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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile
Name : Sakhawat Khan
Fathers Name : Late Belayet Hossain Khan
Mothers Name : Regia Bagum
Village & Post : Wazirpur
P.S. Wazirpur, District: Barisal
Nationality:: Bangladeshi
National ID No. 2696352225378
Civil Status : Married with two Daughters
Sex: Male
Religion :Islam
Date of Birth : 2nd November, 1964
Blood Group : B+

Present Office Contact

Sakhawat Khan
House # 34/A Road # 9/A
Suit # A-5 Dhanmondi R/A
Tel.# 88 02 9660828
Fax # 880 2 8170345
Cell # 88 01716 796798
E-mail : sakahwatk@yahoo.com
Web# www.shebabdf.com
Web. www.uma.edu.bd

Key competency
Independent working skills, strong leadership & management abilities, excellent negotiation and diplomacy, conflict resolution,
organizational capacity building,, strong analytical, interpersonal skills and sound judgment on policy issues & priority settings.

PGD in Force Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo-2004-2005
B.A (Hons.) M.A. (English) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (1981- 1986)
Research Associate, Department of Sociology, University of Nairobi, Kenya (September 1995 - August 1996)
Diploma in Community and Environmental Health
African Medical Research Foundation, (AMREF) Nairobi, Kenya (June 1999 May 2001)
Diploma in Human Rights and Legal Aids HREA-DIU, Dhaka - Bangladesh ( 2006)

Training received
International Humanitarian Law & UN Peacekeeping ~~ International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL), Sanremo, Italy
International Refugee and Human Rights Law ~~ American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
Air Lift Logistics ~~ Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS), South Sudan
EPI Coverage in Emergency ~~ KEPI & UNICEF/OLS, South Sudan
Demining, Disarmament and Demobilization D3 ~~ UNOSOM, Mogadishu, Somalia
Conflict Prevention and Resolution ~~ British Council, Nairobi, Kenya
Project Management ~~ British Council, Nairobi- Kenya
Project Cycle Management ~~ European Commission (EC), Somalia Unit, Nairobi

Computer literacy
MS-Word, Excel, Power Point, Fox-pro (Logistics), Information Network-Internet and Adobe Photoshop (working level)

Language known
Bengali (Mother Tongue), English (fluent), Arabic (fluent), Somali, Kiswahili, Urdu and Hindi (working level)

Special ability
I have strong abilities to work in very difficult and hardship living conditions with stubborn and complex beneficiaries.

Country visited : Total 35 Countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East

Current Position
Technical Adviser (TA) Personal
Minister for Shipping
Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Visiting professor, United Maritime Academy, Dhaka
Executive Chairman, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation

Work Experience

January 2011 December, 2012
Organization Training and Technology Transfer (TTT)
Post Title: Representative for Africa
Duty Station: Africa (Periodically visited East Africa)

Main duties: Look after overall implementation of TTT activities in Africa. Engage in policy advocacies in favor of capacity
building, food security, governance and rural development. Design and formulate programs in Africa in collaboration with
various consultancy farms, NGOs and UN specialized agencies. Make periodical visits to Eastern and Horn of African countries
in order to follow up project opportunities with the line ministries in Africa and Intergovernmental Agency for Development
(IGAD) based in Djibouti. Advocacies on TTT services to the recipients Governments, NGOs, and Communities, Follow up
government awarded projects of TTT in Bangladesh on periodical basis.

B) March 2009- December 2010 (cont. 2013)

Organization: Sheba Foundation
Post Title: Executive Chairman
Duty Station: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Main duties: Co-ordinate the overall activities with national NGOs and Civil Society groups working in collaboration with the
foundation for the projects dealing with climate change, women and child trafficking, rural reconstruction, resettlement of IDPs
caused by soil erosions. Create community awareness for road and water ways safety and adaptation of climate change
(www,shebabdf,com). Actively work on the strategic action against anti-trafficking of vulnerable people from the coastal belt in
Bangladesh. Collaborate with the government law and order element and coast guards to foil attempts of traffickers to engage
in trafficking on sea routes.

November 2007 January 2009
Organization: InterSOS / Italian NGO Committee (in coordination with National NGO Consortium)
Post Title: Country Representative
Duty Station: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Main duties:
Under the guidance of the Emergency Director in Rome, provide overall management, supervision of INTERSOS Supported
Humanitarian Relief intervention in SIDR affected areas in Bangladesh. Co-ordiante relief and post disaster rehabilitation
programme along with Government of Bangladesh and National NGO partners. Undertake Periodical visits to the Field
covering Bagherhat, Borguna and Barisal Districts. Coordinate bidding process for the post- disaster rehabilitation of shelters
along with 9 partner NGOs and Provincial Government Authority covering Southern Districts.

Supervise and conduct capacity building training for the sectoral governance at local levels. Conduct training on awareness
creation against women and child trafficking, acid throwing, deforestation and early marriages to girl children. Coordinate with
the NGO consortium and play a team building role for the networking of our NGOs interventions in various sectors in
Bangladesh. Negotiate with various Govt. and Non govt. stakeholders on unresolved issues and settle dispute relating to land
reclamations and occupations by the IDPs and Landless at river-belt districts in Bangladesh. Provide technical support for the
skill development and career counseling for the unemployed youth and special groups drop outs from the mainstream.

August 2006- , January 2007
Organization: INTERSOS, Sudan
Post Title: Head of Mission
Duty Station: Khartoum having travel to Southern Sudan and Darfur Regions
Main duties:
Overall management, supervision, monitoring of InterSOS activities in Sudan. Periodical visits Darfur, Southern Sudan and IDP
camps in Khartoum to oversee UNHCR funded return oriented CBRP Program. Liaise and co-ordinate with the Humanitarian
Affairs Commission of Government Of Sudan, UNHCR, OCHA, other UN, INGOs and Donors. Plan, identify, appraise, develop
programs and analyze policies for Intersos interventions. Make staff security, logistics, evacuation plan, administration, HRM
and reports writings etc. Engage in conflict management, mediation and negotiation between elements of the Government of
Sudan, Refugees and IDPs in various camp environments. Play advocacy role on behalf of Refugees in Darfur, South-Sudan
and Northern Ugandan regions and play interlocutor role on behalf of the IDP/Refugees with the Government of Sudan.

July 2005- July 2006
Organization: Community Awareness Foundation (CAF), Bangladesh
Post Title: Founder-president
Duty Station: Dhaka, having frequent travel to Barisal and Noakhali
Main Duties:
Execute overall management, planning & development of programs for the NGO. Supervise and monitor awareness programs
for vulnerable women victims of domestic violence. Provide training on awareness creation, anti-trafficking and human rights.
Dealing with GOB, Local authority on land rights, land reclamation and disputes for IDPs at River belts in Barisal district etc.
Co-ordinate activities with 13 local NGOs as well as various community and religious leaders along with the local government
sectorall representatives at sub-districts and Districts level. Conduct and facilitate community based awareness training
programme on human rights and land rights law for the land less IDPs at river belt districts in Bangladesh.

June 1998-January 2004
Organization: International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP), Somalia
Post title: Program Co-ordinator
Duty Station: Mudug Galgadud and Puntland Regions in Somalia
Main duties : Implement EC funded Educational Rehabilitation Projects in Mudug, Bari & Galgadud Region in collaboration
with UNESCO, UNICEF, TA (EC) and Local Government Bodies. Supervise training activities on child protection, teachers, TOT
& staff. Facilitate awareness training on FGM, girls education, early marriages, trauma and truancy. Co-ordinate all field
activities with Somalia Aid Coordination Body (SACB) Education Sector and Donors on regular basis. Provide training to city
council heads on priority settings and institutional capacity Building for District Education Board and Community Education
Committee (CEC).

July 1997- June 1998
Organization: InterSos, Somalia
Post title: Project Coordinator
Duty Station: Jowhar, Middle Shebelle, Somalia
Main of duties: Manage rehabilitation and reactivation of Education projects for Middle Shebelle region. Look after
selection of teachers, enrolment of students, and retention of girls. Co-ordinate curriculum and learning process with UNESCO,
UNICEF and Community Education Committees at field levels. Facilitate and supervise trainings for District Education Board,
Community Education Committee, Local Traditional Elders & Civil Societies in order to strengthen community based local
Organization: United Nations Development Office for Somalia (UNDOS)
October 1996-July 1997: Consultant, Local Governance (LG), UNDP-Somalia
Duty station: Beletwein, Hiiran Region , Somalia
Main of duties:
Conduct Research study on Local Governance in Hiiran region on various Sectors with special focus on bottom up approach.
Assess and collect data on ethnic profiles, conflicts, traditional power bases. Collate information on police, prison, judiciary and
advocate on fundamental rights for women, minority clans and indigenous CBOs. Train Traditional Elders and demobilized
militias in order to strengthen local capacity on livelihood development as well as conflict resolutions. Assimilate networking
provisions for the local NGOs and Women groups in order to address community governance at grass root level.

June 15, 1994 June 15, 1995
Organization: UNICEF (OLS), Southern Sudan
Post title: Airlift/Logistics Officer
Duty station: Lokichoggio -Southern Sudan
Main duties:
Responsible for 07 Aircrafts including Hercules C130, Buffalo, Twin-otter, DC-6 and MI-17 Helicopter for Air transport
operations. Look after overall Airlift and Surface logistics activities covering fuel, servicing and repairs for UNICEF/WFP under
Operation Lifeline Sudan. Supervise inventory control and warehouse management of OLS Loki Base Camp. Plan and arrange
emergency air evacuation of NGO/UN staff out of field for security. Train local staff at the filed on air safety, drop zones, security
and communication. Travel to most of the regions of Southern Sudan in order to supervise airdrop and airlift operations from
Loki base to Southern Sudan. Co-ordinate air cargo and passengers movement with 35 INGOs based in Lokichoggio in Liaison
with RASS and SRRA. Provide logistics supports for cold chain, de-mining, workshop and training.

May, 1993 January 1994
Organization: United Nations Operations in Somalia (UNOSOM)
Post title: Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator
Duty station: Mogadishu & Later Bardere, Gedo Region Somalia
Main duties:
Primarily posted at Mogadishu and assigned to coordinate local NGOs that used to look after IDPs. Make liaison with the
community and advocate for the NGOs interventions the regions. Assess, evaluate and monitor overall humanitarian and
security situations in the region. Coordinate emergency relief and rehabilitation programs of NGOs and UN agencies. Co-
ordinate as well as liaise with the Political and Military focal points of UNOSOM. Negotiate with Local leadership on settlement
of land disputes for Returning Refugees and IDPs. Conduct and coordinate conflict resolutions meeting and workshops.
Facilitate District Council & Regional Council delegations conference, workshops under UNOSOM take place in the region.
Provide situation report on security, humanitarian and interagency interventions to UNOSOM (DHA) at Mogadishu.

September 1992- April 1993
Post title: United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Nairobi, Kenya
Organization: Consultant (Emergency Drought Program)
Duty station: Wajir Base Camp & Nairobi
Main of duties: Establish logistics and warehouse management in Wajir Base camp for the Emergency. Look after airlift
and flight co-ordination from Nairobi to Wajir. Coordinate distribution plans of food and non-food provisions for NGOs and UN
agencies. Look after maintenance and services of program vehicles. Train local staff on road security, surface logistics &
warehouse management. Organize and facilitate workshops and training for the partners NGOs involved in the emergency
drought program. Follow up shipment of emergency commodities arriving from Mombasa to Nairobi through Transami.
March 1991- May 1992
Organization: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Post title: Camp Manager (Field Officer)
Duty station: North-eastern Kenya (Liboi and IFO Refugee Camps)
Main duties:

Establish UNHCR Base Camp and Refugee Reception Centers in Doble and Liboi. Responsible for overall Camp Management
including registration of refugees, distribution and transportation of food and non-food items in strong collaboration with CARE
and WFP. Monitor water, sanitation, health and nutritional services provided for refugees. Coordinate NGOs activities in the
camp. Look after protection issues on daily basis. Responsible for transportation and relocation of 42,000 refugees from several
boarder points in order to accommodate them in the newly established camps namely Ifo, Hagardera and Dagahaley. Keep
Nairobi Branch Office updated with daily information on the status of influx of new caseload. Coordinate security issues with the
Government of Kenya focal points in Liboi and Garissa.

August 1989- October 1990
Organization: Bangladesh High Commission
Post title: Protocol Officer
Duty station: Nairobi, Kenya
Main duties:
Look after the over all protocol matters of the High Commission including public relations and Pro1-B matters pertaining to duty
exception. Attend the dignitaries, visitors and deal with the receptions, transportations and accommodation for both Officials
and Guests of the embassy. Look after purchase, logistics and facilitate workshop, meetings and conferences on behalf of the
High Commission. Make liaison with various trade bodies and business parties to promote Bangladeshi products in Kenyan
market. Any other duties if deemed necessary by the High Commissioner.

Workshop and Conference attended

Attended fourth Humanitarian Conference on Somalia held in Addis Ababa by late December 1993 organized by
Participated a three days (D3) workshop in Mogadishu on demining, disarmament and demobilization conducted by
Civilian Military Operation(CMOC) of UNOSOM held on May, 1993
Attended a workshop on Curriculum Development, Community Cost and financing in Education facilitated by
Development Solution Africa (DSA) with UNESCO in Bossaso and Nairobi.
Attended a two days workshop on the Right of Refugees organized by UNHCR and NCCK held in Methodist
Conference Center, Nairobi - 1991
Attended a 4 days workshop on PCM and Organizational Development, facilitated by EC- Somalia Unit- 1997
Attended a 7 days workshop in Mudug and Galgadud regions on the awareness creation and eradication of Female
Genital Mutilation (FGM) organized by UNICEF and CISP- 1999
Attended an International Islamic conference on FGM and AIDS held in Cairo under the auspices of Al-Azhar
University 13-15 of December 1998
Attended a day workshop on NGOs leadership and challenges in Kenya held on 23rd October 2000 at May Fare Hotel,
Nairobi funded by Ford Foundation - 2000
Participated a 3 days (2-4 July 2001) consultative workshop on Food Security in the Horn of Africa held in Safari Park
Hotel, Nairobi organized by the World Bank and FAO- 2001
Participated a workshop on DO No Harm Concept covering 24,25 & 26 th February 2003 organized by Somalia Aid
Coordination Body (SACB) secretariat and facilitated by Capacities for Peace Project, Nairobi

Social Affiliations
Chief Co-ordinator, International Maxillofacial (IMM) Mission to Bangladesh
Secretary General, International Quran Recitation Association (IQRA)
Lions Club Intrnational, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-Bangladesh ( Member)
Department of FMRS, American University in Cairo. ( Member)
African Refugee Alliance-AFREA, Nairobi, Kenya ( Executive Member)

Personal Referees:
1. Mr. Shajahan Khan M.P. Honourable Minister for Shipping, Bangladesh
Cell # 01711 638198/01552 334480 E-mail:skmadaripur@yahoo.com

2. Dr. Abbas Vaezi, H.E. the Ambassador for Islamic Republic of Iran, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone # + 880 2 9896754 E-mail:

3. Mr. Farah Maalim M.P, Deputy Speaker, National Parliament of Kenya Cell# +245 722526769

Professional Referees:
Dr. Sajal D. Gupta
Seniro Donor Relation Officer
UNHCR Head Office, Geneva
Tel. + 41 22 739 87 51
Fax.+ 41 22 739 73 45
E-mail: guptas@unhcr.org

Dr. Rokeya Khanam

House # 36, Block-D, Bashundhara
Senior Consultant
Mobile #+88 01715752716
E-mail <r-khanam@dfid.gov.uk

Dr. Paolo Dieci

President, CISP Italy
Via Germinico, 198-00192
Roma, Itali
Tel. +39 063215498
E-mail: dieci@cisp-ngo.org

Nasir Arif Mahmud

Aditional Secretary
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Govt. of Bangladesh
Cell + 880 1817 090270

(Sakhawat Khan)