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Critical Reading in Language Education

Chapter 3 from P 49th 58th

2nd Group
Dinar Setiawati
Santhyka Budiman

1. What is the relation between ritualized events and educational activity? The relation is both
of them has a same function that is as a knowledge transmitter.
2. What is the difference between simple past and third conditional? simple past is the truth
or the fact that is happen in the past or the real condition but third conditional is unreal
3. Is there any problem because of cultural diversity ? yes there is a problem.
4. Why the question for religious is hard to be answer in England? Because the British cultural
asking about religion is not polite, most of the British people will not answer.

1. Who are they in Paragraph 4th page 50th ? they are Communist Chile
2. Mention of three basic principles? they are Truth, truthfulness and normative rightness
3. Where the observe of Sikh religious was doing? In West London
4. What is the reality of complex urban society base on Stuart hall 1992? This is which
younger member of groups formerly perceived as minority, take on, as do mainstream or
dominant groups, a whole range of identities.