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Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance is a virtual appliance to

facilitate easy, secure, reliable data storage and retrieval from Oracle
Storage Cloud Service. Businesses can use Oracle Cloud Storage without
changing their data center applications and workflows. With support for
prevailing data access protocols, Oracle Storage Cloud Software
Appliance enables enterprise-grade applications to access scalable cloud
storage without any upfront capital expenditure.
On-premises distribution enables
applications running in data center to
easily store and access data in Oracle A robust gateway to Oracle Cloud Storage
Storage Cloud Service
Cloud Distribution is provisioned on Traditional vs. contemporary? Businesses are often forced to select between time
an Oracle Compute Cloud Service tested, traditional ways and cuttingedge, next generation technological advances.
instance and plays the role of a shared
Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance bridges this gap by bringing traditional data
file server in the Cloud.
access protocols closer to contemporary cloud storage. This means that businesses can

effectively avail savings offered by Oracle Storage Cloud Service without changing their
POSIX-compliant NFS access to Oracle
existing applications.

Storage Cloud Service Simple Deployment. Get up and running quickly. Oracle Storage Cloud Software
Automatic translation between files Appliance is available as a lightweight Docker image for on premise deployment and
and objects
as a VM template on Oracle Public Cloud. The appliance can be deployed in a matter
Granular encryption to enable data of minutes.
security and storage efficiency
Client-side encryption gives complete
Known On-ramp to Cloud. No new protocols to adopt. Oracle Storage Cloud Software
control over encryption keys Appliance supports storing and retrieving data from Oracle Storage Cloud Service
End-to-end data integrity with through the familiar NFS protocol. With Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance,
checksum verification your on-premises applications can access data from Oracle Storage Cloud Service just
Efficient handing of large files as they would access local files.
Own Your Security. Extend on-premises security to the cloud. To ensure data
KEY BENEFITS security, you can configure Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance to encrypt data
Simple and fast on-premise
before it leaves your data center, and decrypt files while they are being retrieved. The
deployment with Docker-based
appliance image
encryption keys remain in your control at all times.
VM template based auto provisioning Granular Encryption. Break free from the all-versus-nothing problem. You control
on Oracle Compute Cloud Service what must be encrypted by applying encryption at a container level. So ensure that
only sensitive assets are encrypted, and increase your storage efficiency.
Near-local NAS performance through
data caching Impeccable Data Protection. No data corruption. The built-in data integrity checks
Highly-secure file transfer to and from ensure that data is validated as it moves through the data path, to and from Oracle
Oracle Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Service, enabling seamless end-to-end data integrity.
Storage capacity available on-demand Efficient Data Handing. Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance segments large files
when needed
into smaller files and then uploads the segments in parallel to Oracle Storage Cloud
No upfront capital expenditures
Service. With this approach, if the upload of a particular segment fails, only that
segment needs to be uploaded afresh.
NAS-Like Performance. Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance provides near-local
NAS performance through buffer caching. A configurable cache supports efficient
handling of varying enterprise workloads as opposed to a one-size-fitsall model.

No Over-Provisioning. The elastic nature of the Oracle Storage Cloud Service enables
you to buy only as much storage capacity as you need today. Unlike traditional NAS
appliances, Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance does not pre-provision or even
thin-provision capacity. You use additional storage capacity only when you need it.
Tiered Storage Support. Oracle Storage Cloud Software appliance provides a unified
interface to store normal and archive data to Oracle Storage Cloud Service and Oracle
Storage Cloud Archive Service to reduce the total storage cost.

Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance On-premises

Hardware Any general purpose x86 server or VM with

- Two dual-core CPUs
- 4 GB RAM
- Disk space (depending on the workload)

Software - Oracle Linux 7 (with UEK Release 4 or later)
- Docker 1.8.3 or later
- NFS v4.0 or later

Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance - Cloud Distribution can be provisioned on Oracle Compute Cloud Service shape OC1M or

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