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Erald Memaci

Civil Engineer

Address : R. Irfan Tomini, Tirane Personal ID number : J1020582V

e-mail : eraldacm@gmail.com Date of birth : 05/02/1991

Tel : +355 69 21 91 875 Nationality : Albanian

Professional Knowledge of basic softwares like AutoCad(Certified), Sap2000, Etabs, Tekla

Structures(Certified), MS Office
Attributes Experience as an site engineer
Experience as an structural engineer
Used to work in group

Skills Flexible
Able to work in group
Social skills

SGAI BALCANI SH.P.K 20/02/2017-present
Civil Engineer/Designer
- Designing longitudinal and trasversal sections by using CadTools and QuickSurf
- Designing developed plans of the planimetry
- Verifying sections by Paratie+ software
- Completing quote tables of the sections selected

GRUPPO KONI SH.P.K 10/08/2016-10/02/2017

Civil Engineer
- Structural analysis of buildings
- Obtaining of the main datas from the structural analysis
- Reinforcement position and quantity editing
- Section verifying
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KONTAKT SH.P.K 08/02/2016-08/06/2016

Site and measurement Engineer (Intership)
- Preparing the quantity datas for the working process
- Surveying the site
- Preparing the charge sheets of the working process
- Preparing the daily work reports

GEO-CONSULTING 10/102015-30/12/2015
Site measurement specialist (project time)
- Measurement of the object dimensions
- Drawing the object main plan
- Completing the datas of each building

ARPA STUDIO 01/09/2013-01/03/2014

Assistant Engineer (Intership)
- Preparing the quantity datas for the working process
- Designing the sections of the plans
- Preparing the charge sheets of the working process
- Designin plans and sections

Education EPOKA UNIVERSITY october2014-

Msc in Civil Engineering


BA in Civil Engineering
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Languages Language Understanding Speaking Writing

English B2 B2 B2

French A1 A1 A1

Italian A2 A2 A2