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P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Engineered Air, Industrial and Process Gas

Centrifugal Compressors
MSG and TURBO-AIR series
featuring oil-free air
You have many distinct advantages when you partner

with Cameron for your centrifugal compressor needs.

Cameron manufactures centrifugal air and gas compressors

and provides aftermarket products and services for a broad

customer base around the world. The cutting-edge solutions we deliver for air,

industrial and process gas requirements are made possible by the unique blend of

product quality, engineering talent and dedicated teamwork brought to every customer.

centrifugal compressors
With our main manufacturing facility in Buffalo, N.Y., and distribution

in more than 80 sales and service locations worldwide, Cameron is a global

company with a commitment to meeting

your needs with exceptional centrifugal

compressor technology while exceeding

your expectations with unequaled service

and support.
P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

A history o f innovation
1955 Joy Manufacturing Co. established
MSG and Turbo-Air Series Engineered
facility in Buffalo, N.Y.
1960 First small integral gear centrifugal
Camerons MSG (multistage geared) and Turbo-Air compressor

compressor introduced
series offers outstanding design flexibility. 1965 First packaged centrifugal compressor
MSG compressors are application-engineered with a number of introduced

available configurations: 1971 First four-stage, nitrogen recycling

machine for liquefaction of industrial
Flows from 2720 to 195,400 m3/hr (1600 to 115,000 cf/min)
Horsepower capacity to over 18,650 kW (25,000 hp)
1980 First microprocessor-controlled
Discharge pressures to 80 barg (1200 psig) compressor launched
Turbo-Air engineered compressors are completely packaged on 1987 Purchased by Cooper Industries, Inc.
a common base for easy installation and are available in a number major capital investments made

of configurations: 1988 First seven-stage, dual-service machine

with three pinions in each gearbox
Flows from 2720 to 59,500 m3/hr (1600 to 35,000 cf/min)
1994 Turbo-Air 2000 introduced,
Horsepower capacity to more than 6000 kW (8000 hp)
incorporating the fourth generation
Discharge pressures to 83 barg (1200 psig)
of microprocessor-based control
1995 Cooper Cameron Corporation
Turbo-Air 3000 introduced major
capital investments made
Turbo-Air 6000 introduced
Turbo-Air Cooled 2000 introduced
Entered process gas market
Introduced Turbo-Air 11000
Introduced Turbo-DryPak
2002 Cooper Energy Services and
Cooper Turbocompressor
combined into a single operating
division, Cooper Compression
Maestro series of control
systems introduced
2005 Turbo-Air 2020 introduced

Turbo-Air high-pressure series

2009 MSG-18 introduced

Introduced Turbo-Gas 2040

Introduced Turbo-Air blower
Class Zero Certification awarded
2010 Turbo-Air 6040 introduced
The Advantages of Centrifugal
Compressor Technology
Integrally geared centrifugal compressors represent the
latest technology, offering significant advantages over
outdated, less-efficient and more costly compressor
designs. These advantages are inherent in the
centrifugal design and are further enhanced by
Camerons more than 55 years of centrifugal

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Compare Camerons innovative centrifugal compressor technology with other machines, such as positive
displacement compressors, and the advantages are clear.

C ameron's
C entri f u g al Compressors Other Compressors

No wearing parts requiring Require regular maintenance,

regular replacement such as replacement of piston
Oil filter elements and seal gas rings, gland packing and valve
Maintenance filter elements are easily replaced plates
online Result in high operating expenses
and significant machine downtime

100% oil-free Oil filters must be installed

Prevent contamination of system at discharge
Oil-Free Meet strict downstream Potential for oil carryover to
Process Gas requirements foul the process

Pulsation-free and require Require the use of large pulsation

no dampers dampers to reduce pressure
No pulsation

Feature inlet guide vane control The use of cylinder unloading for
plus bypass for consistent gas stepped flow control can result in
Optimum delivery under all conditions complicated process control due
Control to sudden changes in capacity

Capable of handling substantially May have four or six cylinders

higher volumes of gas in one or requiring more space for installa-
Compact two small casings for a smaller tion
Footprint overall package

Essentially vibration-free Require large and deep

Require only a pad suitable for foundation to handle heavy
no Vibration supporting the static weight of weight and unbalanced forces
the package Precautions must be taken to
prevent transmission of vibration
to other equipment

Oil-free Air and Gas
 Prevents system contamination
 Removes the potential for compressed air pipeline
fires caused by oil carryover
No costly waste disposal associated with oil-laden condensate
 Eliminates the expense and maintenance of oil separation filters at the

High Reliability
Camerons centrifugal compressors are designed to be extremely reliable due to:
 Conservative high-quality gear design
Long-life pinion bearing design
Thrust loads absorbed at low speed
Stainless steel compression elements

Low Compressor Operating Life Cycle Cost

Camerons centrifugal compressors provide better overall operating efficiency
than positive displacement or other centrifugal compressors.
Excellent efficiencies at full load, part load and no load
Low maintenance cost
Optional variable inlet Increased uptime from high-reliability design (limits the need for multiple
guide vanes can offer power unit installations for basic reliability reasons)
savings of up to 9%
 o sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process that can cause
wear and thereby efficiency loss
Inlet vanes impart a whirling
motion to the inlet air flow
Easy Operation/Maintenance
in the same direction as the
impeller operation, reducing State-of-the-art Maestro control systems
the work input Fully automated operation for any process conditions
Machine self-diagnostics
Net power savings at reduced
 o wearing parts requiring periodic changes or replacement
flow or on days colder than
in the compression elements
the design temperature
Accessible horizontally split gearbox for quick inspection
Inlet vanes are positioned Removable intercooler and aftercooler bundles for easy cleaning
close to the impeller to
achieve increased benefit Simple Installation
 ompressor, lubrication system, intercoolers, shaft coupling, coupling
The inlet vanes throttling guard, interconnecting piping, etc. on a common base
capabilities allow for start-up
Easy installation with no special foundation requirements
in high-static load situations
Easy component accessibility
Customer connection point flexibility
Reduced floor space required
4 Pulsation-free
P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

The Right Compressor for Your Needs

In a wide variety of applications, there is a centrifugal compressor from Cameron that meets your
requirements. With more than 18,000 installations worldwide, on nearly every continent, Cameron's
products are proven in a number of different industries.

Gas Compressor (left)
application: Located in Algeria;
used as a boil-off compressor
specifications: Flow = 20,000 kg/hr
Discharge Pressure = 7.3 barA

Air Compressor (below)
application: Located in China;
used as a main air compressor for
an air separation plant
specifications: Flow = 59,000 Nm3/hr
Discharge Pressure = 12.4 barA

Engineered Air Applications
03 Industrial gases
Instrument air
American Petroleum Institute (API) standards
Soot blowers
Large plant air
Power industry related

Gas Compressor Applications

Fuel gas boosting
Natural gas gathering
Hydrocarbon refrigeration gas
Carbon monoxide
CO2 (wet or dry)
Low molecular weight recycle gas
High-pressure nitrogen
Landfill gas

Camerons centrifugal compressors are

04 exceptional by design.
One, two or three rotors, up to six stages per gearbox
01 Horizontal splitline(s) for easy access to parts

04 04

Cross-sectional View
of a Typical Three-rotor
Process Gas Compressor
01: One, two or three rotors,
up to six stages per gearbox
02: Horizontal splitline(s) for
easy access to parts
03: Engineered seal designs

04: NACE-compliant scrolls and inlets

can be manufactured from
steel or stainless steel


Horizontally Split Gearbox for Easy Rotor Assembly for

Maintenance Smooth Operation
Allows inspection or replacement of gears, Each rotor assembly
bearings and oil seals by simply lifting a cover consists of a
No disassembly of piping or heat exchangers is pinion shaft, to
necessary which one or
two impellers are
Periodic inspections and maintenance are attached
made easy
Pinion gears are hardened
Reduced maintenance, increased uptime and precision-ground
(AGMA and ISO quality) for
Bull Gears for Optimum Speed and Efficiency longer life
Allows each pinion to operate at optimum  Smooth, vibration-free
speed, as determined by the flow and efficiency operation is assured
characteristics of the impeller through precision
Main driver is connected directly to the balancing
compressor by a low-speed coupling
Gears are high-speed, precision helical-type, Tapered Rider Ring
designed to meet or exceed AGMA and ISO Thrust Collars on the
quality standards Pinion Shaft
design mitigates
the majority of
thrust loads
Thrust collars on
Five-pad Tilting Pad
Bearing Assembly pinion shaft create an
oil wedge, which carries
the small remaining net
thrust to the bull gear
where it is absorbed by a
simple low-speed thrust
Reduces gearbox
Tilting Pad Pinion Bearings for High power
Reliability losses while
Five-pad journal bearings have the highest mechanical
stability and lowest vibration level for high- integrity
speed shafts, which are subjected to variable
loading over a wide range
High reliability over the entire operating range,
from full load to no load
Pressure-lubricated and steel-backed for
increased reliability

Seal Design Options Labyrinth
Oil Seal

Cameron offers a complete range of seal

arrangements to meet the specific needs of your
Carbon Ring Seals
Standard Labyrinth-style Air/Gas and Oil Seals Cameron's design has two solid,
Used with atmospheric air and low-pressure floating carbon rings with close shaft clearance
Non-contacting seal, so periodic maintenance
Effectively confine air in the stage casings and is not required
prevent contamination of the gas stream from
Complete assembly bolts inside the scroll and is
lubricating oil
accessed by removing the impeller
Non-contacting seals eliminate shaft wear
Leakage control is significantly better than the
Do not require periodic replacement babbitt seal for the same pressure
Only require inspection every five to six years
under normal operating conditions Single Dry-face Seal
Used on hydrocarbon and process gases where
Babbitted-style Air/Gas Seals leakage is not allowed or high-pressure applications
Used with high-pressure where labyrinth seals cannot provide enough
and nitrogen applications leakage protection

When used with educting, Seal system is completely oil-free

these seals have an excellent Buffer gas pressure can be set so that no buffer
recovery rate gas enters the process and a small amount of
Knife edges on pinion cut into process gas vents out of the system
the babbitt material on seal for
closer fit and very low leakage Other Types of Seals
Babbitt material has a high tin Tandem seal with buffered backup seal
Babbitted Air Seal
content for lubricity Oil bushing seal with separate seal oil system
Seal maintenance is not required for five to six
years under normal use
Ports can be machined in the seal to recover
process gas or buffer
the seal during periods
of non-use

Labyrinth Air Seal

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Gas Seal Options for Your

Process Applications
Multiple gas seal designs are available for a wide
seal gas
range of process gases and leakage requirements. vent purge
Cameron can suggest a seal type based on your
process, or we can design the seal of your choice Impeller
all major seal suppliers can be used.

Camerons standard dry-face seal uses a floating
self-centering rider. The clearance fit allows the seal
to be removed easily and installed without puller
tools. The seal comes as a complete assembly with
an installation plate.
backup oil bearing
seal seal

sour gas purge gas
recovered gas atmosphere scroll

oil Single dry-face seal with a babbitted backup

Impeller seal



vent purge gas

seal gas atmosphere

gearbox oil
Impeller seal

Multiport babbitted seal with purge bearing




Tandem dry-face seal with integral labyrinth

Process Gas Seal
Gas seal support systems are designed, built and Aerodynamic Performance
tested per API-614. System designs can be based Unique Impeller Designs
on differential pressure control, flow control or Impellers, diffusers and scrolls are uniquely designed
other control methods. The scope of supply is to meet your specific needs. Examples of our impellers
virtually unlimited and fully automatic. Manual include:
or customer-specified systems can be engineered Custom Engineered/Five-axis Milled
for any gas seal type. Custom-designed using computational
flow dynamics (CFD) for aerodynamic design and
Systems are designed with instrumentation to
finite element analysis (FEA) for
monitor seal condition. Filters and accessories mechanical integrity
are supplied with sufficient instruments to plan Optimized designed for
custom appositions
maintenance and reduce downtime. The goal is
Overall savings can
to save you time and money by providing worry-
be as great as a
free operation of your equipment with simple 5% increase
maintenance. in efficiency

Fuel gas booster skid

with scrubber, bypass and
recirculation piping

Gas seal transmitter

rack with 2-of-3 voting,
seal gas filtering and
purge gas filtering

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Control Systems
Cameron can provide the right control system
engineered for your applications.

MaestrO Suite of Controls

MaestrO is Camerons suite of control systems
that offers optimal protection and control for your
compressor system. The Maestro suite contains a
model that is sure to be in tune with your needs.

Maestro Universal
Windows CE-driven system includes a built-in web
server and setup wizard for quick configuration
Able to handle multiple stages and is designed for
many makes and models of compressors
10 color graphic display provides easy monitoring
Built-in USB port for system configuration and data
Capable of monitoring and controlling the total
system across multiple units

Maestro PLC
Utilizes an open-architecture Allen Bradley PLC
which enables you to use off-the-shelf components
that match other panels in your plant
Available in three control methods: constant
pressure, auto/dual and mass low
Provides an alternate Siemens PLC platform

Gas Flow Arrangement
Cameron's centrifugal compressors feature an
advanced arrangement of gas flow components.
Advantages of this arrangement include:
 irected gas movement to reduce turbulence-
induced friction
 ir is cooled after every stage to provide a
high isothermal efficiency
Allen Bradley PLC-based control
center with PanelView interface

Maestro PLC-based
Controls Allen Bradley
Air Flow Diagram
Customer-defined PLC Controls 01: Compressor inlet

PLC-based systems are used for packages with 02: First-stage compressor volute
03: Water in
high input/output (I/O) counts, multiple gas circuit
04: Water out
control loops and multiple processes. PLCs by all 05: First-stage intercooler
major industrial suppliers are available. Cameron 06: Second-stage compressor volute

can design, program and supply your specified 07: Second-stage intercooler
08: Third-stage compressor volute
PLC system mounted and wired to any
09: Compressor discharge
compressor package.
PLC system is fully tested by our Control 06
Engineering department before shipping
Logic diagrams and programming software
are standard
Control systems can be locally mounted on
the skid, designed with local I/O and remote
processors, or any buyer-defined arrangement
Control system enclosures and wiring are
available for US and IEC applications, Class 2 /
Zone 2 and non-hazardous installations


P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Packaging Concept Advanced Lubrication System

Cameron's cutting-edge packaging concept gives Cameron's standard self-contained, low-pressure
you great flexibility to tailor a centrifugal compressor lubrication system:
to meet your needs while simplifying installation and Includes an oil reservoir, mechanical oil pump,
electric full-flow auxiliary oil pump, fixed bundle
maintenance. Our MSG and Turbo-Air packages
oil cooler, single full-flow oil filter, safety devices
can include: and instrumentation for safe compressor
Lubrication system operations
Intercoolers A
 ssembled and packaged on a compressor base
when compressor layout permits
Shaft coupling with guard
Sized to serve the main driver
Interstage piping
Can be designed to meet:
Main driver
- Custom specifications
Control panel
- API-672 (packaged centrifugal)
- API-617 (centrifugal gas compressor)
- API-614 (lubrication system)
- Process Industry Procedures (PIP)
Interconnecting piping between the lubrication
08 system and compressor when compressor,
intercooler(s) and main oil pump arrangement

Intercoolers Guarantee Increased Heat Transfer

Our ASME-coded intercoolers (PED, China Code Pressure
Vessel Certification, GOST, KOSHA, and others, as
required) provide efficient cooling between stages
07 and are designed to be accessible for inspection
and cleaning.
 ater-in-tube cooler designs allow for easy
cleaning in areas with poor water conditions
 xtended surface, plate-fin design provides
increased heat transfer with reduced
01 space requirements
 ccessible, smooth
bore tubes are
We can build standard compressor packages easily rodded with
or specialized API-672/API-617 packages, all on bundles in place

a common baseplate for ease of installation. N

 o disassembly of
any other part of
the compressor
is necessary
to perform
Excellence in Engineering
From air separation, to plant air, to a variety of process gas applications, Cameron's engineers have a
broad range of experience in designing systems for customers around the world.

Our team of engineers and technicians are continually adding to our experience base in a wide variety
of applications. These professionals face varying challenges in all compression applications and strive to
deliver the best solution every time.

Impeller Stress Analysis (left)

All five-axis impellers are analyzed

with FEA to ensure robust designs

Closed Impeller (below)

A finite element model of a
shrouded impeller

MSG Cutaway (right)

Unigraphics rendering of a compressor
gearbox showing internal bullgear
and rotor assemblies

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

D edicated M anu facturing

The Latest Technology in Cameron's manufacturing
Design Engineering facilities are among the most
1D, 2D and 3D CFD software
advanced in the industry,
Preliminary design sizing and performance prediction
utilizing leading technology,
Detailed blade shape design
operated by an experienced
Analysis using 3D Unsteady Navier-Stokes Flow modeling
and skilled workforce. Everything

Mechanical Analysis we do at our ISO-9001:2008

FEA stress and resonance calculations facilities is aimed at improving
Rotordynamics bearing and vibration analysis quality and shortening
Mechanical design solid modeling delivery times.

Comprehensive Testing M anu fact u rin g

To guarantee performance, all of Camerons compressor technolog y hi g hlights

designs are tested for aerodynamic and mechanical performance. CAD/CAM systems

Camerons flexible test stand uses variable speed drives to simulate Vertical turning centers

various mole weight applications. All gas compressors are tested in Impeller milling centers five-axis

accordance to ASME PTC-10 Type II standards. Test observation is Horizontal boring centers

available upon request. A full set of mechanical and aerodynamic Cell manufacturing and work

performance data also can be provided. team techniques

State-of-the-art testing facilities

Comprehensive Quality
From start to finish, from the factory to the field, in every area, for every employee, quality is the rule. You can
expect that from a world-class manufacturer such as Cameron. Our objective is to exceed your expectations.

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Our Quality Policy Su pplier Qu ality M ana g ement

Maintain an approved vendors list
The key elements of Cameron's quality
New suppliers reviewed and evaluated prior
policy are:
to supply chain integration
Exceeding customer expectations
Supplier quality performance tracked through
Providing products that equal or exceed industry the non-conforming product database within our
and government standards business system
Providing our customers with the best value Periodic supplier performance evaluations
Focusing on long-term customer satisfaction
Striving for continuous improvement Six Sig ma Training

Understanding that quality is everyones job Addressing customer critical to quality issues
Process and product improvements that are most
beneficial to our customers
Our Quality Program
Training in sophisticated problem-solving tools
ISO- 9001: 2008 C ertif ied Qu a l ity
Management System Certifications

Systematic approach to continuous improvement API, CE, PED, ATEX, China Code Pressure Vessel
15 trained ISO internal auditors Certification, GOST, KOSHA, ASME, and more.

ISO- 14001: 2004 C ertif ied E n v ironmenta l

Management System
Dedication to reducing and eliminating waste
Providing a healthy and safe work environment
for all employees
Meeting or exceeding all environmental, health
and safety regulatory requirements

ISO 8573- 1 C L ASS 0 C ertif ied Oi l -Free A ir

Turbo-Air centrifugal compressor product line
was certified in 2009
Oil contamination is virtually eliminated by virtue
of the compressor design

Added Q ua l ity Ass u rance
from Ad vanced Testin g
Testing for Process Gas Compressors
To guarantee performance to
Closed-loop testing with a simulated mole weight gas mixture is
both customer and manufacturer
standard for process gas compressors. Nitrogen/helium mixtures
specifications, every Cameron
are used for fuel and lower mole weight gas compressors, and CO2 /
design is fully tested for
nitrogen mixtures are used for higher mole weight compressors.
aerodynamic and mechanical
performance by highly skilled Test Center Computerized Control Room
technicians before leaving Cameron's test center control room provides computer control of

the factory. cooling water, input speed and lubricating oil supply.
Aerodynamic testing through use of finely calibrated
Nine T est Stands
pressure and temperature instruments
Our test facility in Buffalo, N.Y.,
Vibration monitoring
includes nine test stands.
Vibration frequency analysis
Variable speed drives to
110% overspeed
simulate actual operating speed
requirements of the ASME PTC- Testing Observation and Documentation
10 Type 2 test Test observation and performance data are available upon request.
Package testing of machines up Documentation can be provided for full operating tests to iden-
to 11,000 hp (8200 kW) tify capacity, pressure, temperature and horsepower
The test stands are separated Vibration data for both steady state and coast down operation
into three separate bays, are recorded to verify rotor critical speed and response
allowing one machine to be
set up while another is tested
Computer controlled cooling
towers are used to simulate
coolant conditions
A test stand lubrication system
supplies machines with required
oil pressure regardless of the
test speed, and monitors oil con-
ditions for mechanical
loss verification
Recirculation coolers are avail-
able for closed-loop testing Cameron's test center control room provides Multistage carbon monoxide
computer control of cooling water, input speed and compressor being prepared for
lubricating oil supply closed-loop testing

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Aftermarket Services and Support

How else can we prove our commitment to your total satisfaction? By providing
the industrys most comprehensive resource for top-notch aftermarket products,
engineering solutions and field service: CAMSERV . If you ever have a question
or problem, CAMSERV is at your service.

Repair Center and
Sales Office Sales Office
Centrifugal Headquarters Milan, Italy Moscow, Russia Sales Office
Buffalo, N.Y. Seoul, South Korea

Sales Office
Repair Center
Houston, Texas
Sales Office
New Dehli, India

Sales Office
Sales Office
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Installation and Startup Repair Expertise

Machine commissioning services State-of-the-art equipment for turnkey repairs
Diagnostic and troubleshooting services Complete documentation packages
Vibration analysis and trending Strategic repair center locations to serve a broad
CAMCARE maintenance programs
customer base, including Buffalo, N.Y.; Houston,
Texas; Milan, Italy and Gaomi, China.
Elite Technical Support
Exceptional Parts
Installation and operation support
Genuine parts produced in the same facility for
Our goal is to help keep your unit running more than 55 years
Extensive inventory in strategic locations around
Technical Training
the world, backed by our written warranty
Comprehensive training seminars for you and your
Cross-checked against engineering records to
ensure correctness
Instructions on a variety of topics, including
courses with hands-on training
Courses can be tailored to your needs at one of
our global training centers

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

Cameron offers more

In addition to our custom-engineered products, Cameron manufactures a full line of centrifugal
compressors in a wide range of capacities and power ranges.

Turbo-Air Series of Centrifugal Compressors

Cameron's revolutionary Turbo-Air centrifugal compressor offers an advanced, state-of-the-art source
of oil-free air for plant air and other applications. Models include:

T urb o- Air 2 0 0 0 Tu rbo-A ir 2020 Turbo-Air cooled 2000

T u r b o - A ir 20 4 0
T urb o- Air 3 0 00 Tu rbo-A ir 6000 Tu rbo-A ir 6040

T urb o- Air 9 0 0 0 Tu rbo-A ir 11000 turbo drypak and TwinTurbo

TURBO-AIR 2000 93 to 260 kW (125 to 350 hp) and 14.3 to 48.1 m 3 /min (505 to 1700 cf/min)
TURBO-AIR 2020 Two-stage, 187 to 298 kW (250 to 400 hp) and 30 to 55 m 3 /min (1060 to 1940 cf/min),
offering best specific power of any two-stage compressor
TURBO-AIR COOLED 2000 93 to 260 kW (125 to 350 hp) and 15.6 to 48.1 m 3 /min (550 to 1700 cf/min) range
TURBO-AIR 2040 373 to 597 kW (500 to 800 hp) and 42 to 51 m 3 /min (1500 to 1800 cf/min), up to 42 barg (610 psig)
TURBO-AIR 3000 300 to 600 kW (400 to 800 hp) and 57 to 113 m 3 /min (2000 to 4000 cf/min)
TURBO-AIR 6000 600 to 1305 kW (800 to 1750 hp) and 113 to 227 m 3 /min (4000 to 8000 cf/min)
TURBO-AIR 6040 Up to 1270 kW (1700 hp) and 127 to 167 m 3 /min (4500 to 6000 cf/min), up to 42 barg (610 psig)
TURBO-AIR 9000 1120 to 1680 kW (1500 to 2250 hp) and 227 to 340 m 3 /min (8000 to 12,000 cf/min)
TURBO-AIR 11000 1500 to 2760 kW (2000 to 3700 hp) and 232 to 405 m 3 /min (8200 to 14,300 cf/min)
TURBO DRYPAK 112 to 597 kW (150 to 800 hp) and 15.6 to 113 m 3 /min (550 to 4000 cf/min)
TWINTURBO 93 to 1678 kW (125 to 2250 hp) and 30 to 340 m 3 /min (1065 to 1200 cf/min)

P R O C E S S & C O MP R E S S I O N S Y S T E M S

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