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Operating the Semi Auto Dshk

A few things are different in the loading procedure now that the gun no longer runs in open bolt mode.
Move the belt feed shuttle arm into its rear position, this can be done with a rubber mallet or palm of the
hand. The shuttle is held in place by a spring loaded detent so a fair amount of force is needed to move it.
Depress the latch at the rear base of the belt feed mechanism and raise just the shuttle mechanism, leaving
the feed tray in place. The first link must be left empty so the first link can be positioned over the two
fingers that pull the round out of the link. Position the first linked round just inside the feed tray with the
open ends of the links facing down. The first link is placed so that the tip of the two sharp fingers inside the
feed tray are between the loaded round and the two raised ribs on each link. While holding the belt in place,
lower the shuttle mechanism until it locks. Keep an eye on your fingers, they can be pinched easily. Move
the shuttle arm back to its forward position.

Position the safety, which is on the right side of the sear assembly, to the fire position (O). Grasping the
cocking handle, give a powerful pull all of the way to the rear and release it to go forward on its own
power. You are stripping a round from the link at the rear of the cocking pull so much more power is
needed at the rear of the pull. Firmly grasp the spade grips and using both index fingers pull on the triggers.
The striker will fly forward hitting the firing pin extension causing a discharge. The disconnector will
activate and the sear will capture the striker with each pull of the trigger as the action cycles permitting
semiautomatic operation only.