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24 points checklist to be appended with each proposal

Name of Work: Construction of Silkyara Bend Tunnel from Km. 24.300 to Km.
51.900 of NH-134 (Old NH-94) of district Uttarkashi in the state of Uttarakhand.

Sr. No. It is certified that:

1. The proposal includes plan and profile (vertical/horizontal), alignment plan, Yes
typical cross sections adopted, both technical and financial schedules, copy
of cost estimated, DCA in both soft/hard copy.
2. DCA is based on MCA (toll /Annuity/Hybrid) / standard EPC Yes
Agreement/OMT. The deviation w.r.t. standard documents have been
highlighted and are thoroughly been deliberated at appropriate level in
3. Certificate of legal vetting is enclosed. Not
4. EFC/SFC/PIB/PPPAC memo appended with the proposal are as per standard Yes
format circulated by Ministry of Finance.

5. The adequacy of rates and leads has been verified thoroughly and the cost Yes
estimate is based on latest available SOR/market rates. The finished rates
are derived based on the Ministry's Data Book.

6. The cost estimate has been worked out on the basis of detailed quantity Yes
calculations as per preliminary design/GAD etc. based on proper site survey.

7. The various structures/road furniture proposed in the estimate are Yes

adequate and are as per the site requirement.

8. The proposal is based on latest updated traffic. yes

9. The proposed provisions in the various schedules have been verified with Yes
the cost estimates/feasibility reports and are found consistent.

10. Various provisions content in schedule B/Schedule C are in accordance with Yes
IRC Codes, manuals and specifications applicable for the project.

11. All the deviation with IRC manual has been verified at competent level and Yes
the same are appended in the scheduled D with detailed reasons for
12. The linkage between design chainage and existing chainage including the Yes
chainage of existing/proposed structures has been clearly mentioned in the
13. The provisions of junction improvement, grade separated structures, service Not
road etc. have been reviewed and are proposed as per site requirement. Applicable
14. The proposed pavement has been designed based on CBR, BBD, FWD etc. Not
and the details of CBR, BBD and FWD have been enclosed with the proposal. Applicable
15. Financial analysis of the proposal has been carried out in accordance with yes
the norms and guidelines prescribed by Ministry/NHAI/NHIDCL and the
same has been verified.

16. The carriageway width of approaches are consistent with the width of Not
structure and transition, if any; has been provided at - grade. Applicable
17. Width of structures (bridges/culverts/ grade separated structures are yes
adopted as per standard cross sections provided in the manual. Any
deviation has been incorporated in schedule -D and reasons and
justifications for the deviation have been provided.

18. The location of toll plaza has been finalized duly keeping in view guidelines, Not
major intersections, municipal, urban area etc. as well as availability of land. Applicable
19. Various centages adopted in the proposal are as per Ministry of Yes
Finance/MoRTH /NHAI/NHIDCL guidelines.
20. The schedule H (in EPC mode) has been verified and is as per Ministry's Yes
21. The phasing schedule (schedule -G) and financial analysis are in consonance Yes
with each other.
22. Project preparation is done as per site requirement. Provisions of estimate Yes
and scope of work are bare minimum and are suitably reflected in Schedules.
The deviations to specification as mentioned in Schedule-D are in order.

23. The estimation of quantities of various items/rates has been verified Yes
Arithmetically and there is no Arithmetical error in the proposal.
24. Status of LA and pre construction activities statuaries clearances including Yes
approval of GAD of ROB (if any) have been verified from the field and the
same are included in the proposal.

Verified BY Signed

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