy-ring-in-new-york-city/2015/01/26/d3f8cee8-a595- 9-10. (http://www.cepa.org/sites/default/files/styles/medium/
11e4-a2b2-776095f393b2_story.html) Baltic%20Sea%20Security%20Report-%20(2).compressed.pdf )
65. Anton Shekhovtsov, Russia and Front National: Following 70. Ryan Browne and Jim Sciutto, Russian jets keep buzzing
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national-following.html) buzz-u-s-ship-rules-of-engagement/)
66. Sam Jones, Guy Chazan, and Christian Oliver, Nato claims 71. Laura SmithSpark,Why Is Russia Sending Bombers close
Moscow funding antifracking groups, Financial Times (UK), to U.S. Airspace?, CNN, July 27, 2015. (http://www.cnn.
June 19, 2014. (http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/20201c36- com/2015/07/27/world/us-russia-bombers-intentions/)

Page 14
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

These are arguably probing operations, but Russia has Policy Recommendations
been blunt as well: In the summer of 2015, the Russian
ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, relayed The West has entered a more turbulent era of aggressive
a Putin threat of unspecified military consequences competition with powers dedicated to overturning
should Sweden or Finland try to join NATO.72 In foundational aspects of post-World War II institutions
March 2015, Russias ambassador to Denmark, and structures. Asymmetrical hybrid warfare tactics
Mikhail Vanin, threatened to target Danish warships have enabled less-powerful players to punch above their
with nuclear weapons should Denmark join NATOs weight, and sometimes seize the initiative.
anti-ballistic missile defense system.73 Around the
same time, Russian officials threatened a nuclear The United States, the EU, and NATO possess the
strike should NATO use force in an attempt to reverse capacity to meet the challenge. The requirements include
Moscows absorption of Crimea.74 And Russian air defensive measures to shield government, economic,
forces have simulated nuclear strikes against Poland and public infrastructure targets, and offensive methods
and Sweden.75 to exact a high price from transgressors. Moreover,
Russias access to hybrid warfare instruments can
The examples presented in this report exemplify the be reduced, and its ability to field its existing hybrid
vigor and sophistication of Russian hybrid operations. weapons curtailed.
Russia has developed its hybrid capabilities over a two-
decade period and incorporated its evolving doctrine It is impossible from a practical perspective, and
and capabilities into its strategic thinking. Its years of wasteful of resources, to attempt to counter every
on-the-ground experience include increasingly complex move by a Kremlin whose strategy includes tempting
examples of maskirovka and hybrid operations that, the West into needless and costly operations. Instead,
taken as a whole, give Russian hybrid warfare a stature the West should clearly identify crucial strategic and
all its own. Moscow appears to understand that it must economic assets for possible targeting, while acting to
continue to improve if it wants to compete and win. undermine Russian capabilities.
72. Jorge Benitez, The Bully to the East, U.S. News & World
Report, August 6, 2015. (http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/ A paramount objective should be persistent intelligence
world-report/2015/08/06/russia-bullies-sweden-and-finland- operations aimed at a continuing understanding of
away-from-joining-nato) Russian goals, tactics, and means. The Kremlin should
73. Anne Applebaum, War in Europe is not a hysterical be denied access to crucial aspects of its tool kit. Finally,
idea, The Washington Post, August 29, 2014. (https://www. the West should turn to its own asymmetric tools and
europe-is-not-a-hysterical-idea/2014/08/29/815f29d4-2f93- influence to counter and diminish the effectiveness of
11e4-bb9b-997ae96fad33_story.html); Teis Jensen and Adrian Moscows strategy and deter Russian aggression.
Croft, UPDATE 1-Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles
at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield, Reuters, March Defensively, the U.S. and the EU should:
22, 2015. (http://www.reuters.com/article/denmark-russia-
74. Umberto Bacchi, Russia issues nuclear threat over Crimea 1. Build up dedicated national and international
and Baltic States, International Business Times, April 2, 2015. coordinating centers for hybrid defense. The U.S.
(http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/russia-issues-nuclear-threat-over- and the EU should build up permanent local and
crimea-baltic-states-1494675) supra-national coordinating centers, to be integrated
75. Russia carried out practice nuclear strike against Sweden,
The Local (Sweden), February 3, 2016. (http://www.thelocal. within current agencies and organizations such as

Page 15
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

NATO. These interagency centers should gather and 4. Develop defensive economic warfare capabilities
analyze information on Russian hybrid activities, and alliances. The U.S. and the EU should create
and propose defensive action and resilience against tools to protect allies from Russian economic and
current and future threats. financial warfare and influence. They should:

2. Build on existing measures to shore up energy Form new trade, supply, and economic alliances
resilience. The U.S. and the EU should use the same with the specific aim of shielding the U.S. and EU
new interagency centers to systematically probe for from Russian economic and financial tactics;
vulnerabilities in Western economic, governmental,
and energy infrastructure, and recommend patches. 
Create information-sharing mechanisms on
They should: Russian threats, initiatives, and resources; and

Continue to develop more robust infrastructure to 

Develop longer-term strategies to displace and
capitalize on vast new gas supplies coming onto the undermine Russia economic weapons, to be
market from the U.S., the eastern Mediterranean, coordinated with the U.S. Treasury and Commerce
Africa, and elsewhere; departments, NATO, and vulnerable non-NATO
Continue to develop new technologies that can
cushion the EUs reliance on Russian natural gas; 5. Counter nuclear threats. Clearly reiterate that the
use of nuclear weapons against any allied member
Elevate coordination among the U.S. Department would lead to a proportional nuclear response from
of Energy, counterpart energy ministries, and the United States. In addition, the U.S. and the EU
private actors as a way to signal a concerted policy should:
of reducing dependence on Russian gas; and

Enhance the enforcement of existing sanctions
Continue to deny access to Western energy know- against illegal and suspected transfers and
how, capital, and technology using export controls exchanges of technology, materiel, and personnel
and sanctions. relevant to nuclear development.

3. Tighten cyber- and information-security. The Offensively, the U.S. and the EU should:
U.S. and the EU should enhance a common defense
against cyber-intrusion and information warfare, 1. 
Tighten and expand economic sanctions and
including military and civilian exercises and public- financial measures. The U.S. and the EU should
private partnerships. Western forces deployed to maintain pressure on Russia to withdraw from
the Baltic republics and Eastern Europe should be eastern Ukraine and cease other hybrid attacks
equipped and trained to continue to operate even in Europe and the U.S., including cyber and
when lacking control of the information space or the information warfare. They should:
electro-magnetic spectrum.

Page 16
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

A mplify the application of financial tools, Leverage international financial institutions (such
enforcement measures, and sanctions against as Overseas Private Investment Corporation in the
illicit Russian behavior. The focus should be on United States) and development in an effort to
the underlying conduct to which sanctions are displace Russian interests; and
attached, such as the facilitation of transnational
organized crime and money laundering, businesses Incentivize the private sector to take advantage of
that help to prop up the Russian state. market opportunities.

Prioritize the identification of Russian hackers, This report aims to contribute to an understanding of
organizations, and businesses engaged in or the threat posed by Russian hybrid warfare to U.S. and
profiting from malicious cyber activity against EU geostrategy and domestic security, and to propose
key systems in the U.S. and the EU, in line with recommendations on how to lessen the risk. It is the
Executive Order 13694. first of an envisioned three-part project on Russia under
Putin during an age of sanctions and low oil prices.
2. Focus on anti-bribery and anti-corruption Much more time and work is required to continue to
weapons. The U.S. and the EU should step up the evaluate the new geopolitical challenges posed by a
battle against state and non-state Russia corruption, freshly assertive Russia, confronting Western influence
which corrodes confidence in the government and and foundational institutions.
leads to instability that Russia can exploit using
hybrid tactics. Western authorities should:

Coordinate targeted anti-corruption prosecutions,

especially those tied to Russian influence;

Ensure that Western investment and interests are

observing international anti-bribery and anti-
corruption practices; and

Through sanctions, exclude actors involved or
associated with Russian corruption from legitimate
financial and commercial transactions.

Explore strategic investment in areas where
Russia seeks influence. The U.S., EU, and other
allies should incentivize, facilitate, and invest in
sectors and markets in which Russian economic
and financial influence challenges Western strategic
interests. They should:

Page 17
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 18
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 19
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 20
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 21
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 22
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 23
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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Page 24
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

The author would like to thank Aapo Cederberg, William Courtney, Mark Dubowitz, Annie Fixler, Clifford Gaddy,
Steve LeVine, Phillip Lohaus, Jeffrey Mankoff, David S. Maxwell, Aki Peritz, Matthew Rojansky, Peter A. Wilson,
Juan Zarate, Boris Zilberman, the Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance, and The Geneva Centre for Security Policy
for their help and support. Furthermore, the author wishes to thank all the interviewees and sparring partners: Dmitri
Alperovitch, James Dickey, Allan Friedman, Kenneth Geers, Keir Giles, Jussi Jaakonaho, Mikko Jakonen, Saara
Jantunen, Jarno Niemel, Klara Tothova Jordan, Andrs Rcz, Samuel Visner, and the anonymous participants of
several meetings, seminars and other gatherings for their valuable suggestions and insights.

Cover photo credits:

Left: (Reuters/Thomas Peter)
Center: (Shutterstock/Vicente Barcelo Varona)

Page 25
Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

About The Author

Pasi Eronen is the lead researcher for FDDs Russia project, where his
work focuses on economic coercion, hybrid threats, and their nexus with
cyber and information warfare.

His professional career includes a tour as an expert in the EUs European

Police Mission in Afghanistan, and as a military officer with the Finnish
Defense Forces in NATOs Kosovo Force.

Eronen has previously authored a report for the Finnish Ministry of

Defense on the use of public-private partnerships in the development of
national cyber defenses. He helped to develop Finlands Cyber Security
Strategy while working for the Ministry of Defense. Eronen also has
worked almost a decade in management consulting and serves on the
advisory board of Sparta Consulting, a Finnish cyber security start-up.

Pasi earned a masters degree in Security Studies from Georgetown

University and a masters degree in Computer Science from the University
of Joensuu, Finland.

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Russian Hybrid Warfare: How to Confront a New Challenge to the West

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CSIF focuses on global illicit finance, including the financing of terrorism, weapons and nuclear
proliferation, corruption, and environmental crime. It has a particular emphasis on Iran, Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Russia, and other autocratic states as well as drug cartels and terrorist groups
including Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

For more information, please visit www.defenddemocracy.org.

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