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AUGUST 7, 2010 - AUGUST 13, 2010

Md’s Joe Charles Works Blacks Split with Obama Departure 10 Ultra
Towards NFL B4 Over Education Reform A7 Lounge in Shanghai B1
Baltimore County Council 4th District
Black Farmers
Who will be the Voice for the Government a Delinquent Debtor
Black District in the County? Delayed Again

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

By Rev. Dorothy Boulware Randallstown; By Zenitha Prince
Special to the AFRO *Opening of the brand new AFRO Staff Writer
Windsor Mill;
Baltimore County Council *And the largest When will the checks
of Maryland is divided into community center in the arrive?
seven districts of roughly county. That’s the question to
108,000 residents each. The He also volunteers that his which John Boyd, president
Fourth District was created detractors discount this list, of the National Black
eight years ago as a majority which is just a sampling of the Farmers Association, has
minority district after the 2000 one on his Web site. “They been seeking an answer for
Census count. It includes the say I haven’t done anything. more than a decade. But with
Liberty Road communities I don’t know what they’re a Senate vote slated to take
– Woodlawn, Lochearn, looking at when they say that,” place this week, the Virginia-
Milford Mill, Windsor Mill, the councilman said. based farmer said he hopes
Courtesy photo
Randallstown, Granite, “If you look at the [4th] the government will finally
Attorney Leronia Josey is
Woodstock, Reisterstown district, over the last 30 years pay its debt.
committed to re-energizing
– and the New Town and nothing was done, until the last “This is taking too long;
Baltimore County’s Fourth
Painters Mill areas of Owings eight years. ... farmers are frustrated,”
councilmanic district. John W. Boyd Jr., center, a farmer from Baskerville, Va.,
Mills. “I initiated discussions he told the AFRO one
day before the vote. “We and founder of the National Black Farmers Association,
Kenneth Oliver made with the Liberty Road is shown in this file photo from Feb. 15. Boyd met with
history in 2002 when he Business Association about an have a judgment against
the government and we Sen. Harry Reid on July 28 to see if he could impact
became the first African apartment complex and we’re movement by the Senate to fund the settlement and
American to be elected to working on developing three can’t seem to collect. We
need to talk to someone in finally help the Black farmers who continue to suffer.
Council. Now finishing vacant automobile dealerships
his second term as the into mixed use developments accounts payable because the
representative of the or office complexes.” government has defaulted on Senate Majority Leader known as Pigford v. Vilsack,
Fourth District, Oliver is But this work has not its bill.” Harry Reid in a meeting on through the Congress has
quick to rattle off those exempted him from a With Congress set to go Capitol Hill last week. Reid been rocky at best. Attached
accomplishments that make challenger in this election. into a seven-week recess, promised to put the matter up to a number of bills, such
him proud of the work he’s “Some [people] don’t know, Boyd has been lobbying for for unanimous consent—a as the war funding bill, tax
done: some don’t know about my lawmakers to approve the means of expediting extenders and FEMA disaster
*The only regional park personal involvement and payment of a $1.25 billion legislation by means of a assistance bill, the settlement
in the county with indoor ice AFRO file photo many just don’t read,” he settlement in a class action straight up or down vote—on funding has been approved
skating, soccer; Kenneth Oliver faces said. “I can’t understand why lawsuit filed on behalf of Aug. 2 but it was postponed by the House in two separate
*Senior housing in strong opposition for his there would be an effort to 80,000 Black farmers who to Aug. 4. bills. In the Senate, however,
Woodlawn; have been victims of loan The progress of the it has been stymied by
historic county seat. Continued on A5
*Additions to Cedar Mill; discriminations. lawsuit against the U.S. Republicans bent on cutting

Wyclef Jean Eyes

*Police substations in Boyd made his case to Department of Agriculture, Continued on A5

Listen to “First Edition”

Haitian Presidency Authorities converge on
Hartford Distributors, in
Manchester, Conn., Aug.
Join Host Sean Yoes Entertainer Wyclef Jean has wept and advocated for his 3. Officials say several
 Sunday @ 8 p.m. on embattled homeland, Haiti, throughout his near 20-year people were shot at the
career. Now, he’s poised to take the premier leadership role beer distribution company
88.9 WEAA FM, the
as president – a massive undertaking for any political faction in Connecticut by Omar
Voice of the Community. and especially colossal for Jean, 37, who has no background in Thornton, inset, who then
politics. killed himself.
In an interview with, the former Fugees star
said the January earthquake in Haiti prompted his decision. “If
not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another
Your History • Your Community • Your News

10 years before doing this,” the Haitian-born superstar said

Tuesday night. “The quake drove home to me that Haiti can’t
wait another 10 years for us to bring it into the 21st century.”
The Yele Haiti founder continued, “If I can’t take five years
out to serve my country as president, then everything I’ve been
singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.”
Jean, left, is seen here being interviewed on the “Varney &
Company” program on the Fox Business Network, July 23.

AP Photo/Journal Inquirer, Jessica Hill

Truck Driver Kills 9, Including Himself

By AFRO Staff Thornton believed he was subjected to racial
Omar Thornton shot and killed eight “We take the representations of our
people, before committing suicide at his members very seriously,” Roos said. “During
workplace in Manchester, Conn., Tuesday the time that Thornton was represented by
morning after reportedly facing disciplinary Local 1035, he reported no concerns about
action for stealing beer. Chris Roos, a racial discrimination to the union.”
representative for Teamsters Local 1035 Steve Hollander, vice president of the
said in a statement that the 34-year-old truck company, who was injured in the gunfire told
driver at Hartford Distributors met with The Associated Press that Thornton was cool
company and union officials on the morning and calm before the killing spree began.
of the shooting to discuss his continued “He didn’t yell. He was cold as ice,” said
employment at the facility. Hollander. “He didn’t protest when we were
“It is our understanding that it was at meeting with him to show him the video of
this time Thornton allegedly shot and killed him stealing. He didn’t contest it. He didn’t
Bryan Cirigliano [local union president], complain. He didn’t argue. He didn’t admit or
a company representative and six of our deny anything. He just agreed to resign. And
members at the facility,” said Roos. then he just unexplainably pulled out his gun
Join the AFRO on Union officials deny reports that Continued on A5
Twitter and Facebook AP Photo/Richard Drew

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A2 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

AFRO National Briefs

of 22 service projects benefitting local non-profit organizations scholarships, awarded more than $285 million merit-based
in New Orleans. According to the group, each service event scholarships through the ROTC program in 2009. Army
honored of one of the sorority’s founders. representatives for ROTC, U.S. Army Recruiting Command
“Delta Sigma Theta has remained committed to supporting and U. S. Military Academy at West Point, which was ranked
Sherrod Tells NABJ Convention She Will Sue Breitbart
the city of New Orleans in post-Katrina recovery efforts the nation’s top college by Forbes magazine in 2009, provided
Shirley Sherrod, the recently fired director of the U.S.
since the very beginning,” said the organization’s national conference attendees information on the vast range of education
Department of Agriculture’s rural development office in
president Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre in a statement. benefits, more than 150 career specialties and leadership
Georgia, has said she will sue blogger Andrew Breitbart, who
“Through financial contributions, donations, rebuilding development opportunities.
used an excerpt of a speech she made to the NAACP out of
houses and opening up our homes to the Delta sisters who lost
context and called it racist along with cable news network Fox
everything in the storm, Delta Sigma Theta has demonstrated Diddy Sounds Off on ‘Nightline’ Host, Cries Racism
our commitment to rebuilding the great city of New Orleans. In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, music producer
In a video posted on Sherrod announced that she
IMPACT Day is just one more way that we hope to impact the and rapper Diddy called “Nightline” host Martin Bashir a racist
intended to sue Breitbart and said while the blogger has not
communities of New Orleans.” for questioning his decision to purchase his son a Maybach car.
apologized, she also does not want an apology from him. “He
In addition, civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy Height’s final “There were times in the interview when I had to give him
had to know that he was targeting me…,” she stated.
book, Living With Purpose: An Activist’s Guide to Listening, an ultimatum,” Diddy told Vibe. “The questions weren’t being
Answering questions at a panel discussion entitled “Context
Learning and Leading, was unveiled at the convention. Former handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him, I shouldn’t
and Consequences: Conversation with Shirley Sherrod”
U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman, who wrote the have done the interview because I know the style of interview
during the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual
introduction, described the book as Height’s “final gift” in a that he does… The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my
convention July 29, Sherrod said, “I knew it was racism and no
statement and said President Barack Obama received the book’s son, that’s really like a racist question.”
one had to tell me that.”
first printed copy. The media mogul purchased the silver-hued car, which costs
After the media frenzy about racism that ensued after the
about $360,000, for his son Justin’s 16th birthday.
release of the video excerpt, Sherrod said she now knows “how
Police Seek Gunman in Shooting of Chicago Boy, 13 “You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids,” he
the media can and should work in helping to get the truth out.”
Chicago police have identified a suspect in the multiple continued. “And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible
When asked if she would accept a new position with the
shooting death of eighth-grader Robert Freeman Jr., 13, The Bentleys, and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question
USDA, Sherrod said that she had not and was far from being
Associated Press reported. Freeman was shot 13 times on and put things back in perspective with money and the way that
able to do that. “I haven’t had a chance to read it,” she said.
July 29 while riding his bicycle on the city’s South Side, and people still look at you.”
“The offer still says draft. I need to ask them what does that
according to his family, the teen was the victim of mistaken Justin’s mega-birthday party and new car were featured in
mean….From what I know about that part of the department,
identity. an episode of MTV’s “Sweet 16.”
the Office of Advocacy and Outreach, I don’t think they have
According to the report, Chicago police said tips from
even budgeted the money to operate that part of the program.
witnesses point to a suspect, who has still not been found. Congress Passes Fair Sentencing Act
So I have many, many questions before I can make a decision.”
However, police officials On July 28, the House of Representatives passed the Fair
said “don’t snitch” culture Sentencing Act (S.1789) to restore fairness to federal cocaine
Deltas Convene in New Orleans, Participate in Day of
has made finding the sentencing. The legislation, which matches a measure passed
suspect, identified only as in March by the Senate, is aimed at reducing the current
Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, an international
a young male, difficult. sentencing disparity of those convicted of possession of crack
non-profit women’s organization, returned to New Orleans for
Statistics posted on cocaine versus powder cocaine and eliminating mandatory
the third time to
the Chicago Police’s Web minimum sentencing. In a released statement, the NAACP
Courtesy Photo

celebrate their
site show that homicide expressed support for the legislation calling the current
50th national
is a troubling issue, sentencing practices “racially discriminating.”
with African Americans “Because of the mandatory minimum jail sentence for
The gathering,
comprising 77.1 percent those convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine
“A Sisterhood
of the city’s crime victims or more, people of color are being put in prisons at much
Called to Serve:
between January 2010 and higher rates than their Caucasian counterparts, and the judges
June. have no discretion to mitigate the sentence for first-time or
Lives and
Freeman was the nonviolent offenders or special circumstances,” said Benjamin
Impacting Courtesy Photo
fourth teen killed in area Jealous, CEO and president of the NAACP. “This is the first
Communities,” Robert Freeman Jr.
shootings that week. time Congress has moved to reduce any mandatory minimum
not only allowed
sentence, regardless of how racially discriminatory they may
up to 16,000
Army Salutes National Urban League Women of Power be.”
sorority members
Honorees Under the current sentencing guidelines, conviction on a
to reunite in the
Command Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Michele S. Jones attended the charge of possession of five grams of crack cocaine draws a
Crescent City,
National Urban League’s Women of Power Luncheon on behalf mandatory prison term of five years and possession of 10 grams
but provided them Dr. Dorothy Height's final book
of the U.S. Army. Jones, the first female in the Army appointed draws a mandatory 10-year prison sentence. The sentencing
an opportunity to was unveiled at the Deltas 50th
as the Army Reserve Command sergeant major, currently threshold for possession of powder cocaine is 100 times higher.
aid the surrounding convention.
serves as special assistant to the secretary of defense’s White Under the bill that passed Congress, a five-year prison term
House liaison. would be triggered by conviction of possession of 280 grams of
On July 30, the organization hosted IMPACT Day, a series
The Army, the nation’s largest provider of education crack cocaine.

Taste and Experience

Downtown Baltimore.

After dining at a Downtown or Charles Street restaurant

such as the B&O American Brasserie, Eden’s Lounge,
Mortons The Steakhouse, and Sullivan’s
AP Photo Steakhouse,
Diddy attends the opening
check out world-class jazz
of Get Him Greek at An Die Musik!
to the
with sons Justin, left, and
Christian, and his longtime
girlfriend’s son Quincy

409 N. Charles street ■ w w w. a N d i e M u s i k l i V e .CoM

MAke Your reservAtIons now !

Baltimore Restaurant Week
August 13 – 22

mmer wit
y ou r th irst for su® d NESTEA®.
Satisfy Maid , a n
k®, Minute make
Gold Pea o f summer, Find convenient and low cost parking at many
n ly 9 9 d a y s
ery moment.
With o th e m ost of ev Baltimore City garages on evenings and weekends,
a k e
sure to m
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An Initiative of Downtown Partnership of Baltimore at

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August 13, 2010 - August 7, 2010, The Afro-American A3

Business Your History • Your Community • Your News

The Afro-American Newspapers

Handling it All: Local Woman Moonlights

Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters
2519 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602

as Mom and Manager

410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297

Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892

Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II
By Stephen D. Riley
AFRO Staff Writer Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr.
“With her priorities balanced and family happy, Nixon takes Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222
What’s the next step in a
down economy where jobs
pleasure in starring as a self-employed business woman.” Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales
aren’t hiring and salaries Susan Gould - 410-554-8289
aren’t climbing? Simple—
take a page from Sharan Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235
Nixon’s playbook and
Advertising Account Executive
form your own self-made Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274
conglomerate. The budding
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242
business mogul is a one-
woman building crew. She Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265
manages three businesses Community & Public Relations Manager
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243
along with three children but
still finds time to masquerade Editorial
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu
in a normal life. E-mail:
The founder of Baltimore Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277
Fashion Week (BFW) is Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119
way too busy right now. E-mail:
Her annual BFW is fast Global Markets
approaching its Aug. 19 start Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220
date and her latest nonprofit
creation, Nixon Development, Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116
just launched in 2009 with Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager
intentions set on remaking the Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266
world—starting first with the Production Department - 410-554-8288
world’s core: its youth.
“[Nixon Development’s] Photo by Jazzy Photos
sole purpose and goal as an Washington Office
Behind the fashionably styled exterior is Sharan Nixon: mother of three and owner 1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723
organization is to save our of many businesses. Nixon’s Butterfly Productions company produces the annual 202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297
youth and guide them down a Baltimore Fashion Week, which will run from Aug. 19-22. General Manager
pathway to a new normal that Edgar Brookins - ext. 116
will either introduce or re- Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
ignite them to a dream once
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions:
unfulfilled,” Nixon says. comes. Running any kind grounded spiritual belief.” Fashion Week or more on 410-554-8234
It’s somewhat fitting in of business large or small is Nixon’s enterprises visit: Customer
a way that Nixon’s newest hard, but you need to have a For upcoming dates and Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226
creation revolves around strong support system and a and locations on Baltimore Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282
adolescents. Nixon harvested
childhood dreams of
becoming a teacher because
she “liked writing on the
blackboard and making
ditto copies for the class.” Attention:
Although she didn’t quite AARP Members
make it to the schoolroom,
headlining her own youth-
eligible for Medicare
salvation program is
rewarding enough. Medicare only pays about The other

80 20
Just like her current

% %
business profile, Nixon had
her ideas in a little bit of
everything as an amateur. A
fashion fanatic as a teenager,
she spent her free time
reading style magazines and
presaging her move into the
industry. That fashion bug
eventually grew into BFW
but it was her work in event of Part B expenses. or more is up to you.
management that sparked her
inner entrepreneur and led to
her first enterprise, Butterfly
Productions. A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan could save
“That was my husband
[and] my life and it seemed
you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.*
as if everything else revolved
around it,” Nixon revealed. **The AARP Medicare Supplement
Putting her all into her first Insurance Plans carry the AARP name and
business was rewarding but UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Medicare alone can leave you with various out of pocket expenses.
pays a fee to AARP and its affiliate for use
success came at a cost for the of the AARP trademark and other services.
That’s why millions of AARP members, just like you, have chosen an
mother of three. Amounts paid are used for the general AARP® Medicare Supplement Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance
“One [evening] I was purpose of AARP and its members. Neither Company. Consider the only Medicare supplement insurance plans
pulling an all-nighter and AARP nor its affiliate is the insurer.
endorsed by AARP**– offering competitive prices.
my son came to me and AARP does not recommend health related
said ‘Mom, you’re always products, services, insurance or programs.
working and we miss you,’” You are strongly encouraged to evaluate Like all medicare supplement plans, you’ll get:
your needs.
Nixon recalled. “I replied, • The freedom to choose your own doctors
‘But I’m right here’ [and] he Insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance
Company, Horsham, PA (UnitedHealthcare and hospitals that accept Medicare
replied ‘It’s not the same.’ I Insurance Company of New York, Islandia, NY
was working from home at for New York residents). • No referrals — ever — to
the time [but] it was a major Not connected with or endorsed by see specialists
wake-up call for me when the U.S. Government or the Federal
my son said that. After that Medicare Program. • Virtually no claim forms
statement, I returned to being Policy Form No. GRP 79171 GPS-1 (G-36000-
a mom again.” 4). In some states, plans may be available to We want to help you better understand your AARP Medicare
With her priorities persons eligible for Medicare by reason of
Supplement plan options with a free information kit. There’s no
disability. All plans may not be available in
balanced and family happy, your state/area. Call to receive complete obligation, so get yours today.
Nixon takes pleasure in information including benefits, costs, eligibility
starring as a self-employed requirements, exclusions and limitations.
business woman. The freedom AARP and its affiliate are not insurance Call toll-free for your free information kit now —
to come, go and do as she agencies or carriers and do not employ
pleases gives her all the or endorse insurance agents, brokers,
job security she needs; in representatives or advisors. 1-866-739-6514, code 6L6
spite of a few life learning This is a solicitation of insurance. An
agent may contact you. TTY: 711
experiences along the way.
“In the beginning, starting *Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
my own business was a grand (MedPAC). A Data Book: Healthcare
spending and the Medicare Program,
idea,” Nixon adds. “But then June 2008. <
you have to learn how to live, docments/Jun08DataBook_Entire _report.
love, and work, and you also pdf> (15 Jan, 2009) p. 63,65.
have to learn how to separate
the three when the time AS2512ST
A4 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

t h i s c o st
hoW m u c h?
Your grocery bill just went up and
you probably don’t know why.
That’s because we’ve just been hit
with a new, hidden beverage tax in
Baltimore City. You are now paying
more for sodas, juice drinks, teas,
and even bottled water. Let’s call
the beverage tax what it is: a money
grab by the Mayor and some on the
City Council. But it’s the hardworking
people of Baltimore City who are
paying the price.

It’s time to say

enough is enough.

Go to
to join the coalition and let your
voice be heard. We’re not going
away until this tax goes away.

Paid for by American Beverage Association, member of Stop the Baltimore City Beverage Tax.
August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American A5

Waters to be Tried by House Ethics Committee

By Larry Margasak help for a bank where her special favors, for the released a statement with Republicans will now conduct
Associated Press Writer husband owned stock and employee or family members, the headline: “The Dirty the Waters trial. The specifics
had served on the board of that could be viewed as Details: Ethics Office Reveals of the allegations won’t be
WASHINGTON (AP) – directors. She denied the influencing official actions. Waters Charges. Panel Has made public until the panel
California Democrat Maxine charges Monday. –A rule that members’ ‘Substantial Reason to – four Democrats and four
Waters faces a House trial this Persons familiar with the conduct must reflect creditably Believe’ Dems Have Another Republicans – hold its still-
fall on three charges of ethical case said Waters is accused of on the House. Ethics Problem on Their unscheduled organizational
wrongdoing, setting the violating: The persons were not Hands.” meeting.
stage for a second election- –A rule that House authorized to be quoted by Waters is a senior member Brendan Daly, spokesman
season public airing of ethics members may not exert name on allegations not yet of the House Financial for Speaker Nancy Pelosi
problems for a longtime improper influence that results made public. Services Committee, which commented, “As we have said
Democratic lawmaker. in a personal benefit. Republicans quickly handled the recent rewrite in the past about the process,
The charges focus on –The government jumped on the latest of legislation that regulates ethics proceedings are a result
whether Waters broke the employees’ ethics code, which news. The GOP’s House financial institutions and of a bipartisan, confidential
rules in requesting federal prohibits granting or accepting campaign committee has strong protections for AP Photo and independent process in
consumers. Rep. Maxine Waters, the House.”

Voice for the Black District

Rangel stepped aside in D-Calif., will face charges In a statement, Waters
March as the chief House tax of ethical wrongdoing in a said, “I have not violated
writer following a negative trial this fall. any House rules. Therefore,
Continued from A1 report on his conduct in I simply will not be forced to
unseat me when there will be four brand new She would be new to the Council but not to a separate ethics case. Waters were filed July 28 by admit to something I did not
councilpersons as it is. Why not make an effort local politics. She’s monitored developments In addition to taxes, his a four-member investigative do and instead have chosen
to add more African Americans to the Council, in the community while serving on the committee handles trade, panel, but not announced to respond to charges made
rather than unseat the only one?” Parole Commission, the University System portions of health care reform, until Aug. 2. An eight- by the House Committee on
He has already received the endorsement of of Maryland Board of Regents, Coppin Medicare and Social Security. member subcommittee of Standards of Official Conduct
the Teachers Association of Baltimore County Development Foundation, Leadership Maryland The charges against four Democrats and four in a public hearing.”
(TABCO). and the Frostburg Board of Visitors.
County NAACP President Pat Ferguson, She says the district currently has a need for:
clarifiying that as a non-profit the organization * Enhancing public education by re- If you’re HIV+ and think you can’t afford the medication you
cannot make an endorsement, said there are engaging parents and holding principals and
“definite concerns related to how effective teachers accountable; need, there’s something you should know.
he [Oliver] has been as a leader” and “the * Revitalizing commercial and economic
adequacy of his overall response to the needs of
the broader community.”
development; and
* Using incentives to attract businesses to MADAP CAN HELP.
Add to the doubt about his political the county and to stimulate job creation.
performance his guilty plea in 2009 related to Josey is perhaps best known for her service
the misuse of campaign funds and this can only as general counsel for Bethel A.M.E. Church The Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program (MADAP) helps cover the
multiply whatever factors make him appear for 15 years, two of them as chief operating cost of many medications for low to moderate income people in Maryland
vulnerable. officer. She has received endorsements from who are living with HIV/AIDS.
And the race is on in the Fourth District. the Baltimore County 10th District Democratic
Penny McCrimmon is running against Club, and the Stonewall Democratic and
Oliver, as is attorney Leronia Josey. This is Northwest Catonsville Political clubs. She calls
There are exciting, new drugs in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Don’t miss out
McCrimmon’s third run for this seat. Josey herself an experienced problem solver who is because you can’t afford them.
said she’s running out of necessity, because of committed to re-connect with and re-engage the
what she calls “inexcusable neglect” and her county community. Call MADAP today.
“disappointment in the performance of our Penny McCrimmon had not responded by
current councilmanic representative.” AFRO press time.
410-767-6535 Baltimore Area

Black Farmers
Pointing to efforts to 1-800-205-6308 Toll Free in Maryland
save and enact a measure, 410-333-4800 tdd
sponsored by Arkansas
Continued from A1
Democrat Sen. Blanche MADAP is a program of the AIDS Administration
domestic spending. Of the six Republican opposition to Lincoln, that would disburse Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
times the measure came up for the rights of Black farmers . $1.5 billion in disaster relief
approval, not one Republican . . who are affected by the to farmers that lost crops in
voted in support, Boyd said. stalling of settlements to see 2009, Boyd said the plight
Reid told the media that justice is done.” of Black farmers also should
in this latest attempt, the Boyd said he spoke to be treated as an emergency.
Black farmers’ claim will be Senate Minority Leader Mitch Many of the plaintiffs
offered as a stand-alone bill McConnell, R-Ky., who have lost their farms or are Yumday Chewsday Winesday Thirstday
with costs already offset. “I assured him of his support. struggling to maintain their
know there are too many still The Obama administration operations. Others have died.
suffering from treatment of also has expressed its support. “I am concerned that Fryday Platterday Dim Sumday
the U.S. government and we But Boyd said the level of Congress will not act before
have an obligation to make support President Obama the settlement expires –by
things right,” the Gannet demonstrated as a senator agreement amongst the parties
News Service quoted Reid as has not been evident since he it had been extended 50 days
saying. “We have not given up entered the White House. from June 29, 2010,” he said
on passing this legislation…. “We need to get more of a in a statement. “This year I

I will continue fighting push from the president. We have attended the funerals
want him to get involved, the of many Black farmers who

Shooting way he pushed health care,” passed before ever seeing this

Boyd said. “We were one of case resolved.”
Continued from A1 the first Black organizations He added, “We have to pay
to get behind the president the farmers, and we have to
and started blasting.”

AUGUST 13-22
when the media and others pay them right now.”
Kristi Hannah, Thornton’s
had counted him out. We took
girlfriend of eight years told
a chance on him, and we’re AFRO Staff Writer Dorothy
the NY Daily News that the
asking him to take a chance Rowley contributed to this
people that were killed were
on us.” report.
3 Courses • 90+ Restaurants
all names that Thornton
mentioned to her before. “He Culinary Events • Lunch or Dinner
didn’t go around randomly
shooting people,” she said. Enjoy a variety of three-course dinners for only $35.10 or try
“He knew these were the †
three-course lunches just $20.10 . Find convenient and low cost
people who harassed him.”
Hannah denied that Thornton parking at many Baltimore City garages on evenings and weekends,
stole from his employer. at Park once and get around
Family members told a
Downtown on the free Charm City Circulator.
local newspaper that Thornton
complained to them about Don’t Hide The Pride – Make A Difference in your own community!

racial harassment at work for Community Name ____________________________________ Date______________

years, but said reports to a
supervisor proved futile. They
Contact Person: _________________________________________________________ 76AI>BDG:
described him as “laid-back,”
“soft-spoken” and a hard
Phone: ____________________________________ Cell# _______________________

Email: ________________________________________ Fax: ____________________

worker and said that Thornton Mailing Address: ______________________________________ Zip ______________
had never been in trouble with Number of Volunteers: _______________ Brief Description of project(s) :___________

the law. _______________________________________________________________________ For a list of participating restaurants

“He was a really good _______________________________________________________________________ or to make a reservation, visit:
person,” Mayshell Kinder Bags ________ Brooms_________ Rakes ________ Shovels ________ Gloves ________
told the Hartford Courant. “I Deliver Supplies To and On: _________________________________________________ †
Price per person, not including liquor, tax and gratuity. Some restrictions may apply.
would rather die first and have Pick up Supplies From: _____________________________________________________

left my mother without me Block Designations for Trash Pick Up: _________________________________________

than him.”
Gov. M. Jodi Rell said in a DEADLINE: AUGUST 13TH
statement that “we will likely Mail Registration Form To:
never fully understand why it
happened. But an inexplicable Diane W. Hocker
Afro Clean-Green Block Awards

– and indescribable – 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

catastrophe such as this is a Phone: 410-554-8243
cruelly clear reminder that we More to feel good about. SM

must take time in our daily


lives to appreciate what we

A6 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

Community Baltimore Meets 50 Million-Pound Challenge

By AFRO Staff

Morgan State Fine Arts Chair Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently visited

Appointed to Arts Council Edmondson Village to celebrate Baltimoreans who have

recycled 50 million pounds of waste since the start of One Plus
One collections last July.
Dr. Eric Conway, director
Flanked by huge pallets of recycled materials at the
of the world renowned Morgan
Edgewood/Lyndhurst Recreation Center, Mayor Rawlings-
State University Choir, has
Blake praised residents who helped the city reach this
been appointed by Gov. Martin
O’Malley to the Maryland impressive achievement. “We could not have reached this
State Arts Council. milestone without the citizens of Baltimore making the right
Dr. Conway, who also choice and making the effort to recycle. So today, we say,
chairs the University’s Fine ‘Thank you, Baltimore’ and congratulations on recycling 50
Arts Department, served under million pounds,” Rawlings-Blake told the crowd. Courtesy Photo

Jean Allen, president of the Edgewood Neighborhood AFRO Publisher John J. Oliver and Baltimore City Mayor
the tutelage of the late Dr. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Nathan Carter as associate Association and Cynthia Shaw, president of the Lyndhurst
conductor and principal Neighborhood Association were also on hand and reiterated the
accompanist of the famed mayor’s statements. Baltimore city have increased over 50 percent.
choir. According to Cleaner Greener Baltimore, an initiative that AFRO Publisher John J. Oliver joined the mayor and
During more than two seeks to promote environmental improvement, the Edmondson mentioned the company’s Clean-Green Block Campaign, the
decades at Morgan State, Courtesy Photo Village Community has shown the largest improvement in oldest urban environmental program in the nation. In 2007,
Conway has traveled to Dr. Eric Conway recycling since the city moved to collecting trash and recycling the campaign partnered with the city and Cleaner Greener
Africa, Prague and many other once a week. During this time, recycling collections across Baltimore.
countries, and has worked has also performed as a soloist
closely with celebrated choral with several orchestras including
the Baltimore Symphony accounting and business His appointment, which
conductors such as Trevor
Wye, Hillary Hahn, Daniel Orchestra, the Baltimore management, and a doctorate requires Maryland State Senate Daughter Honors Mother’s Years
Heifetz, William Brown and Chamber Orchestra and the in musical arts from the confirmation, will fill the
Janice Chandler. Baltimore Concert Artists. Peabody Conservatory of the
Johns Hopkins University.
remainder of a three-year term
that began July 1, 2009.
of Teaching Nurses
An orchestral pianist, Conway Conway has degrees in
Special to the AFRO


All it took Tumara
Jordan was a few
seconds to decide
what to get her
mother Peggy as
a retirement gift
IS AT PEACE for 35 years as
a nurse educator
at Baltimore
City Community
“Education has
always mattered
to everyone in our Courtesy Photo
family,” Tumara Peggy Jordan and her daughter,
said. “It’s been Tumara
one of the single
most important
things.” Tumara surprised her mother at her retirement party
by announcing she had started the Peggy Jordan Nursing
Scholarship through the BCCC Foundation.
“My mother teaches her students almost like they’re her
own children,” she continued. “Over the years, students were
free to call her at home just about any time of the day or night
with questions. Mom always took the calls. She dedicated her
career to students and it’s been so rewarding for her to watch
them become nurses.”
Originally from Jackson, Miss., Peggy Jordan studied
nursing at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama before graduating
from the University of Maryland with a master’s degree in
nursing. She joined the nursing staff at the old Provident
Hospital and subsequently, began a teaching career at
Provident’s Helene Fuld School of Nursing. From there, 35
years ago, she became a nursing professor at BCCC.
Through her own job as a group marketing manager at
Verizon, Tumara has parlayed her personal donation of $2,500
into an initial scholarship fund of $5,000 with the help of
a Verizon corporate matching contribution. “I hope many
of her friends and former students at BCCC learn about the
Peggy Jordan Scholarship and join with me build to it into a
permanent endowed scholarship one day,” said Tumara, who
hails from Silver Spring, Md.

The Jordan Scholarship will be awarded for the first time

this fall to a student accepted into the BCCC Registered
Nurse program. For more information, contact the BCCC
Foundation Office at 410-462-8328.

Baltimore Woman Welcomes

Feel at ease knowing that you’ve got your daily finances under control.
104th Year of Life
By AFRO Staff
When it comes to managing your money, the key is finding the right balance. SunTrust can help with
everything from fast access to funds to daily balance alerts so you can budget effectively, save auto- Alice Colbert, born Aug. 3,
matically and manage stress. To find out more about how you can stay in control of your finances, visit 1906, in Baltimore, is living, call 800.SUNTRUST or stop by any branch to speak with a SunTrust representative. an exceptionally full life. The
spry centenarian has watched
her family flourish with
five generations and she has
traveled to Panama, Mexico,
Italy and England.
At 104 years old, Colbert
still holds fast to traditions she
garnered as a young woman –
attending church, baking and Courtesy Photo
gardening. However, he love Alice Colbert, 104, is a
for cooking is trumped only Baltimore native.
by her joy of family.
“Her eyes will twinkle with happiness when she is preparing
meals, reading books or telling stories of the family history,”
members of Colbert’s family said.
Colbert is the oldest of three children and married her
childhood sweetheart, John, in 1924. The couple raised three
daughters, whom Colbert attributes to her longevity.
The lifelong Baltimorean said her secret to a full,
prosperous life is generosity, which has allowed her to cultivate
relationships that span numerous states. Colbert can often be
heard saying, “My family means everything to me. It’s what
keeps me going.”
SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2010 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and Live Solid. Bank Solid. are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

STI1-DEP-10-04483 10.2 AA Print 7.188x14.indd 1 6/9/10 3:49 PM

August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American A7

Life is a ‘Pre-
existing Condition’
Last March, President “What are we to do?” they asked
Obama invited me to join their nation.
him at the White House as he Now, we can give them the
signed our Patient Protection answer they deserve.
and Affordable Care Act Aug. 1 was the day our
(H.R. 3590) into law. Affordable Care Act became real
While waiting for the for people in Maryland with “pre-
Rep. Elijah president to arrive at that existing conditions,” a day all of
Cummings historic ceremony, my us should remember and celebrate.
thoughts went out to the Here in Maryland, thanks to
millions of Americans whose lives will be transformed for the visionary action by Gov. Martin
better because of what we had been able to accomplish. O’Malley and our Maryland
I thought back to July of last year when thousands of our Legislature, our state can expect
neighbors dialed into to my Healthcare Telephone Town Hall. to receive $85 million in federal
They knew that health care reform was a challenge we had to funding to assure that neighbors
meet. like Beverly Barkoye, George Kelly
My neighbors expressed their deep concerns about and Sandra Teplica receive the
skyrocketing insurance premiums, losing their coverage, and more affordable, high-quality health
being denied insurance because of “pre-existing conditions.” insurance that they need.
They understood that out-of-control costs and bloated insurance It is critical that we pass this
company profits were stifling our economy and forcing message on to family and friends a life-saver for the nearly 10,000 Marylanders – like Beverly
thousands into bankruptcy. who have no health insurance because of their medical condition. Barkoye, George Kelly and Sandra Teplica – whose lives would
Most compelling of all, they testified to an even harsher Now, after being without insurance for six months, be at far greater risk without it.
truth. Tens of thousands of Americans have been dying each Maryland residents with pre-existing medical conditions can For all of the ranting, partisan opposition, the debate
year because they lacked insurance coverage. apply for and receive insurance through the Maryland Health about health care reform is ultimately based upon a very
Our president and I realized that these premature deaths are Insurance Plan. straightforward choice: Either we believe that every life has
an unacceptable blight upon our national morality. Standing They simply need to call (443) 738-0067 or go on the value and that we all are in this life together or we do not.
there with him last March, I recalled a press conference I had Internet to http://www.marylandhealthinsuranceplan.state. No humane society can allow between 18,000 and 45,000
held to project some humanity into a national healthcare debate The MHIP Federal Insurance Plan covers a broad human beings to die every year, simply because they cannot
that was becoming too abstract. range of health benefits, including primary and specialty care, afford a health insurance plan. That, however, is precisely what
I will never forget those who spoke then from their own life hospital care and prescription drugs – and it does so even when the greatest nation in the world has been doing – and what our
experience. the health care treatment is for pre-existing conditions. Affordable Care Act is designed to end.
Beverly Barkoye had suffered two strokes. Any humane This insurance is designed to be affordable, not free. After all, our survival and the survival of those we love are
society would have assured her a regular doctor’s care – but she Premiums range from $141 monthly for individuals under 30 to also pre-existing conditions – to everything else in life that we
was living in fear because she had no insurance. $354 monthly from persons 65 and older. There also is a $1,500 hold dear.
Mr. George Kelly and Ms. Sandra Teplica had lost their deductible and a $1,500 out-of-pocket limit.
insurance coverage while being treated for cancer – and, then, To be certain, this is not the national, single-payer health Congressman Elijah E. Cummings represents Maryland’s
were denied alternative coverage because they had “preexisting insurance system based upon Medicare that I would prefer Seventh Congressional District in the United States House of
conditions.” (and believe this nation will ultimately adopt). However, it is Representatives.

Blacks Split With Obama Over Education Reform

(NNPA) — At the recent Specifically she was talking about how her view of both most Black children are – has become official. Many Black
National Urban League “choice” and “accountability” had changed and her conclusion parents support choice because it has been sold to them as
convention, President that neither would improve American education. A radical point providing the best education.
Obama’s speech took aim at of view! The Obama administration has put the largest amount of
criticisms launched by the So, President Obama at the NUL pointed to the money on the table for education in the history of the country.
Black civil rights community unprecedented amount of funds for education in the Recovery But he needs to change the paradigm of accountability as
over the educational reforms Act that saved the jobs of many teachers and the recent roll punishment if a school doesn’t turn around, to emphasize
proposed by Secretary of out of the grant program that provided funds for “Race To what Barbara Arnwine, president of the Lawyers’ Committee,
Education Arne Duncan. The Top” to the first 18 states. He defended the criticism that says should be providing the necessary resources to enrich the
The 17-page document, it was not supportive of minority students by saying that state academic culture to enable these schools to succeed.
“Framework for proposals had to have a robust minority program. In this scheme of things, accountability should be changed
Providing All Students He spent a great deal of time suggesting that while he to supplement the deficiencies in the resources foundation of a
an Opportunity to Learn supported teachers, they were, in effect, the lynchpin of school, not to assume that all the needed resources are there and
through Reauthorization accountability for his new reforms. Again, this view – very the teachers are the main culprit in lack of student achievement.
Ron Walters of the Elementary and little different from the Bush administration’s – also goes after Teachers are but one factor. In a 21st century model of
Secondary Education Act,” teachers unions as a barrier to the concept of accountability. excellent education, the mountain of research that links
was put together by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Moreover, since civil rights groups criticize the Duncan poverty to education suggests that a more rigorous social unit
the NAACP, the National Urban League, Rainbow PUSH plan as too charter school top heavy, the president defended should be developed for schools. Otherwise, the NCLB model
Coalition, National Council for Educating Black Children it by saying the bad ones [charter schools] would be closed of blaming teachers is what has led the Washington, D.C.
and the Schott Foundation for Public Education. These down. But this didn’t challenge the concept, since a recent Chancellor Michelle Rhee to fire 241 teachers, with 700 more
organizations discovered last year that Duncan was putting authoritative study by Margaret Raymond at Stanford on the list because they didn’t evaluate well on a questionable
together a draft proposal known as “Race To The Top” with University, for the pro-charter Walton Family Foundation, measurement standard.
little input from the African-American community, and this found that only 17 percent of charters out-performed matched The president suggests that while Duncan is “trying to shake
document stands as an important critique of that proposal from public schools; the other 83 percent were either no better or no things up,” those who oppose him either resist change or are
our point of view. worse. “comfortable with the status quo.” Does he really believe that
I knew that something was terribly wrong about the Duncan These findings are similar to those in Washington, D.C., these civil rights organizations don’t want the best for Black
proposals when Diane Ravitch, an architect of “No Child which has the largest number of charters in the country. children?
Left Behind” in the Bush administration, wrote a piece in The The support for charters and public funding of private
Nation explaining why she no longer supports NCLB. In that schools is the modern version of the segregated academies Ron Walters is a political analyst and professor emeritus
piece she says, “I expected that Obama would throw out NCLB of the period before Brown v. Board of Education. Today, of government and politics at the University of Maryland,
and start over. But, on the contrary, his administration has Whites flee public schools demanding “choice” as they become College Park. His latest book, with Toni-Michelle Travis is,
embraced some of the worst features of the George W. Bush significantly populated by Black and Hispanic students and so “Democratic Destiny and the District of Columbia” (Rowman
era.” the neoliberal paradigm that devalues public education – where and Littlefield Publishers, 2010).

Letters to the Editor

Racist Picture of Lynching in Your Paper Prince, also serves to reinforce the Democratic Party’s lie that instead of farming for someone else under the conditions of forced
I was appalled to open this week’s edition of the AFRO to find a “Republicans are racist,” and it also brings the tea party into the labor, torture and abuse, they would be given the opportunity of full
racially insensitive, politically slanderous, and historically incorrect same umbrella, to be hated and vilified by any who don’t know their citizenship: to own land, protect land and farm their own land for
picture of a lynching by an artist whose name appears to be Kofi history or can’t read between the all the misinformation contained their own profit and for the good of the community.
Tyus. This picture appeared beside the opinion piece: “The Great therein. You also printed a “Letter to the Editor” which attacked Well over 200 years later, the National Black Farmers’ Association
American Racial Abyss,” which pretended to point out race-baiting Michael Steele and other Blacks in the Republican Party, or who is still waiting for the approval of a $1.25 million settlement
on both sides of the political spectrum, but which was clearly slanted defended the tea parties. Reflecting back to your paper’s attempts to (probably the sum of the 40 acres and mules freed slaves should have
to favor the Democratic Party and its devoted operatives in the Black defend the NAACP and the Obama administration, both for crying received in the first place), as Black farmers have continued to suffer
community. racism during the health care rallies when there was no racism and discrimination and losses in financial opportunities and benefits from
The photo which I am referring to features the words, “Right for firing Shirley Sherrod without checking their facts, it is clear that the very government department created to partner with them… It
Wing Propaganda” over a man in a hood and robe setting fire to a your paper is just a print version of the NAACP, which serves not to is important to note that for years, many Black Americans have felt
Black woman (Shirley Sherrod) tied to a post or a tree, with the word advance the interests of “colored people,” but to advance and defend they were owed “reparations” for the years of toiling the land in
“FEAR” underneath the fire. This is an unmistakable association with the interests of the Democratic Party—the party that lynched my the slavery system of the United States. No bargains yet. However,
a lynching, as many of my ancestors were tied to trees and burned ancestors, enslaved my ancestors, and which continues to persecute it is also important to note that other ethnic groups have received
alive by White men in hoods and robes. This is grossly insulting, as my contemporaries and future generations through a godless, socialist reparations (Japanese-Americans due to the internment during
the so-called “right wing” was never among these types. In fact, if agenda based on self-hate, race-hate, and hatred of the founding, the World War II; Native Americans due to lands stolen by the U.S.
Mr. Tyus had done his research or knew his history, he would know history, and the continued existence of the United States of America. government). My next question is: when will Black Americans, who
that it was the Democratic Party that launched the Ku Klux Klan, and We have a house divided once again, and with the continued spent over 200 years of slavery farming this land, be compensated?
which lynched Black people for over half-a-century, continuing their baseless, devotedly partisan attacks like your paper is engaging in, it Where is the 40 acres and mule? When will Black farmers be repaid
discrimination well into the 1960s and beyond. This picture serves to will not long stand. for the years of discrimination since the Civil War? They don’t
undo all of the equivocation that the article beside it pretends to do. It need another chief in the civil rights department of the USDA. The
leaves in the mind of the reader the impression that Republicans are Robert Broadus USDA secretary should use the full force of policy and programs to
lynching Black people. This is not very different from what I see in Candidate for Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District enforce the policies and share the benefits with every farmer in this
your paper every week. You’ve done a terrific, though sophomoric country. There is a great need still, for governance in the government.
job of demonizing your opponent. If you can’t compare them to The Tragedy of a Promised Unfulfilled – Still No 40 Acres Government officials, let’s get it right!
Nazis (this has already been done) then compare them to the Klan. and a Mule
Ignore the truth or the facts, and just demonize, demonize, demonize. When will government officials in Washington keep their Verinda M. Birdsong
The other articles in your paper, especially the front-page article promises to Black Americans? During the reconstruction period after Baltimore City, Md.
titled “Obama, NAACP Caught by Race Bait” written by Zenitha the Civil War, government officials promised emancipated slaves that
10.75 in.
A8 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

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Spring_10.75x19.5_5V.indd 1 09.07.2010 22:33:29

August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American B1

On July 23, members of Maryland

Rev. Dr. James B. Gray
Baptist community celebrated the
Rev. James B. Gray, who was
recently named president
of the United Baptist Pearl Thomas, Joan Summers, Rev.
Missionary Convention of Charles Davis Jr. and Audrey Davis
Maryland. The reception took
place at the organization’s
facility on Madison Avenue
in Baltimore. Dr. Matthew
L. Jones was the previous
Ron “Fang” Mitchell and leader.
Donna Scott
Dr. Beverly O’Bryant
Photos by Bill Tabron
Mary Young and
Dorothy Johnson

Windy and Destiny Smith

Avery Penn, G.I. Johnson
Pianist Mary Benz
and Dennis Penn
Mary Gray, wife of Rev.
James Gray

The Rev. Dr. Cleveland T.A. Mason II,

first vice-president, UMBC

Gray and Baltimore City

Council President Bernard
“Jack” Young The Daughters of Praise
Dancers from Pleasant
Zion Baptist Church

Earlie Boone, Mathew Briton

(standing) Carrol Dickens and
William Evans

Carl Humphrey and

members of The
Departure Group
Courtesy Photo

Carl Humphrey
and a club

Courtesy Photos
Carl Humphrey, an Atlanta-based businessman vision of entrepreneurs collectively known as On Aug. 7, Vashti-Jasmine McKenzie and Amos Saint-Jean will wed
and grandson of former AFRO Publisher Betty The Departure Group, which Humphrey is part at Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church in Fort Washington,
Murphy Moss of Baltimore, recently launched of, this airplane-influenced ultra lounge caters to Md. The bride is a graduate of Howard University and the groom
attended the University of Central Florida. McKenzie writes faith-
an aviation-themed club in Shanghai, China, both professionals and party-goers in a distinctive
based column “GospelFab!” and Saint-Jean is a gospel music artist.
called Departure 10 Ultra Lounge. Through the atmosphere.
B2 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

Faith Pulse Zion Baptist Honors Pastor on

25th Anniversary
Faith Bytes Special to the AFRO Standing firmly on the doctrine of his
Aug. 7 Rev. Antoine O. McClurkin preacher for The Clarion favorite scripture Romans 1:16, “For I am
Help the Girl Scouts of is pastor of The Divine Call: The Sixth General Dr. Marshall F. Prentice is the pastor of not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is
Troop No. 1424 of John Cathedral Church. Convention and Holy Zion Baptist Church, a progressive, urban the power of God unto salvation to everyone
Wesley UMC feed the Convocation of MarketPlace congregation in the heart of Baltimore. that believeth; to the Jews first, and also the
homeless, 1 p.m. at the Aug. 8 Fellowship and Churches Prentice, a native of Pittsburgh, Pa., Greek,” Prentice has preached the word in
church, 3202 W. North Ave. In observation of South and Covenant Partners, 7 graduated from Geneva College with a Africa and throughout the United States.
For more information, call African Women’s Day on p.m., Aug. 11-13, at Perkins double major in elementary education A great supporter of higher education,
410-383-1525. The Rev. Dr. Aug. 9, Life Restoration Square Baptist Church, and theology. He received a master’s in Rev. Prentice’s leadership is evident in the
Alfreda Wiggins is pastor of Ministry is presenting the 2500 Edmondson Ave.,
counseling education from the University of church’s support of the United Negro College
the church. South African Choir in where the Rev. Cleveland
concert under the direction T.A. Mason is the pastor. Pittsburgh and a master’s degree from the Fund, Coppin State University, Morgan
Don’t miss the annual of Mike Nguyuza, 3 p.m., Daily teaching by Elder Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology at State University and other historically
Family Fun Festival, noon at Shiloh AME Church, Ronald B. Highsmith, pastor Virginia Union University in Richmond, Va. Black colleges and universities. On Feb.
to 5 p.m. in the 200 block of 2601 Lyndhurst Ave. For of Sanctuary Church, is Under the pastorship of Dr. Lehman 28, 2009, Rev. Prentice was honored for
N. Chester St. The festival, more information call scheduled 9 a.m. to noon, Bates, Prentice was licensed and ordained by his contributions with the Coppin State
which includes food, 410-233-4649. The Rev. Aug. 11, 12. For more Victory Baptist Church in Pittsburgh. Seven University Vision Award. Additionally, in
games, snacks and an array Dr. Mankekolo Mahlangu- information, visit www. years prior to becoming the under shepherd September 2004, the church opened Zion
of vendors, is sponsored Ngcobo is the founder and or of Zion, he served as the pastor of the First Christian Middle School, the first Christian
by The Divine Cathedral servant of Life Restoration call 410-462-3010. The Right Antioch Baptist Church of Greensburg, Pa. middle school in Baltimore devoted solely to
Church and other community Ministry. The Rev. Charlotte Rev. Stanley M. Butler is the Pastor Prentice has held many positions educating students in grades six, seven and
organizations. Doresa Harvey R. Clemons is pastor of presiding prelate.
since coming to Baltimore, including: eight.
of Heaven 600 will be the Shiloh AME Church.
emcee. For more information president of Clergy United for Renewal of Pastor Prentice is married to the former
Aug. 13
call 410-675-3288, visit Aug. 10 Mt. Hattin Baptist East Baltimore (C.U.R.E.), president of the Elvira Johnson, and they are the proud or www. The Right Rev. John R. Church is presenting “The Progressive Baptist Convention for the state parents of three – Tonya, Preston and Kevin. The Bryant is the convocation Wiz,” 6:30 p.m., Aug. 13 of Maryland and co-chair of Baltimoreans They are also the proud grandparents of two
and 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Aug. United in Leadership Development grandsons, Brandon Jamaal and Konner
14, in the auditorium of (B.U.I.L.D), a clergy caucus. Anthony.
Mergenthaler Vocational
High School, 3500 Hillen
Road. For more information
call 410-258-6051. The Rev.
Clay Burston is pastor of Mt.
Hattin Baptist Church, 2409
Aisquith St.
Dr. Elias A. Dorsey, 69
Baltimore Administrator, Iota Phi Theta Founder
Breakaway@5 Elias Augustus Dorsey Jr., Junior College, director of
Beginning on Sept. one of the 12 founders of Iota Park West Medical Center,
12, share a meal, prayer, Phi Theta Fraternity, died deputy commissioner of
meditation, dialogue and July 29 from complications the Baltimore City Health
fellowship at St. Mary’s
related to pancreatic cancer Department and deputy
Episcopal Church, Woodlawn
at 5610 Dogwood Road, at Gilchrist Hospice Care in commissioner of the city’s
Baltimore. Event takes place Towson. He was 69. housing authority. He served
from 5-7 p.m. on Sundays. Dorsey, or “Tink” as he in the latter position from
For more information, was frequently called, was 1998 to 2000, when he
call 410-944-4236, visit a popular city administrator retired.
stmaryschurchwoodlawn. and worked as an educator Outside of work, the
org or e-mail st.marys. and deputy commissioner of fraternity founder was active the Housing Authority of the in several organizations,
City of Baltimore. DR. ELIAS A. DORSEY including the Roman
Send your church A lifelong Baltimorean, Catholic Cathedral of Mary
or ministry news to years that Dorsey and 11
Dr. Dorsey was the son of a other friends established Iota Our Queen, where he was
contractor and a homemaker Phi Theta Fraternity, which is a Eucharist minister and
and grew up in the Pimlico now recognized as a member cathedral tour guide and the
neighborhood. He spent of the National Pan-Hellenic Baltimore Youth Alliance,
much of his adulthood in Council. According to its where he was a longtime
the Woodlawn area. Dorsey Web site, the organization chairman. Dorsey also
was a 1958 graduate of now boasts more than 40,000 enjoyed fishing, cars and was
Forest Park High School members worldwide. an Orioles fan.
- Along Baltimore’s Famous Pennsylvania Avenue - and attended Morgan State. In addition, he spent Dorsey’s sister, Catherine
- Main Stage: Lafayette & Pennsylvania Avenue - He later earned a bachelor’s his college years as a C. Dorsey, said her brother
9/3: Join elected officials for Heritage Trail unveiling, plus degree from Antioch College. postal worker and from was the “patriarch for our
The Spindels perform. Several years later, Dorsey 1966 to 1969 he taught in family, the elderly and the
continued his education and Baltimore City schools. young.”
9/4: Cadillac Parade, 50s Music, Poetry In Motion Contest earned a master’s degree in After teaching, Dorsey “He kept the children on
and more. health administration and a worked as a city housing the right course by education,
9/5: Gospel celebration featuring the “Singing Sensations.” doctorate, also from Antioch. inspector. He also worked as scholarships and mentoring.
Sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance. It was during his college an administrator at Baltimore Elias was the ‘go-to’ relative,
always ready and able to
assist his family,” she said.
visit For the Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage
Trail tour go to “Whatever our family
needed, he was willing and
able to provide.”
According to Iota Phi
Theta’s Web site, Dorsey –
along with founders Charles
Briscoe, Webster Lewis and
other deceased fraternity
brothers – is now part of the
Alpha Iota Omega Memorial
Chapter. He leaves to mourn
his memory a son, Jason;
Courtesy of Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
Professor Ernst Borinski teaching in the social science lab,

daughter, Kim; sister, Cathy

and three grandchildren.

The Dorsey family asks

that contributions in Elias
Dorsey’s name be made to
Tougaloo College, MS, ca. 1960.

the Baltimore Youth Alliance,

6101 Loch Raven Blvd., Apt.
408., 21239.

April 23 to September 26, 2010 Free Service

Obituaries are printed
Learn the stories of two disenfranchised groups – Jewish professors who fled for free by the AFRO-
Nazi Germany and African-American students at historically black colleges American Newspapers.
where the refugee professors taught. Send funeral program
Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges was created and is circulated by the and picture to:
Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.
Obituaries, Baltimore
For more information and for programs and events listing, go to AFRO-American Newspaper
2519 N. Charles St. ,
Reginald F. Lewis Museum Baltimore, Md. 21218
830 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 | (443) 263-1800 Or fax to:
(two blocks east of Inner Harbor)
August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American B3

On—Ben’s Chili Bowl Ventures into Maryland

All Hail the DJ

Hip-hop pioneers honored at awards showcase
Courtesy Photo
By Gregory Dale was given the duties of ensuring the safety of Bambaataa and the show. Eddie “OG
AFRO Staff Writer DJ’s Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Red Alert. Over a The three-day event Eddie” Myles
decade later, he founded Edwin Myles Consulting Firm, an will also feature a trade
The historic components of hip hop—an emcee, organization that aims to promote numerous independent and expo, celebrity basketball
microphone and disc jockey—changed as the genre evolved major record labels and artists. game, empowerment
over the years. The latter of the list, once the fundamental As a veteran in the game and entertainment industry insider seminars and an
backbone of classic hip hop, eventually started to fade as for over 25 years, Myles has helped to launch the careers of entertainment
music moved into a new era. But hip hop guru Eddie Myles artists such as Master P, B2K, Ginuwine and Mack 10, among workshop among
aims to reassert the DJ as a central figure in this genre and many others. He launched the IDJ Trade Association in 2008 many other
honor the masters of this forgotten talent through an upcoming and continues to extend his knowledge to promote and consult events.
award show scheduled to take place in Atlanta. artists, DJ’s, record labels and businesses worldwide.
The annual International DJ Trade Association Awards, The IDJT awards, now approaching its third year, The Annual
founded by Myles, spotlights DJ’s—those who are responsible spotlights various radio DJ’s on a local, regional, national and International
for much of the music we hear today. international scale. In addition, club and mixtape DJ’s are also DJ Trade
“Throughout the years, DJ’s were never really concentrated honored, as they often play pivotal roles in the industry. Association
on or respected in the game for breaking records,” Myles told “There’s over 3,000 DJ’s already registered this year…the Awards and
the AFRO in a recent interview. “DJ’s don’t make as much response is overwhelming,” Myles said. “It’s not just a hip-hop Expo will
money as these artists do and DJ’s are the ones that put them situation; we’re dealing with all genres. We’re honoring the take place
on the map.” oldest DJ alive to today’s DJ.” on Aug. 8
Myles, deemed “hip hop’s youngest forefather,” witnessed The event will also feature a lineup of big names in the and will
the unrecognized contributions of DJ’s firsthand. Recruited industry including Crime Mob, the Force MDs and Waka conclude on Aug. 11 in Atlanta, Ga. For more information,
in 1973 by the famous hip-hop DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Myles Flocka. Singers Montell Jordan and Angie Stone are set to host visit:

with music, dancing assortment 8521 Liberty Road. The Elliott The purposes of the and more. Headlining there
of vendors and a variety of Levine Trio and vocalist Tim festivals have been designed entertainment this year will be
By Rosa Pryor ethnic foods. It is free. Brooks will perform at Sista’s to help revitalize the cultural the internationally acclaimed
On Tuesday, Aug. 10, Place on Wednesday, Aug. 18. expression of the city of jazz musician, Najee. Many,
Summertime is not over turn left on the 100 block of saxophonist and recording For more information call 410- Baltimore. There will be many many other entertainments
yet! Schroeder Street, a right on the artist, Jacques “Saxman” 340-2002. family and community service and speakers focusing on
1000 block to the 1300 block Johnson will be performing at activities; including a prayer community awareness will be
My lands of mercy! So of Layette Street then march the Blues Alley Jazz Supper The Muslim Community for peace in the community there. I’ll see you there.
much information I need to through Franklin Square Park. Club in Washington D.C. He Cultural Center of Baltimore from two members of the
give you about what’s going on There will be lots and lots of will also be celebrating his (MCCCB), a non-profit Baltimore Interfaith Coalition, Well my friends, this is it.
and such a little space to put it live entertainment including 71st birthday. There will be organization is sponsoring its free health screening and I am out of space and out of
in. But I will try to do the best I the Spindles and M. C Booze two shows, 8 and 10 p.m. For 8th Annual New Africa Festival information and resource time. If you need me, call me at
can. There are a lot of festivals, and his band, a variety of food, tickets and information, go to will be held on Saturday, Aug. booths. The festival events 410-833-9474 or e-mail me at
concerts, shows and special clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts web site: 7, at Leakin Park between will include activities and
events coming up, starting with vendors. There will be an area Dennison and Edgewood streets games for the children, awards UNTIL THE NEXT TIME,
this weekend. for children to play with games, FestAfrica 2010, an African along the 3400 block of W. for outstanding community I’M MUSICAL YOURS.
crafts and fishing. Also, all the festival with traditional music, North Ave. from 12 noon until service, entertainment, I’LL SEE YOU AT THE
The Baltimore Music hospitals in the 44th District crafts and art, dances and food 9 p.m. food, merchandise vendors NEWSSTAND.
Festival 2010 will be held will be participating. Free will be held Aug. 14 and 15,
Aug. 6-7, at CenterStage, 700 health screenings and much noon until 8 p.m. on Patterson
N. Calvert St., in Baltimore. more. Come early and enjoy! It Park at Linwood and Eastern
Presented by Bilal Ali is free. avenues. For more information,
Productions, this festival will call 410-608-0420. Choose
feature over 15 professional Another festival, the
performers over the two days
starting at 7 p.m. on both
days. The VIP reception will
International Festival will
be held Aug. 7-8 at the Poly/
Western High School near Falls
Happy birthday to Patsy
Hutchins, the wife of the
popular promoter and real
The Quality of Mercy...
be held from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Road and West Coldspring estate agent, Carlos Hutchins
The festival will be hosted by Lane from noon until 9 p.m. who recently celebrated her
for your personal OB/GYN
Trish Hennessey and Myranda The festival is a celebration of birthday at Sista’s Place Night
Stephens from television Baltimore’s cultural diversity Club and Restaurant, located
station FOX 45. The 2010
performers include: Paul
Taylor, Pamela Williams, Eric “FUNNY AND ORIGINAL...
Roberson, Marcus Mitchell,
Drew Davidsen, Karensa Gray,
Terri S. Isaac Parham, Trey
Eley, Shang, comedian Larry
Lancaster, Marcell Russell
and Scola. This year’s festival “THE SUMMER’S
honorees are Radio One’s FUNNIEST
Larry Young, Charles Dutton, MOVIE.”
the Rev. Anthony Brown and Mark S. Allen, CBS/CW STATIONS

Cameron Miles.
A portion of the proceeds
go to benefit Mentoring in
The Hood and The Dream
4 It Foundation. For more
information, call 410-332-0033.

Delegate Ruth Kirk’s 16th

Annual Family Fun Festival
along with entertainment
coordinator and director Cleve Carmen Farrior, M.D., M.B.A., Jennifer Taylor, M.D.,
Brister, are doing again. It will
be bigger than all the others and Angela Hopkins-Luna, M.D., provide obstetrics
at Franklin Square Park on N.
Carey and W. Lexington streets and gynecologic care to women of all ages
on August 14 and August 15,
noon until 8 p.m. in their all female OB/GYN group practice.
The opening of the festival
will begin with a parade,
on Saturday at 11 a.m. at
the corner of Fremont and
Now accepting new patients.
Lexington streets. And you
will never guess who the grand Commercentre East
marshal is—yours truly. When
Cleve Brister asked me to do 1777 Reisterstown Road | Suite 235
this, I thought he was out of
his mind. Can you imagine
Pikesville, Maryland 21208
my big fat body sitting on
top of a convertible with the
top down waving at ya’ll


and proud that I was asked

to do this and be apart of this
800 block of Lexington Street,
B4 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

More Sports on Heavy Expectations Push Ravens through Training Camp

No Average Joe on the Path to the Pros

By Perry Green 6-inch, 350-pound Silver lineman. Unfortunately for to the pro level.
AFRO Sports Editor Spring, Md. native with the Charles, he hasn’t received While most of the
prototypical size and talent of the same exposure most 300-pounders seen colliding
Meet Joe Charles, a 6-foot- a pile-driving NFL offensive prospects receive upon entry into each other on NFL
Sundays come from
powerhouse collegiate
athletic conferences such as
the Southeastern Conference
(SEC) or the Atlantic Coast
Conference (ACC), Charles
dominated on a much smaller
After attending junior
college, the 25-year-old
played two seasons for the
Glenville State College
Pioneers under the direction
of head coach Alan Fiddler.
Charles helped Glenville
State win the West Virginia
Intercollegiate Athletic
Conference (WVIAC)
championship in 2008 and
earned All-WVIAC 1st team
honors in 2009. He led his
team with more than 100
knockdowns in his senior
year, which helped him rank Courtesy Photo
amongst the top 60 offensive
Maryland native Joseph Charles hopes the Indoor
linemen listed in the 2010
Enjoy a Summer of Savings! NFL Draft.
But despite being one
Football League will be a valuable stepping stone in his
path to the NFL.
of very few Division II
football players listed on record this past season led With a much shorter, less-
Every Tuesday is Ollie’s Bargain Night the Profootballweekly. by former Virginia Tech star wide field, indoor football
com NFL prospects list, quarterback and 2010 IFL appears much faster than the
presented by Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Charles wasn’t drafted or MVP Bryan Randall. The style of football Charles has
Each Tuesday, all Upper Reserve seats are only $8. signed by an NFL team this Revolution earned a trip to played throughout most of his
offseason. Charles hasn’t the playoffs, but lost to the career. But he thinks playing
Every Thursday is Kids Night quit yet, however. He signed Rochester Raiders, 26-24, in at this speed will help him
Kids 10 and under can receive a FREE Upper Reserve seat with a earlier this summer with the the first round. when he does finally make it
paying adult every Thursday! (Up to two free kids per adult.) Richmond Revolution of the
Indoor Football League after
graduating from Glenville “I’m ready to get back on the field and
Every Friday is AT&T Student Night State.
Each Friday, students with a valid school I.D. can purchase Revolution head coach
continue proving why I belong...”
LF Upper Reserve seats for only $6. Steve Criswell coached
Charles during the WVIAC Charles says he’s already to the next level. “The game
All-Star Game and couldn’t waiting for the 2011 season is so fast so I have to get out
Happy Birthday from the Orioles and Carvel! help notice his talent. to start. “I’m ready to get in my blocking stance quicker
Register at to receive a FREE ticket for your birthday. “Besides his obvious size and back on the field and continue and make my run blocks with
skills as a run blocker, Joe has proving why I belong,” said more explosion,” Charles told
Junior Orioles Dugout Club excellent leadership skills,” Charles, who will more the AFRO.
coach Criswell told the than likely take on the vital He also mentioned how
presented by Chick-fil-A AFRO. “He was a stand-up responsibility of protecting former NFL MVP Kurt
Fans 14 and under receive tickets to 10 games,
leader throughout the entire his quarterback’s blindside. Warner once dominated
plus tons of fun extras for just $17. All-Star game experience, so “The game is a little different indoor football and how it
Family members can purchase additional tickets for just $6. when I noticed him at one of than what I played in helped him become a better
our games at the end of the college, but I can handle the player once he made it to
season, I had to get him on challenge.” the NFL. “Warner is best
my team.” Indoor football is different known for his quick passing
Charles wasn’t offered from standard American release, and that’s something
a contract until June, but football because the field is he had to develop just to
because the IFL’s season runs only 50 yards long and about survive in an indoor football
from spring through summer, 85 feet wide. Indoor football environment,” Charles said,
he was still able to contribute also allows only eight players “so maybe I’ll develop some
to the team’s postseason play. from each team to take the good habits here that will help
The Richmond Revolution field each play versus the me defenders off quarterbacks
had an outstanding 13-1 11-on-11 format of the NFL. like Warner.”

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Ad Name: GAL Closing Date: 6.3.10 Trim: 11 x 2
Item #: PBW20089322 QC: RR Bleed: none
Order #: 219005 Pub: Baltimore Afro Times Live: 10.75 x 1.75
August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American B5

Community Calendar
tribute to the “fellas.” $30. this inspirational workshop, Madison Ave., Baltimore.
For more information: learn how you can break 12-8 p.m. The Annual Stone through emotional struggles Soul Picnic includes main
in 2010. $49. For more stage performances including
Aug. 5 Aug. 14 information: 813-373-8114. national and local talent,
Aug. 13 Milbrook Park Drive, More Heart Than Talent games, guest speakers and
Pre-order Tickets for ‘The Ladies of Like Minds-Date Baltimore. 8 p.m.-1 a.m.
Wiz’ Sheraton Inner Harbor Baltimore Stone Soul Picnic more. For more information:
Night For Him Bash Join in an evening of music, Hotel, 300 S. Charles St., www.magic959baltimore.
CENTERSTAGE, 700 N. Daniels’ Caterers, 6806 fare and fun at this special
Calvert St., Baltimore. The Baltimore. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. In Druid Hill Park, 2600 com.
1975 Broadway hit The Wiz is
coming to Baltimore on Sept.
29. Patrons who purchase

summer apparel clearance

advance tickets before Aug.
23 will be in line for the best
seats available. All orders
must be purchased on the

5O -75 off

% %
Jazz and Soul Festival 2010
Security Square Mall
Grounds, 6901 Security
Blvd., Baltimore. 6-9:30 p.m.
Enjoy a fun evening with
vendors, food, line dancing,
face painting and live jazz
music. For more information:
410-655-1114. Orig.* prices

get it now, wear it now!

Johns Hopkins Hospital,
Turner Auditorium, 720
Rutland Ave., Baltimore. 7
p.m. Unified Voices of Johns
Hopkins will present this
Broadway musical based on
the film All About Eve. $10.
For more information: 443-
Aug. 7
Eighth Annual New Africa
Leakin Park, 3401 W.
North Ave., Baltimore.
12-9 p.m. Join in the annual
African celebration featuring
a lineup of many talented
artists. For more information:
Elite Gospel Festival and
Community Outreach
Liberty Grace Church
of God, 3400 Copley Road,
Baltimore. 7 p.m. Come out
to this community event
featuring praise teams,
choirs and more. For more
information: 410-303-9240.

Christ Alive Music Festival

Washington Blvd. and S.
Monroe St., Baltimore. 10
a.m.-7 p.m. Experience this
multicultural Christian music
festival with over 20 national
and local Christian artists.
Festival will also include live
music, speakers, games and
more. For more information: selections for her:
Aug. 11
Harborplace Family Fun sportswear for misses, petites & women
Harborplace, Light
swimwear • shoes • handbags • more
St. Pavilion, 200 E. Pratt
St., Baltimore. 10-11 a.m.
Bring the family out to this selections for him:
event featuring kid-friendly
entertainment as Harborplace sportswear • designer collections • more
celebrates 30 years. For more
information: 410-243-1333.

Speak Your Piece!

selections for kids:
Singer’s Bar, 227 W.
Chase St., Baltimore. 6:30-
tops • sets • playwear • more
9 p.m. Witness the unique
poetry of local poet Jaki-
Terry. For more information:
5O% + 15% off fine jewelry clearance
Orig.* $500-$3000. Final cost $170-$1020.
Warm Wednesdays
5 Seasons, 830 Guilford
Ave., Baltimore. 8:30 p.m.-2
a.m. Experience the ultimate
plus, 2O%-7O% off Orig.* prices.
venue in spoken word from
many poets in the region. $5. home clearance selections:
For more information: 410-
207-9832. bed & bath • electrics • luggage • housewares • more
Aug. 12
Using Computers: The
Enoch Pratt Free Library,
Central Branch, 400
Cathedral St., Baltimore. 10
a.m.-12 p.m. In this adult and
senior class, learn the basics
of dealing with computers
from creating documents
with Microsoft Word to
surfing the Internet. For more
information: 410-396-5430.

 Let’s Go Baltimore! A
Celebration of Life
Pier 5 Hotel, 711 Eastern
Ave., Baltimore. 6-11 p.m.
Join the Charm City Wellness
THE PAST 90 DAYS. EXTRA SAVINGS VALID THROUGH 8/8/10. *Intermediate price reductions may have been taken. Extra savings are taken off
Open a Macy’s Account for
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B6 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010

l ad 410-554-8200

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our branch office at 410-
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$39,500.00 YOUR BUSINESS WITH Security ProtectionSolution Services at
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TRAFFIC??? Advertise 23, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. local time. No bids
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TRUCK DRIVERS WANT- 5.2 million readers weekly INVITATION FOR BIDS
NANNY, 20 YEARS information contact us at City of Baltimore IFB NUMBER: B-1632-10 HVAC SERVICES
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$.48/mile company driv- (”HABC”) will issue an Invitation for Bids
ers! HEARTLAND Sealed proposals addressed to the Board of (”IFB”) for qualified and interested vendors The Housing Authority of Baltimore City
AD NETWORK EXPRESS 1-800-441- VACATION Estimates of Baltimore, will be received until, to submit sealed bids to provide design-build (”HABC”) will issue an Invitation for Bids
Ad Network 4353 www.heartlandex- RENTALS but not later than 11:00 a.m. local time on plumbing services at twenty (20) scattered (”IFB”) for qualified and interested vendors the following date(s) for the stated site dwelling units. to submit sealed bids to provide design-build
Classifieds OCEAN CITY, MARY- requirements: HVAC services at twenty (20) scattered site
are published in HELP WANTED-
LAND. Best selection of BIDS WILL BE DUE no later than 2:00 p.m. dwelling units.
affordable rentals. AUGUST 25, 2010 Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 7,
65 DRIVERS Full/Partial weeks Call for * TRAFFIC SIGNAL POLES B50001572 2010. BIDS WILL BE DUE no later than 2:00 p.m.
newspapers. DRIVERS- Owner
FREE brochure. Open Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 7,
daily. Holiday Real THE ENTIRE SOLICITATION DOCUMENT A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held 2010.
Operators. $1000 Sign- Estate. 1-800-638-2102. CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWN LOADED BY on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 12:00 p.m.,
25 words $175 On Bonus paid in 60 days! Online reservations: VISITING THE CITYS WEB SITE: at the Charles L. Benton Building, 417 E. A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held
Excellent Rates and Paid Fayette Street, Room 416, Baltimore, on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.,
(For more than FSC. Home Daily-- No Maryland, 21202. at the Charles L. Benton Building, 417 E.
25 words there Layover. Call Comtrak at Fayette Street, Room 416, Baltimore,
866-722-0291, or apply WATERFRONT HABC has established a minimum goal of Maryland, 21202.
is an additional online at www.comtraklo- HOUSING AUTHORITY OF BALTIMORE CITY twenty percent (20%) of the total dollar
charge of
amount of the proposed contract for Minority HABC has established a minimum goal of
Amazing Chesapeake Business Enterprise (MBE) utilization, ap- twenty percent (20%) of the total dollar
$7 per word.) Bay Waterfront lots- 10 plicable to all minority and non-minority amount of the proposed contract for Minority
RFP NUMBER: B-1630-10
MISC. lots in a private gated businesses proposing to provide the re- Business Enterprise (MBE) utilization, ap-
compound all with boat- The Housing Authority of Baltimore City quested services as the prime contractor. No plicable to all minority and non-minority
able water and just 2 (”HABC”) will accept proposals from goal has been established for participation of businesses proposing to provide the re-
Train for high paying
(410) 554-8200 Aviation Maintenance
miles to the open waters interested and qualified vendors to operate Women-owned businesses (”WBEs”), how- quested services as the prime contractor. No
of the Chesapeake Bay a child day care center (”CDCC”) located at ever, HABC strongly encourages and affir- goal has been established for participation of
Career. FAA approved
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and less then 2 miles by 1968, 12 U.S.C. Section 1701u. plicable requirements of Section 3 of the
REDUCE YOUR DEBT A non-mandatory pre-proposals conference Housing and Urban Development Act of
boat to Eastern Shore
NOW! 10k+ Credit Cards, will be held on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at The IFB may be obtained on or after Tues- 1968, 12 U.S.C. Section 1701u.
Country Club with 18 hole 10:00 a.m., at 417 E. Fayette Street, Room
Store Cards, Medical Bills! day, August 17, 2010, at the following loca-
golf course. New home 416, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202. The IFB may be obtained on or after Tues-
FREE Debt Settlement tion:
AUTOMOBILE also available. est priced day, August 17, 2010, at the following loca-
Matching Service! Debt
lots on the bay in many HABC has established a minimum goal of Housing Authority of Baltimore City tion:
DONATION Free in 12-48 months.
years! 7 lots priced at only twenty percent (20%) of the total dollar
Free Consultation 800- Division of Fiscal Operations,
$98,000. Call (757)710- amount of the proposed contract for Minority Purchasing Department Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Receive $1000 GRO- 4726 or email: vabay- Business Enterprise (”MBE”) utilization, ap- 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 414 Division of Fiscal Operations,
CERY COUPONS, Your plicable to all minority and non-minority Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Purchasing Department
Choice. NOAH'S ARC, businesses proposing to provide the re- Attention: John Airey, 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 414
MISC./FOR LEGAL NOTICES quested services as the prime contractor. No
NO KILL Animal Shelters. Chief of Contracting Services Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Advanced Veterinary SALE goal has been established for participation of Tel: (410) 396-3261 Attention: John Airey,
Treatments. Free Towing, IN THE CIRCUIT Women-owned businesses (”WBEs”), how- Fax: (410) 962-1586 Chief of Contracting Services
IRS TAX DEDUCTION. FREE HD FOR LIFE! COURT FOR ever, HABC strongly encourages and affir- Tel: (410) 396-3261
Only on DISH NET- BALTIMORE CITY matively promotes the use of WBEs in all Questions regarding the IFB should be di- Fax: (410) 962-1586
Non-runners 1-866-912- HABC contracts.
WORK. Lowest Price in Case No.: rected in writing to the address and individual
America! $24.99/mo for 24D10001746 indicated above, and must include the refer- Questions regarding the IFB should be di-
over 120 Channels Plus - IN THE MATTER OF Responders shall also comply with all ap- ence: HABC IFB Number B-1632-10. rected in writing to the address and individual
DONATE YOUR VEHI- $500 Bonus! Call Today. IGNATIUS plicable requirements of Section 3 of the indicated above, and must include the refer-
CLE RECEIVE FREE 888-696-9910 NDUBUISI Housing and Urban Development Act of ence: HABC IFB Number B-1631-10
IGNATIUS day, August 16, 2010, at the following loca-
Mammograms, Breast MASSAGE THERAPY – tion: IFB NUMBER: B-1631-10
Cancer Info Learn fast, earn fast. NDUBUISI
FREE Towing, Tax Financial aid if qualified. A
ORDER FOR Housing Authority of Baltimore City The Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Deductible, Non-Runners new career is at your Division of Fiscal Operations, (”HABC”) will issue an Invitation for Bids
NOTICE BY (”IFB”) for qualified and interested vendors
fingertips. Call Centura Purchasing Department
Accepted, 1-888-468- PUBLICATION to submit sealed bids to provide design-build
College 877-206-3353 The object of this suit 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 414
5964 electrical services at twenty (20) scattered
is to officially change Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Attention: John Airey, site dwelling units.
DONATE AUTOS, MORTGAGE the name of the peti-
tioner from Chief of Contracting Services
TRUCKS, RV'S. Tel: (410) 396-3261 BIDS WILL BE DUE no later than 2:00 p.m.
LUTHERAN MISSION SERVICES Ignatius Ndubuisi Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 7,
Onyejiaka Fax: (410) 962-1586 2010.
helps local families with to
REVERSE MORTGAGES Ignatius Ndubuisi Questions regarding the RFP should be di- A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held
food, clothing, shelter. Tax Learn about Reverse rected in writing to the address and individual
Akano on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.,
deductible. MVA licensed. Mortgages from a Mid- indicated above, and must include the refer- at the Charles L. Benton Building, 417 E.
It is this 29th day of
LutheranMissionSociety.o Atlantic Bank Call 800- July, 2010 by the Cir- ence: HABC RFP Number B-1613-10 Fayette Street, Room 416, Baltimore,
rg 410-636-0123 or toll- 873-9930 x 306 for a Maryland, 21202.
cuit Court for Bal-
free 1-877-737-8567. FREE no obligation report. timore City, REAL ESTATE
ORDERED, that pub- HABC has established a minimum goal of

lication be given one
time in a newspaper of  $%62/87(  twenty percent (20%) of the total dollar
amount of the proposed contract for Minority

1000 Envelopes = $5000.

PROPERTY general circulation in
Baltimore City on or
$77251(<·6$8&7,21 Business Enterprise (”MBE”) utilization, ap-
plicable to all minority and non-minority
Receive $5 for every MOUNTAIN LAND FORE- before the 29th day of 7RWKH+LJKHVW%LGGHU$ERYH businesses proposing to provide the re-

quested services as the prime contractor. No
Envelope Stuffed. GUAR- CLOSURE! 20+ ACRES August, 2010, which goal has been established for participation of
ANTEED! 800-805-4880 only $67,712. Originally shall warn all
Women-owned businesses (”WBEs”), how-
sold for $129,900. Rare interested persons to ever, HABC strongly encourages and affir-
opportunity to own beauti- file an affidavit in op- matively promotes the use of WBEs in all
FURNITURE fully wooded mountain
view acreage close to
position to the relief
requested on or be-
³7KH <HOORZ %RZO´ HABC contracts.
Cherry Bedroom Set. Potomac River & great 4 fore the 9th day of 6DOH 2Q 3UHPLVHV Responders shall also comply with all ap-
Solid Wood, never used, season recreation. Make September, 2010.  plicable requirements of Section 3 of the
brand new in factory bank’s loss, your gain. Frank M. Conaway Housing and Urban Development Act of
boxes. English Dovetail. FREE survey, perc, title Clerk 1968, 12 U.S.C. Section 1701u.
Original cost $4500. Sell ins. Excellent financing. ³-RKQVWRQ6TXDUH´ The IFB may be obtained on or after Tues-
for $795. Can deliver. Call now 800-888-1262 %DOWLPRUH0' day, August 17, 2010, at the following loca-
:('1(6'$<$8*867 tion:


SET. In original plastic, PET SUPPLIES $730 Housing Authority of Baltimore City
$3000, Sacrifice $975. BEACON®: controls fleas VT IW LQFOXGLQJ GLQLQJ DUHDV NLWFKHQV VWDLQOHVV VWHHO 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 414
Can deliver. Call Bill 301- in the home without toxic UHVWDXUDQW HTXLSPHQW IRUPHU VHFRQG ÀRRU DSDUWPHQWV /RW Baltimore, Maryland 21202

VL]H ¶ [ ¶ PO =RQLQJ % FRPPHUFLDO $  Attention: John Airey,
841-7565 chemicals or costly exter- GRZQSD\PHQW E\ FDVKLHU¶V FKHFN LV UHTXLUHG DW VDOH )RU
minators. Results FRPSOHWH GHWDLOV SKRWRV DQG WHUPV VHH RXU ZHE VLWH RU FDOO Chief of Contracting Services
1R%X\HU¶V3UHPLXP Tel: (410) 396-3261

overnight! At Southern
$-%,//,* &2
Fax: (410) 962-1586
States, www.happyjack-
INSURANCE Questions regarding the IFB should be di-
SALES REPRESENTA- $8&7,21((56 rected in writing to the address and individual
TIVE NEEDED. Most earn  ( )$<(77( 67 ‡ %$/72 0'  indicated above, and must include the refer-
$50K-$100K or more. Call  ‡ ZZZDMELOOLJFRP ence: HABC IFB Number B-1631-10.
August 7, 2010 - August 13, 2010, The Afro-American B7
Project ID No. 10-05-03 Sealed proposals (the entire book) addressed to Baltimore County,
Maryland for this contract will be received in the Baltimore County
BID DUE DATE: September 9, 2010 Purchasing Division, Room 148, Old Courthouse, 400 Washington
BID DUE TIME: 2:00 PM Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, until the time specified on the contract at
which time they will be publicly opened and read.
PURPOSE: The Maryland Environmental Service (MES), on behalf of TIMORE COUNTY AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE OPEN-
Farhney Keedy Village, is soliciting competitive sealed bids from qualified ING OF BIDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS.
contractors to furnishing all labor, supplies, services, heavy equipment,
materials, tools, and machinery necessary for construction of a new All proposals must be accompanied by a Bid Bond, on the approved
building adjacent to the existing wastewater treatment building, furnishing form provided, in the amount as set forth in the ”Information for Bidders”.
and installing two Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) package systems, No other form of proposal guaranty is acceptable.
one denitrification filter system complete with electrical work including a
new standby generator, chemical feed systems and associated piping, The Purchasing Agent reserves the right to reject any or all proposals
demolition of existing process equipment and structure as shown on the or bids or parts of bids and to waive technicalities as may be deemed
Contract Drawings and in the Technical Specifications. Additionally, best for the interest of the County.
construction of an office, bathroom and storage building within the
existing building and other miscellaneous improvements and additions, Keith Dorsey, Director
as well as a relocation of an existing generator to the Water Treatment Office of Budget & Finance
Plant, will be included in this project.
will be held at the Fahrney Keedy Village, located at 8507 Mapleville
Road, Boonsboro, MD 21713, on August 20, 2010 at 10:00 AM. Bidders CONTRACT NO. 10101 SX0
are solely responsible for becoming acquainted with the documents and ANNESLIE/STONELEIGH SSO #36 AND #37 ELIMINATION,
job site prior to submitting a bid. 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” AND 15” SEWER
SENT ELECTRONICALLY**. Bid documents may be obtained by con- CONTRACT COST GROUP ”E” ($2,500,000 to $5,000,000)
tacting the Procurement Office Monday through Friday during the hours WORK CLASSIFICATION: F-6
of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please provide the contact name, company
name, shipping address, phone and fax number, and email address BID DATE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 AT 10:30 A.M. LOCAL
when requesting solicitation packages either via fax or via email. TIME
Fax: 410-729-8280 E-mail:
On or after August 9, 2010, the above contract documents (See Note
QUESTIONS/REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATION: Contractors having *) may be inspected and purchased from the Division of
questions and inquiries regarding either the technical or the procurement Construction Contracts Administration, Department of Public
sections of the bid documents shall contact the Service´s Procurement Works, Room 300B, County Office Building (COB), 111 W.
Office (Attn: Candy Mott-Harris) at or via fax Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, upon receipt of payment
at 410-729-8280. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a of $110.00 (ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS) per contract, and if
delayed response to bidder inquiries. sent by U.S. mail with an additional $10.00 (TEN Dollars) postage and
handling fee. All checks should be made payable to BALTIMORE
Notice of Applications to COUNTY MD. NO REFUNDS will be made to anyone. Direct any
the Susquehanna River Basin Commission questions to 410-887-3531. Bidders obtaining documents from another
source other than Baltimore County WILL NOT be allowed to submit
Notice is hereby given that on July 28, 2010, the Mayor and City Council proposals to Baltimore County.
of Baltimore (City) has filed respective applications for approvals (Surface
Water - SRBC Pending No. 2010-074, Consumptive Use - SRBC *Note: Contract Documents will consist of One (1) Paper Copy Proposal
Pending No. 2010-075 and Diversion - SRBC Pending No. 2010-076) Book and Seven (7) Compact Disks (CDs) with all of the required
with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) for increased drawings. The CD will be in PDF format. Contractors and Sub-
surface water withdrawal and consumptive water use at its existing Contractors can purchase paper copies of the drawings from Baltimore
Conowingo Intake. For municipal water supply purposes, the City has County - OIT - Central Printing located in the Basement of the COB,
proposed to increase its withdrawal and consumptive use during trigger- RM G-9 for $1.50 a copy.
flow conditions up to a maximum of 124 million gallons per day (mgd)
as measured as a 30-day average and up to a maximum of 186 mgd The proposed work consists of:
during any 24-hour period from the Susquehanna River at its Conowingo
Intake. The Intake is located near the intersection of Conowingo and 1,057 VF of Cementitious MH Lining
Shuresville Roads in Harford County, Maryland. These applications do 128 EA of Internal CIP Frame Seal
not modify the current permitted withdrawals and consumptive uses by 5,863 LF of 6 Inch Sewer Line Rehabilitation
the City of 250 mgd on any day during non-trigger flow conditions as 32,733 LF of 8 Inch Sewer Line Rehabilitation
set forth in the September 27, 2001 Settlement Agreement between the 193 EA Sewer House Connection Lateral Seals
City and the SRBC. 1,248 Air Test and Chemically Seal HC
Comments referring to the SRBC pending application numbers above THE PROJECT IS SUBJECT TO A MINORITY BUSINESS ENTER-
should be submitted to the attention of Ms. Paula B. Ballaron, Regulatory PRISE UTILIZATION GOAL AND FEMALE CONTRACTORS UTILIZA-
Program Director, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, 1721 North TION GOALS FOR BIDS IN EXCESS OF $50,000. THESE GOALS
Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102-2391, telephone: 717-238-0423, ext. REQUIREMENTS ARE MORE FULLY EXPLAINED IN THE
MBE/SBR Contracting Outreach Event OF BID OPENING.
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Sealed proposals (the entire book) addressed to Baltimore County,
The Maryland Stadium Authority is inviting MDOT Certified Minority Maryland for this contract will be received in the Baltimore County
Business Enterprise (MBE) firms to attend a contractor outreach event Purchasing Division, Room 148, Old Courthouse, 400 Washington
to be held on Wednesday, September 1, 2010. The session will be held Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, until the time specified on the contract at
from 7:30 am - 11:00 am, in the Camden Club Banquet Room on the which time they will be publicly opened and read.
6th floor located at The Warehouse at Camden Yards, 333 West
Camden, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. The purpose of this session is to ONLY CONTRACTORS WHO HAVE BEEN PREQUALIFIED BY BAL-
promote MBE participation for the Maryland Stadium Authority prospec- TIMORE COUNTY AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE OPEN-
tive projects which include the following trades: ING OF BIDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS.

Caulking Metals All proposals must be accompanied by a Bid Bond, on the approved
Clean up Mechanical form provided, in the amount as set forth in the ”Information for Bidders”.
Concrete/Asphalt Repair Miscellaneous Metals No other form of proposal guaranty is acceptable.
Conveying Systems Painting
Demolition Plumbing The Purchasing Agent reserves the right to reject any or all proposals
Doors & Windows Roofing or bids or parts of bids and to waive technicalities as may be deemed
Electrical Site Services best for the interest of the County.
Equipment Special Construction
Finishes Specialties Keith Dorsey,
Furnishings Structural Steel Director Office of Budget & Finance
Housekeeping: Carpet Cleaning, Floor Thermal & Moisture Protection
Maintenance, Pressure Washing, &
Water Proofing
Water Restoration Strictly Personal
Landscaping Welding
Masonry Woods & Plastics Pen Pals
Free parking and a continental breakfast will be provided. Persons Truthful man seeking spiritual pen pals. Womb my ema-
planning to attend should register by Monday, August 16th, by 5:00 p.m.
at or a 410-223-4141. nation. Law is unification. Breath, knowledge and con-
Request for Proposal sciousness! William Piggie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro,
Ward 25 Section 2 Block 7774A Lot 009A N.C. 27312
RFP Issued: August 2, 2010
Lonesome Hearts - Pen Pals
Proposals Due: September 2, 2010 To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section,
The City of Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), on behalf of the write the message you want printed in the space below.
Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, has received an unsolicited Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25
proposal for the purchase of City-owned property known as Ward 25, words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost 50 cents
Section 2, Block 7774A, Lot 009A. The M-2-1 zoned property is 3.2
acres and is located in the Crossroads Industrial Park. The property was each.
formerly used as a railroad spur. The property is being offered in an ”as Community Schools Coordinator
is” condition subject to title restrictions (attached) and a Sidetrack
This is a full-time MSW position of the University of
Parties interested in submitting a proposal may do so in writing by 12:00 Maryland School of Social Work, stationed at the Social
PM on September 2, 2010. Any plans for modifications to the property Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS). The Site
will be subject to the review and approval of BDC. BDC reserves the Coordinator´s role is to assist teachers, school staff,
right to evaluate and refuse any or all proposals which, in its judgment, To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or money
do not provide the highest and best use of the property and/or do not coordinating council members, parents, community mem-
serve the best long term interests of the City. Proposals should conform order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have forwarded. NO bers, and students by recruiting and coordinating the
to all MBE/WBE and Residents First requirements and are subject to CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the box number of the per- activities of individuals and organizations willing to offer
the approval of the Baltimore City Board of Estimates. son you wish to contact. programs and services at the school which meet the needs
of students, their families and the community, managing
Proposals should be submitted to: Roseann Walsh, Senior Economic
Development Officer, 36 S. Charles Street, Suite 1600, Baltimore, MD All letters, queries and notices should be sent to:
coordination of a wide range of partners and engaging
21201. All proposals must include a $300. fee made payable to the City families and community on a daily basis.. Social work
of Baltimore Development Corporation. STRICTLY PERSONAL license preferred. Salary mid $40K based on experience.
2519 N. Charles Street, E-mail cover letter and resume due by August 13, 2010
The RFP can be downloaded from the BDC website at www. to: For further information, please contact Baltimore, MD 21218
Roseann Walsh, Senior Economic Development Officer at 410-837-9305
or Executive Director
BALTIMORE COUNTY, MARYLAND Seeking an experienced professional who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Housing
INVITATION FOR BIDS Authority of the City of Annapolis, Maryland. This position reports to an appointed Board and directs all


To aspects of the Authority´s operations. The Authority manages 790 housing units in five communities and
has a staff of 75. The ideal candidate will be a strong leader with vision and integrity who can direct
resources and implement programs to achieve the Authority´s goals. The person will be expected to meet
aggressive goals and achieve measurable results. Seeking a candidate with outstanding organizational

CONTRACT COST GROUP ”C ($500,000 to $1,000,000)”) skills; working knowledge of HUD regulations; knowledge of housing finance including tax credits, multifamily
WORK CLASSIFICATION: A-2 and B property improvement and management; a positive management style and excellent communications skills;
ability to develop positive relationships with public officials, the Authority Commissioners and staff, residents,
BID DATE: TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2010 AT 10:30 A.M. LOCAL TIME and the public; and demonstrated success at creating partnerships with local service providers and fostering
programs of resident involvement.
On or after MONDAY, AUGUST 9, 2010, the above contract
documents may be inspected and purchased from the Division of
Construction Contracts Administration, Department of Public
Works, Room 300B, County Office Building (COB), 111 W.
in the The ideal candidate will have at least six years responsible management experience in an organization of
comparable size and complexity as the Housing Authority with three years in a high level position as an
Executive, Deputy or comparable position. Preference will be given to candidates who have the experience
Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, upon receipt of payment detailed above and experience managing public housing, other affordable housing organizations, and/or
of $25.00 (TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS) per contract, and if sent by U.S.
mail with an additional $10.00 (TEN Dollars) postage and handling fee.
All checks should be made payable to BALTIMORE COUNTY MD. NO
REFUNDS will be made to anyone. Direct any questions to
410-887-3531. Bidders obtaining documents from another source other
than Baltimore County WILL NOT be allowed to submit proposals to
AFRO local experience with the Annapolis community.

Education required: A Bachelor´s degree in finance, business, social sciences, public administration,
planning or related field. A Master´s Degree and other relevant certifications desirable. Equivalent
combination of education, training and experience which provides the required knowledge and abilities will
be considered. Salary and benefits package will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Baltimore County.

The proposed work consists of: Constructing a trailer parking lot,

designed to serve as a staging area for solid waste transport operations
call Applicants should submit a resume package marked Confidential HACA Executive Director, which includes
a letter of interest, a detailed resume, a minimum of five professional references with contact information,
a statement of salary history and requirements. Application packages will be received through August 31,
2010 at;
at the Texas Landfill. Located on Resource Road, in Cockeysville,
Maryland, Baltimore County. Cockeysville - District 8 c 3. 410-554-8200 Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis
Attention: Director of Human Resources
B8 The Afro-American, August 7, 2010 - August 7, 2010

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