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Resource collection assignment (3 pts)

The goal for this assignment is to survey existing technologies and their uses for specific kinds of activities. You will research resources using
various sources such as lynda.com, and the websites on the attached list) to find technologies that enable different kinds of activities (such as video
production, web development, etc.). Create criteria you feel is most important in the school setting and modify the attached chart accordingly.
Criteria might include strengths, weaknesses, cost, ease of use, etc.


1. Complete your Resource Table below (decide what criteria you want to use).
2. The examples on the current table are examples onlyyou may delete them if you feel they are not relevant to your goals or grade levels.
3. You may delete 2-3 of the categories but must leave others (so you have a variety).
4. Your table should include a minimum of 12 web applications, software programs, or downloadable APPS.
5. You must include at least one program or application in each category (remember you may replace 2-3 with categories you choose but you
must leave 7-8 of the ones listed.
6. The listed Technologies are examples only and you may replace any or all of them.

The assignment will be graded using the following rubric:

Criteria Unacceptabl Needs Meets

e (0 pts) Improvement (.5 Expectations
pts) (1pt)

Identifies appropriate
technologies to the specific
learning activities

Provides suitable list of


Rates each technology

appropriately along the given
Caroline Doughty
Resource Collection Assignment
EDIS 7010
Summer 2017

Category Name of Price Student Ease of Use Engagement Scailibility

Technology Privacy/Data

Interactive Gizmos - paid subscription - collects personal - exploration - highly interactive - run on most
Video/Simulations - requires a and student data, guides to guide - can manipulate devices
school quote - only authorized learning variables - only math and
teachers can see - online - can be done on science
student data professional individual student - Not available for
- no age limit as it development devices K-2
requires a district - can be done - inquiry based - 400+ gizmos
license and
whole group or 1:1 - can search
objectives by
grade level
- can assign
specific lesson to
particular students

Video Production WeVideo - paid - 30 - requires an e-mail - two options: - many options - Less appropriate
accounts for address storyboard or and advanced for K-3
$199/year - collects some timeline mode features for expert - can make as
- can request personal - freezes at times users fancy/complex as
quote for information - saves in many - can collaboration desired (green
additional - students under 13 forms (Drive, hard with others screen, music,
seats/custom requires parent download, link) screen recording,
packages etc)
- free option: 5 -parent permission
minute video per for young students
Video Production iMovie Free - may collect - titles come - movie or trailer - only available on
personal preformatted and option OS devices
information, hard to manipulate - lots of options - more challenging
- students under at times (titles, music, for K-2 students to
13 can not create - can airdrop or green screen) navigate
apple IDs send edits and - can work across
work across personal OS
devices devices
- sharing is easy
(send to social
media, hard
downloade, e-mail)

Sound Production Audacity Free download - hard to find - cannot work - as simple or - appropriate for
privacy policy and online complex as all school ages
terms of use - large icon wanted - only saves as
buttons - only sound (no electronic copy
- cannot share or pictures/videos) project file or
collaborate audio file on hard
- no log-in drive
necessary - PC and MAC
download only

Sound Production Soundtrap Soundtrap EDU- - requires e-mail - projects stored in - music studio, - advanced,
50 users/$249 address the cloud podcasting, wouldnt
- students must be - collaboration via mixing, more recommend for
13 years or older chat or video usable for music primary grades
or have education - more creation - works on Mac,
plan/consent. complicated than - electronic Windows, iPad,
Audacity for musical iPhone, Android
younger users. instruments phones and
included tablets, Linux and
- collaboration ChromeBooks.
- can create
assignments for

Web Publishing Weebly Free for for basic - requires parent - drag and drop, - ability to build a - starts as a blank
use, $8/month permission for icon based website without slate
personal use, students under 13 - saves changes needing to know - can make as
$12/month - collects personal automatically code complex or simple
business use, information - once in the EDU - can build from as wanted
Weebly - students can program, teachers scratch or use - without Pro
Education: publish content can easily create premade eye students can only
$499/year, accounts for catching templates create one
manage up to 20 students. webpage.
teachers and 500

Asynchronous Google Classroom Free - students need a - conversation can - students can - can turn
Discussion Google Apps for get lengthy comment on comment and post
Education e-mail if - works best when original teacher feature for
under 13 a school has post and other students on and
Google Apps for classmates off
Education - gives quiet - can mute
- can add topics to students a voice students if
questions to stay necessary
organized - saves paper,
works on different
devices (OS, PC,
- can hide
comments if
students are
responding with
confidential or
graded material
Asynchronous TodaysMeet Free - 5/month for - collects very little - simple, easy - back channel - simple chat that
Discussion teacher tools such information unless - web link - can be used for can be used K-12
as password you create an - very few steps discussion or - can keep chat
protection account (teachers question and room open for
would create answer forum different periods of
accounts), - - gives students a time
Students under 13 voice - can limit who
can use but not - can only add text joins chat
create an account.

Social Networking Twitter Free - collects personal - twitter feed can - 140 character -less appropriate
information when be overwhelming limit for younger
you create an at first - can link to students
account - cant edit tweets, stories/other - could be used as
- must be 13 to - short snapshots tweets, reply to a class feed, can
use- brings up of what is others be as complex or
questions about is happening/news to - great to teach simple as wanted
it appropriate to share responsible social - can build
have a class media use account to be as
account? -hashtags let you big or small as
- Suggest getting categorize tweets desired
family permission and quickly find

Interactive Kahoot! Free - Teacher makes - can add pictures - very engaging! - unable to add
Assessments account and videos to - Competition and pictures to answer
- no personal questions leaderboard choices
information - can create your options - can create quiz,
collected own quizzes or - picture and video survey question,
chose from public cues or jumble.
library - can be played - appropriate for
- can share blind or with all age levels
quizzes to other student names - Some students
users may benefit from
- requires extra time (timed
individual devices questions)
for students and
projector for quiz
-gives detailed
spreadsheet of
student data

Interactive Nearpod Free, District -teacher created - students need interactive - can be used
Assessments licenses available accounts individual devices features K-12
for premium -student enter to follow along - students have - can copy, edit,
content and LMS code and name - can create lesson on own and adapt
integration - doesnt original lessons or devices lessons,
knowingly collect pick from library - add videos, web appropriate for all
information from - can share links, draw content areas
students under 13 lessons across feature, 3D - different
users models, virtual assessment
-slide builder is field trips options (quiz,
limited and - students can pictures, draw)
challenging to work individually
navigate or at the pace of

Classroom SMARTBoard SMARTBoards:: -hardware/softwar - Smart Notebook - students can - appropriate for
Technologies SMARTNotebook price depends on e doesnt collect requires license, write, manipulate, all content areas
size and model studentinformation - can download and interactive and grade levels
SMARTNotebook: pre-made lessons with material on - can be projected
license priced on on Smart board from one device or
district numbers Exchange or - Smart AMP sent to students
design your own option where with 1:1 devices
- can be a lot of Smartboard is on
learn how to build individual student
own content in devices
Notebook - picture support
- easy to annotate
Classroom Remind Free for - Doesnt share - instant - private text - can be used with
Communication classroom phone numbers communication or messaging to families, students,
teachers, district - under 18 requires schedule texts families/students or both
and school quotes parent permission - can be done on - can add pictures, - can allow for text
available (if students are phone, app, or audio, or responses
using) website attachments to - families signup
texts (not required)