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Stella Maidment and Lorena Roberts Sd ees sas 1X e ty) Class Book OXFORD We black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow What's this? /I1's a (blue pen). What colour is the (book)? Unit Language 4] Welcome to BE gq | Hello/wno's this? 1 ee, | wees your name? 1m Uae) Happy Street! ALP | How are you? Fine, thanks, page 4 Goodbye. / Bye. /See you tomorrow! P| Numbers 1-10 At school. «book, a pen, a pencil, a pencil-case, Cross-curricular links: 2 ene cer English oround the wage =a Sophie's World: At school At Happy House a car, a dinosaur, a dol, « lorry, a robot, a train Is ita (car)?/ Yes, itis. / No, it isnt Cross-curricular links: Tous from recycled fat, thin, tall, short, young, old He's / She's got (short, black) hair, He's /She'’s (young). ee Itisn'ta (robot, toner Hands up! / Hands down! /Stand up! Sit down! /Turn around! / Touch your head! & At the shop ‘an apple, a banana, « cake, an ice cream, CCross-curicular inks: ‘an orange, a pear Using money page 24 Can | hove (ten bananas), please? Sophie's Work: Do you like (apples)? Yes. No. ane. ike (pears). / I don‘t like (oranges). boll, a bike, a boat, a kite, « plane, Cross-urrieular links: 5 At the pork @ statcoord fod sty Page 32 Have you got o ball)? Yes, | have. / Beaeenen No, Fhaven"t. ea I've got (0 bike). /1 haven't got (o kite) aera Numbers 11-20 Greg’ a bed, a bookcase, a chair, « cupboard, Cross-eurrieular links: reg’s flat 6 table, a wardrobe Homes through history page 40 bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, sitting room ier iad Where's the book? / Is it (in / on / under) village the wardrobe? ae There's a book (in/on / unde) the bed. {sin the (bedroom). It isnt in the (kitchen), 7] In the street ‘baby, aboy, agirl,aman,awoman,adog —_Cross-curricular links: ng, short, blond, black, brown Looking ot art a tong, short, blond, block, b 9 Sophie's World: My town In the playground page 56 a a jumper, a shoe, a skirt, a sock, trousers, arshirt Whose (jumper) is this? It’s (Polly's) This jumper is too (big / small) 1m weoring (a red skirt). Cross-curricular links: Estimating and ‘measuring Sophie's World: Brownies and Cubs At the sports centre page 64 ‘ ‘an orm, « body, @ hand, « head, a leg, a foot (feet) Arms up! / Arms down! / Jump! / Kick! / Band to the left! / Bend to the right! Can you (swim)? / Yes, Ian. / No I can‘t. {can (swim). /| can’t (play tennis). Cross-curricular links: Keeping healthy Sophie's World: School sports day Stella Maidment and Lorena Roberts Glass Boole OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS The sports centre 7 | (-—— Happy House §) TT cr Hello, I'm Greg. What's your name? te; i Come and play at our house! Come and play today! I'm Polly And I'm Jack! My name's Greg Oe Hello, Greg! : Hello, hello, hello, hello! Come and play today! Unit 1 Lesson 1 AB p3 “F> Listen and read. =a We = Sa RCA a ae" (TS (VR OF no! It’s Flossy! == 3 x vi oi a{ Miaow! ) ah Unit 1 Lesson 2 AB ppts 1 Sing the song. A game in the garden — one, two, A game in the garden — three. A game in the garden ~ four, five, Give the ball to me. A game in the garden — six, seven, A game in the garden ~ eight. i A game in the garden — nine, ten, Hurry! I can’t wait. One, two, three, four, five, six, Seven, eight, nine, ten. Knack the skittles over, And start the game again. i” Listen and point. ww cS one two three four five six seven’ eight nine _ ten Unit 1 Lesson 3 AB pp6-7 Hello! Listen and read. Practise with a friend. SIE saa ) See you tomorrow! (How are you? _) Seodbes) oy aS i aS C Unit 1 Lesson 4 AB ps. 2 At school 4 Say the chant. Your pencil! Pick it up now! “1 Listen and point. a rubber aruler apencil-case a book Can | borrow rubber, please? } EN ae | \\ (Yes. Here you are. \ae = Thank you. ) (4) Can | borrow your) encil, please? poet Ps + [. “Books, please! (Thank you, Jack. \ Unit 2 Lesson 2 & 10 (uit tesson3) Show me something red, red! Here is something red, red! Show me something blue, blue! Here is something blue, blue! Show me something green, green! Here is something green, green! Show me something yellow too! Here is something yellow too! 1 Listen and point. red blue green yellow black brown orange pink white purple AB ppt2-13 1 Listen and repeat. What colour is the pencil-case? What colour is the ruler? Tknow! > Number 5! 4&2 Now play the game. SO ZNI7s% Cross-curricular links: English around the world 1 Listen and point. Then listen and answer. - Listen. e m Nay Matt Poppy Piet Amit Jessica Ask and answer with a friend. go "2 12 (Gizmos) Gy Ler pu aan iil} Dear Penfriend, Hello! Tim Greg. I’m nine. Tm from England My school is Happy Street School. My teacher is Miss Davis. I like school very much, Its fun! What's your name ? How old are you? Write soon! From, Greg Read and say yes or no. 1 The letter is from Greg. 2 Greg is eight. 3. Greg is from the USA. 4. Miss Davis is a teacher. — . are" Colin in Computerland 4%. Story 1: The Ice Monster 7 hnat's this? ae A computer game. And a magnifying Great! glass! OK, seven... nine... . eigh & (Unit 2 Lesson 7) At school Listen and read. is a school assembly. It’s in the schoo! hall This is a music lesson. These boys can play the recorder Answer the questions. 1 Do you have a school assembly? 3 Can you play the recorder? Unit 2 Lesson 8 This is a PE lesson. a game of rounders. This is playtime. It’s fun! 2 Can you play rounders? 4 Do you like playtime? 3 At Happy House 1° Sing the song. Playing with a car On the playroom floor. Listen! Can you hear A dinosaur roar? 1 Listen and point. c@ i FA car adoll — arobot atrain 16 (unit Lesson 1) AB p19) 1° Listen and read. {1 know! It's a robot! wren, (No. Waitandsee! \ Sy y Ai 4 5 en Sue ae (3) (_lsit a robot, Daisy? Wy \ . iN WT = | = I don’t know. a an ) TTI is it arocket, Polly?) ae - 1S itisn'ta cor... OMe Te ay and it isn't ‘rocke a robot... hmm. a é Gs Say the chant. (i a Ye} t {s} I'ma red robot - tell me what to do! > . © I'ma blue robot - tell me what to do! Chorus Red robot - stand up! Red robot ~ hands up! Blue robot - stand up! Blue robot — hands up! ‘ Chorus Chorus Red robot — hands down! Red robot — turn around! Blue robot ~ hands down! Blue robot - turn around! @)_ © i p & Chorus Chorus 5 Joh si robot — touch your head! Red robot ~ sit down! Joh sie robot ~ touch your head! Blue robot - sit down! Listen and repeat. Ared doll, z a white lorry, Ared doll, a yellow car, a white lorry, a blue robot. a yellow car... Is it number 2? Cross-curricular links: Scum (ml tier Le “1° Listen and say, socks buttons plastic bottles cardboard cardboard boxes tubes “1° Listen and answer. Asnake Read and answer yes or no. 1 Is the snake made from a cardboard tube? 2 Is the train made from plastic bottles? 3 Is the robot made from lots of cardboard boxes? 4 Is the skittles game made from eight plastic bottles? Atrain ‘AB p25) Reading into writing Dear Pentriendl, Thank you for your Letter. Look! This is my favourite toy. Tt isn't a doll. Tt’s a robot. It’s green and white. It’s great! Tt con walk and it can say ‘Hello! What's your favourite toy? Write soon! Froen, Greg 6 ote Read and complete the sentences. My favourite toy is a ... It’s green and ... It.can say... Colin in Computerland 4. 1 The Ice Monster: Part 2 ( Hello! I'm Clara. re lello! cl It's the ice monster! v\ 7 Quick! come ¥. 7 It’s cold. A" in here! ] P v AW Look! Everything's a OK. Let's find the V7 ice monster! 22 (Writs tezon7) ‘Lal Wow! It’s a Hello, donket dinosaur! | This is a city farm. It’s a farm 1 wit lots of animals in the centre of London. This is my favourite museum. It’s the Natural History Museum! This is my favourite shop. deans This is The London Eye. It’s It’s a big toy shop great! You can see all over London.| Answer the questions. 1 Do you like museums? 2 What's your favourite shop? 3 Do you like farms? 4 What's your favourite place? . al > At the shop 2 Say the chant. Do you want an apple? An apple for your tea? Or do you want an ice cream? An ice cream, please! 2™ Listen and point. eeedJu anapple = anorange = acake = apear ~=abanana —_anice cream 2G, (unit 4 Lesson 1) ‘As pas picUnit 4 Lesson | E >> Say the chant. I like pizzas, I like steak, I lke biscuits, I like cakes, like pasta too. ~ [like chocolate too. [like cats - cats are great! like dogs — dogs are great! But no, I don’t like you! But no, I don't like you! MIAOW! & AB p922-23] 2® Listen and repeat. e@ & Ae mushrooms olives Do you like mushrooms? Do you like olives? Do you like peppers? You want pizza number 2! OA rt) gy Cross-curricular links: TT pcr arat) 2” Listen and say. £1 £2 £5 one pound two pounds _five pounds ten pounds 2 Listen and say, Then listen and answer. How much is 2 £10 \ Dee / 2 9<# | fo | Read and answer with a friend. George Can Polly buy... Can Jack buy... Can Greg buy... .. the school bag? ... the football? .«. the football and the .. the pencil-case and .. the chocolate and chocolate? the book? the book? ... the pencil-case and .. the book and the .. the car and the the schoolbag? football? pencil-case? ... the football, the car and the chocolate? You've got £10. What can you buy? 28 (units Lesson) ioe UIT TT puke) Dear Penfriend, Here’s a picture of me and my mum at the pizza restaurant. Do you Like pizzas? I Like pizzas, and T like pasta, and I like cakes and ice cream, and T like oranges and chocolate. I like everything! Oh no - I don’t Like olives! Write soon From, Greg Read and complete the sentences. &. I don't like... 4S, °Szes Colin in Computeriand 4. 2° The Ice Monster: Part 3 Stop, Clara! It isn't safe! Seven, nine, six, eight - yes! 2” Listen and read. Mmm! ai (~ Do you want 2 I like pears. al some toast? (Yes, please!) Tt’s breaxfast time. I don’t like toast for breaxfast. I live cereal and milk Cant have some | ~ = pasta, please? _}{_ Here you are. i ys a It’s time for a snack. I like apple juice Chicken, broccoli and potatoes. [ What's for |_ tea, Dad?_) cd i It’s tea time. And this Tt’s lunch time. I nave is my favourite tea! | lunch in the school cant | Answer the questions. 1 Do you like toast for breakfast? 2. Do you have a snack at school? 3. Do you like pasta for lunch? 4 Do you like broccoli? 5 What's your favourite meal? Unit 4 Lesson 8 31 5 At the park 2° Sing the song. 7 Tve got @ ball, ~ Eve got'a ball, Tve got a ball, Now let's go! Let’s go to the park! \=Let’s go to the park! 2 Listen and point. akite a plane a boat a bike a skateboard 32 ss 2" Listen and read. Perret ce Greg, have B\ you got a ball? (3) [ Have you got } \_ a ball, Jack? (i haven't. (Yes, Ihave = look! aa K No, | = Have you ) Za gota ball? } 2 Say the chant. Hide and seek! Hide and seek! Close your eyes and please don't peek! Count to twenty — slowly please! Open your eyes — you can’t find me! tees: a: Son 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Coming to find you! es FA aes 2 Listen and repeat. Have you got a big red kite? Have you got a big blue ball? Have you gota small brown boat? Aha! You're... Ben! Presets cia cn) Biot 2” Listen and read. () + i Stop, Dais Thank you, Jack! Well 1 Stop, look, and listen. Is it safe to cross? Reading into writing Dear Penfriend, Thank you for your Letter. This is a picture of me and my dog inthe park. I like playing in the park. T’'ve got a skateboard. It’s purple and pink. T like skateboards! T like planes too. I've got a big red plane. I haven't got a bike. What about you? Write soon! From, Gan you find my skateboard and my plane? Colin in Computerland 4) 2° The Ice Monster: Part 4 4 . f Aaaght It’s the ice monster! ya Colin, I'm And look at all OK! But where's 4 the colours! Blue, green, the ice monster? s ellow ... Colin? LOOK! It’s just water A now! 38 (Ut Lesson?) Collections 2 Listen and read. I’ve got lots of different dolls. The doll with the wnite dress is my favourite E ite Look at all my cats! Can you see the white cat family? This is George’s This is my collection fea collection of racing cars of shells. Answer the questions. 1 Do you like cats? 2 Can you see Sophie's favourite doll? 3. Which racing car do you like? 4 Have you got a collection? 6 Greg’s flat 2 Sing the song. Feathers on the table! Feathers on the chair! Feathers on the bookcase! Feathers everywhere! Oh Greg! Oh Greg! Feathers on the cupboard! Feathers on the bed! Feathers on the wardrobe! Feathers on your head! Oh Greg! Oh Greg! a bed a wardrobe atable — achair bookcase a cupboard GO (Waite Lesson) 2° Listen and read. } “Oh no! Where's my hamster? _Heisn’tin the cage! (2) [ Look under A Oe @ 1 01 Ge bookcase?) I Listen! Where's Flossy? — "Look! Here’s Hammy — in the washing machine! 2 Listen and read. @ ( ‘Oh no! Where's my hamster? ) __ He isn’t in the cage! the bookcase? | (3) (isheon + in thi e wardrobe? —) Ss Look! Here’s Hammy — in the washing machine! _) 2 Sing the song. 1 Flossy’s got a ball. Flossy's got a ball Rolling, rolling, rolling. Woof! Flossy’s got a ball 2 Now I'm in the kitchen, Mmm — nice smell! Chorus 3 Now I'm in the bathroom, Yuck! I’m wet! Chorus mo 4 Now I'm in the sitting room, 5 Now I'm in the bedroom, Phew! I'm tired! Oh, please play! Chorus 6 Rolling, rolling, rolling... Stop! Flossy's got a ball. 2 Listen and repeat. Where's the skateboard? << No. Try again!) Yes! That's right. Your turn. Isitinthe cupboard? Is it under thebed? Unit 6 Lesson 4 = ‘oss-curricular links: Homes through history | 2® Listen and say. The old castle The modern house Ask and answer with a friend. Where does it go? In... Wey &..., 7 Lt (al phrasal} Dear Penfriend, Thank you for your letter | thee etory ete a i There's a red bunk bed, a red 0 bookcase and a red and white cupboard. I like red! There's a table under the bunk bed and there’s a radio on the cupboard, What's in your bedroom? Write soon! Read and answer. 1 Where's Greg? 2 What colour is Greg’s bed? 3 Have you got a bunk bed? 4 \s there a bookcase in Greg's bedroom? 5 Where's the table? 6 Where's the radio? 3a] 6S Colin in Computerland ©) 2 Story 2: The Gold Robber J - A magnet... and another computer game! Stop her! She's got Lovely, lovely gold! the Golden Eagle! __ Ha, ha, ha! __/ e Ae Come on, let’s ( follow the car! 446 (Gait Lesson) The model village @ Listen and read. This is a model of the village. There's a river here | J too - with five small bridges! | J | | This is a village in England There’ $ a river with five bridges singing in the Bes nn . ok at this shop! It’s small, tool Answer the questions. 1 Do you live in a village? 2 Is there a river where you live? 3 Is there a bridge where you live? 4 Is there a church where you live? 47 7 In the street Sing the song. A woman and a dog Waiting at the bus stop. A woman and a dog Waiting at the bus stop. A boy and a baby Waiting at the bus stop. A boy and a baby And a woman and a dog Waiting at the bus stop. A man and a girl Waiting at the bus stop. A man and a girl And a boy and a baby And a woman and a dog Waiting at the bus stop. 3° Listen and read. Now, where's my 1)\_friend Pam?) No, Pam’s got long brown hair. ara h (hc. Look, she's got | long brown hair. Sssh Jack! He's a man! | a rae =a = (5) (- SHE’S got long (6 7 2) | “brown hair!) (2) (Hello, Pam!) eo nesnee 3 ) [a (Hike your hair!) But she’s fee ) pr got short Wye 5 4 // (thank you! )| (blond hair! Ss ager x AB pp60-61 3? Sing the song. 3 Tall and short, Tall and short, Everybody's out in the street! Fat and thin, Fat and thin, Everybody's out in the street! Old and young, Old and young, Everybody's out in the street! Everybody's out in the morning sun. Everybody's out in the street! “3 Listen and repeat. He’s a boy. He's tall and he's got brown hair. A boy ... and he’s tall, and he’s got brown hair. Tknow. Number 4! That's right — your turn now! 22 Now play the game. (4) (4) Unit 7 Lesson 4 os Pagers ta ied DE ST aed Look and read. 1 by Andy Warhol Look, it’s the same woman six times! by Amedeo Modigliani by Pablo Picasso by Frida Kahlo The girl in this picture is Look at this picture. This is a picture of the nineteen. She's got very Can you see a black cat? —_ artist. There’s a monkey blue eyes. in the picture too. 3 Listen and answer. Which picture is it? i | Which is your favourite picture? eee eS Unit 7 Lesson 5 ) Reading into writing Dear Penfriend, This is a picture of me and my friends, Dan and Archie. Dar’s tall. He's got black hair and he’s got blue eyes. Archie’s short. He’s got. blond hair and he's got glasses. Can you see Archie? He's funny! What about your friends? Write soon! , 4 From, Greg Read and answer. Who's Dan? Who's Archie? Dy xe) 53 . ' I 4 Colin in Computerland 3 The Gold Robber: Part 2 oe ne Look! There's a woman... she’s h got long blond hair and.. a _ ee C Hey you! Stop! F@ a 5G (unit 7 Lesson7 My town 3 Listen and read. This is a street in my town. Loot, there’s George with his mum Se Im at the Caceres 5. I’m Baring bread and cakes for tea Can | post the letter? | Now I’m at the café. I’m having an orange juice There "5 George again. He’s at the post “box Answer the questions. 1 Do you live in a town? 2 Is there a baker's where you live? 3 Have you got a post box in your street? 4 Do you like orange juice? Unit 7 Lesson 8 ) © In the playground ao) Sing the song. T'm muddy! There's mud on my T-shirt. There's mud on my socks and my shoes. T'm muddy! There's mud on my trousers Pve got the muddy boy blues! T'm muddy! There’s mud on my jumper There's mud on my socks and my shoes I'm muddy! There’s mud on my skirt Ive got the muddy girl blues! Gp a T-shirt Y) 56 (nits tesson) shoes trousers a jumper a skirt => Listen and read. GQ) amper shoes... socks ... dear, dear! a] Here you are, Polly. 3 (2) oes alee Te Thank you, ) 335 NY ( Oh good! There’s my hat! Thank you, Miss Davis! ‘And whose hat isthis? Jack? —_) | don't know! (3) And this is Greg's shoe!_) ( Thank you, <1 Yoon) 57 3°” Sing the song. I don’t like this jumper, this jumper, this jumper, I don’t like this jumper. This jumper’s too big Then put on another, another, another, Then put on another, another, dear Greg! I don't like this jumper, this jumper, this jumper, T don't like this jumper This jumper’s too small. Then put on another, another, another, Then put on another, another, dear Greg! I love this jumper, this jumper, this jumper, I love this jumper This jumper’s just right! 58 (nite vesson3) 3® Listen and repeat. _Z Whose jumper is this? ( Wes Jack's. Saseearaece (ss Polly's. Cross-curricular links: LST eeu mules] 3 Listen and read. How long is the slide? G It’s four metres long! 4 Guess with a friend. Then measure and say. How long is the red pencil? Tthink it’s six centimetres long. ETT pune neh) Dear Perfriend, My school uniform is a white. T-shirt, grey trousers, a blue jumper and black shoes. I don't like my school uniform! 3p In this picture ’m at a party. It’s a fancy dress party Look ~ I’m a firefighter! I'm wearing yellow trousers, black boots, a blue and yellow jacket and a yellow hat. Do you like fancy dress parties? Write soon! @ From, Greg What's my school uniform? - wm) 61 Colin in Computerland 3” The Gold Robber: Part 3 "? | know! A map! ( B2 - that's here. > West Street! Tovely, lovely gold |p Pr his isn’t the top Ha, ha, ha! ue floor! What's wrong?) She's on the