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Ehsan Ghorbani

I'm 28 years old.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Automatic control group

Amirkabir - Tafresh industrial University of Technology



Degrees and Academic Position:

Amirkabir -Tafresh University of Technology 2011-2013

Department of Electronic
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Applied Automatic control

Advisor: Ali Madady

Thesis: A New Graphical Approach to Design Digital PID

Controllers for Industrial Processes with FOPDT systems


Relevant Courses: Nonlinear Theory, Robust Theory, Control Theory, Systems

and Control, Optimization, Robotics, Iterative Learning Control, Dynamic of
Robot plans, Dynamic, Real Analysis, Stochastic Differential Equation, Advance
Numerical, Analysis, Advance Operation Research, Integer Programming, Applied
Linear Algebra, Stochastic Analysis

Department of Electrical Engineering 2007-2011

Automatic control group
Joundi Shapour Industrial University of Technology, Tehran - Ahwaz, Iran
School of Electronic
High school, 2001-2007
Shahid Beheshti (Allme Helli) & Pre-University, Tehran, Iran

Technical Skills:

Markup Languages:

Programming Languages:
C, C++, C# , Python, Pascal, Linux

Specialized Programming and soft wares:

MATLAB/Simulink, MathCAD, Mathematica, LAB View, Catia, ANSYS,
PLC Programming, SKADA, EMS, EWB, MS Office (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint), Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft

Teaching Experience:

Tafresh University, September 2012- August 2013

Teaching Assistant in Control Lab.
Amirkabir University, Teaching Assistant in control Lab.

Differential equation
Engineering mathematical
Electrical circuit
Linear control & Nonlinear control
Robust control& Nonlinear robust control
Artificial intelligence
Index programming
Expert systems
Private Tutoring, since 2008
Tutored high school students in Calculus, Physics and
Chemistry and also under graduated physics students in
General physics and math.
Interested Subject & work field:

Nonlinear and Nonlinear Dynamic

Real time control & implementation
Robust, Nonlinear LMI, Fractional Robust Method
Optimization, Distributed Optimization, predictive control,
optimization predictive control
Iterative learning control
Real Plants (Shuttle, Airplanes, Robots, Ship, )
Robotics &Robotic Arms
Automation in life Science
Modeling and Simulation
SCADA & PLC Programming
Instrument & Monitoring


A Graphical Approach to Design Digital PI controller for

Integrator Plus Dead-Time Processes, Ehsan Ghorbani, IREACO,
September 2013 ( Scopus)

Optimal FOPDT Model Fitting to an nth-order All Pole Process

with A Zero: Impulse Response Approach, Ehsan Ghorbani,
IREACO, November 2014

Design of Digital PID Controllers Using the Parameter Space

Approach in Robatic plan, Ehsan Ghorbani, Turkish International

Journal and IREACO May 2013

FOPDT Model Fitting to An NMP process ,JEE Journal ,June


Stabilizing a DG-fed islanded system through load

shedding on the basis of the rate of change of frequency and
frequency decline, IEEE Transaction, under publish, 2012
Stabilization of Fractional Order Unified Chaotic
Systems Via Linear State Feedback Controller, IEEE
Conference, 2014
English ( Fluent, TOEFL, GRE)
French (TEF,B1)

Translations of Books:
Cooperating with Big Blue Sky institute in NASA.
Conventional Warhead Systems Physics and Engineering
Design, 2013-2014
Tactical Missiles Warheads, 2014
GIS in Agriculture ,2012

Application project:
Expert project of EPC Contractor For Sanergy Company
(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, )
Drive PLC systems of Lorestans Petrochemical industry
Set up Monitoring Room of Lorestans Petrochemical Industry
Drive High Voltage Post of Lorestans Petrochemical Industry
Repairing & Maintenance Of DEZs dam Machines
Controlling Room Of airport

Precedent & experience:

Asian Journal of Control(AJC) Reviewer and Advisor for Five
times.( Between 2013 to 2016)
Work at DAITY,LADAN TALAIEE, visitor of KIA, shopping of