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Introduction to the Periods of Development

The Periods of Development are stages at which life begins at the prenatal stage and

works through the different stages in a childs life. These are periods that outline the human

development timeline. Each step reaches a milestone for the more mature stage of life and affects

all the domains. The potential goal is to equip parents with information and tools of the

importance of each stage beginning with attachment in early infancy. Attachment with mother

and infant will instill a sense of security as the child grows. The bond impacts all areas of

emotional growth in the child and most importantly controlled behavior through self-regulatory


In each of the sub-pages of the Periods of Development, you will find an introduction to

each developmental period, a fact sheet that will briefly name typical milestones for physical,

language, cognitive domain development, and signs of atypical development. The fact sheet will

include strategies that influence learning development and other additional information, to

include play-based activities, along with a video for each stage and resources.