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1.1 Background of Problem

Speaking is an important skill in foreign language learning. Students are expected to be
competent and to develop speaking skill in both formal and informal situation in. It needs to be
supported by English components; vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation which are taught
appropriate with standard competence at Junior High School. The students are expected to be able
in speaking, it means they are able to share ideas and opinions to listeners through English
speaking. Speaking skill is viewed as the measure of knowing English. It is the requirement that is
important for success of indonesian students in welcoming globalization era.
Speaking involves a process of building and sharing meaing through the use of language
orally and the students will know the way how to express language communicatively. They will
learn how to express utterances meaningfully. It also leads them to make interaction in the
societyby using language since speaking is one of important skils that should be mastered bybthe
students in learning foreign language.
In fact one of the four English skills which are not taught well at Junior High School is
speaking, the students are difficult to speak, some of them, even, think that it is difficult subject.
The result of learning English does not achieve minimum criteria for completeness. It is caused by
internal and external factors. The internal factors include are motivation and interest while the
external factors are teachers teaching techniques and teaching media as well.
Based the researchers observation, the students skilll in speaking is still far from what it
should be. The first problem deals with the students do not accustom speak in front of the class
and they feel shy if they want to express their opinion. And 30% of the students mark is below or
they do not pass the test.
Therefore, teaching English especially speaking skill should be distributed to the students by
using many creative techniques. Through that way, the students will be interested in studying
The teachers should also be able to use some media of teaching. According to Moalani
(2007), in general, there are three kinds of media in teaching process. They are audio, visual,
audio visual. Mc Keachie (2005) states that film, television, among many examples, can be used
for educational objective; to achieve students comprehension.

1.2 Significant Of Research

The are many aspects that influence students to be interested in studying English. The aspects
are materials, facilities, and the technique of teaching. To make students make students like English
subject, there are also some media that can be used in teaching, such as TV, video, tape recorder,
photograph, comic, picture, and some others.
It can be found many kinds of comics. They are cartoon, comic strip, comic book, annual
comic, comic album, web comic, instructional comic, storyboard, simple comic and planning on
mind. Good and appropriate choosing of aspects and media tends to result in the improvement of
students achievement.
1.3 Objective Of Reserch
There are some purposes of this study, they are:
1. To answer the question formulated above, especially to prove the effectiveness of
using comic in teaching English at SMP 7 NEGERI MIMIKA
2. To improve the students ability in understanding the dialogue taught by using comic.
3. To develop learning strategy and effective, efficient, and fun learning model.
4. To improve students motivation in learning English.

1.1 Formulation of The Problem
Based on the identification and limitation, so the formulation of the problem in this proposal
was: How effectiveness was using comic in teaching speaking to promote the second year students
English speaking ability at SMP NEGERI 7 MIMIKA?

1.2 Benefit of study

a. For Teachers
1. To develop effective, efficient, and fun learning model which can involve the students
being active in English learning process to improve their communicative competence.
2. To improve the result teaching and learning process.
3. To assist improving the quality of teachers professionalism as educator.
b. For Students
1. To improve students ability in interpreting the meaning of the dialogue by using
comic, so the students can speak fluently and can apply the dialogue to their
environment in their daily activity.
2. To improve the students motivation and interest.
3. To build students confidence in communicating.
4. To improve the students communicative competence and their achievement in
learning English.
c. For The school
Through the learning method by using comic can improve English learning process at school.
1.3 Action Hypotheses
An action hypothesis in this study is teaching English by using comic can improve the result of
English learning process.


1.1 Definition of Speaking

The ability to speak English is important for the goal of language. Speaking occurs when two
or more people interact. According to Widdowson (1984), speaking is the active production skill and
use oral production. Then, Lado (1961) states that speaking is ability to use, in essentially normal
communication situations, the signal system of pronunciation stress and intonation, grammatical
structure and vocabulary of foreign language at a normal delivery for native speaker of the language.
In addition, Clark (1977) states that speaking is a fundamental instruments and speakers talk in order
to have some effects on their listeners.

1.2 Component of Speaking

As we know, speaking ability is very important for the goal of language learning. Harris
(1974) states that there are five components that are generally recognized in speaking ability. They are
pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
Pronunciation that covers the segmental feature, vowel, consonant, stress, intonation and
pattern. Grammar means the ability to arrange the sentence in a good structure. Vocabulary covers the
use of words. Fluency is the case and speech as well as to initiate it.

Moalani (2007), in general, there are three kinds of media in teaching process. They are audio, visual,
audio visual.
Mc Keachie (2005) states that film, television, among many examples, can be used for educational
objective; to achieve students comprehension.
Rohani (1997) also gives statement that comic is a kind of visual media that can be effectively used in
teaching English.
Arsyad (2003) states that media is graphic, photographic or electronic instrument for catching,
processing, rearranging visual or verbal information.
Rohani (1997) defines media as everything that can be used to send or distribute in communication
Gagne in Sadiman (2003), media is defined as some kinds of components in the students
environment that can stimulate the students to study better.
Hamalik (1986) defines media as the instruments, methods, and techniques in teaching learning
process to make interaction and communication more effective between teacher and students.
Rohani (1997), comic is a kind of visual media. Arsyad (2003) states that there are some types of
Gerlach in Rohani (1997), media can be divided into real materials, printed materials, and display
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