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Desktop Publishing Advertisement Rubric

30 20 10 0
The The advertisement There are still The advertisement
advertisement describes the many questions does not describe
describes the invention, but about what the the invention at all.
Purpose invention in leaves out a few invention is or
great detail. key details. does.

All graphics are All graphics are Some graphics Graphics do not
related to the related to the relate to the relate to the
invention and invention and most invention. invention
Graphics make it easier to make it easier to
understand. understand.

The The advertisement The advertisement The advertisement

advertisement is is attractive in is a bit cluttered or is distractingly
Attractive- an eye-catcher. terms of design, messy. messy or very
ness It has great layout and poorly designed.
design, layout, neatness.
and is very neat.
All items of Almost all items of Many items of Labels are too
importance on importance on the importance on the small to view OR
the advertisement are advertisement are no important items
advertisement clearly labeled with clearly labeled with were labeled.
Readability are clearly labels that can be labels that can be
labeled with read from at least 2 read from at least 2
labels that can ft. away. ft. away.
be read from at
least 2 ft. away.
There are no There are 1-2 There are 3-4 There are more
grammatical/me grammatical/mecha grammatical/mecha than 4
chanical nical mistakes. nical mistakes/ grammatical/mecha
Grammar mistakes. nical mistakes.

Total Points /150