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ATLAS K Loader

Air-Portable K Loader (NSN2320999085847)

Our air-portable tactical main deck loader with a battle

proven pedigree. Capable of loading all aircraft types
up to main deck B747 at any airhead worldwide.
In daily reliable service with Air Forces from Superb airside manoeuvrability via optional
UK, Norway, Belgium, France, Germany, operator selectable multi-mode four wheel Passenger Stairs
South Korea, Denmark, Turkey, Netherlands, and crab steering facilities available on Belt Loaders
Austria, Finland, Lithuania, Japan, Hungary, demand with platform raised or lowered. Cargo & Freight Vehicles
Oman, Poland, Italy, Spain. Toilet & Water Trucks
Smooth, purpose designed responsive
Superior Load Capacity up to hydrostatic drive with automatic creep and Aircraft Loaders
20,000kg (44,000lb) throughout speed limitation guaranteeing safe user Fuel Tank Repair Trolleys
the operating range. friendly aircraft approach. Heater Trolley
Versatile, full four pallet capability, handles Fully enclosed stainless steel ergonomically Air Conditioning Trolley
all types of pallets, ULDs, air drop designed operator cab giving all round Maintenance Docks & Stagings
platforms, loose cargo, vehicles and visibility with at a glance flat screen Special Projects
ISO containers. information display console and onboard
system diagnostics.
Dynamic and safe handling with superior
traction for precise control on apron and Worldwide operation in environments
road at speeds of up to 32kph. of -25C to +50C (-40C with optional Remember, each piece of
Extreme Cold Weather Pack). equipment is maintained via
Fully compliant drive on air-portable loader
in Hercules C130, C141, C5, C17, IL76, Onboard emergency 24 volt emergency
our through-life support and
AN124, AN225 etc. without special ramps hydraulic power system. training services wherever
or shoring. you are in the world, 365 days
Engine driven tyre inflation compressor.
of the year.
Operational at any airhead within
Optional pallet dolly interface trailer
15 minutes of aircraft offload.
allowing direct vehicle loading from
Heavy duty load platform with zoned power standard civilian 20 inch pallet dolly trailers.
T +44 (0)1656 743700
drives, +/- 76mm platform side shift, auto
Complies with all the latest Health E office@amss.co
levelling, pitch and roll allowing accurate
and Safety Requirements, IATA and W www.amss.co
alignment and soft interface with the
CEN Standards.
aircraft on paved or uneven ground.

Affordable, flexible and versatile the most capable

K Loader available in the world
ATLAS K Loader

Aircraft capability Steering/brakes Load platform

All aircraft cargo doors with sill heights Operator selected power steering:- Length between stops 9,240mm
of 990mm to 5,590mm Front, Rear, Four Wheel or Crab Width between main guides 2,775mm
Optional pallet dolly interface trailer, Split dual circuit service brakes using Width between drop in
height range 480mm to 1,000mm oil immersed multi plate discs guides 1,825mm
Forward drop nose assemblies Parking Brake fail-safe spring applied 4 Zone Operator selectable
allowing interface with narrow lower pressure release longitudinal variable speed powered
lobe freight doors pallet drives
4 off 108 x 88 inch pallet capacity
Powered variable speed pallet
Electrical system side shift
Operational capability 24 volt DC negative earth Platform pitch 5
Load Capacity - 20,000kg 24 volt (2 x 12 volt) air portable Platform Roll 5
Maximum Gradient gel batteries 800 amperes SAE
Platform side shift 51mm 0.8
Unladen 1 in 4 (25%) cold crank rating
Laden 1 in 14 (8%) Freight lashings 6 off per side
Fully instrumented processor
Speed Range: Unladen forward supported driver display and Powered pallet stops with secondary
maximum 32kph; Unladen reverse information system with auto manual stops
limited to 10kph; Load platform check status of key functions Heavy duty rollers and stainless
elevated limited to 15kph 24 volt emergency hydraulic steel ball units for pallets and
Environmental envelope -25C power system containerised loads
to +50C Load platform illumination and steering Multiple heavy duty impact resistant
position flood lamps powered pick up rollers fitted to
platform front and rear
Shock absorbing rubber buffers
Engine/transmission for soft aircraft interface
Easily deployable, hinged walkways
Water cooled turbo charged diesel Air-portable configuration and safety handrails fitted to both
engine latest euro emission control Length 10,130mm sides of the load platform with
Width Platform 2,870mm adjustable trombone/folding
Heavy duty axle torque with Over Tyres 2,580mm sections to accommodate differing
pneumatic super single wheels and aircraft profiles
block pattern FOD resistant tyres Height 2,430mm
Engine driven tyre inflation system Unladen Weight 11,350kg
Fuel Diesel, NATO F-54 and F-34 Wheel Load (average) 2,750kg
Fuel tank capacity 100 litres Optional equipment
Hydrostatic drive to front axle using Pallet dolly interface trailers
closed loop variable delivery swash
Operator care Extreme cold weather pack
plate axial pump
Stainless steel all weather Front wheel steer only
Air blast transmission oil coolers
operator cab Four wheel drive
Independent hydraulic service pump
Electrically heated windscreens Commercial pallet bed width extension
Stainless steel tanks with high quality
non corrosive hydraulic components Logical operator display screen Air conditioning
including onboard diagnostic system
Air conditioning or independently
fired cab heater


7,231mm wheelbase



INCORPORATING AMSS Eagle House Village Farm Ind. Est. Bridgend
Mid Glamorgan CF33 6NU United Kingdom