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Harsh Environment 20 Bit Resolution Absolute Encoders

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors has taken a

revolutionary position sensing technology, originally
developed for harsh environment specialized
applications, and made it available for todays broader
range of defense, homeland security, aerospace and
instrumentation motion control requirements. Standard
and customized rotary and linear electric encoders are
also applicable for space and avionics, medical,
automotive and a wide range of other applications.

Netzers Rotary Electric Encoders provide

exceptionally accurate, high resolution, absolute position
with miniature to wide diameter hollow shaft. Available
with Analog Sin/Cos , Digital SSi , Digital AqB+I outputs,
these rotary encoders feature up to 20 Bit Resolution
(with 12 bit A/D) and accuracy to <0.01 .

The Electric Encoder non-contact technology relies on interaction between the measured
displacement and a space/time modulated electric field. It offers a blend of features unequalled
by optical or magnetic encoders.

Advantages of Electric Encoders include:

Simple, robust structure with a virtually no- failure- mechanism

Generous mounting tolerances
Very low weight, inertia, and profile (=<10mm)
Ring shaped, hollow shaft with a wide range of diameters
Absolute position output over 360 rotation range
Precision to 0.001 in selected models
Default operation range from -55C to +125C
Dual and triple redundancy options
No magnetic signature
High tolerance to condensation and contaminants
Insensitivity to EMI/RFI and magnetic fields
High customizability
Low power consumption
Ultra-high-speed options
Wide variety of position feedback protocols
Models range from 25mm OD to 248mm OD [6mm to 170mm ID]

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Phone: 877-737-8698 Fax: 877-737-8699
sales@electromate.com www.electromate.com

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Toll Free Fax: 877-737-8699

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