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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: describing cities and places / Evidencia: Describiendo ciudades

y lugares

You are going to see images of five cities and their landmarks. Write a paragraph
describing each city and country it belongs and the landmark shown.
Use the vocabulary from the box for the descriptions. The first one is done for you
as an example. / A continuacin ver imgenes de cinco ciudades y sus lugares
representativos. Escriba un prrafo describiendo cada ciudad, el pas al que
pertenece y el lugar mostrado. se el vocabulario dentro del recuadro para las
descripciones. !a primera ha sido hecha como e"emplo.

Note: We recommend to do some research on the places to be described before

writing the paragraphs. / Nota: recomendamos hacer una peque#a investigacin
sobre los lugares antes de escribir los prrafos.

a statue / a cathedral / a bridge / a river / modern buildings / boats / a harbour /

mountains / a fountain / a canal / desert / a hill / a castle / traditional buildings /
an obelisk / a s*uare / a shopping mall / a monument / a tower.

New York is a big city in the United States

North !merica". #he city has a population
of around $ million people. #here is a lot
to see and do in New York. You can visit
the %entral &ark' the (etropolian
museum and #ime)s S*uare. +n the picture
you can see the Statue of ,iberty. +t is -
meters tall. #he statue is located on
,iberty +sland in the udson 0iver.
!lso in New York there are many modern
buildings and uni*ues' in this city there
are five bridges that they are
extraordinary that connect the island of
New York (USA) !"e Stat#e o$ Liberty (anhattan to the other neighborhoods of
New York.
0ome belongs to the country of +taly.
+t is one of the oldest cities in the world and
also one of the most important cultural
centers in 1urope' this.
0ome is also the center of %atholicism'
there are four cathedrals or bas2licas
greater where the basilica more big is the
3as2lica de Santa (ar2a la (ayor.
#here are many churches' fountains'
important monuments in 0ome' such as the
0oman 4orum
!lso in 0oma there are thirteen obelisks more
a number of more modern obelisks. #here
are traditional buildings beautiful
%o&e ('taly) Saint eter s S*#are
Sydney belongs to the country of !ustralia.

Sydney is the city largest and also the oldest

city of the !ustralian continent. 3ondi is a
beach popular urban' very busy' account with
numerous services and
e*uipment' also there many shopping malls.

+n Sydney there is a boat of war anchored

in the harbour. +n this city also there are
National &arks that they contain rivers and
bays very beautiful
#here is a Sydney #ower for en5oy of a
Sydney (A#stralia) !"e Sydney +pera panoramic city
1dinburgh belongs to the country of
+n edinburgh there are seven hills in where
#he site !rturo is the hill volcanic more tall of
1dinburgh and also there is in
the s*uare of edinburgh a Soldier Statue Since the
mountains you can see the
castle town' also there is a 1dinburgh %astle
that is an ancient fortress built on a rock of
volcanic srcin
+n edunburgh the tranche %anongate
remains fairly desert
#he Union %anal is a canal fre*uented by
cyclists' walkers and a huge variety of birds'
Edinb#rg" (Scotland) Edinb#rg" -astle insects and other small animals.
6ubai belongs to the country of United !
rab 1mirates.

+n 6ubai' there are buildings and

skyscrapers of any si7e and also desert

#he city of 6ubai is the main urban center of

the 1mirate of 6ubai

+n dubai there is rides in boats' there are

many towers elegant
.#bai (United Arab E&irates) !"e #r0

2#ente de i&3genes: 4otolia s.f."

When you finish your work' send the file to your instructor through the platform as

9. %lick on the title of this evidence.

:. %lick on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. (ake sure
the file is attached.
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na ve$ finalice la evidencia enve al instructor el archivo a trav%s de la plataforma,


'. (% clic en el ttulo de esta evidencia.

). (% clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo y busque el archivo en su
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Note: #his evidence is an individual activity. 0emember to check the learning guide
in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities' know how to develop
them and deliver them correctly.

Nota: esta evidencia es de carcter individual. -ecuerde revisar la gua de

aprendi$a"e con el fin de verificar que ha reali$ado todas las actividades
propuestas, saber cmo desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.
Criterio de evaluacin
(escribe lugares, ciudades y pases teniendo en cuenta el vocabulario y contexto

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