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CLAD- Semester- I Perfromance and Com

Sr. No. Unit Concept

Perfromance - the action or process of
1 performing a task or function.
Evolution-the gradual development of
1 something.

Planning-the process of making plans for

2 something.

3 2 Self appraisal-the evaluation of one's own

strengths and weaknesses.

4 Objective-a thing aimed at or sought; a


Assessment- the action of assessing

10 someone or something.
Wage-a fixed regular payment earned for
5 3 work or services, typically paid on a daily
or weekly basis.

Incentives-a payment or concession to

6 stimulate greater output or investment.

Career-an occupation undertaken for a

7 4 significant period of a person's life and
with opportunities for progress.

Mapping-an operation that associates

each element of a given set (the domain)
8 with one or more elements of a second
set (the range).

Succession-the action or process of

9 inheriting a title, office, property, etc.
D- Semester- I Perfromance and Compensation Management
Performance appraisal

Evolution of perfromance appraisal

Planning perfromance appraisal

Perfromance appraisal

Management by objective

Assessment center

Wage fixation

Pay for perfromance

Career development plan

Career mapping

Succession planning
ompensation Management
Application Example
Evaluating employee perfromance MBO, BARS

understand the gradual development of traditional and modern

perfromance appraisal system systems of PA

methods of perfromance
Achieve desired result appraisal- 360 degree,
balance scorecard

Minimize perfromance evaluation error and provide balance scorecard

fair change of self evaluation to employee

Intel, DuPont, or Xerox

Ensure desired outcome and better control use MBO for perfromance

Gather the information about individuals

capabilities to perform a managerial position

Facilitate to provide wages to employee as per the Minimum wages, fair

Govt. regulation wages

Motivates emplyees for better perfromance ESOPS, Bonus, Rewards

Provide guideline to employee and emplyer about

the future growth of an individual

Develop internally the skills needed to achieve

future business goals.

for identifying and developing new leaders who can Google CEO Sunder Pichai
replace old leaders when they leave, retire.